"Mia, Mia!"

Hermione woke up with a headache and hazy eyesight. Once she got around to looking around she found a sandy haired boy sitting at the end of her bed, looking at her earnestly. Remus, her mind supplied.

"Finally you're awake," Remus said "I'll go tell mum." He stood up and stretched. " Oh and before I forget, I love you and it was within my rights as your twin to tell mom and dad that it was your fault you got turned into a chipmunk." He smirked and
walkedout the door.

Slowly bit by bit everything came back to her. About how her name was Hermione Hope Lupin, she was the fraternal twin of Remus John Lupin the werewolf, her mom was a muggle and her dad was a wizard and she was born the 10th march 1960. Sadly for Remus,
shealso remembered how she got into this predicament in the first place.

Remus had turned her into a chipmunk using Lyall's wand and it took a couple hours for her parents to find her while Remus just stood there laughing. Oh I am sooo gonna get him for that.

"Hermione dear, are you okay, no headaches or anything?" A beautiful woman in her 20's walked in and sat down in the spot Remus had recently vacated.

"I'm fine mum. But just to let you know it was not my fault, it was all Remus's fault!"

"Honey I know, Remus told us as soon as you fell unconscious."

"That lying little-"

"Now dear, before you go and murder my only son," She chuckled."I would just like to point outthat the waffles and whip cream will have gone cold by then."

I gasped."WAFFLES! Why didn't you say so! Those should have been the first words out of your mouth!"

Downstairs in the kitchen I found Remus and Lyall eating their 5th and 9th waffles like it was their last meal.

"You guys had better not have finished those!"



"We're glad you're okay" They said together while trying to hide the remaining waffles behind their back.

I snatched the waffles from their hands, dipped them in whip cream and then proceeded to wolf them down.

"Before you go and finish my waffles look at the letter in front of you."

And sure enough in front of me was the letter, but it wasn't any letter - it was the Hogwarts letter.

"So this is what Diagon Alley looks like" Remus looked around in wonder.

It wasn't any thing new to me except for a couple small changes, for example in the Quidditch shop there was no new Firebolt and there was no Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes.

"First things first, all wizards and witches need a wand. So off we go to Ollivander's!" Dad commanded.

When we stepped inside the shop, the door tinkled and Mr Ollivander welcomed us from his counter.

"Ah, Miss and Mister Lupin, it seems like only yesterday your father was in here buying his first wand...I remember it quite clearly, mahogany, 10 and a half inches, unicorn hair, swishy." He shook himself out of his reverie. "Who's first?"

Remus nodded for me to go.

"Ahhhhhh, Miss Lupin...let us see..."

He plucked a seemingly random dusty box from one of the shelves at the back.

"Hmmmm...hazel wood with phœnix core, 10 and three quarters in length, hard flexibility."

I picked up the wand fromwhere it was lying in its case, gave it a swish and immediately Mr Ollivander went flying backwards into the shelf behind him.

"Sorry, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to!" I apologized profusely.

"My dear," He waved me off."I have been knocked back into that very same shelf more times than I care to count and I have yet to blame anyone except perhaps myself for always standing in front of there waiting for the inevitable." He chuckled. "Now maybethis
one," He handed me another wand and process repeated. Once there where enough piles of wands stacked ontop of each other to form a mountain, he finally handed me a wand I recognized.

"Dragon heartstring core, 10 and 3 quarter inches, made of vine wood."

As soon as my fingers brushed the familiar handle the room glowed a golden colour, the same as when I touched this very same wand for the first time all those years ago with Mr and Mrs Granger.

"Now on to Mister Lupin." He turned and handed Remus a wand.

Remus was luckier than Hermione in the sense that the first wand he touched accepted him.

"Ahhhh...cypress and unicorn hair, 10 and a quarter inches, pliable."

After we paid, we proceeded to go to Mme Malkins, Flourish and Blotts and multiple others.

I saw some familiar faces, like Aberforth, a young Lucias Malfoy and a glimpse of Walburga Black.(I recognized her from her hideous head at number 12 Grimmauld place) She was coming out from Gringotts, but I guess Sirius had already gotten his supplies
becauseneither him nor his brother were there. I was to busy thinking to notice where I was heading.

"Oof!" I banged in to a red-headed girl carrying books making her scatter them on the ground."Sorry I was lost in thought" I told her while helping her clean up her books.

"No it was my fault," She said with a smile. "I'm clumsy."

"Mia,!" Remus shouted. "Time to go!"

"Well bye," I said turning back to the girl.

"Bye." She replied walking away.

As I stepped in to the floo and called out "Lupins Home!", I realized that that girl was really Lily Potter, (well really Lily Evans) Harry's mother!

Sorry bad chapter, with especially bad ending. -leopard1516