The Loud House: Memory of A Promise

Part 2: Realizations and Expectations Chapter: 22 Rocky Nights

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? ? ?: Lincoln

"Everything will be just fine." Lori said as she stroked Lincoln's cheek. "Relax."

Lincoln simply nodded in agreement as he waved goodbye to Lori and the others. Only until they all entered Carol's home did Linc turn to attend to Lucy and his younger sisters.

"C'mon Lincoln, let's go.", Lana pleaded as she and Lola tugged at his arms.

Linc smiled and let himself be led on, turning his head around one last time to look at Carol's house. While his gaze lingered though the pulling force of his sisters stopped and as he reared his head back saw that they had all but vanished.

"Guys?!" Lincoln called out in an increasingly worried tone. "Lucy! … Lana! … Lola!"

Desperation began to conquer his subconscious as no answer could be heard. "Lisa! Lily! … Answer me, please!"

Silence was all that greeted him until a faint whistling tune caught his ear. Upon turning his body froze out of fear, for in a short distance away from him was it, the demon. It twirled what he easily recognized as Lynn's bat around in a nonchalant manner until it noticed Lincoln.

"Oh, hey there kid." It smugly called out to him. "Nice night for a stroll huh? So many goodies to be found, so little time."

The faint fluttering of fabric around the demon's feet caught Linc's attention and as he focused on it his heart sank deeply. All around the insidious figure were the costumes of his younger sisters, torn apart and riddled with dirt and grime but most importantly, empty. Lincoln fell to his knees and immediately the worst of possible events ran through his head.

Ignoring Linc the demon looked on, bearing a wicked grin as he saw Carol's home. "What could be over there I wonder?"

Noticing this, Linc called out to it. "You stay the hell away from them!"

It ignored Lincoln, twirling the bat around and slowly made its way towards the house.

"I said stay the fuck away from them!", Linc shouted as he tried to get up.

As if nature itself was against him the ground swallowed his knees and then hands when he tried to pull himself out. He struggled in futility while with every glance he took at the demon saw him progress further and further. He stopped squirming only when the faint noise of a door creaking caught his ear.

"Don't do it." Linc begged as he saw it halfway between the door. "Please …"

It barely gave him a glance before it broke out in sadistic laughter, entering the home and slamming the door shut.

Linc gritted his teeth and pulled on his limbs with all his might. "You son of a bitch!"

"Lincoln!", Luan shouted out.

The fearful tone in her screams sent shivers down Lincoln's spine.

Luna was the second to cry out. "Stay away from me!"

Again, Lincoln pulled on his limbs for desperate freedom, the force he exerted making his joints cry out in pain as they nearly ripped apart.

"No!" Leni screamed. "Lincoln, help me!"

A rough resounding crack sounded off as Linc's limbs gave out with a hard thud as he fell to the floor. He could do nothing but voice out his rage through screams as his sisters continued to cry out and his phone vibrated nonstop.




October 31, 2017 Lori and Leni's Room Tuesday Morning: Lincoln

Linc's eyes shot open, panic still racing through his heart so much so that a gentle tap to his cheek made him jerk. As his awareness to his surroundings adjusted, he turned and saw Lily sitting down next him with a smile plastered on her face.

"Lincoln.", Lily happily chimed as she began to mess with his face.

Breathing both a sigh of grief for having the same ghastly toned dream and relief for it being over, Linc sat up and cradled Lily in his arms.

"Well, I believe I owe you one for saving me there Lily.", Lincoln stated as he made his little sister giggle with a stomach tease.

"Good morning." Lori lazily mumbled as she emerged from her covers. "Did you rest well?"

Linc hesitated a bit before answering. "Right as rain, you?"

Lori moved and sat at the side of her bed, stretching after. "Honestly, very well. I'm happy that you're back home, it feels almost like you never left if only for a second."

Linc gave Lori a soft smile as the faint sounds of shifting covers from Leni caught his attention.

"Lincoln?", Leni mumbled.

"Morning Leni, how'd you sleep?", Linc asked.

"Totes the best I've had in days." Leni replied as she leaned closer and rested her head on Lincoln's shoulder. "Thanks for sleeping with me Lincoln."


"Alright." Lori interrupted as she got up. "With this being the first morning with Lincoln back things will be a little hectic, so we should probably get ready quickly. I can only imagine the time the others would want with you before we all head off to work and school."

"Yeah, you got a point." Lincoln fiddled with Lily's cheeks. "Think Lily will be ok when we drop her off at daycare?"

"Well the polo shirt of yours we have in Lily's crib was losing it's scent, but it seems we have a fresh one in stock.", Lori answered as she pointed at Lincoln.

Linc looked slightly down and saw Lily nuzzling against his chest. "Ha so you do."

"Ok well if you both don't mind; I'll be taking a shower first." Lori gathered her change of clothes. "Don't linger in bed for long you two."

As Lori left, Leni placed a kiss on Lincoln's cheek before she got up herself. "You know I feel a lot less shaky today."

Lincoln cradled Lily as he got up too. "Really?"

"Mhm, like I said it's easier to forget if you're in my thoughts but now you're here so it's even more easy."

"I see." A bit of guilt drummed up in Lincoln as he continued. "You know I'll be leaving back to Pop-Pop's tomorrow … right?"

Leni paused midway on her way towards the closet. "I know, but I don't want to think about it. You're here, that's all that matters to me now."

Linc tried to find some words of comfort to alleviate Leni's obvious worries of his coming departure but failed to conjure any as she resumed her retrieval of her morning attire. If he could have it both ways he could, but life was not that convenient for him besides, it would only be for a month or two longer at the pace things were going. That is what he told himself at least to ease the guilt of making his sisters happy only to quash the feeling by leaving so soon.

Lincoln gave Lily a gentle kiss to her temple while making his way towards the hallway, waiting for Leni as she followed close behind.


At the cry of his name Linc turned his attention down towards the hall where he saw both Lola and Lana rushing towards him.

"Morning you two.", Said Lincoln.

Both clung to his sides as they gleefully answering in unison. "Morning!"

"Guys sleep well?"

"Knowing you're home yeah.", Lana answered.

"Plus." Lola began to add. "We wanted to get a big rest for tonight."

Linc grimaced slightly at the thought with the nightmare he had earlier but quickly shook it off before his sisters could notice. "Y-yeah can't wait either."

"All yours." Lori said to Leni as she came out and faced Lincoln. "I can take her off your hands."

As soon as Lincoln handed Lily over to Lori she began to whimper.

Noticing this Lori could not help but chuckle a bit. "Oh boy, mind helping me out Lincoln. I could use your shirt right now."

"Sure." Linc replied as he started to take off his shirt only to pause before he even lifted it an inch. "Um on second thought I think I should leave it on. You know, just to make sure the scent on it sticks as long as possible."

Lori pouted a bit but accepted his train of thought. "Alright just make sure to bring it down with you when you come for breakfast."

"Will do.", He nervously answered.

As Lori made her way down Lola squeezed Linc's leg gently to gain his attention. "Lincoln are you ok?"

"Course I am." Lincoln stated as he recomposed himself and patted her head. "Don't you worry."

Lola simply shrugged and resumed her loving hold of him eliciting a silent sigh of relief from Linc. Truth be told his heart was beating much faster with how he almost blundered in front of his sisters. If they had seen his bruises, the mere thought of it plastered images of his sisters' possible expressions across his mind making him wince.

"Morning guys."

The siblings turned to see both Luna and Luan approaching with Lynn and Lucy coming into the hallway in the distance.

"Morning." Linc replied as Luna leaned over Lola and rested against Lincoln. "You guys nervous about today?"

"Bit of an understatement to call it so, least for me.", Luna grumbled.

"I'm feeling optimistic." Luan voiced out. "Well, I got to be anyways, considering someone has to be the anchor here. How's Leni doing?"

Lincoln scratched the back of his head. "She's warming up to it, if only a little. Me offering to come by if it gets to be too much helps."

"Guys talking about tonight?", Lynn asked as she yawned and planted herself next to Luan with Lucy in tow.

"Yeah, are you going out tonight at all? You didn't come with us for costumes yesterday."

"Eh didn't feel like it since I know these two and Leni wouldn't dress up either, but I will go out with you and the others."

"Aw but we're all going in costume." Lana protested. "Even Lincoln is doing it."

Lynn raised an eyebrow and took a quick look at Lucy for the lack of info then back at Lincoln. "Changed your mind?"

"Yeah had a change of heart when I saw how happy everyone was getting theirs at the store."

"Well, crap."

Linc let out a chuckle as Leni came out of the bathroom and offered it to the twins who reluctantly let go of him and made their way.

As the bathroom door closed Lincoln continued. "So do you want to go to the store real quick after school today?"

Lynn thought for a moment. "Nah, I'll just put on some football gear and wing it."

Lincoln accepted her attempt to dress up for the evening and rested his head against Luna's before he pondered once more on tonight. As much as he didn't want to worry and let his pessimistic thoughts flutter about it loomed over his mind, but with how his sisters made him feel as well it seemed that it may be more bearable than he thought as the two feelings clashed. While he waited for Lana and Lola to finish up, he hoped maybe school would alleviate more or at least distract his fretting attitude.

August 16, 2017 Lori and Leni's room Wednesday Morning: Lincoln

As slumbers sweet serenade lost its grip on Lincoln, his eyes slowly opened. It took a few moments for his consciousness to connect all the wires but soon the mischievous actions he had preformed last night with his eldest sisters had rushed to the forefront of his mind. He then became aware of his surroundings noticing that he, along with Lori and Leni, had shifted about in their sleep in the night.

The sensation of Lori's breasts pressed against his chest as she held him close and Leni with her own arm around his stomach while her legs intertwined with his reminded him of Monday morning albeit with a more heavier air of sexual tension. Already feeling the rush of his blood Lincoln tried his best to squeeze out reluctantly from his little space of heaven, carefully lifting Leni's arm as he tried to sit upright. The loss of warmth on her arm though stirred Leni from her rest.

The slight murmurs from her as she woke caught Linc's attention. "Uh, morning Leni."

Immediately a giddy grin graced Leni as she laid her eyes on Lincoln before latching onto him. "Morning Lincy~."

"S-sleep well?" Lincoln uttered as he attempted to hold a straight face from Leni tracing her hand upwards from his stomach.

"Of course, it was great." She planted a kiss on his neck. "You made it great."

"G-glad I c-could help." Linc stammered as Leni repeated her kisses and pressed herself further against his side. "Um L-leni?"


"Shouldn't we be getting ready f-for the day?"

Leni nipped at his ear. "Just a few more minutes won't hurt, would it Lincoln?"

"I uh, well –"

Whatever train of thought Linc tried to maintain was derailed as Leni snuck in a kiss and embrace him in her loving hold. It took only a few seconds to ensnare him with her taste, sending out venereal vibes that she wanted to do so much more and go further with him than last night's wonderful intimacy. Her desires were about to reach fruition as Lincoln raised his arms to her sides, inches away from pulling her in by his own will, until he stopped when Lori's movements were brought to his attention.

Unaware of what was going on next to her Lori sat up, running her hand softly through her bed hair while she adjusted to the situation. She then turned and saw Leni and Lincoln tongue wrestling as the former separated with a wet smack of their lips.

"Morning Lori.", Leni said without a care as she and Lincoln faced her.

The same expression that Leni held when she awoke and saw Linc presented itself upon Lori as well. The sensations of last night joyfully echoed in her mind as she leaned in and gave Lincoln her own morning kiss.

"Morning you two." Lori sultrily voiced as she leaned against Lincoln after her kiss. "I hope you two aren't planning on cozying up much longer, it is a school day after all."

"Aww can't we call in sick?", Leni pleaded.

Lori chuckled. "Sorry but no go, if we do that now it's going to turn into a habit, besides it's Luna and Luan's day with Lincoln let's not be stingy."

"Mmm fine.", Leni grumbled as she gave Lincoln one last squeeze before she got up from bed.

Lori was about to follow suit till a faint marking on Lincoln's shoulder caught her eye.

"Um Lincoln what's that?", Lori asked as she poked at the blemish on his skin.

Lincoln lifted his arm and looked at the spot Lori touched. "Oh, I had forgotten about that. That's a hickey from Lynn on Monday morning when we were in vanzilla, seems to be almost gone."

"Oh really." Lori thought as she gritted her teeth in slight jealousy prior to speaking out. "Mind if I?"

It took a few seconds for Linc to catch on. "Uh I don't see why not."

Without delay Lori gave Lincoln a kiss then moved onto his shoulder, making sure her mark was not only next to Lynn's but bigger. After half a minute she relented and admired her work, satisfied in establishing in her own animalistic way that she was the alpha female between herself and Lynn.

"Thank you Lincy~.", Lori purred while she got up herself to gather her clothes, pausing when she felt a slight draft and realizing she was still donning her lingerie and covering up her revealed self.

With a chuckle and a few moments of admiration towards Lori's backside Lincoln grabbed his shirt and got up himself, giving a small wave goodbye to Lori and Leni who returned it in kind as he made his way out. While he walked down the hall, he ran through last night's plan he hatched in his head to prepare him for tonight. He was lost in thinking of possible problems that could arise when he bumped into Lynn who eagerly awaited him in front of her door.

"Morning Lincy~.", Lynn said with a curious and lascivious gaze upon his bare torso.

"H-hey Lynn.", Linc replied with both nervousness and yearning at what Lynn may attempt this morning.

Lynn placed both her hands along his arms and ran them up to his bare shoulders. "Sleep well?"

Lincoln's pulse sped up as she clung to him. "Y-yeah every night with you all tends to be like that so far."

A tinge of despair welled up in the back of her mind as she smelled the sexual musk pervading around Lincoln. In a desperate attempt to squeeze the possible dreaded info out of him Lynn increased her advances.

She gave a slow lick along his neck with a subtle kiss as she maneuvered her hands along his back. "That's good to hear Lincoln, did you have yourself a good time before you slept?"

"Um well it wouldn't be right to say anything about it, r-right? Don't kiss and tell?"

"Aw I'm sorry Lincy~." She pulled away slightly and gave a half-lidded lusting stare as she neared his lips with only a hair's width of space. "I was only curious if you learned anything new … that you'd like to try on me, I am all yours after all."

Lincoln nearly let out a goofy chuckle on the spot as a few images ran through his head. "I, uh, well …"

"Hm don't worry silly I'm only teasing you, see you in line.", Lynn assured as she planted a small kiss and let him pass.

As Linc's door shut Lynn focused her attention on her elder sisters who came out of their room. With a satisfied grin she watched as Lori entered the bathroom with Leni waiting outside, knowing she would be the easier of the two to pry the info she wanted. Wasting no time before the others would join her, she quickly slid next to her unaware quarry.

"Morning Lynn.", Leni happily stated when she saw her.

"Morning sis, how'd you sleep last night?", Lynn asked wanting to get straight to the point.

"Oh~ it was totes the best sleep I've ever had and it was all thanks to Lincoln."

"Really eh? So, what did you guys end up doing together?"

Leni lovingly held her cheeks as they turned red. "Well we kissed, held each other … and then he ate me~."

For a moment Lynn was confused. "I'm sorry what was that last one?"

Leni smiled and looked away. "Heh he ate me out. Oh, but I wish we could've done more."

Lynn's jaw dropped at the reveal, desperation rising still though she pressed her interrogation. "I-I see … so is that all you two ended up d-doing?"

"Sadly yeah, Lincoln stopped me from going any further."

"H-he did?", Lynn uttered with a tone of slight relief.

"Mhm." Leni turned a bit redder as she bit her lip. "But it was still a wonderful night all the same."

Lynn clenched her hands tighter. "And Lori? W-what did those two end up doing?"

"The same thing." A small giggle escaped Leni. "The lingerie I got her seemed to make Lincoln happy as well and of course I had to join in on the fun a little bit."

Lynn gritted her teeth as she knew her older sisters would give her a run for her money, but she did not expect the competition to be this fierce let alone them using accessories to give them a boost. The lingering jealousy clouded her mind so, that Leni's previous words of them not proceeding any further than what she had told her did not cross her mind until the very end. While her older sister was stuck daydreaming about last night Lynn took a few calming breathes to collect herself and think on the situation.

"They haven't gone all the way, yet." Lynn reassured herself mentally. "There's still time."

Despite how sexually intense things may have gotten last night the fact that her opportunity to be Linc's first remained. So long as Luna kept her word and reeled in Luan today tomorrow would be her chance, her chance to embrace her dear brother and take in his warmth both outside and inside. Lynn's lustful determination renewed when she saw her dear Lincoln with the lucky duo for today following close behind him.

"Just you wait Linc, you'll be pouncing on me by your own free will come Thursday night.", Lynn mumbled before she broke into a smile for Lincoln as he took his spot next to her.

October 31, 2017 Near Royal Woods Middle School Tuesday Morning

"You know, you cling to Lincoln like he's been gone for ages Lynn." Lori mentioned as she took a quick peek in the rear-view mirror. "Don't you literally see him every day in school?"

"It's not as easy as you think." Lynn replied as she buried her head against Linc's chest, taking in his calming scent. "For one if we're unlucky people are at the field track in the morning hanging out and it's not like we can hang normally in the hallways with all the eyes still on him."

"She's got a point.", Lincoln interjected.

Lori sighed and conceded her complaints as she parked vanzilla alongside Royal Woods Middle School. "Alright we're here you two."

"I'll meet you inside.", Linc said to Lynn who gave no objections and went on ahead.

"Something you need to say Lincoln?", Lori asked as she turned and faced Lincoln.

With a few quick scans of his surroundings and seeing it was all clear Linc leaned towards Lori and planted a gentle kiss. "Have a good day at work and drive safe."

Lori let out a small laugh. "Get going you dork, I love you."

Lincoln slid on his backpack. "I love you too, say hi to Carol for me."

After a small back and forth wave with Lori as she drove off Linc made his way towards school, immediately seeing Clyde waiting for him by the bike racks.

Clyde extended out his hand. "Hey Linc!"

"Hey Clyde.", Linc responded with an accompanying high five before they both continued towards school.

"Been awhile since I've seen you in your orange polo shirt."

"Yeah the clothes Pop-Pop got me are way more comfortable for me than this old thing, but it does feel nostalgic, little tight though."

"Well you have been at it."

Lincoln fiddled with his shirt a bit. "Yeah you got a point

"So, how'd yesterday go with your family?"

"Better than expected, a little rough in some moments but went alright in the end."

"Rough how?"

"Well for one Lisa saw my bruises."

Clyde gulped loudly. "Oh, does she know?"

"I sort of left out the part where they were from Mr. Grouse's grandson." Lincoln sighed. "Far as she knows they were from exercise accidents with Pop-Pop."

"That all that happened?"

Lincoln paused just a few inches from the school's front door and looked towards the ground, waiting for a group of peers to pass on by. "No, there's one more thing actually."

"What?", Clyde asked with a concerned tone.

"The thing is … Lori's friend Carol is throwing a small Halloween party for Leni and the others."

Clyde slightly wigged out on the spot. "Wait, what?! Is that really such a good idea?"

Linc pinched the bridge of his nose. "To be fair Lori made a few decent points. It may help them get past what happened if only a little."

"So, are you going with them?"

"No, I'll be with Lynn and the others."

"Think they'll be alright on their own?"

"Well only a few people are going and Lori will be with them, plus I said I'd come if Leni, Luna or Luan called."

"Man, our first Halloween apart." Clyde looked off into the distance. "Least there's a reasonable situation behind it though."

Lincoln opened the school's doors and made his way in. "You'll be with Rusty and the guys right?"

"Yeah just going to hash out the details during lunch."

"Cool I'll meet you all then." Linc spotted Lynn leaning against the hallway wall. "I'll catch you later."

With a simple fist bump the duo went their separate ways with Lincoln already feeling the daily stares as he joined Lynn for a short walk before classes started. A few looks were driven away by Lynn's ferocious glares towards the curious onlookers which eased things slightly as they talked about their evening plans.

"So Clyde going to be joining us later?", Lynn queried.

"No." Linc responded. "He's going to be with Rusty and the gang tonight."

"You ok with that? You two always seem so eager this time of year."

"Yeah I just want to be with you guys while I have time, Clyde understands."

"Alright, and how long do we plan on being out?"

Lincoln pointed to an unoccupied hallway corner and both sat themselves down. "I don't know, it's not like Halloween is considered a holiday here and I kind of want to keep the route short this time around, you know stick to the busy neighborhoods where there's lots of people."

Lynn let out a small sigh. "You're still worried about something happening huh."


"Dad will be with us though."

Linc gave Lynn a judgmental look. "Seriously?"


"Dad? I love him but he's not exactly the most stalwart on Halloween."

Lynn blew a raspberry. "Well least it's an extra pair of eyes and besides, I doubt it but if something were to happen, I'm sure he'd step up."

"I'd just be more comfortable if we took things on the safer side."

"Alright I'm sure the others will go with whatever you want either way so long as they're having fun being with you."


Lynn threw a light jab to Lincoln's side. "Just don't let them see you be down, ok? They really want to make you happy."

"I won't I even kept that in mind when I picked my costume, has a mask and all."

"Oh really? So what are you going as?"



"Comic book character."

A small laugh escaped Lynn followed by another light jab. "Nice to see your still a dork deep down."

"Of course, I'm still me deep down."

"I'm glad.", Lynn commented as she snuck in a quick kiss to Lincoln's cheek.


Linc got up and patted his rear for clinging dust. "Tardy bell warning, times up."

"Unfortunately." Lynn replied following suit and zooming off to beat the coming crowds. "I'll see you after school!"

With a slight stretch Lincoln moved towards first period with a bit of hope that his friends could help keep his unease low throughout the day.

August 16, 2017 Royal Woods High School, Cafeteria Wednesday Morning

"I'm so looking forward to the party Leni!" A voluptuous perky teen shouted as she passed by. "I've already rsvp'd!"

Leni gave an equally energetic wave. "Ok~! I'm totes excited you're going~!"

"Who was that?", Sam asked.

"Oh, I don't know.", Leni replied with an innocent smile as she went back to her phone.

Sam rolled her eyes in amusement and looked towards Luna whispering to a distraught Luan. "So you guys plotting a murder?"

"Heh sorry just planning something for tonight.", Luna answered sheepishly.

"Oh? What about?"

"Uh sorry kind of between me and my roommate."

"Aw boo." Sam noticed more seniors approaching Leni. "Well fine, finish up so we can hash out the details for Sully's house. I'll stick with Leni duty to make sure no one sweeps her away."

"Will do." Luan replied with an optimistic smirk before she angrily whispered back at Luna. "So … what the hell do you mean we have to hold back with Lincoln tonight?!"

Luna signaled to Luan to move further down the cafeteria booth. "Not so loud and look it's just for tonight, I told Lynn we would."

"Why the heck would we do what Lynn wants?!"

"Because, I sort of made a deal with her for covering up my mistake."

Luan held a confused look. "What? What mista- … Tabby."

Luna looked down in slight shame. "Y-yeah."

Luan took a quick peek at Sam. "Sam involved in any way?"

"… Sort of."

"God damn it Luna. How even? And why didn't you tell me this last night?!"

"Sorry I was just so busy hashing out on the best way to handle this with Lucy that it sort of, slipped." Luna scratched the back of her head and looked away slightly. "Also, I figured you'd be less explosive about it if we were in public."

Luan squinted her eyes. "Want to bet on that?"

"Please Luan it's just for this one night."

"I'm not saying I'm agreeing to it, but why does Lynn even want that?"

"So about that …" Luna twiddled her thumbs. "She kind of wants to be the one to take Lincoln's virginity."

Luan could not hold in her reaction from hearing the pure audacity of Lynn's goal. "HAHAHAHA~!"

Already Luna could feel numerous eyes in the cafeteria along with Sam's shift towards her and Luan. "Shh! Keep it down."

"Haha … ah … ha. Sorry I just couldn't resist. Yeah no, I'm not agreeing to that bullshit."

"I'm begging you here sis. Lynn is helping cover up my fuck up and I'd rather get her off my shoulder now than owe her down the line."

"Pfft so what? She just gets what she wants, and we're stuck with hand holding?"

Luna did her best to put on her most appeasing smile. "Now now sis you know me better than to just give Lynn everything she wants. She may have said to hold back but what I heard was long as we don't go over the edge."

Luan began to form a devilish grin but quickly shook it off. "And Thursday?"

"Heh don't worry I have something planned for that as well.", Luna replied as she bore a cheeky grin.

"You don't say." Luan leaned back and tapped her fingers together. "Well you'll have to give me the details about that when we get home. Now, how's Sam involved with Lincoln again this time around?"

"Right, so the thing is it's confirmed Tabby does have a thing for Lincoln."

Luan sighed. "Of course."

"Got the evidence about it yesterday when Sam showed me the texts between herself and Tabby. It seems that Sam is rooting for her and even trying to support in bringing them together."

Luan raised her arms up. "Well isn't that just, fantastic."

"For now it seems to be under wraps. I lied to Sam about supporting Tabby in her stead and Lynn's friend will be blocking her at school."

"Why do I get the feeling this is not going to work."

"Just have a little faith Luan, I'm sure you'll forget about all those troubles tonight when we're with Lincoln."

"Cheap shot, hmm but I don't doubt it." Luan rubbed her eyes slightly. "This plan you have for Lynn better be good."

"It's simple yet effective." Luna checked for the time. "Ok so I got to chat with Sam, mind switching guard duty with her."

Luan simply nodded and scooted along the booth with Luna doing the same on the opposite end until both were respectively next to Leni and Sam.

"Done with the murder details?", Sam teased.

"Yeah found a place for the body where no one will find it." Luna joked back. "Luan will take over Leni watch duties, let's talk about the party."

"Alright so first things first, we need to practice a bit with Mazzy before the party starts. Are you available today?"

"Uh only for about an hour or two."

"Why so little?"

"I have plans." Luna bit her lip. "With Lincoln."

"Wait boyfriend or brother?"

"… Boyfriend."

"Can't you postpone it till the weekend?"

Luna drummed her fingers on the tabletop. "We can't, we kind of had our hearts set on it for today."

"Aw, such a cutesy wutsy couple already." Sam said as she pinched Luna's cheek, only to have her hand playfully pushed away. "Well can you show up tomorrow then and a few hours before the party starts?"

"That, I can do."

"Then that will have to do with practice, though luckily we have good chemistry with each other already. Well that's topic one out of the way, next we got to figure out an alibi for you."

"Why would I need one?"

"Cause we're not bringing Chunk with us this time. I doubt your parents would be comfortable without him."

"To be fair they were uncomfortable with him the beginning but yeah good point. Hm … Could lie and say his cell phone is broken."

Sam contemplated for a bit. "There's still a chance they'll want to talk to him through your cell."

"Well I'm not sure what we can do if it comes to that.

"Um couldn't help but overhear.", Luan interjected.

"Got an idea sis?", Luna queried.

"Yeah." Luan started clearing her throat and then after a few minutes of preparation spoke in a deeper tone. "How's this loves?"

Sam's eyes perked a bit. "Not half bad but I can still tell it's not Chunk plus it kind of sounds a bit feminine."

"Although." Luna interrupted. "If you think about it music will be playing when mom or dad calls so it'd be kind of hard for them to tell."

"Got a good point. Luan, you sure you're up for the task?"

Luan nodded. "Well when you're a ventriloquist you pick up a few things, and it's the least I can do for the party invite."

"Oh right, almost forgot you were already coming"

"Y-yeah, is that ok?", Luan nervously asked.

"Pfft of course it is I don't see why not."

Luan gave a relieved smile before her focus was reset on Leni when she spotted a boy approaching them.

"Hey guys everything settled?", he casually stated.

Luan raised a brow. "And you are?"

Sam turned slightly and let out an amused chuckle. "No worries Luan that's just Sully, my boyfriend."

After a quick kiss with Sam, Sully leaned forward against the booth behind her and Luna. "So again, everything settled for the party?"

"Well we already covered rehearsal times and an alibi for Luna for Chunk's absence." Sam pondered for a bit. "Sure we can practice at your place without upsetting your dad?"

"It's fine my old man doesn't come home until very late in the evening."

"Then I think that's everything."

"Can't have a party without food and drinks, now can we?" Sully presented. "If you guys don't mind, I could get a couple cases of b-"

"We're good on food and drinks." Leni interrupted without looking up from her cell. "Lori's bringing them."

"I see." Sully replied, a bit of wind taken out of his sails. "Uh in that case you could give me your number and we could message on when you want to bring over the party goods over to my place."

Leni was about to respond when Luna spoke out. "Nah it's alright dude I can text you when we got the goods."

"Right." Sully said in a deflated tone prior to shifting his gaze onto Leni. "Anyways I can't wait to experience the rocking party you got lined up Leni. Bringing anyone special?"

"That's nice.", Leni automatically responded as she was too enamored with her phone.

The embarrassing exchange elicited a few giggles from Luna and the others at the table as the warning bell for classes to begin rang, cutting short any small protest Sully may have had.

Luan poked at Leni. "C'mon Leni we got to get to class."

"Just one second.", Leni hummed as she sent out one final text.

Royal Woods Middle School, First Period Wednesday Morning: Lincoln

"Have a good day Lincoln, I love you~."

Lincoln smiled at the text from Leni and replied swiftly with his own love and best wishes.

"Someone special?", Haiku commented as she noticed Linc's cheery mood.

Lincoln was quick on the response. "Just my sister wishing me a good morning."

"Hm I guess one of the pros of having siblings."


"Heh, yeah."

"So will you be joining us again for lunch this time around?"

"Not this time." Linc replied shyly. "I actually have something important to ask from one of the guys."

"Oh? Care to share? Maybe I could help."

Lincoln turned a deeper shade of red. "Uh sorry but it's sort of a guy thing."

"Ah, well never mind then." Haiku uttered before she rolled her eyes and mumbled. "Boys."

Linc let out a low sigh for the reminder Haiku gave him for what he planned out for the day. He was hoping things would go well when he would present his favor, but he knew things would be a bit troublesome knowing how the guys reacted to him yesterday when he was with the girls during lunch. He pondered on the situation throughout first and second period, feeling a bit alleviated from his worries temporarily thanks to Amanda until he would get his first chance to gauge how things would go when he saw Liam by himself in third period.

"Hey Liam.", Lincoln said as he took his usual seat.

Without even looking at Linc, Liam let out a huff before he responded. "Well, if it isn't Mr. Smooth."

Lincoln raised a brow. "Huh?"

"Sure you want to be talking to me? I reckon I'd just ruin your mojo if Tabby or any of the others saw you with me."

"It isn't like that Liam." Linc said as he pouted. "Tabby invited me and I tried to sit with you guys yesterday, but my excuse fell apart when Rusty gave in to her and said it was cool."

"I don't know, you seemed happier than Virginia whenever Mee Maw makes too much food."

"So should I have been pouty the entire time?"

"Well no." Liam admitted. "Just, it hasn't even been a week and you're already herding all the gals into your corral."

Lincoln pinched the bridge of his nose. "Again, it isn't like that and I have done literally nothing. If anything, I think you all are overreacting because they don't see me as anything more than a friend."

"Hey snowball!" Tabby jubilantly cried out to Linc as she sped to sit next to him, embracing him in a quick tight hug afterwards. "Oh man, was looking forward to seeing you today. Want to hang out with me and the gals again during lunch today?"

"Nothing more than a friend huh?", Liam mockingly whispered as he squinted towards Lincoln.

Linc chuckled nervously. "S-sorry Tabby today I wanted to hang out with the guys, there's something I sort of need from one of them."

Already a look of disappointment was easy to see on Tabby's face. "Oh … well that's alright then, there's always next time, yeah?"

"Yeah haha, next time."

Determined not to let him slip away again Tabby reasserted herself and decided to cement their next reunion. "So tomorrow then?"

Lincoln could already feel Liam's eyes on him akin to Rusty from yesterday. "Um well the thing is …"

She grabbed his arm and swayed him gently, hoping to make Lincoln waver from the innocent contact while trying her best not to let the same happen to her. "Aw please? It would be nice if you could be there, and it could even be a turn thing you know. One day us the other day with the guys. What do you say?"

Linc could only mumble as he tried to think of an answer that would appease both parties beside himself, only breaking when he faced Tabby and looked into pleading innocent eyes.

"I guess … t-tomorrow would be fine.", Lincoln finally submitted.

"Great!" Tabby gave a light poke to his arm. "Tomorrow it is then!"


Tabby beamed at Lincoln's shy smile before he leaned forward to give attention to their teacher's lecture, exposing Liam's stare down at him from the other side. Immediately she scowled at the angry country boy as soon as their eyes made contact, making him panic slightly and face forward. Once again, she was reminded that Linc's friends were not exactly going to make it easy for her.

She thought for a moment on Sam's past words on just asking him straight out, not knowing she was literally speaking her mind. "Um hey Lincoln?"

Linc turned his head a bit and looked straight at her. "Yeah Tabby?"

A bit too late she realized her blunder as she felt her heart beating rapidly. In desperation to not sit there silently awkward she bit her tongue to jumpstart her mind.

"Heh dang old morning brain, forgot what I was going to ask haha.", Tabby said sheepishly.

She let out a small sigh of relief as Lincoln focused on the teacher again for there was no way she had the nerve to straight on ask him out, she knew better. At the moment she was content with letting Sam be her personal wingwoman as she herself tried her best to close the friendzone gap between Linc and herself. After a few steady breathes Tabby inched a bit closer to Lincoln as she stayed attentive to class, unaware that he too was busy thinking of obstacles to cross.

The trio stayed silent for the rest of class with both Liam and Tabby keeping each other in check from speaking to Lincoln too much. When the bell for dismissal finally did ring Linc said his goodbyes, leaving Tabby to watch forlornly as he went out of view. With not much enthusiasm for how his next encounter would go Lincoln quickly made his way to Home Ec. and waited at his seat for Rusty.

"You jerk!"

Expecting, Linc turned and saw an aggravated Rusty take his seat next to him. "Ok look, I tried to bail out yesterday, but you caved in!"

"Of course I caved in! Do you not see how cute Tabby is?! You should have just told her no yourself!"

Lincoln sighed. "Ok so maybe I did deflect the responsibility onto you but it's not like hanging out with them was my plan from the beginning."

"Didn't seem too bummed out about it."

"Like I told Liam last period what did you want me to do? Look depressed being with them?"

"I guess not, but what about today?"

"Already told Tabby I would hang with you guys today."

Rusty rolled his eyes. "So that means she invited you to the girls table, again."

Linc rubbed the back of his neck. "Yeah …"

"… You're going tomorrow with them again, aren't you?"

"… Yeah."

"I hate you so much right now."

"I didn't want to be a total jerk ok. Would you tell her no?"

Rusty crossed his arms. "Fine, whatever."

Lincoln coughed into his hand in preparation. "So um, there's something I needed to ask from you."


"Well it's more of a favor."

"Why do I feel like I'm not going to like this?"

"… You look at porn at home right?"


"Just humor me and tell me the truth. I promise this is going somewhere."

Rusty checked his surroundings before leaning in closer to Lincoln. "Alright fine yes I do. What of it?"

"Can I come over to your house today and see some?"

Rusty lurched back. "Dude!"

"Please Rusty."

"Linc, you are not going to jerk off in my house."

"What? No I just need to see some."

"For what?!"

"So I can get a better idea of what exactly to do in those sort of … situations."

Rusty slammed his fists onto the workstation counter. "I fucking knew it! Which one wants you?! Is it Polly?! No, it's Tabby isn't it?!"

"Don't bang on the counters!", their teacher angrily called out.

"Shhh! Keep it down.", Lincoln reiterated.

"Oh this is just unfair man." Rusty buried his head into his arms and fell forward onto the counter. "I get rejected everywhere on the first day and all the girls chat you up and invite you to their table. Then on day two your buddy buddy with them in your little group and now today one of them wants you to bang them. What's tomorrow, engagement time?"

"Chill out already. I told you Monday it is not like that and the same goes for yesterday and today. They are just friends … friends!"

Rusty poked his face out from his little self-made chamber and squinted at Linc. "Then who do you need to learn about sex for?"

"Not them just for future use in case, you know."

"Yeah not buying it. Who?"

"Come on Rusty it's private."

"Tell me or I'm not even considering helping."

"Ronnie Ann." Lincoln cursed himself inside for uttering her name on the spot. "It's Ronnie Ann."

Rusty perked up slightly and patted Linc's shoulder. "Oh dude about time you two got into a relationship, only took you about a year."

"Haha you're hilarious." Figuring he would solve the problem of this little lie later Lincoln continued the ruse. "We aren't doing anything now, like I said, for future use."

"Ah I get you now." Rusty winked and clicked his tongue. "Still though if she finds out about you hanging with the other girls, even if you all are friends only, she might get a little jealous."

"I'll try and keep that in mind." Linc replied in a monotonous tone while trying his best not to roll his eyes. "So will you help me?"

"Yeah I'll help you out, but if your hand goes anywhere near your penis while you're at my place I'm kicking you out."

"Thanks Rusty, I owe you one."

"So why me by the way? Couldn't you do this at your own place?"

"Computers next to the living room and I don't exactly have any privacy even in my own room. Plus, my data plan sucks since my sisters use it all up in our family plan."

"Couldn't you ask Liam?"

"No computer, remember."


"Parents are too paranoid, probably has something to block me from going to that site due to viruses."


Lincoln gave Rusty a judging look.

"Right, stupid question." Rusty continued. "Does it have to be today?"

"Yes, better to prepare sooner than later."

"I guess. So … how were the girls yesterday?"

Linc sighed. "You're not going to drop this are you?"

"Not until I get a girlfriend of my own.", Rusty replied.

October 31, 2017 Royal Woods Middle School, Cafeteria Tuesday Afternoon: Lincoln

While biting into his lunch Lincoln kept an eye out for his friends, waving them over as soon as they popped out from the lunch line.

"Hey Linc.", Rusty said as he took his seat next to him.

"Going for the og look today?", Zach commented on seeing Lincoln's attire.

"Figured since I was at home." Linc replied. "So what we chatting about today?"

"We were going to talk about the route we'd take tonight." Liam answered. "And on that note we figured we'd decide based on where you're going."


"Clyde here reckons that if you by any chance need your pals for some back up we would at least be close by."

Lincoln looked at Clyde.

"If it's too intrusive we could always plan the route away from you and your sisters.", Clyde shyly stated.

"No it's alright. The plan tonight for me and my sisters is to basically stick near the more crowded streets." Linc took out his cell and searched up a local map. "We'll be going here, here, and here, then we'll be doing a loop and coming back home along here."

Rusty looked to the spots Lincoln plotted out. "Hm playing it overly safe, aren't you?"

"It's the best route I can think of without me freaking out so much, and even then, I'm still worried."

"We can work with this it's alright.", Zach assured.

"Girls are waving to ya.", Liam noted.

Linc looked over at the girls table in the distance and gave a wave back.

"Speaking of girls." Said Rusty. "Ronnie Ann talk to you recently?"

"Nope, not since Friday.", Linc answered.

"Well I get the weekends since you don't get signal with your Pop-Pop. Still, not even when you were home yesterday?"

"Nah, she wanted me to get as much time with my family as possible. She did say though that she would call me sometime tonight before me and my sisters head out."

"Going to see her in person anytime soon?", Zach asked.

"Not until I'm done with Pop-Pop."

"Speaking of, Lori still talk with Bobby?", Clyde questioned making everyone at the table other than Lincoln roll their eyes.


"But they're still not together, right?"


"Then I still have a chance."

"… Right.", Linc mumbled while guiltily looking away.

"Sorry I know it's not the right time but was just curious."

"… No problem."

After a few seconds of awkward silence lunch continued normally with Lincoln regaling some of the details of how his home visit went to his friends and them vice versa on their costumes for the night. When the bell rang they gave each other a quick farewell before Polly came by and snagged Linc away for their next period together as was daily routine now. As the pair spoke while going to and in class, Lincoln snagged a peek at the time every now and then, counting down the minutes passing until he would have to go out tonight.

Noticing Linc was spacing out Polly scooted closer and blew gently at his ear making him wig out slightly. "Worried about tonight still eh?"

"Y-yeah just a little.", Lincoln replied, still red from the sensation.

"You do realize your sisters have been ok this entire time without you at home right? And this time you will be with them, I'm pretty sure they'll be ok."

"I should know that but it's just not that easy. Plus, my older sisters are …"

"Are what?"

"… Going to a party."

Polly's eyes perked a bit. "Now that, I didn't know. The others know about it?"

"Never brought it up aside with Clyde."

"Hm explains why the others didn't mention anything at lunch. I assume you want me to keep it under wraps?"

"If you could."

"No problem there." Polly tapped her desk for a few seconds. "So … you want to talk about it?"

Linc sighed. "Yes and no."

"Ok just let me know when you want to me to stop. Who came up with the idea?"


"Hm … and they were cool with it?"

"No not really, they were pretty nervous until I said I'd come with the cavalry in tow."

Polly smiled a bit. "Nice to see you reassuring them. Will there be a lot of people, and where even are they hosting the party?"

"No it'll just be a few friends at Lori's friend Carol's place."

"Not to seem uncaring but It all sounds pretty safe to me. I think maybe you're just overreacting to all this."

"I know your right but … you know what happened. I can't just push that out of my head."

"You got a point there, but I believe everything will be alright tonight. Your sisters have you … and Lynn. Heh, man have I seen her break a few hips back in the derbies."

Lincoln chuckled lightly. "Yeah I don't doubt that."

Polly gave a satisfied smirk. "There we go, now hopefully you can stay like that till school ends."

"Thanks Polly."

"Heh anytime Linc." Polly looked at him for a few moments before deciding to go for a light flirting tease. "You know you should give me your number, if you ever need another reassuring pep talk."

"Actually, that doesn't sound too bad." Lincoln checked if their teacher was still oblivious to them speaking while taking out his cell. "Here, you can copy my number"

Polly tried her best to not get too flustered as she was taken aback by the blatant acceptance of her offer. "I um, uh pshh sure. That'd be pretty grea- cool …"

Using her desk to keep her arms from shaking Polly took out her cell and set it next to Linc's, sending him a text shortly after to confirm she typed his info in correctly.

"Got it." Lincoln commented. "Sorry I never offered before."

"Oh i-it's alright." Polly looked at Linc's name in her contacts and smiled. "Least I have it now."

A few moments later, her smile waned as Tabby crossed her mind.

"Sorry Tabby.", Polly uttered in a hushed tone.

August 16, 2017 Royal Woods Middle School, First Floor Hallway Wednesday Afternoon: Lincoln

With a troublesome lunch of being bombarded with questions from his friends save Clyde, and a moment of peaceful clarity with his last period behind him, Lincoln was a bit anxious to finally initiate his plan with Rusty. He was halfway through the school's back door when the sounds of aggravated people behind him caught his attention.

"Linc!", Lynn called out as her recent victim of being within her path was squished against the wall while she sped forward.

Bracing himself, Lincoln bared the brunt of Lynn's tackling hug. "I think … my back almost broke with that one."

"Hehe you'll be fine." Lynn teased as she let go. "So you ready to go home? If we get there fast enough we could start round two of where we left off."

Linc burned a deep red. "As much as I'd really like that there's something I have to do at Rusty's for a bit."

The disappointment Lynn felt was profoundly visible. "Oh … what about?"

"Uh it's kind of personal between me and Rusty." Lincoln stated as he thought, in a way, it was not really a lie. "But I promise I'll come home right away when I'm done."

Not wanting to seem too clingy Lynn reluctantly eased up. "Well alright, have fun ok. I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too."

Lynn inched forward and whispered into his ear. "By the way just a little reminder, but tomorrow night, I'm all yours, every single part of me."

Lincoln gulped at the provocative images running through his head. "C-can't w-wait."

"Me neither." Lynn said before she made her way upon seeing Rusty. "See you at home."

"S-see ya."

"Hey Linc, my bus is here. You ready to go?" Rusty asked. "Uh you ok?"

"Yeah just lost a bit in thought, let's go.", Lincoln replied as he regained his composure.

With Rusty leading, the pair boarded one of the many buses lined up against the school, taking the back seat. After a few minutes passed of no other students boarding the driver began his departure as everyone on board chatted amongst themselves.

"Hey Lincoln.", Rusty called.

Linc continued to stare at the passing scenery out the bus window. "Yeah?"

"So what exactly will you be looking for on … you know." Rusty checked if anyone was eavesdropping. "The porn site."

Lincoln turned slightly red from embarrassment "Just positions really, where everything would go and if there was anything more to it. Can only learn so much from bathroom school stalls and instinct only covers basic stuff you know."

"Fair enough, heh remember when Clyde passed out from the vagina graffiti in the second week of school last year?"

A bit of guilt hit Linc from laughing as well. "Well it's not his fault he didn't know girls didn't have a dick. You know how his dads shelter him a bit too much."

"Also fair." Rusty noticed the bus slowing down near his street. "Alright this is our stop. We should hurry by the way since your window until my mom and dad come home is shortening."

Agreeing, Lincoln wasted no time in following behind Rusty off the bus and up his driveway. Once past the front door Linc eyed Rocky staring into his cell, and again curious thoughts ran through his head but as before more important matters required his attention.

Rusty picked up a throw pillow from the couch and tossed it at Rocky. "Hey I need you to keep an eye out for mom and dad when they come home."

"Fine, whatever.", Rocky answered in an annoyed tone.

With a lookout set Rusty and Lincoln went into the formers room, turning on the pc afterwards and quickly pulling up the internet browser.

Rusty fidgeted slightly in his seat and cracked his fingers. "Alright got a porn site in mind?"

Linc tried his best to not feel awkward. "Just anything that has what I need."

"Got it." Rusty typed in a website. "Can't go wrong with the classics."

As soon as the site loaded Lincoln was a bit surprised to see he wasn't flustered by the video thumbnails that popped out, though he reminded himself shortly after of already seeing and feeling the real thing with his sisters.

"Ok so you just needed to know tips more or less right?", Rusty asked.

"Yeah anything helps really."

After typing in a basic search title of sex lessons to bring up a new list, Rusty moved himself from his chair. "All yours Linc."

With a prepatory sigh Lincoln took a seat and began scrolling down, seeing if there was anything he did not know, other than the obvious or instinctive, that would help him close the experience gap. While ignoring the lingering gaze of Rusty Linc clicked on a few videos that piqued his curiosity, taking note of what positions were used and where hands were placed.

"You're really nervous about satisfying her I take it?", Rusty queried.

Lincoln raised a brow. "What makes you say that?"

"You're clicking on all the vids with thumbnails where the woman looks very happy."

"Just … don't want to disappoint in performance."

"I don't think you need to fret too much on this. I mean Ronnie Ann hasn't been with anyone right? So you're both virgins."

Linc averted his gaze slightly away. "Y-yeah."

"Plus, like you said this would be for future use, so you have plenty of time to prepare yourself."

Lincoln gave Rusty a false smile. "You're right I guess I'm just overthinking things too much as usual."

"Alright well I got to go take a leak, keep an ear open if my little brother is coming from the living room."

"Got it."

As Linc heard the bathroom door close a minute passed before a curious thought ran through his head. Knowing his solitary state would be over soon Lincoln quickly typed in a new search, threeway, and gulped at the new list that popped up. He knew Rusty would only be more curious with what he was looking at which made Linc all the more relieved for the temporary privacy as he thought the less big his lie had to be the better.

The sound of a toilet flush then reached Lincoln's ear and figuring he had viewed enough info, Lincoln closed the site rather than risk Rusty catching a hint of what he was viewing.

"Much better." Rusty commented as he reentered his room. "Oh, done already?"

"Yep." Linc began to think of a quick excuse to leave to start mentally preparing himself at home. "Well I don't want to overstay my welc-."

"You clear the search history?", Rusty interrupted.

"The what?"

Rusty shook his head in a smug fashion. "The search history of the sites you've visited. Common mistake most newbies make, step aside."

Lincoln looked on nervously as Rusty navigated his browser once more and gritted his teeth as he simply hovered over the delete button.

"Hey Linc?"


"Why were you searching threeways?"

Panic sweat began to form as Lincoln's brain ran rampant on thinking of an excuse to put forth.

"No way in a million years is Ronnie Ann the type to let something like that happen." Rusty teased. "But hey this is a kink free shame zone, so I'll drop it there."

"T-thanks.", Lincoln said as he wiped his forehead.

Knock Knock Knock

Both Rusty and Linc looked behind them to see Rocky poke his head in.

"Moms home.", the young boy stated.

"Looks like we finished just in time." Rusty noted. "You want to stay and hang out for a bit?"

Not wanting to push his luck from staying any longer, Lincoln opted for a quick retreat. "Maybe another day. I've got to get home soon either way, so the timing is good."

"Bummer. Well alright man, have a good one."

"You too, see you tomorrow."

With a quick fist bump Linc promptly made his way to the front, bumping into Mrs. Spokes whom he gave a short hello and farewell to. While on his trek back home Lincoln pondered if what he reviewed earlier would be enough and if he could even bring it up while preforming. He knew his mind would easily be muddled no matter which sister he would be with save for Lucy, even though they've yet to go all the way.

"Guess I just got to wing it and hope I don't make a joke of myself.", Lincoln mumbled as he thought of Luan and Luna.

October 31, 2017 Lincoln's Room Tuesday Afternoon: Lincoln

After a bit of an attention competition between the twins and Lynn when he arrived home, Linc was glad to get a little room to ruminate as he suited up for the evening. He checked himself over before he slipped on his mask and took one final take at his appearance with his cell. Satisfied with how he looked Lincoln laid back on his bed and decided to rest until his sisters would be ready.

The sound of his cell vibrating then caught his attention to which he presented a small smile when he checked who was calling him.

"Hey.", Linc calmly answered as he took off his mask.

"Hey Lincoln.", Ronnie Ann replied.

"How've you been since the weekend?"

"Oh you know same old same old, hung out with Nikki and the gang Saturday, bummed around the apartment Sunday, and tried not to fall asleep Monday at school. Speaking of, how'd yesterday go for you?"

Linc took a deep breath. "Kind of heavy."

"I don't doubt it, your sisters were obviously happy to see you though, right?"

"They were, ecstatic even."

"That's good." Ronnie Ann remained silent for a few seconds. "And how are Leni and the others specifically?"

"About as good as you can expect given what happened."

"Just give it more time. I mean once your home for good they should be doing a lot better I'd say."

"Yeah I think so too, also something sort of happened yesterday."


"No easy way to say it so I'll just spill it, Lori is taking them to a small party."

"What?! Well me and Bobby didn't hear a thing about this! One of us would have told you."

"I know you would have."

"How long was she even planning this?"

"For a while it seems. She ran it through with me yesterday and the premise is that it'll help them overcome a small barrier if anything."

"Well I mean that makes sense in theory but … how did you take it? Hell, how did they take it?"

"Take a wild guess."

"So you're going to go with them tonight then?"

"No, Lori said it'd be best if they went on their own, but I told them I'd come if they called. It's the main reason they even agreed to go." Lincoln let out an aggravated sigh. "As for me I'll be doing my best to seem unbothered and happy while I stay with Lynn and my younger sisters for trick or treating."

"Knowing you that sounds like it'll be hard."

"Not with the mask my costume comes with."

Ronnie Ann paused for a moment. "You're wearing a costume?"

"Yeah I figured wearing one would help hide how paranoid I am, plus my sisters insisted."

"What are you going as?"


"From Watchmen?"


A small laugh escaped her. "Heh nice to see you're lame-o side showing."

"Course it still shows, I haven't changed that much."

"I'm glad, I missed that side of you." Ronnie Ann panicked slightly from the slipped affection. "Um, s-so mind sending me a picture? I want to see how dorky you look."

"Sure, mask on or off?"

"Off." She cleared her throat. "Er, I mean both."

Oblivious to Ronnie Ann's tone and speech Linc complied with her request normally, standing up and taking as much of a full body pic of himself as he could before sending them off.

"Y-you don't look as lame as I thought.", Ronnie Ann slightly stuttered.

Lincoln chuckled. "I'll take that as a win."

"Well least I won't feel bad knowing you'll be in costume too after you convinced me to try and have as much fun in your stead."

"Yeah … By the way, what are you going as?"

"Ana Ronalda's twin sister, leader of the Mexican bandits.", Ronnie proudly stated.

Linc held a befuddled look. "What?"

"Ha yeah I figured you wouldn't know her. She's from a soap opera."

"Hm, didn't take you for the type to like those."

"Likewise, but it hooked me. I'm going as her since she has long hair because I've been lazy in getting a haircut anyway. Though it feels a bit weird not having my hair in a ponytail."

"I don't think I've ever seen you with your hair down.", Lincoln commented.

Ronnie Ann held her breath for a few seconds. "W-would you like to see it-, I mean me-, my costume?"


"M-mask on or off?"

"Yours comes with one too eh? I guess both if you'd be so kind."

"R-right." Ronnie Ann stammered as she tried her best not to blush too much when taking her picture. "Sent, also I'm not wearing any makeup cause, well you know, not my thing."

As the text downloaded Linc was legitimately taken aback from how well she looked to him.

"Being awfully quiet." Ronnie mentioned worriedly. "Still there?"

"W-wow." Lincoln uttered. "Y-you look great."

"Yeah, sure.", Ronnie said sarcastically to reticent her incoming shyness.

"No honestly you do. Funny how one little thing as hair can make you look."

"W-well thanks."

Knock Knock

"One sec Ronnie Ann." Linc covered his cell with his hand. "It's open!"

Lincoln looked on as his little sister Lisa poked her head in. "Are you all set for our departure?"

Linc gulped slightly. "Yeah, you all ready?"

"All set for confectionary scavenging. Also Lori is with Leni and the others awaiting for your arrival as well before they depart."

"I'll be down in a sec."

With a nod Lisa closed Lincoln's door and left him to prepare as needed.

"Still there Ronnie?", Linc queried while bringing the phone back to his ear.

"Still here, is it time already?"


"Hey, don't worry, things will be fine. You'll be there, I believe in you."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence."

"Alright guess I'll head on out myself and meet up with gang. Have fun for your sisters … and me, ok?"

Lincoln pulled himself from bed and grabbed his mask. "Will do, talk to you later."


As he hung up Linc's full attention was now focused solely on his body. His breathing was rapid, his heart slammed furiously against his chest, and as he stared at his mask in hand, he noticed his slight trembling.

"Get a grip." He muttered to himself as he slipped on his saving grace from exposing his fear to his family and exited his room. "Get a fucking grip."

August 16, 2017 Sully's House, Living Room Wednesday Afternoon

"Place smells awfully, pungent.", Luan commented after Sully had let her Luna and Sam into his home.

"Told you the place reeked." Mazzy added as she got up from the living room couch. "Hey girls, been a while since school started."

"Hey Maz.", Luna replied as she brought her in for a quick hug.

"This your little sister?"

"Luan Loud." Luan stated as she offered her hand. "I'll be support for Leni during the party."

"Nice." Mazzy shook her hand. "Where is the ringleader of this operation anyways?"

"Oh she took a ride home from Lori." Luna answered. "Busy confirming the last little details and rsvp's she's been getting."

"Everything ok babe?", Sam questioned as she noticed the bummed look Sully had.

Sully chuckled. "Oh uh it's nothing, just thinking of what spray to buy to clear out my old man's smell from the house."

"Not to be rude but can you worry about that later?" Luna interjected. "I don't have a lot of time today so if you can grab the gear we'll be using for practice."

"She's got to rendezvous with her man tonight.", Sam teased which elicited a light jab from Luna.

"Oh sure no problem. My guitar is next to the sofa, I'll get the drum set.", Sully replied as he turned and headed for his garage through the kitchen.

"Sam can borrow my bass." Mazzy added as she pointed to it before following close behind Sully. "It'll be faster if I help you out."

"Hey babe?" Sam called out. "Where's your bathroom?"

Sully's voice echoed out from the kitchen archway. "Second door on the left in the hallway."

Sam turned to Luna and Luan. "If you two will excuse me."

As Sam walked away Luna noticed the look Luan had. "Hey sis what's wrong?"

Luan wrapped her arms around herself. "I don't know just an off feeling from this place."

Luna gave her a reassuring pat on the back. "I'm pretty sure that's cause of the stink that's all over the place. It'll be a lot better when everyone is having a good time Friday, smell wise too."

"I guess."

"Don't worry this will be a short practice and before you know it you and I are going to get a little piece of that lovable dork when we get home."

Luan broke into a slight giggle when she thought of what they would possibly do with him.

"Just keep that attitude." Luna continued. "When we get home, we'll hash out the details."

The pair then turned to see Sully lug in the heavier pieces of his drum set with Mazzy holding the last pieces behind him. Not wanting to dilly dally any longer Luna moved in to help set it up along with plugging in everything while Luan herself took a seat on the least smelly part of the sofa.

"We good to go?", Sam asked as she came back from her nature call.

"Just waiting on you." Luna answered while she tuned the strings on Sully's guitar. "Mazzy's bass is next to Luan."

Luna waited as Sam grabbed the bass and tuned it herself while checking if Mazzy was ready as well. With all girls confirming each other as Sully took a seat opposite from Luan, they then decided on which song to practice on before getting into position.

"Alright ladies here we go!" Mazzy shouted as she started the tempo. "Three, two, one!"

Luna and Luan's Room Wednesday Evening

After coming home just in time to join everyone at dinner, Luna and Luan began to prepare for their special night with Lincoln. With her quick shower out of the way Luna slipped into her regular nightwear and rummaged through her cd's in the closet while waiting for Luan. She wanted to pick something specific for the occasion, something that would match how passionate she and her sister felt about Linc particularly tonight.

She bore a wide smile when a certain cd title caught her eye. "Heh heh, bingo~."

"What you up to?", Luan questioned as she came in in her bathrobe and stood in front of the vanity mirror.

"Just picking a tasty jam that'll really heat things up when we're with Lincoln.", Luna giddily replied.


"Sure why not." Luna slipped in the cd into a radio she pulled from under Luan's bed and set the volume to a moderate level. "Anything that'll give us a little boost in fun right."

Luan was about to blow dry her hair when the song Luna had picked began and reached its lyrics, making her go bug eyed immediately. In desperation she jumped at the radio and quickly unplugged it much to Luna's shock.

"Hey sis what the heck?!", Luna angrily yelled.

"What do you mean what the heck?!" Luan barked back. "Do you want the whole house to know what we're up to?!"

Luna held a perplexed look towards Luan until it dawned on her why her sister was freaking out. "Oh man, you must've been so excited about tonight that it totally slipped your mind."


Luna chuckled and brought her sister into a one-armed hug as she pointed towards their window and traced it along the wall to their door. "Don't you realize?"

Luan stared blankly at the door. "Realize what?"

"What's so awesome about our room that Lana, Lisa, and dad set up for us?"

"I don't get what you're trying to say they just set it up so that the room would be soundproof because you always played so lou-"

"Clicked for you finally eh?"

"S-sound … p-proof.", Luan stuttered.

"Mhm." Luna confirmed as she plugged the radio back in and started the song again. "Which means we can play the music as loud as we want."

"Music as loud as we want.", Luan repeated.

"Moan as much as we want."

Luan could not contain the devilish smile that appeared on her face. "Moan as much as we want."

Luna hugged Luan from behind and whispered into her ear. "And scream his name as loud as we want when he makes us climax, or vice versa."

Luan bit her lip from pure excitement before a thought came into her head. "But we can't go all the way."

"No, we can't." Luna confirmed. "But we can go as close to the damn edge as we want tonight, and I promise you that things won't completely go Lynn's way."

Luan smiled again. "You know you still haven't told me what you're going to do to stop Lynn."

"I'll give you the details of that along with what we're going to do tonight while you finish drying your hair and I set up the right mood with your stage light." Luna stood up and hoisted Luan as well. "Like I said, it's so simple."

Lincoln's Room Wednesday Night: Lincoln

The house was eerily quiet for Linc, so much so that the drumming of his fingers along his chest seemed so loud. He was still nervous about tonight, the feeling melding with that of excitement as well but all around not enough to disparage his uneasiness. He didn't have time to dote on these thoughts though for the sound of a door creaking open in the hallway reached his ears.

Anticipating who it was he got up from his bed and reached for his door, opening it slightly to a gleeful Luna.

"Hey there stud.", Luna whispered as she snuck in a kiss.

Lincoln held a satisfied grin. "H-hey."

Luna extended her hand. "We're both ready for you if you want to come along."

"O-of course.", Linc replied as calmly as he could while he took her hand.

With a quick yet quiet pace the eager rocker led a nervous Lincoln to her door, giving a slight knock before entering her room. As he was pulled in Linc's eyes adjusted to the sole light source available, one of Luan's stage lights facing the corner of the room, and spotted Luan herself waving at him from her bed.

"Hey Lincoln." Luan shyly called out. "I hope you're as excited as we are."

"D-definitely.", Lincoln stuttered as he was lovestruck by Luan's undone hair.

Luna promptly closed the door behind her and placed her hands on Linc's shoulders, gently pushing him forward towards Luan. When he was but a few paces away from Luan he looked on in curiosity as she got up and walked past him.

"You just take a seat right here Lincoln.", Luna said as she let go and turned to be with Luan.

Linc did just so and stared on at his sisters who were nearly silhouettes with how dim the light was.

"Before we got down to business, we figured we'd give you a little show." Luna remarked as she fiddled with her radio's settings. "Given how we're both, entertainers. Plus, we can be as loud as we want in our special room."

Lincoln gulped. "S-show?"

"Mhm.", Luna hummed as her song of choice began to play.

"I-I'm nervous." Luan whispered under the starting guitar riffs and drumbeats. "We're just supposed to freestyle it? What if I do something stupid?"

Luna held her wavering sister from behind and softly swung her and herself side to side against the beat. "Don't be, look at Linc, he's mesmerized by us. You know he loves us and wants us, so just keep that in mind and show him how much you want him, let it be your source of movement."

Luan looked at Lincoln and took a singular deep breath as she waited for the first lyric to hit with a stronger resolve.

I, I'm driving back on black.

As the first lyric dropped Luan parted Luna's arms away and slinked her hands under her nightgown, lifting it as she continued the tempo of her earlier sways. When her hair popped free from the nightgown collar, she tossed it to the side and ran her hand through her hair while trying her best not to jerk from Luna's hands sliding forth across her body. Linc meanwhile sat helplessly, feeling the blood rushing forth immediately to his second brain as he watched Luna's hands teasingly slip a finger here and there under Luan's bra and underwear as she rubbed her body all over.

I'll ask polite if the devil needs a ride, Because the angel on my right ain't hanging out with me tonight.

With a slight push of her sister's hands and quick turn Luan then faced Luna, the former giving a wink to the latter. Taking the hint Luna hooked her fingers under her shirt and slipped it off, bringing Luan in closer after to slip her hands across her back and Luan's own behind her. Both sisters could feel the others quickening heartbeat as they did the other the courtesy on undoing their bra, the soft noise of fabric moving against skin seemingly so loud to them.

Your mom don't know that you were missing, She'd be pissed if she could see the parts of you that I've been kissing.

The risqué duo was more than pleased to see Linc's gaze fixated so intently on them when they snuck a glance, rewarding said ogling with a reveal as each showed the others bra in their hand before tossing it as well. Upon seeing this the strain in Lincoln's pants was all too obvious to him as his manhood pressed furiously against the fabric of his pants, begging to be allowed to give its standing ovation. Luna covered herself with her hands and sauntered over to Luan's side as she turned, both taking note of the sounds of Luan's bed sheets being clenched which only strengthened their boldness.

No, no matter where we go, Cause everybody knows, We're just a couple animals.

With a smug look towards each other Luna and Luan sensed in one another the fading inhibition as both revealed their perky busts in unison making their spectator's eyes boggle with desire. The lighting may have been dim but the distinct detail of Luan's bright pink areolas and the freckles that dotted the top of Luna's breasts were all too tantalizing for Linc ignore, more so when they teasingly squeezed them together with their arms. Feeling now was a good time to kick it up a notch, Luna reclaimed Luan in her grasp and resumed her earlier fondling, this time reaching further down until her rough fingers grazed the edges of her little sister's pure flower.

Check out the trouble we're in.

Luan quickly became flustered, her cheeks heating up as her breath became heavy due to Lincoln's perverse leering towards her body as Luna traced her fingers across her wanting well. Goosebumps rippled through her skin as callused fingertips met with her soft breasts and a shock of pleasure rippled down to her core as her nipples were giving a small loving pinch. The dominating rocker chuckled to herself at how easily her adorable little sister became putty in her hands for she was simply acting on her own experience of self-pleasure and past fantasies of Sam and Linc.

Got your hand between my knees, And you control how fast we go by just how hard you wanna squeeze.

Much to Luan's dismay Luna relented her pleasure conquest, only to immediately grasp her thighs tightly as she gave a devilish grin towards Lincoln. The unsuspecting comedian became curious of Luna's new intentions towards her which were answered on the spot as she felt fingers hook into her panties. Before she could even think to protest Luan felt her last cotton barrier come down which prompted her to scrambled to cover her now exposed labia.

By now, no doubt that we were heading south I guess nobody ever taught her not to speak with a full mouth.

"Relax." Luna whispered into Luan's ear as she parted her arms away. "Nothing to be embarrassed about, it's just you me and Linc here."

I'm Screamin' No, we're never gonna quit, Ain't nothing wrong with it, Just acting like we're animals.

"But Lincoln is -" A gasp escaped Luan as Luna lifter her left leg and teased her clit with a gentle stroke. "-seeing all of me."

So come on baby, get in, Get in, just get in.

Luna increased her pace. "And he's loving every bit of it. Now, let him know you want him to give you this same pleasure."

We were parked out by the tracks.

Luan bit her lip as her legs began to melt, only keeping her balance due to Luna's support. "Li-Linc."

The wind, I think 'cause no one else knows where we are, And that was when she started screamin' "That's my dad outside the car!"

"You'll have to be." Luna stuck out her tongue tasted Luan's slender neck. "Louder than that sis."

Must have wound up on the floor while we were switching our positions.


Screamin' No, we're never gonna quit, Ain't nothing wrong with it, Just acting like we're animals.

"Let him hear your wild side Luan!"

So come on baby, get in, We're just a couple of animals, Get in, just get in.

"LINCOLN~!", Luan screamed as the final beat sounded off.

Knowing her now lost in lust sister was close to the edge of climax Luna once again halted her actions, not wanting to take all the fun for herself from Linc.

Luan, breathless and shaking, fell back against Luna's bosom. "W-why … why'd you s-stop?"

"Thought you might want Lincoln to do the honors." Luna replied as she slid her palms against Luan's back. "Seems like your limber enough now."

A light yelp escaped Luan as Luna pushed her forward towards Lincoln who out of worry caught her and fell back against her bed with force. Still weak from Luna's assault, Luan shakingly pushed herself up and hovered over Linc. Their eyes immediately locked and soon her breathing became heavy again as she noticed Lincoln's hands on her waist.

"E-enjoy the show?", Luan said as confidently as she could.

"Couldn't take my eyes away." Linc uttered as the faint sweet pea scent of her hair around him heightened his already bursting arousal. "Beautiful as always."

Luan blushed a hard red. "I'm glad you thought so …"

A pressing force against her groin interrupted her train of thought as it sent a tendril of pleasure along her legs. With a quick peek she saw the bulge in Lincoln's pants she was resting against, now slightly damp with her own juices. Luan gave a smug grin as she looked back at her brother who chuckled shyly at his now revealed excitement.

"Looks like you're telling the truth." Luan grinded slightly against Linc's erection. "Do you think you can give me a little reward for our performance?"

Unable to fight his urges any longer Lincoln jumped at the invitation and lifted himself up until his lips melded with Luan's as his hands slid down to her thighs.

"Now that's, a tantalizing sight." Luna said out loud to herself as she admired Luan's derriere and pink folds furiously pressing against Linc. "Go easy on her Lincoln, it's her first time and mine!"

As he stayed tongue locked with Luan, Linc took in the vital info Luna revealed to him. A great weight lifted off his shoulders at least for tonight now that he knew he was on equal footing experience wise with Luan and Luna. With his newfound confidence Lincoln boldly followed his gut and moved his left hand to fondle Luan's breast and squeeze her rear with his other.

Not wanting to be left out Luna slipped out of her own panties and kicked them away, getting a slight tingle as her flower was exposed to the rooms cool air. With a building giddiness she hit shuffle on her radio and knelt before her siblings who were lost in their own little word. She gave a light spank to Luan's rear who shivered reactively with enjoyment as Luna slid her hand upwards along Linc's legs.

"Now let's see if what Lynn said the other day was true." Luna mumbled as she undid Linc's pants and slid them off along with his briefs, only to fall back slightly in shock as his member finally escaped its denim prison and slammed against Luan. "Well, hello~!"

Feeling Lincoln's rod press against her Luan parted her mouth from him and moaned as she focused on rubbing her womanhood against it. Foreign to the feeling of the velvet walls against his penis instead of around his fingers Linc instinctively held Luan as he kissed her along her neck while thrusting in sync with her grinding. Luna meanwhile watched with bated breath as her meal was being prepped in front her.

"Thanks for adding more flavor to my meat stick.", Luna teased as she twirled her tongue around her mouth at the sight of her siblings precum melding together.

Luna gave a singular long lick going upwards from Lincoln's base, savoring both his taste as well as Luan's. As she swallowed the sibling mix Luna felt herself getting more aroused as the sexual musk emanating from them reached her nostrils. The intoxicating scent was more than enough to pull her in as she pressed her lips against Linc's tip and took him in slowly.

The warmth within her mouth was strangely comforting Luna thought as she reached the limit of how much she could take. Just as her gag reflex was about to kick in, Luna pulled Lincoln out of her mouth and let go of him as she gasped for air. With a lascivious gaze Luna looked on as Linc's vigor incited him to poke and prod at Luan's entrance much to her delight.

Worried that her sister had forgotten about the deal she made with Lynn, Luna moved forth and grabbed Lincoln's cock before he could perform the coup de grâce on Luan.

"Hey!", Luan objected as she looked behind her.

"Sorry sis." Said Luna as she hoped Luan would get the hint. "Just that you had told me you were nervous about going all the way on the first night just like me. Remember?"

It took a few seconds, but Luna's words hit the mark eliciting an aggravated eye roll from Luan. "Y-yeah you're right, but I wasn't going to put him in me."

"Are you guys really nervous?" Linc asked, gaining Luan's attention. "You don't have to feel like you need to do anything."

Luan forced a smile despite her disappointment. "Thanks Lincoln."

"But." Luna interrupted as she pressed Linc's girth back against Luan making her yip. "That doesn't mean we can't go near the edge."

"To the edge~." Luan repeated in eagerness as she nuzzled her head against Lincoln while resuming her grinding with renewed passion. "To the edge~."

While Linc Jr. was slowly being re-lubricated from one side, Luna donated her own liquid as she suckled on different points of Linc's shaft, sneaking in a taste of her sister when she stuck her tongue out. The small grunts and moans coming from her siblings became a harmonic tune to which Luna strummed to while she played with herself as well as she drifted into a temporary nirvana. After a few blissful moments of gratification Luna could feel the twitching of Lincoln's dick increase in repetition as well as see both him and Luan increase their pace.

"Luan, I'm about to cum!", Linc grunted through his heavy breathing.

"Me too Lincoln!" Luan answered as she ran her fingers through his hair. "I'm almost there!"

With one last lick to her brother's glands to speed up the process Luna pulled back and patiently watched her siblings' rhythmic motions for her eventual prize. With a scream of satisfaction from Luan, Luna moved in while her sister squirted a large amount of nectar onto Linc and grabbed his member, taking him into her mouth as he supplied a bountiful torrent of his seed. With a small pop Luna fell back and steadied her breath as she savored her flavorful prize.

"Oh now I know you're not going to hog all of that." Luan called out as she turned when she noticed the lack of cum upon her bottom. "Come here."

Being careful not to tip over from her legs feeling like jelly Luan got up and picked up Luna, bringing her in close as she planted a deep kiss. Welcoming the sensual protrusion of Luan's tongue Luna shared her collected bounty as their hands slid across each other's backs. With a half-lidded look towards one another as they separated both teens broke into a small giggle.

"So, having fun sis?", Luna enquired.

"Hm so much fun.", Luan replied.

"Heh and you were actually nervous."

Luan rolled her eyes. "Yeah, yeah … Your turn!"

"Wha?!", Luna shouted as Luan pushed her towards Lincoln.

Again, Linc was at the ready and caught Luan as she landed backwards onto him. "I gotcha."

Luna blushed as she felt the warmth of his length in between her cheeks. "T-thanks Lincoln. Luan what the heck?!"

"What?" Luan coyly said as she slipped next to Luna's side. "It's only fair that you get your turn."

Luna broke into a nervous smile. "W-well I'd love to but I'm s-sure Linc needs a minute or two to get it up again. R-right Lincoln?"

Linc remained silent as while his sisters argued he felt the titillating feeling of Luna's sweet honey drip along the bottom of his shaft making him tighten his hold on her as he felt his lust resurface.

"B-bro?", Luna squeaked as his tightened grip surprised her.

A sinister smile then spread across Luan's face as she noticed Lincoln's hard-on slip out from under Luna at full attention. "Well, well. Looks like he's already rearing to go again."

"W-wait a sec." Luna stammered as her cheeks flared red. "G-give me a chance to p-prep myself."

Luan snickered as she pushed down Linc's still hardening erection against Luna's core with her left hand, making her gasp. "You think you're going to be the only one conducting this show? Hehe~, think again. Go on Lincoln show us that stamina!"

Luna moaned as she bit her finger to keep from squealing as Linc wasted no time in starting round two, vigorously thrusting between her tender folds and Luan's palm as he held her tight. Not wanting to let her sister get off so easily from dominating her during their earlier performance, Luan moved forward as she kept Lincoln firmly pinned and ran her tongue upwards across Luna's stomach to suckle at her freckled breast. Falling into her own depravity with the various sensations roaring across her body, Luna subconsciously begin to press against the force of Luan's palm herself.

"You fucking love this, don't you?", Luan smugly inquired after popping from Luna's erect nipple.

Luna merely whimpered in pleasure as she used both her arms to keep herself balanced.

"I'm sorry what was that?" Luan cupped Luna's cheek. "Maybe I should move my hand out of the way."

"P-please, don't.", Luna blurted.

"Then answer me."

"Y-yes … I fucking l-love this~."

"You want Linc to make you cum?"


"You want him to release all over you?!"


The now domineering comedian gave her lusting sister a rousing kiss. "Then beg him!"

"Please, Lincoln, make me cum~."

Luan nipped at Luna's lower lip. "You call that begging?!"

"Please Linc, make me cum~!", Luna screamed as she could feel herself approaching her climax.

"G-guys, I'm getting close!", Lincoln announced.

"Do it, explode all over me!" Luna pleaded as her brother's proclamation excited her. "I'm so close too, give it to your naughty sister!"

Linc gritted his teeth "L-luna!"

Luna panted heavily. "Give it to me Lincoln!"

After one final graze against her clit both Luna and Linc reached their breaking point, with Luna spraying some of her juices as Lincoln shot a stream of cum across her torso while she fell back unto him. Luan, satisfied with the scene before her, lapped at the few fluids left on her hand by Luna then began to do the same for Linc's generous donation.

Noticing the slight bulge of Luan's cheeks when she was done cleaning her up Luna voiced out her thoughts. "Hey, you going to share that?"

"Mmm, no.", Luan mockingly replied as she swallowed a good portion of Lincoln's seed.

With what little strength she could muster Luna lunged at Luan and pushed her down, locking lips with the greedy joker in an effort to scoop up whatever was left of Linc's creamy confection with her tongue. As the pair struggled Lincoln sat up and felt yet another wave of urges hit him as he stared at the wonderful sight of both Luan and Luna's tender regions mingling so close together. From the back of his mind one of the videos he saw back at Rusty's came to the forefront, turning into his motivating force as he moved behind Luna and grasped her waist.

After letting out a small yelp from Linc's sudden touch Luna parted from Luan. "Lincoln? What are you doi-fuck!"

The protrusion of Linc's penis across both her and Luan's still sensitive clitorises made both gasp in delight, with another jolt of pleasure making them clench the bed sheets as he slowly continued to graze them while pulling slightly out.

"You guys up for a round three?", Lincoln asked.

Instead of receiving a vocal answer Linc was instead met with pressure along his shaft as his sisters pressed tightly against each other to which he answered with a forceful plow. Their rapture produced quivers were easily noticeable for Lincoln which he used as his sexual compass on his current pleasure cruise, changing his thrusting tempo as needed. Meanwhile the feverish duo, contempt in their present positions, looked to one another with half-lidded eyes and fondly smiled at each other as Luna rested her forehead against Luan's.

"N-never expected Lincoln to, fuck~! Take the i-initiative without an invitation.", Luna said as she bit her lip to prolong her satisfactions inevitable destination.

Luan curled her toes as she pressed her lower half even further against Luna. "You won't be h-hearing me complain about it a-anytime soon, yes~!"

"Between the show you gave me earlier, the grinding, and the view just now, can you blame me?!", Linc added through gritted teeth as he focused on his thrusts, leaving out the real cause behind his bravado being their comparable sexual knowledge.

Luna emitted a small giggle as she wiggled her rump slightly. "W-well bro, if you really can't contain yourself then I h-hope, oh~, you don't mind showing how much you w-want us."

Refusing to back away from her challenge Lincoln clenched his teeth even harder as he doubled his pace.

"Shit!" Luna screamed from the new intense sensations. "Just like that Linc! Don't stop!"

"Lincoln~!" Luan squealed in delight. "This is the b-best night ever! K-keep going! Oh~, I never saw all this, oh god, cumming!"

Luna gave Luan a judging look. "Did you seriously just make a pun right no-, crap me too!"

Upon hearing their cries of delectation Linc increased his pace even further, getting ever closer towards his third sweet release. With a coming pleasure spasm and a final grunt, he sprayed his seed in betwixt his sisters as they screamed in joyful climax before they muffled themselves with a kiss. Still sensitive from ejaculating Lincoln shakily slipped his now coated cock from its moist encasing.

"Linc that was … that was." Luna mumbled as she hoisted herself up and fell over against the wall. "Holy shit is that better than masturbation."

"What … what she said.", Luan gasped as she wore a satisfied expression.

"Glad I could." Lincoln felt his stamina leave him and fell between his sisters. "Satisfy you both."

Both girls helped turn Linc onto his back as they nuzzled against his sides.

"Sorry we couldn't go all the way tonight.", Luna said as she gave Lincoln a kiss.

"But now that we're a bit more, experienced." Luan added as she took her own peck at him. "Definitely Sunday, if you're ok with that."

"Looking forward to it.", Lincoln replied genuinely as his fear of underperforming now mainly lied with Lori and Leni.

Luna pressed her index and middle finger together and took a swab of the incestual juices that still covered Linc's now softening member giving him a slight jolt of goosebumps.

"I know I'll be.", Luna commented as she suckled on her collected treat.

"Same here." Luan added as she mimicked Luna and took her own sample due to being curious on how they tasted. "Hm, not bad."

Luna chuckled. "Right? Man, I can only imagine with how we acted tonight that on Sunday we'll be-"

Just a couple of animals.

Upon hearing the all too well-timed lyrics the trio broke into short laughter.

"Hey, comedic timing is my thing Luna.", Luan jokingly complained.

"Oh no worries on me stepping into your territory sis. Besides-" Luna assured as a deep yawn escaped her. "-I'm way too beat from our triad performance together."

"So, calling it a night?", Linc asked.

"That depends, you willing to go another round and do most of the work?"

Lincoln immediately felt his dick twitch from soreness and gulped at the thought. "I'm spent for now."

"Heh then yeah we're knocking out for now." Luna buried herself against Linc. "Hey Luan mind getting the radio?"

"Too far." Luan mumbled without even looking as she intertwined her legs with Lincoln's. "You don't mind a little mood music do ya Linc?"

"Not one bit." Lincoln said through a yawn as the warmth his sisters provided while they embraced him was more than adequate to dissipate any minor disturbances to his incoming slumber. "Goodnight you two, I love you."

A warm smile appeared on both voluptuous entertainers. "We love you too Linc."

October 31, 2017 Loud House, Foyer Tuesday Evening: Lincoln

"Hey mom, dad." Lincoln greeted as he came down the steps. "Where is everyone?"

"Hey champ." Lynn Sr. Replied. "Your sisters are outside saying good luck to Leni and the others in the van. All set for tonight?"

"As ready as I'll ever be. How about you? Think you'll be ok."

Lynn Sr. chuckled nervously. "Now I know I've had a track record for a while on Halloween but no worries tonight. Your old man has got your back son."

"Alright, welp I guess we better head on o-"

"Actually." Rita interrupted as she stood near the front door. "There's going to be a change of plans."

Rita took in the perplexed looks of both her husband and son before continuing. "So I've been chatting with the Howard and Harold ever since Lori told me about the party, and I know you never wanted to see her Linc but they gave me Dr. Lopez' number to speak with her about today."

Lincoln slightly tensed up from the uneasy feeling he was getting from his mother. "And?"

"Well she gave me her input on a decision that would not only be hard for you but for me and your father as well." Rita took a deep breath and spoke her mind, the feeling to her akin to a quick band-aid rip off. "I think your father should stay here with me while you and Lynn watch over your sisters' trick or treating."

Both father and son jerked as a response.

"W-what?!", Linc stammered.

"H-honey don't you think that's asking a bit too much?!", Lynn Sr. protested.

"It may be a bit worrying but I've seen the path the kids will be taking tonight and it's very safe. I assume it's because Lincoln chose the route himself."

"Still though, Rita he's obviously worried about something happening if he planned a safe route to begin with."

"Leni and the others are getting their wall to climb tonight." Rita retorted. "Our son should get the same chance."

"And what if something happens? Don't you remember what happened when they were younge-"

"It's ok dad." Linc spoke out. "I'll be fine with just Lynn."

Lynn Sr. held a worried look. "A-are you sure Lincoln? I won't think any less of you if you want me to tag along."

Linc tried his best to sound firm. "Yeah. I'm sure dad."

"Shut up!", Lincoln's mind roared.

"Mom has a good point."

"Stop it, you know you're afraid!"

"Besides if I do need backup or assurance my friends will be nearby, and they offered to come if called."

"They won't make it in time if something does happen!"

"I can do this."

"You can't, you know you're just putting up a brave face for their sake."

Lynn Sr. looked to Rita before turning back to his son. "Well, if you think you can Lincoln, I won't get in the way."

"You can always call us as well if you do change your mind.", Rita added.

"The night isn't getting any younger and I'm sure Lori is itching to get to Carol's.", Linc stated as he made his way past his parents and outside.

Anxiously Lincoln's parents followed closely behind as he walked towards his sisters. While Lori and the others noticed his approach and smiled at him he was glad he wore a mask, for as he waved he was sure their night would be ruined if they saw the fear and panic in his eyes.


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