Darth Zero: Pox Aurora

Well, after watching all those YouTube videos on Star Wars lore from Star Wars Explained, Star Wars Reading Club, and Star Wars Theory, this odd story seed sprouted. I'm almost certain that there are numerous stories of where Lelouch becomes a Sith Lord, but had they ever gotten this far back? Granted, it'll probably be the only thing that makes it stand out above the rest, but it's better than nothing, right?

And speaking of standing out, the required legal disclosure.

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Entry 01: Lone Discovery

Deep into the evening of Aires Palace, the infant Lelouch vi Britannia and Seventeenth Prince of the Holy Britannian Empire slept soundly within his crib, ignorant to the world beyond his instinctual needs of nourishment and relief from physical suffering such as bloating from swallowing air. He sucked upon the pacifier with nary a care in the realm.

Yet, the young prince was not alone within his nursery. For a foreign, alien shadow emerged from the dark recesses of the chamber and approached the crib. The shadow moved as if it were adrift in the air as it took a light grasp of the railing to get a better look at the infant before it. It was a strange revelation to the shadow, for with its knowledge of the Forth it had lived through numerous eras and witnessed the rise and fall of many a Sith Empire, had traveled so deeply into the Unknown Regions that it was unsure if it was still within the confines of the Sky River Galaxy. Yet here, upon this unassuming planet in a rather mundane star system, was the only being born with the sensitivity to the Force both Living and Cosmic. It knew not if it was the whills of the Force or a spontaneous stroke of chance, but the evidence was clear. Still, how strong the babe's connection to the force remained to be seen.

With gloved gauntlet, the shadow pulled the pacifier from Lelouch's lips much to the infant's annoyance. The child then reach out with its chubby arms to grasp hold of the soothing object only to have it be just beyond his reach. It was then did the shadow feel the prince's instinctual feel of the whills as the child used Force Pull to retrieve the stolen pacifier. The strength was weak, at first, but the longer the shadow denied Lelouch the pacifier, the stronger the Force Pull became as the child fussed. It was clear to the shadow that the infant had great potential in the strength of the Force, now it needed to know how skilled the child was in the precision of the Force as it released the pacifier. It appeared as if Leouch would smack himself in the head from the Force Pull, but instead the babe stopped the inertia of the desired objects before he used his infant arms to place the pacifier back into its proper place but not before he gave an unpleased look towards the shadow. It was then did it knew, as if by foresight, that the child will become a powerful force user in the future. And it was the perfect teacher to mold and refine this child into a Sith Lord.

"L-Lelouch!" The shadow turned to see the emergence of the mother, Marianne vi Britannia, as she entered the nursery to find an intruder. Soon enough, she was flanked by palace guards armed with a unique form of gauss Kinetic Energy Weapons the ill-informed off-worlder would mistake for the chemically propelled variety.

"Lady Marianne, we-" The guard did not have a chance to finish his sentence as the two guards were slain in a flurry of crimson light and shadow. The Imperial Consort barely registered the movement before she was faced with the shadow intruder; a tall being with a hooded cloak that hid its caricature well, with the only visible part of its body was a metallic mask stylized as a plague mask from centuries long ago. Deep down, Marianne the Flash knew, that if this intruder wanted to kill her she would never have the chance to even react and was only by its grace that she still lived.

The shadow then spoke in an ancient, but dominating tone "The boy WILL become my apprentice. YOU have no say in the matter." And as quickly as the shadow appeared, it melded back into the darkness from whence it came. All that remained of the frightful encounter were the slain palace guards whom held visages of horror and terrible pain from the very heat of the crimson light that sliced them in twine.

Lelouch, meanwhile, mindlessly sucked upon his pacifier and a small part of him wondered if he'll ever get any peace and quiet for his nap.

Yeah, I had to admit, I had a better set up in mind but I just took way too long to finally getting it to paper (so to speak) so it's not really giving the Sith any real justice unlike official and Legends material.

Still, I think it's an adequate start for this left-field story idea of mine. Though it does raise the question of how it will impact the canon series later down the line and especially how the future Black Knights would react to a leader that could Force Choke them into submission.

Either way, I'll come back to this story another time if there's enough interest. As always, flames and brutally honest reviews are unnecessary and unwarranted, I can do just as good of a job on myself thank you very much. I do have my pride and- wait…