"Come on Mia, we're going to be late!" Remus shouted, running downthe stairs, one hand on the banister, the other holding his new owl named Ember.

Instead of getting an owl I got a cat in honour of Crookshanks. In fact I think is the mother of my little Crooks. Same face,same eyes, same attitude, just different fur. Salio's fur is gray with white feet and belly.

As we latched on to our fathers arm getting ready to apparate, I realized how sad I would be leaving my parents behind. At least I had Remus.

"Ready, 3, 2, 1,"


We apparated.

"Bye mum. Bye dad. See you at Christmas." I said turning to each of them in turn and gave them a hug trying to hide my tears.

"What is that all the goodbye I get? I expected fireworks and presents." Dad joked.

I turned to him with watery eyes.

"Oh princess, what's wrong?" He said seeing my tears.

"I, just, am, going, to,miss, you." I sniffled, hiccuping.

"Oh it's fine, now I'm not going to lie and say that neither me nor your mother will miss you but I promise it will be ok. You even have Remus!" He said looking for Remus. "Errr, you haven't by any chance seen Remus have you, princess?"He looked guiltily

I rolled my eyes. "He already got on the train."

"Thanks your a life saver."

I laughed.

He hugged and kissed me. "Tell Remus we expect to hear a letter from him by tomorrow, k?"

"Sure dad, love you."

"Love you too princess," He replied.

As soon as I got on the train, it gave its last hoot and started chugging away. I waved until I couldn't see platform 9 and 3/4 anymore, then I started the gruelling work of looking for a free compartment. After looking throughout the train I finally
cameto Remus's compartment.

When I stepped inside three boys looked at me.

One was Remus, (obviously!) one had shoulder length messy black hair and silver eyes, who I presumed was Sirius, because his brother Reguluswouldn't appear on the train for another year.

The last one was the person that almost gave me a heart attack. At first he was looking at the window, but when he turned towards me I gasped internally.

Harry. I thought. But when I looked closely I realized that this person had brown eyes instead of green and he didn't have the famous scar on his forehead.

Ahhh, James Potter.

"Hey Remus."

"Mia, I want you to meet my new friends." He looked happily at me.

"Mia, this is James Potter." He said pointing at the bespectacled boy. "James, this is Hermione, my twin."

He did the same with Sirius. "Mia, Sirius Black. Sirius, Hermione."

Sirius turned to me. "Don't worry love, I'm nothing like my family." He winked.

I raised a eyebrow.

He looked disappointed at my response. He probably was expecting me to blush and giggle like all the other girls he's met.

"Well Remus it was nice meeting your friends. I'm going to go get myself a compartment. Potter, Black, nice meeting you."

I turned and left. I walked farther down the train to a relatively empty compartment.

"Hello, may I sit in here?"

The sole occupant nodded.

I sat down across from him and introduced myself. "I'm Hermione Lupin. What's your name?"

"Severus Snape."

I started. TheSeverus Snape?Like as in my grumpy, hooked nosed teacher?

"Nice to meet you." I managed to get out as I struggled to come to terms with the fact that this relatively nice boy with beautiful hair is the same boy that grew up to be the feared potions professor.

"Sev, who's this?" Someone opened the door and walked in.

I turned around.

"Oh hey, it's you!" Lilly said in surprise.

"Hey." I replied awkwardly, still embarrassed about my stumble back in DiagonAlley.

"Do you two know each other?" Severus asked,confused.

"Errr, ya we bumped into each other when I went shopping in Diagon Alley. Literally!" She added.

"But we still haven't met properly." She said turning to me. " Lily Evans," She extended her hand to me.

I took it. " Hermione Lupin."

There was a knock at the door. "Anything from the trolley dears,?" An old kindly lady poked her head through the door.

"Hmmm, can I have chocolate frogs, Bertie Botts every flavoured beans, peppermint imps, cauldron cakes, liquorice wands," I said rattling off all the sweets I saw in the cart after one glance at the other two told her that they weren't going to get anything.

"So are you Muggleborn?" I asked conversationally.

"Er, ya." She replied trading glances with Severus.

"Don't worry, I don't care about blood purity unlike some other people you're sure to meet." I quickly said, having caught the look that was passed between the two pre-teens sitting across from her.

They both audibly let out a breath.

Out of the blue I realized that the reason Harry grew up with the Dursley's was because Severus gave the prophecy to Voldemort, which never would have happened if Lily and Severus didn't have a fight in sixth year, which also could have been preventedif
Severus had a wider circle of friends.

So after a long consideration, (about 2 and a half seconds approximately) I decided that I would do something I hoped I wouldn't regret in the very near future.

"Lily, Severus," I said turning to them in turn." Would you be my friends?"

The rest of the train ride was spent talking and laughing.

Salio roughly translates to leap in Latin. (Or at least that's what google translate says anyways)