The Loud House: Memory of A Promise

Part 1: Recorded Memory Chapter: 1 Glimpse of The Past

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2009 Loud House

The tape went in, the screen displaying clear blue with the words play in white in the upper-right corner. After a second or two the family video started showing a glimpse of the past. The screen showed three young girls Luna (age 8), Luan (age 7), and Lynn Jr. (age 6) watching television. After a few seconds of simply watching them the camera turned to the right showing a young Lincoln Loud (age 4) playing blocks with his infant sister Lucy (age 1).

"Aw, my babies.", Rita (age 35) proudly proclaimed behind the camera.

"Makes me want to have another.", Lynn Sr. (age 36) added as he gave Rita a slight pinch in her rear.

"Now calm down stud. We should wait awhile and see if we can manage the seven we already we have.", Rita countered as she playfully pushed Lynn Sr.'s hand away.

The camera stayed focus on Lincoln and Lucy until it pulled a complete one-eighty due to an approaching noise of crying coming from the front door. Lori (age 10) then burst through with puffed up eyes, a red beet face, and a concerned Leni (age 9) in hand being towed along. Rita passed the camcorder to Lynn Sr. and approached Lori while the three sisters on the couch turned off the t.v. and moved closer as well.

"What's the matter sweetie?", Rita said.

Lori simply looked at her mother with eyes streaming tears once again. "I …. *sniffle* I told Robert that I liked him a lot at the park today and asked him if he wanted to be my boyfriend and he … he *sniffle* he just laughed at me and said n- … noooooooooo!" Lori let go of Leni's hand and held her mother tightly, sobbing into her bosom.

"Aw, there there sweetie. I don't know who this Robert is, but I can tell you he's not very smart cause you are a very interesting girl with a lot to offer."

"Plus your ten, shouldn't even date till your 18 and out of the house.", Lynn Sr. whispered to himself, staying out of Rita's attempt to comfort their eldest child.

"B-but mom!" Lori stammered. "W-what if *sniffle* what if it's because I'm u-ugly?!"

Lori looked at her mother for some assurance, but before she could squash the silly notion Lori stated a young voice interjected.

"Lori you're not ugly! You're beautiful!"

The camera moved to the left to reveal it was Lincoln who spoke.

Lori halted her tears, a bit taken aback and unsure of what she heard "*sniffle* Huh?"

Lincoln pushed all the blocks out of his way and gently picked up Lucy before he approached his distraught sister. "You're one of the most beautiful girls in the world!"

"R-really?" Lori said with a slowly forming smile and cheeks remaining red not from being upset but from a slowly forming joy.

"Uh-huh! The other most beautiful girls in the world are Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn and Lucy!" Lincoln said as each girl blushed upon hearing her name while Lucy simply giggled upon hearing her own.

Lori's smile deepened and she rushed towards Lincoln embracing him in a tight hug while being careful not to smother Lucy. "Thank you, Lincoln. *sniffle*"

The other sisters immediately followed suit and joined in on the hug too, hearts still tender from their brother's proclamation.

"That Robert is just a big fat dummy!" Lincoln stated. "I'll be your boyfriend!"

Lori giggled. "Oh? You going to take me out on dates?"


"You'll have to get money."

"I'll work for dad!"

Lynn Sr. chuckled to Lincoln's answer as he kept listening.

"You will have to take care of me forever and ever."

"I'll marry you!"

Lori giggled uncontrollably, her heart bursting with happiness on how much her little brother loved her. "Promise?"

"Promise with all my heart! I'll marry all of you and take care of you so you can have fun all day and be happy!", Lincoln said to all his sisters, receiving even tighter hugs from each of them.

"That's a pretty big promise Lincy. Sure you can take care of all of us?", Leni stated with a big goofy grin.

"Uh-huh! I'll always love all of you for ever and ever!"

The siblings stayed together in tight embrace as their parents watched with joy in their eyes.

"Only four and he's already taking care of his sisters.", Rita delightfully said.

"Heh, he's going to be quite the lady killer when he gets older.", Lynn Sr. stated with a full toothy grin as he turned off the camcorder and popped out the vhs tape.

"Alright kids lets go and see what we can get for lunch." Said Rita as she herded her children into the dining room.

With a smile Lynn Sr. moved to his room and promptly picked up a sharpie from his nightstand. He put the camcorder away and held the tape on its side as he pondered what he should put as its title.

"Hm, what will your name be? … Ah! I got it!", He chuckled as he wrote the title in.

He then placed the tape in-between Luna Holds Baby Lincoln and Lori and Leni Cuddling During Nap Time.

The tape read Lincoln's Promise.

A simple tape one would think at first glance, though when next it would be played it would stir up a flurry of emotions within the loud house and send the only boy Lincoln on the ride of his life.

-8 years later- August 5, 2017 Lincoln's Room Saturday Mid-morning: Lincoln

It was a normal Saturday within the confines of the loud house, each member going about their usual routines. In the eldest sisters' room Lori (age 18) was speaking to her boo-boo-bear Bobby on her cell while Leni (age 17) was messing with her newest design idea a few feet away from her. Luna (age 16) was in her room fiddling with her guitar trying to think of lyrics for a new song she was working on while her roommate Luan (age 15) was at her computer coming up with new jokes and checking her comedy website.

Lynn (age 14) was outside in the backyard performing a variety of sports exercises to keep herself prepped for her many competitions while in contrast Lucy (age 9) was located within the vents working on her poetry and enjoying the enveloping darkness. The twins were busy arguing at each other in their room Lola (age 7 younger) being upset at Lana (age 7 older) for not being able to get a handle of her animals resulting in them crashing her tea party while Lana argued they were just being friendly. Lisa (age 5) the proverbial genius of the family was in her room analyzing the results from her most recent experiment as the youngest of the family, baby Lilly (age 2), was playing with her blocks inside her crib.

Yes, indeed it was a normal day for all. Normal, except for the only male child in the family.

Lincoln Loud (age 12) unlike his usual routine, of reading his Ace Savvy comics in his underwear, was simply staring at the ceiling pondering at the feeling of his recent realization. He was alone, not in the sense of family or friends but in the matters of just having that special someone by his side. Someone he could just gaze at and lose all conception of time with, someone he could just laugh with over the tiniest things, someone to love. Sure, there was Ronnie Ann but any chance of that happening flew out the window with her move to her extended family's apartment a few months ago. It was nice to see her and speak with her over the webcam but those times were far and in-between.

"She probably made some friends … I'm happy for her …", Lincoln let out followed by a lamenting sigh.

He wished he could take back encouraging her to stay with her family as he couldn't do it now.

Lincoln shifted to his side and stared at his wall. "It would be selfish and wrong if I begged for her to come back now."

This was going to be a long day he thought as a knock came to his door.

Before he could answer Lynn barged right in. "Hey Linc … You okay?"

"No, not really."

"Want to talk about it?"

"Not at the moment."

Lynn was a bit bummed naturally to see Lincoln in this mood. "Well … I was going to ask you if you wanted to help me practice my soccer kicks by being my goalie but … you want to play catch to take your mind off things instead?"

Lincoln pondered for a moment before answering. "Yeah, that sounds good to me right about now."

Lynn burst into an eager smile.

"Awesome, I'll go get the ball and gloves and meet you outside!", She said as she left as quickly as she came in.

Lincoln got up and off his bed and stretched before heading out himself. He was actually feeling a bit better, more energetic even, knowing Lynn cared about how he was feeling and it showed in a slight smile, the first of the day.

The rest of the day followed the same tune, after he spent some quality time with Lynn his other sisters helped keep his mind from his personal dilemma by them asking him to help in their daily habits. By the end of the day after dinner Lincoln had a full-blown smirk stuck on his face as he headed to his room to clock out for the day. He slipped out of his clothes to his bare undies and laid back on his bed.

"Today, wasn't that bad …" Lincoln said to himself. "Heh, I'm actually glad Lynn came in without asking for once."

He really appreciated his sisters today, in fact almost always one of his beloved siblings was there whenever he needed emotional support, or just someone to talk to, or be with whether they knew he was in a sad state or not. He smiled to himself thinking he would do anything to maintain their happiness, it was one of the few things that brought him joy still today.

He pictured all of them in his mind, faces all smiling.

"I love you all.", He contently said as he slowly drifted into the gentle embrace of unconsciousness.

Lynn Sr. and Rita's Room Saturday Evening

Meanwhile, the parents of the loud family were preparing for bed, or at least Rita (age 43) was as Lynn Sr. (age 44) was busy dusting a few things off, noticing it had been awhile since he cleaned up his home movie cabinet.

Rita cringed a bit when she noticed the dust particles being brushed into the air as she slipped into her nightgown. "Dear do you have to do that now?"

"If I don't do it now I'll just forget to do it tomorrow.", Lynn Sr. replied.

"Well at least dust the tapes out of our room."

"Alright honey."

Lynn Sr. proceeded to stack up the tapes and head out to the living room.

He placed them on the coffee table and was about to get to work when Rita poked her head out of their room with a devilish grin plastered on her face. "Oh Lynn dear~."


"Want to have a quickie before we clock out for tonight?"

Lynn Sr. immediately dropped his feather duster and bolted into the room slamming the door shut. As the sounds of giggling and bed springs slightly slipped out from the parent's room the tapes remained dust covered in the center of the living room. If one were to look closely dust was covering one tape's title in-between Luna Holds Baby Lincoln and Lori and Leni Cuddling During Nap Time.


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