Darth Zero: Pox Aurora

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Entry 06: To Be Sith

Upon the world of Ahch-to, upon one of the numerous islands that dot the surface of the oceanic planet, the last of the New Jedi Order sat within the lounge of the Millennium Falcon right next to the Dejarik projection table. Previously, his mind was filled with memories. When he first gazed into the cockpit of the Falcon, memories of happier times in the Rebel Alliance burst forth, but then he noticed the spike dice. Han's spike dice; the very dice that was used to win the Falcon or so the smuggler claimed. Then came the dark thoughts, the mistakes, and it all spiraled down to his one moment of weakness, that one moment of frailty in which the entirety of the galaxy suffered. That one moment where he lost an entire generation of Jedi that would have otherwise succeeded him in protecting the galaxy and to hold fast the light side of the Force from the dark.

Then Resh2-Dorn2, in a bid to convince the last Jedi Master to return to the galactic stage once more, pulled what the old Jedi called "a dirty move"; the very holo-recording of Princess Leia that begged for Obi-Wan's aid. He could have sworn that he had that file deleted from the astromech droid's database, but then Resh2 was more intelligent than the average astro droid and always had a trick in one of its tool sockets. Otherwise he would have never learned of the first-hand accounts of the old Jedi Order, their strict dogmatic fanaticism, their weaknesses and failings, their desperation to keep order throughout the Old Republic. More importantly, he would have never learned of the life of his father Anakin which made the tragedy of Anakin Skywalker, the tragedy of Darth Vader even more sorrowful.

Before Master Skywalker could even decide that he would train Rey of Jakku, he heard the roar of a familiar wookie. The kind of roar that the old alien would have only made if there were serious trouble or furious anger, one that the wookie rarely did even back during the Galactic Civil War.

"Chewie!" Master Skywalker exclaimed as he rushed towards and down the loading ramp, only to be frozen in place by an unforeseen, but quite familiar force. From his vantage point, he could see that the wookie was literally outgunned by troopers whose armor design was heavily reminiscent of something only seen in classified historical holo-vids. Each one equipped with what appeared to be an exo-skeleton droid wrapped around their bodies ready to gun down the wookie if it did anything ill-advised.

But what truly brought the cold chill down Master Skywalker's spine were three hooded individuals, with one of them a hand extended. Even if Master Skywalker had cut himself off from the Force, he could feel the coldness of the dark side radiate from the central hooded figure. In that instance, he knew that what stood before him were three Sith Lords.

"Calm thyself, master Jedi." The apparent leader of these Sith Lords, a living shadow, spoke in words too calmly for one to have expected from a Dark Lord of the Sith that radiated such power, such authority. "My business lie not with thine end. Nay, it be with other concerns."

"Master Skywalk-!" Rey of Jakku, whom was rudely awakened not just by Chewbacca's trouble roar but also the presence of powerful wielders of the dark side of the force, was frozen in place as well.

"I seeketh not with thine own concerns, Rey of Jakku." The shadow spoke as well. "Only my own."

"A-are you with Kylo Ren? With the First Order?" Rey barely spoke, to which her reply from the shadow was laughter.

"Those defeated upstarts? Nay, thy knoweth nothing of true Sith!" The shadow proclaimed heartily before it turned towards the unknown troopers. "Clones, belay thine arms to the wookie."

The unknown clone troopers obliged, which was the chance for Chewbaca to attack. But not before the shadow force choked the old alien and held him aloft into the air. "Be mindful, wookie. My charity be not a sign of weakness for thine to exploit!" And with those words, the shadow released Chewbaca.

"Wh-why are you here?" Master Skywalker barely spoke out. "Ho-How did you find this place?"

"My apprentices." The two sith lords that flanked the shadow gave a bow of courtesy. "I hath sojorned to this world many a score of yesteryears, though admittedly by accident. Yet, this be hence the first temple of the Jedi constructed, by the Whills of Bendu, it be an ideal location for my apprentices. For verily this island mayhap arguably the birthplace of the Sith, from a certain point of view of course."

"I-I'm really starting to hate that." Master Skywalker groaned in annoyance. It was then did another figure appeared, donned in an attire not out of place for nobility of even the former Imperial Center. The figure was a male human, or what parts of him remained human, as he bowed before the dark lord.

"My lords, the area is secure." The cyborg reported. "The only issue are the natives of this isle who are…" He paused to find the most accurate words to describe them. "A minor nuisance at best."

"Then pay them no heed, Gottwald." One of the sith lords, an apprentice, spoke in a voice that betrayed his youth. "If they do not disturb us, we will repay in kind."

"And the other three?" It took little of Master Skywalker's mental processing to know of what the cyborg, this Gottwald, had referenced.

By that moment, the shadow released both Master Skywalker and Rey of Jakku from its hold. "Treat them the same as be the natives." It then turned towards them. "If thine wishes to bear witness, I hold no opposition."

"Witness what?" Rey of Jakku asked with heavy breath. She had not felt such cold radiate from any lone figure, not even from Kylo Ren.

"If my apprentices prove themselves worthy, then the ascension of true sith lords!" The shadow declared.

Master Skywalker gazed upon the two sith apprentices before he spoke once more. "To have more than a single apprentice must be an affront to the Rule of Two-"

"Those whom follow Darth Bane be little more than Jedi-obsessed weaklings." The shadow countered. "Hath they truly devoted unto Bogan, their fates be not aligned the same as the Jedi Order whom hath focused not on Ashla but on politics." The shadow then leaned towards Master Skywalker. "Verily, thine hath conjured a similar conclusion with thine own limited evidence."

The shadow's words rung true, much to the chagrin and eternal shame of Master Skywalker. He had not only decided to train Rey of Jakku in the ways of the force, but to explain to her why the Jedi should not be resurrected for the good of the galaxy. It was in such deep reflections of the old Jedi Order did Master Skywalker finally understood why his father Anakin saw the Jedi as evil; so set in their ways and their obsession with peace and order via politics that they could not see the danger before them before it was too late to save them. He had also believed that he did not follow the same mistakes as the Old Jedi Order, but did he truly? Could he have done a different action, a different perspective, which would have never allowed his one moment of weakness that doomed the galaxy?

"That can't be true!" Rey of Jakku accused before she turned towards Master Skywalker. "Surely those are just blatant lies-"

"Though there may have been some Jedi of the Old Order that operated differently," Master Skywalker interrupted. "From what I have gathered, they were the exemption rather than the norm."

"Astute observation, Jedi." The shadow answered before it added. "Yet, there be but one other flaw in the teachings of both Jedi and Sith; Bogun and Ashla were but two separate halves of a whole that be Bendu. Harmony cometh through unity of opposites, nay in conflict."

"And how would a Sith believe in such a notion?"

Master Skywalker could feel the smirk radiate from behind the mask as the shadow answered. "It be a long lifetime of experience." And with those words, the shadow headed the entourage through the village.

For a moment, Master Skywalker was puzzled as to what the Sith Lord wanted upon this particular island. There were the sacred Jedi text, but they were hidden within the ancient tree in the opposite direction of the village. Then it had occurred to him like a blaster bolt onto plasteel plating; the first Jedi Temple. With half concern and half curiosity, Master Skywalker followed the entourage as Rey of Jakku caught up with the force sensitives.

The wookie, Chewbaca, elected to stay with the Millennium Falcon.

One of the apprentices turned and spoke to the shadow. "Will it be alright for them to bear witness, master?" Her voice betrayed even a greater lack of years compared to the first.

"If interference be absence, I care little if they bear witness or keep distance. Regardless, this shalt be done." The shadow answered.

"And what test, what challenge will we face, master?" The older apprentice asked.

"Thine greatest yet," The shadow answered just as immediate as it was cryptic. "Only with those of heart harden, of full mastery of the kaibur, and of expansive knowledge of the Whills shalt one accent as true Sith Lords, as my successors."

As the Sith Lords conversed, Rey of Jakku leaned towards the former master Jedi. "Master Skywalker, what language are they speaking? I've never heard of it."

"No one has." Master Skywalker answered. "It is a secret language privy only to those of the Sith, an ancient language that was first spoken when Moraband was once known as Korriban."

"Moraband? The world of the dead?" Rey of Jakku spoke in hushed, frightful tones.

"And homeworld of the Sith."

Soon enough, the entourage arrived at the entrance of a cavern. A cavern whose only source of internal lighting was that of an outcropping that reach out into the sea and onto which a stone pedestal laid. Upon the floor was the mosaic of an unknown being in meditation in both darkness and light, with a single shaft of light in between. They were within the first Jedi Temple.

Outside, the unknown clone troopers stood vigil against any and all intrusions as the force sensitives and the cyborg known as Gottwald ventured within. However, before Master Skywalker and Rey of Jakku exited the tunnel that lead into the inner sanctum, the cyborg blocked their advanced with an arm.

"You do not need to come any closer." Gottwald warned as the apprentice sith lords stood before the shadow, whose back was turned to them.

"Master, when shall we begin?" The younger of the apprentices inquired. It was only by the Whills of the Force did their sixth sense warn them of the sudden attack by the shadow.

"Kylo Ren's light saber?!" Rey of Jakku exclaimed in shock and surprise by the style of the crimson light saber the shadow wielded. The two apprentices leaped away as they called forth their own lightsabers; a lightsaber pike whose single crimson blade held a pale yellow core for the elder apprentice, and a curved saberstaff whose dual crimson blades were forged around a pale purple core for the younger apprentice. The lightsaber duel was now joined.

To Rey of Jakku, all she saw was blurs of shadow and light, of melted stone and arcs of lighting from sources she could not catch with the naked eye. To Master Skywalker, it was a dance of death in a rendition of ballet in how perfect the form was for each of the Sith Lords. Each strike, each parry, each lunge, leap, and charge was executed without flaw. Master Skywalker, to his shame, found it to be hauntingly beautiful. Many a time did he forget that what he saw before was the familiar story of Sith betraying Sith. Or was it? Master Skywalker recalled the words the shadow spoke of earlier. Of how this was the ideal place for the apprentices to be recognized as true Sith Lords.

For Gottwald, the entire duel had surprised him just as much as the apprentices. Yet he still held firm his position, not just to keep the other two force sensitives from interference with this duel, but to keep himself from performing such an act. He had sworn an oath to protect the apprentices as proof of his fealty, and yet he could not fulfill such a pledged. How he wished he could protect his lieges, but he knew deep inside that it would only hasten their doom.

The apprentices recovered quickly from their shock and horror at the sudden betrayal of their master, only for it to be replaced with anger and determination to avenge such treason. They were collectively raised by the shadow to become Sith Lords, struggled and suffer to earn their power, to forge proof that they had lived, only for their master to try and kill them? It was not a sin that would go unpunished, they would never allow it. Thus, they allowed the energies of bogan and ashla to flow through the fiber of their very being, to strengthen their bodies and guide their movements as one mind, one soul, to ensure victory against their treacherous master. It was all that they could do to stay on even ground with the shadow that could easily fight the both of them at once. However, all they needed was a moment.

That moment came when the elder apprentice cast bolts of lightning towards the shadow, whom instinctively deflected the ability with its own crossguard lightsaber. The younger apprentice then used that distraction to dash towards the shadow in order to close the gap and force the shadow to react to the attack instead. The shadow swung the crimson blade of the crossguard lightsaber towards the center of the staffsaber with the full expectation that the younger apprentice would merely separate the curved staffsaber into its component curved hilt lightsabers into a defensive position. That would open the younger apprentice into an immediate counterattack in a move that was well practiced in such lessons, the same lessons the shadow had scolded the younger apprentice many a time.

This time, however, the younger apprentice did learn the lesson as she used the maneuver to catch the shadow's lightsaber blade in between her own and threw the weapon upwards and exposed the shadow to a counter attack. She performed a jung ma with both curved-hilt lightsabers just as the elder apprentice closed the gap as well with the lightsaber pike aimed at the shadow. The duel ended with a perfect shiak. The force of the blow to the shadow's chest by three lightsabers was enough for the shadow's mask to fall from its face to reveal a crimson skinned humanoid with tendrils that hung from its high cheekbones, cranial horns and eyebrow tendrils.

Master Skywalker had only seen the visage of the being only in historical holo-vids which dated back to the Sith Empire, the few recollections of a species to which the Sith were named after. Naturally, this was a surprise when it had been believed that the species had been extinct fora millennia, but the same could have been said of the force users that have inherited the name in their stead.

As the Sith being collapsed to his knees, the two apprentices still felt the rage of betrayal flow through their bodies. They should have foreseen this event, Sith were not known to share power even among their own apprentices. But then what purpose were all those years of training and study? Was it all for naught? Why wait to kill them now when they were at their most powerful? Why not slay them when they were so infantile with their knowledge of the Force? Either way, the old Sith would pay for the betrayal as the apprentices pondered how best to make him pay-

The three-digit hands of the dying Sith shot forward towards the heads of the apprentices, removed their masks, and touched their foreheads before they could even register the action. However, it was not as surprising as what the dying Sith had now spoke. "I-I, Darth A-Aspersious, recognize th-thine legitimacy t-to the title o-of Dark L-Lord of the Sith… I-I hereby declare thee suc-successors to m-my legacy and re-renounce my st-station unto thee as I hath been bestowed b-by my predecessors a-and all hath came before… Wi-with my fall, thine shalt rise a-as true Lords of the S-Sith…" Darth Aspersious struggled to speak as his clawed hand drew the ancient symbol of the Sith upon the foreheads of the now ascended Sith Lords in blood. His blood.

"MASTER!" The new Sith Lords exclaimed as Darth Aspersious finally collapsed upon the stone floor of the Jedi temple, tears of anguish and sorrow flowed freely from their eyes. It was then did Gottwald allowed Rey of Jakku and Master Skywalker to approach.

The former jedi looked upon the new Sith Lords, equally surprised as Rey of Jakku in how they were mere children, before he turned towards Darth Aspersious. "So you are Sith." He spoke. "Pureblood."

"T-the last…" Darth Aspersious coughed more blood before he continued. "Th-thine galaxy sh-shalt be purged of my kind for-forever…."

"But why this?" Master Skywalker inquired as Rey of Jakku attempted to comfort the new sith lords in their grief in the Sith that was closest they've had to a father figure, closer than their own biological father.

"B-better by the hand of my successors…." Darth Aspersious answered before it motioned Gottwald to approach. "Pr-present the sc-anner…"

With the device before him, Darth Aspersious placed his left hand upon the screen as it began to record its bio-signs. "T-transfer all o-of my possessions, m-my territory, m-my army to D-Darth Zero a-and Darth Ne-Nemo…." There was a beep that signified that the command was completed as Darth Aspersious coughed up more blood. Then he spoke once more. "P-peace be a lie... Th-there be only Passion... Th-through Passion, I-I gain Strength... Th-through Strength, I g-gain Power… Through P-Power, I gain Vi-victory… Through Victory, m-my chains be b-broken…. Bendu shalt free me…."

As the breath of life left him, Darth Aspersious became one with the Force. All that remained of the Sith was his robes, his light saber, and his mask. Thus marked the final chapter of the last of the Sith.

Gottwald then slowly approached both Darth Zero and Darth Nemo. "Lord Lelouch? Lady Nunnaly?"

"No." Darth Zero then rose to his feet as he donned his mask. "That name no longer is truly mine. Instead, I keep the name that I have earned, the title I gained. I am Darth Zero."

It was then did Master Skywalker spoke. "That's not how sith die."

Before either Sith Lords could inquire, the cavern of the first Jedi temple began to quake. A fissure cracked from the mosaic on the floor towards the outcropping just beyond the cave. Atop the stone pedestal, the phantom of Darth Aspersious roared a mighty curse. "KARABAST!"

Yeah, it doesn't look like Darth Aspersious got the end that he wanted. Looks like he inadvertently learned how to become a Force Ghost and became the first Sith Ghost. He actually just wanted to just stop living after who knows how long a life and fate just gave him a curve ball.

Now I know that some of you are going to cry foul since its canon knowledge that Sith don't become Force Ghosts. That would be true of normal Sith, but Darth Aspersious isn't your ordinary sith, considering that he can utilize the light and dark sides of the forth. He probably wouldn't have done that if he knew that he wouldn't exactly become as one with the force as every other being in the galaxy.

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The bright sunlight of the late afternoon shown through the glass windows of the classroom as the view of the Ashford Academy campus lie beyond them. One of the faculty members, a relatively recent instructor recruit, had stayed behind to help a fellow student with one of the lessons of the day. True, the young Fennette could get distracted at times, but the instructor did not mind. In fact, she found enjoyment in the one-on-one tutelage with one of her students. It was such a stark contrast to her previous occupation, but an enjoyable one.

Once the lesson was done, Shirley thanked the instructor and left the room. The instructor then turned towards the window and gazed upon the scenery outside. Granted, there were inequalities and injustices that permeate the world before her, but that made all the small actions and interactions all the more precious. If she could, she would like to mentor these young boys and girls into adults that would actually make the world better than they had found it rather than perpetuate the status quo. It was certainly a far more peaceful goal compared to her old life of war and political strife. Just enough to forget all the evils of the universe and be at peace.

"It would seem like the teacher's life suits you," The instructor felt the familiar chill as she turned towards the figure of Lelouch Lamperouge as he leaned against the door frame. "Instructor Solo. Or, rather, General Organa."

Within the secret dojo of the remnant Resistance, Rey of Jakku spared with Nunnally Lamperouge whom had earlier discarded her frail, blind personal into the harden warrior that was Darth Nemo. The force user had taken to the lessons offered by the Sith Lord to improve her combat ability if and when she had to face Kylo Ren once more.

And with each match, Rey of Jakku lost to Darth Nemo; badly. She may have bested Kylo Ren and Snoke's Praetorian Guard, but they were not Sith Lords trained from birth. "You're distracted. You need to clear your mind. Again." Darth Nemo ordered.

Rey picked herself up and into a fighting stance. Only to find herself upon the mat again a mere moment later. "Poor form. You're still distracted. Again."

"I think I hurt enough for one day." Rey picked herself up, only to find herself on the ground yet again as Darth Nemo leaned over her.

"The more you hurt in here, the less you bleed out there. Again."

"I think we've clearly established that I'm no match for a Sith Lord." Rey spoke as she picked herself up again, only to find herself on the floor yet again.

"That, is why you failed. The force is greater than this crude matter you call a body. Again."

"I'm starting to think that Starkiller Base and Crait were just flukes." Rey mused as she picked herself up again and rubbed the sores and bruises that covered her limbs. For a change, she did not found herself on the floor of the dojo.

Instead she rubbed the lump upon the crown of her head when Darth Nemo performed a knifehand strike just a moment ago. "You're letting Kylo Ren's words affect you. I can feel it radiate from you."

"I know! I shouldn't, but I've been waiting and searching for my parents for as long as I can remember."

"My mother died from an assassination and my father disowned me, exiled me, and bombed the very nation I was exiled to." Darth Nemo countered. "I can do this all day. Can you?"

Rey sighed as she leaned up against a nearby wall. "To be honest, I think the real contest is between Kylo Ren and your brother."

Darth Nemo smirked for a moment before she spoke once more. "On what Kylo Ren said of our parents, of your parents selling you off for drinking money, I can only ask you this: Do you truly believe that to be fact?"

Rey hung her head as she pondered the inquiry, only to snap up from Darth Nemo's next words. "Or is it what you most feared?" She turned towards Darth Nemo, but the sith lord's presence was absent long before Rey could even ask of her to elaborate.

"It has begun." Darth Zero spoke as it dawned on the Black Knights that the Britannian Army had covered the Narita Mountain Range as Britannian transport aircraft orbited the air around them.

"S-Stop joking…" Tamaki gasped in shock before he turned to the Sith Lord. "Zero, stop joking around! We'll be completely surrounded by them! There won't be an escape route!"

"We're already sealed in." Darth Zero's declaration sent shockwaves across the breath of the Black Knights. "If we want to live, we have no choice but to fight here."

"Fight? Against Britannia?" Inoue gasped in disbelief. They were a resistance group, not an army, even with the weapons and technology the Sith Lords blessed them.

"Are we really going to go head-on with them?!" Tamaki exclaimed in fear. "We're already surrounded…."

"Not only that, but our enemy's Cornelia's army." Sugiyama added. "A powerful enemy that's different from what we've been fighting against. And you want us to go out there with what we only have here?!"

"Yes." Darth Zero agreed. "It would be a miracle if we emerge victorious."

"Zero, at a time like this…!" Ougi exclaimed as he turned to face the dark lord of the sith.

"Even messiahs must prove themselves to their followers." Darth Zero countered. "In that case, we will need a miracle."

"Hey, miracles don't happen so easily!" Tamaki raged. "You're damned useless as a leader! I should have been-" However, before the resistance fighter could shoulder his blaster, Darth Zero aimed his own at Tamaki's head. Then, he spun the weapon and offered the pistol grip of the weapon.

"All paths of retreat have been cut." Darth Zero reminded the Black Knights. "If any of you believe that you can achieve victory against such odds without me, even with these weapons, then feel free to shoot me." The sith lord's dare had silenced nearly all of the Black Knights. "You've had only two choices since you've joined the Order of the Black Knights. Either live with me, or perish with me!"

For several moments, none of the Black Knights had moved to act. Tamaki most of all as he found himself the within the crosshairs of every one of Darth Zero's Exo-Droid Troopers, he couldn't do anything even if he had tried. At least, not without an intimate knowledge of what blaster fire would do to unarmored flesh. "Troopers, stand down!" The Exo-Droid Troopers, though reluctantly, lowered their weapons. However Tamaki was still not safe as Zero further pointed out. "Lord Nemo, you as well."

It was then did Tamaki noticed that Darth Nemo had that cursed saberstaff of hers aimed right at his head, the finger just on the ignition button and ready to lob his head off. The sith lord then sheathed her weapon behind her cloak. "Another missed opportunity." He can almost feel the smirk from the tone of the sith lord's voice as Darth Zero continued.

"What's wrong? Why don't you try and challenge me?" Tamaki then looked around him, of all the Exo-Droid Troopers and one very bloodthirsty sith lord that was but mere moments from silencing him forever. With frightful determination, he raised his hands and shook his head.

"Y-yeah. You're the leader." Sugiyama agreed, he had a strong preference to be the next target of Darth Zero's fanatically loyal followers.

"Thank you." Darth Zero acknowledged. "I appreciate it."

"That's certainly a roundabout way of doing things, Lord Zero." Darth Nemo teased. "I would have been more direct."

"The most direct solution is not always the most efficient, Lord Nemo."

"But it's certainly the most enjoyable." And with those words, Darth Nemo waved her hand upwards and the sound of roller doors were heard, followed by dull thumps on the ground.

"Wh-what just happened?" Ougi asked frightfully.

Darth Zero, however, had a strong suspicion as to what Darth Nemo had done. He placed a hand upon his mask as he groaned. "You didn't…."

And then it was revealed just what Darth Nemo had brought with her to Narita as four bull rancors approached the sith lord and knelt submissively. She petted the muzzle of one of the bull rancors as Darth Nemo spoke. "You have your 'shock and awe' Lord Zero, I have mine."

He lost. He should have known that it was the most likely possibility, knowing Euphemia. But then, Darth Zero was glad that he lost to her innocent logic and naïve determination rather than to anything else. Thus, he relented in the Britannian Princess' offer to work on making the Special Administration Zone a success. But then, he made a mistake. He tried to tell her of his Geass that would have made her fall into his original trap and through the slip of the tongue "For example, if I told you to 'Kill the Japanese', it doesn't matter how you feel about it-"

And then, he saw the effect of geass within Euphemia's eyes. Though try as she might, proof of her strength in character alone, she would eventually succumb to the effect of his geass. He had made a mistake. "You're right. I have to kill the Japanese."

"Forget the order I just gave you!" He exclaimed, but to no avail. Euphemia was determined to follow out the order, his slip of the tongue. "Euphie!" She reached for the pistol he smuggled onto the G-1 Base and pushed herself off the ground. She then headed towards the door. "Euphie! Wait!"

Euphemia was mere moments from the door, mere moments from fulfilling the order, when she found herself frozen in place. It was as if an unforeseen force had prevented her from moving even an inch as Darth Zero approached her with an outreached arm. "Caraya's soul, that was too close…!" He then reached into Euphemia's mind, to search for the order within her psyche that had compelled her to genocide. He sifted through so many memories; so many thoughts and so many emotions that he thought that he would drown from the weight of it all.

Then again, he wouldn't be worthy of the title Dark Lord of the Sith as he found the geass lodged deep within her mind. He had to snatch it out before it became too entrenched, too difficult to countermanded and cause further harm to his first love. It had fought and struggled against this power that was unknown to the World of C but soon enough it was banished and Euphiemia had returned to the realm of sanity, but scarred by the memory of what she had almost done. A cold chill went down her spine as she wrapped her arms around herself.

"I could have….!"

"That is my power; Geass." Darth Zero clarified. Euphemia looked up as the sith lord continued. "To be exact, the Geass of Absolute Obedience. I have used it many times before and I will likely use it many times from now." He then used the force to conjure his mask to his side. He then placed the mask upon his head as Euphemia stared in deeper shock, just what had happened to Lelouch vi Britannia since the war?

"However, that is not my only power. My ally is the force, and it is a powerful ally. " With a gesture, Darth Zero raised Euphemia to her feet. With another, the pistol in her hand was aimed at him. "And it would seem that I have no other recourse than to go with my original plan."

"Lelou, what are you-"

"I can alter your mind so that you will remember none that have transpired." Darth Zero spoke as Euphemia fought to pull the weapon away from her half-brother, but to no avail. "The only saving grace I can give to you for this cruel twist of fate."

"Please, don't do this…!" Tears streamed down her cheeks as she felt the trigger slowly depressed.

"I, Lelouch vi Britannia- No, Darth Zero,"

"I don't want to hurt you…!"

"Dark Lord of the Sith, orders you,"



"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" And the shot echoed throughout the room.

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