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"That stuff can't be good for you!" My idea on how 3B would've gone if Red Snowing was a couple.

Cravings were nothing new to both Ruby and David. They could remember Snow's pregnancy with Emma very vividly. She wanted nothing but cheese and chocolate throughout the entire thing. David once even rode his horse into town, late at night, just to get the type that Emma seemed to be wanting. Snow hadn't asked him to, but he had insisted, anything to make his girls happy.

This pregnancy, things seemed to be working a little differently. Snow craved nothing but fruits and vegetables. It seemed that she couldn't even stand the smell of cheese most days, so it was a banned food in the palace.

One morning when David and Ruby headed into the kitchen, they found Snow sitting over a plate filled with chocolate cake. Both arched an eyebrow, this wasn't like their wife, not at all.

"That stuff can't be good for you, especially not this early in the morning," Ruby said, causing her wife to look up. "Bub craving chocolate, finally?"

Snow shook her head. "In fact, he or she is giving me hell over feeding them this." She rubbed her stomach.

"So, what's the deal?"

She bit her lip. "I just…I just wanted to feel closer to Emma for a minute."

The dining room fell silent. They had been avoiding the conversation for a while. Deep down, they knew they felt the same. They were over the moon excited about the pregnancy, it had been something they had been discussing before Pan's curse hit. Yet, it was bittersweet. They had no clue where their daughter and grandson were, if they'd ever see them again.

David put a hand on her shoulder. "We're going to be with them again, one day."

"How do you know that?"

"Aren't you always the one that has hope?"

"I've lost my daughter twice, now. I'm not sure how much hope I'm supposed to have."

Ruby settled down in the chair beside Snow. "She's Emma, our Emma. The one who didn't give up on our people. We'll be a complete family again, someday."

Ruby stood in Emma's old bedroom in the loft beside Snow. Their hearts were heavy inside their chests. When they woke up in the loft, it was as if no time had passed at all. The only real indicator was Snow's swelling baby bump. She hadn't been pregnant when they were sent back to the Enchanted Forest, someone had to have set yet another curse over them. They had hoped that Emma and Henry would be back too, yet their beds were empty.

Ruby's hand slid through Snow's. There were no words that could ease either mother's pain. Downstairs, they heard a knock on the door, but didn't move. Not until they heard a voice, a very familiar one at that. It wasn't…it couldn't be…

They rushed down the stairs and they saw her, their little girl. She looked just as she had a year prior, if even more vibrant. Snow couldn't help it, she ran directly to her daughter and threw her arms around her. Ruby joined in on the hug, tightening it. Emma was clearly caught off guard, but hugged them tighter.

"As you can see, there's a lot that's happened," David said. "We just can't remember any of it."

Snow pulled away from her daughter, placing a hand on her cheek. "Where's Henry?"

"He's at Granny's." Emma's face fell a bit. "There's um…there's something I should probably tell you now."

"What is it?"

"The memory potion Hook brought to us…it was only enough for one person."

Ruby bit her lip. "So, Henry doesn't remember us?"

"As far as he knows, I'm an orphan, that he's the only family I have."

Snow let out a deep breath. "Well, then I guess it's up to us to help him get his memories back. Just like he did with us."

Ruby couldn't help but notice the doubt in Emma's eyes. Before she could question it, everyone was grabbing their coats to head to the inn.

David collapsed onto the bed next to Ruby the following evening. Snow walked over, distributing the mugs.

"What's wrong, David?" She asked.

"It's Emma…she um…she was engaged, back in New York."

Ruby nearly choked on her tea. "She what?!"

"I guess the Wicked Witch hired a flying monkey to charm her, pretend to be her soulmate. If Hook hadn't shown up, she would've married him."

"He could've killed her, before we got her back," Ruby whispered.

David tilted his head. "There's that."

Snow raised an eyebrow. "What else could it be?"

"What if he hadn't been a minion of hers? What if Emma had found her actual soulmate in New York? What if she had gotten married without us there? Missing yet another milestone?"

"But that didn't happen." Snow placed her hand on top of his. "She's here, we're not going to miss anything else."

Ruby nodded. "Our family is back together. That's what matters."

That relief only lasted so long. As they continued the search for the book and eventually tried to come up with a plan to defeat Zelena, Snow came to realize that her daughter planned on leaving Storybrooke. She had only just gotten her daughter back, how could she lose her again? She told David and Ruby about it, but when Henry got his memories back, they assumed it was over.

That was until David brought the baby back to the hospital after they saved him from Zelena. Ruby went to the door to get Emma and Henry to meet the baby, when she overheard her daughter and Hook talking.

"Has your power been returned since Zelena's been defeated?" He asked.

"No." Ruby felt a pang in her heart. Emma's magic was what made her special, she knew how hard she had been working on perfecting it with Regina.

"I'm sorry, love," Hook said.

Emma shrugged. "That's okay. I won't need it in New York."

Ruby froze in place. New York? Emma still planned on going back to New York? Henry had his memories back, Zelena was defeated. Their family had just grown, she was a big sister! And yet…she still planned on going back? She had to play dumb when she heard Emma calling for Henry to meet the baby. It was a time for celebration, not for worry…

The following night, Snow and David were sleeping while Ruby sat in the rocking chair that Marco had built, cuddling her son. She felt her heart swell with love for him, just as it had when she got to hold Emma for the briefest moment before David brought her through the wardrobe. The past few days had seemed to be a repeat of that. When David and Emma went to go find the baby, she had held Snow while she cried, tears falling down her own face. They had the same fear: would they lose their son for 28 years as they had their daughter?

"Ruby?" Her head snapped up and found Emma standing there. "What are you still doing up? Seems like the little guy is asleep."

"Just appreciating some quiet time."

"Can I know his name yet?"


Emma rolled his eyes. "That whole thing is super annoying."

"Welcome to royal family tradition." She let out a deep breath. "So, I um, I heard you talking to Hook yesterday."

"Please do not turn into Snow, there is nothing going on between us." Emma said, settling into the chair next to her.

"Good to know, but I actually meant what you said, about New York."

She froze. "Did you tell David and Snow?"

"No. I didn't think they needed that after all they've been through."


"I don't get it. Henry has his memories back; the curse is broken. Zelena is defeated. This place is safe again."

"For now."

"I don't think this has anything about safety. Let's not pretend that New York is some magic bubble."

Emma sighed, knowing that her mother was right. She folded her arms over her chest, not really wanting to get into it.

"Either way, it was home."

Ruby tilted her head. "Because you forgot about this one."

She scoffed. "You sound like Snow."

"She told me what you said to her, under the curse. How until you got here, you didn't have anyone. You called Mary Margaret your family, an apparent stranger. You wouldn't let her leave, you listened to her when she told you to stay. What's different now?"

"Everything, Ruby! You all have a new baby…"

"And that doesn't replace you. We want to be a family, a real one."

Emma sighed. "I think it's too late for that."

Before Ruby could say anything else, Emma headed back up the stairs. In the dark, no one could see the tears that fell down Ruby's face. They were really going to lose her again. The next day when Emma's plans were revealed, Ruby could see the same hurt on her spouses' faces. David headed into the back to try to call Emma, his wives following him.

"She's not answering," he mumbled. He met Ruby's eyes. "You didn't look too surprised."

"We talked about it last night," she admitted. "She thinks it's too late for us to be a real family."

"Of course it's not. It's only going to turn into that if she leaves again."

"I think she's scared, David."

"Scared of what?"

"That this is real, this is where she belongs. She's been running for so long, when she finally got us back, we had to leave her again."

"Not like that was our choice," Snow pointed out. "Pan did that to all of us."

"I know that, she knows that. But it doesn't change the hurt she's been through. For the past year, she thought she was an orphan again, she comes back and we're having another baby."

Snow looked down at the baby in her arms and kissed his head. "This is terrible. We're losing her again."

"Maybe not," David said, trying to remain hopeful. "I heard Regina and Robin talking. She said there's no way in hell she's losing her son twice."

"Emma could still leave."

"Like she would ever willingly be separated from Henry."

"She could still visit." Snow sighed. "At least we'd see her then."

"If she'd even want to see us," Ruby mumbled.

"No matter what, we're family. Look, she's not leaving yet. Let's just try to focus on the present. I'm sure once she comes back, she'll be calmed down and we can all talk."

The party went on, but it wasn't the lively affair they were hoping for. Without Emma there, it didn't seem like much of one at all. They decided not to do the name reveal until she returned. Just as they were all cooing over the baby, the doors to the diner opened and Emma rushed in, running directly into their arms.

"You weren't answering your cell, we were worried," David said.

"I'm fine," Emma breathed. "I'm home."

The three spouses exchanged a look, not wanting to get their hopes up. There was something about Emma, she looked happier than she had before, despite her tear stained face. She was looking at them in a way she hadn't in quite some time, with all the love in the world.

"Does that mean you're not leaving?" Snow asked.

"Yeah, I'm not going anywhere."

Henry jumped up from his seat. "We're staying in Storybrooke?"

"Yeah kid," Emma pulled him into a hug, though her eyes stayed on her parents. "This is where we belong, this is where our family is."

Three sets of eyes filled with tears. They didn't know what had brought about this change in their daughter. They knew that the problems between them weren't going to magically go away, they had to work on their relationship. Trips to Archie were probably in order. None of that mattered, though. Their baby girl wasn't leaving.

Emma looked over at Snow. "Mom." She glanced over at David. "Dad." Finally, her eyes locked on Ruby's. "Mama. I missed you."

They pulled her into a big hug, not letting go for what seemed like forever. Nestled between them was the newest member of their family.

"Mama, I'm sorry for what I said, about it being too late," she whispered.

"Don't be, pup," Ruby kissed her temple. "It doesn't matter."

"I never wanted to hurt you three, I haven't been meaning to, but I know I have."

"It's okay," David assured her.

"But how?" Emma looked up at all of them. "How can you forgive me?"

"Sweetheart, you have been through so much. We cannot imagine being in your shoes, you've been having to process so many emotions."

"Besides, no matter what," Snow gave her a soft smile. "You're our daughter. We will always love you, no matter what."

"I…I love you guys, too."

It was the first time Emma had let out that admission, but after her whole crazy journey in the past, it felt right.

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