jackiequick on Tumblr prompted: I was wondering if you can do a Red Snowing during the season 7 sleeping curses where only two can be awake while the other is asleep? Like an au if that makes sense

Like Ruby and David are awake while Snow is sleeping and vice verses

Ruby's heart races as she runs through the woods, David by her side. Regina, Henry and Emma are not far behind them. Ruby forces herself to use her werewolf senses. Hearing fails her, all that comes through is a couple arguing in their apartment about a hundred feet away. Her nose, though. It never lies. She can smell the trace of Snow's beautiful lavender and honey lotion, grounding her. She grabs hold of her husband's hand and drags him down the dirt path.

Finally, they see it. It's the same coffin they found three decades ago. Their beautiful wife lays below the glass, her arms folded gracefully over her chest, eyes shut. She looks so much different now. Her long curls have been chopped into a pixie cut, one of the things she kept post curse. Instead of a gorgeous white dress, she's in her favorite cream sweater and black jeans. There's no makeup, she doesn't have the time anymore with a 7-month-old baby and their daughter having visons of death.

"Snow," she and David breathe in near synch.

They rush to the coffin and he lifts off the glass lid, relief filling them. It was a small cat and mouse chase, but the Evil Queen will never win. True love prevails, always. The other three catch up with them, Emma running to the other side of the coffin.

"Mama, Dad." It's one of those moments where they know their daughter is nearing 30, that she's an adult with her own life…and yet in so many ways she's still a kid. Their kid. And she needs them for comfort.

Regina's voice breaks through before either can speak. "I don't think a kiss is going to do it this time."

Ruby and David are silent. They know how much Regina loves Snow, this part of her anyway. She'd do anything to save her. If she's saying it…no. Good always wins. It always beats out, even if it has to struggle at first.

"Just let them try," Emma tells her.

David looks at Ruby and she can feel his thoughts running through her. They have been through so much, defeated countless monsters. They've survived curses, memory loss, terrible parents and more. If they can get through that, they'll defeat this curse. David slowly nods and Ruby squeezes his hand, giving him a reassuring look.

Ruby leans down, stroking her wife's cheek. "We will always find you," she whispers.

Her lips brush against her wife, memories rushing over her mind like warm water. The first time she watched one of her spouses wake the other from a sleeping curse. Watching Emma and Snow crawl out of the well after their trip to the Enchanted Forest. All three of their children being brought into this world.

A familiar rainbow ripple breaks out through the forest and Ruby watches as Snow's beautiful green eyes flicker open. She gazes up at her spouses, matching their relieved smiles.

"Well look at that," Regina says, astonished, behind them.

Out of nowhere, Ruby's head begins to spin. Black dots swim before her eyes and her body aches. She tries to move, but is frozen in place. Her ears ring, blocking out her husband and wife calling her name. Ruby blinks a couple of times before she loses consciousness. The last thing she hears before she sees black is her daughter yelling "Mama!"

Another curse, but this one seems unbreakable.

When Ruby came to, she was back at the loft with David asleep beside her. Regina and Snow explained everything. The Queen had cursed their hearts so the three would never be awake at the same time. They can share true love's kiss, but it will only allow two to be conscious at once. Regina and Emma are looking for a cure, but between the former's evil half running rampant and dealing with the latter's visons, they aren't sure when they'll be able to.

So, they do what the Lucas-Charming family does best. They adapt. Just as they did before, they take turns tending to Neal in the night, making a schedule. David makes breakfast every morning, leaving notes for the wife that has been asleep. The yellow legal pad is how they communicate these days. He resumes the curse so Snow can go to work and Ruby searches for a cure and help Emma with the drama. The latter returns in the afternoon so David can do the same. After work, Snow picks Neal up from daycare and joins her husband to spend time with Emma. They have dinner, watch some TV and coo at their son, before one wakes up Ruby so they can spend time with her.

It's manageable, but it's not the life they want. They signed up to be a family together. To watch Neal go through his milestones. Now, he's pulling himself up to crawl and David missed that. Emma needs all three of her parents, but only gets one or two at a time.

After 3 weeks, the Queen is gone. She's found a love for herself and Snow forgave her, for everything. Yet, the curse over them remains.

Ruby and David pull the nightshift on a particularly rain evening. It's been cold, dreary and windy all day. Even on the days it's sunny and warm for Maine in the winter, Ruby can't find solace. How can she? Her daughter is fated to die, she can't be with both of her loves. The one bright spot in all of it is Neal. The way he smiles up at her, melting her heart all over again. She uses that as the strength to tell Emma that everything is going to be okay. She needs them more than ever right now.

When Ruby awoke around 8 that night, the first thing she saw was the legal pad. She gently picked it up, only to find it blank. She looked back at her sleeping wife, letting out a gentle sigh.

"Yeah, I miss you too." She's tempted to gently kiss her forehead, a mistake she's made quite a few times. She slipped back into the curse, only to be awoken a few moments later with a note in her wife's pristine cursive.

I know it's hard.

Kisses were once a way to show affection. With how busy they are between work, kids and trying to deal with the town, sometimes a quick peck is how they share "I love you". Ruby took kisses for granted, the feel of Snow's bubblegum lip gloss against her dark cherry lipstick. David's green tea Chapstick always tasted delicious as he murmured "Sexy" around a kiss. Two of them can still kiss, but it's not the same. All she thinks of when she uses her lips to say "I love you" is of her sleeping spouse, of the fact that soon it'll be her turn to be apart from them.

She leans against David, his strong arm wrapped around her. Neal lays on his stomach a top Winnie The Pooh blanket not far from the couch. Despite it nearing midnight, he's refused to go back to sleep after a feeding. He keeps pushing himself up onto his hands and knees, stays in place before falling back down onto his stomach. Much like his parents, he's resilient and keeps trying, wiggling a bit. A small smile turns up the corners of Ruby's lips, her heart melting at the look on his face. He can get so darn serious, looking like a determined puppy dog much like his father.

And then it happens. Neal lifts one chubby hand and moves it forward. The other follows suit and he wiggles his knees, moving forward. Ruby and David lurch forward, holding their breath. Their son does it once more, this time finding his confidence. He's crawling across the living room. David jumps into action, pulling out his phone to record it. Ruby watches in amazement. Watching him hit his milestones has been an amazing journey in parenthood. Seeing how proud of himself their son gets, that darn smile that matches Snow's. He's an amazing combination of them, all three. From Snow's soft dark hair, David's bright blue eyes and even Ruby's ears (Regina says it's magic, sprouting from True Love). Ruby leaps off the couch, ready to go get Snow, she can't miss this!

Realization falls over her. She falls back onto the couch, tears pooling her eyes.

"Ruby, look at him!" David's excited voice falls over her. "He's such a pro! Oh, buddy, you're doing so great…Ruby?" He turns to face her, that beautiful smile disappearing and a frown replacing it. He scoops up their son and rushes to her, drops down beside her. "Rubes, what's wrong?"

Ruby furiously wipes her tears with the back of her hand. "Nothing. I'm fine."

"Ruby." He gives her the Look he usually reserves for Emma when she's being stubborn. She looks away, focusing on her gray sweatshirt. "Red."

She glares back up at him through her tears. While most have gone back to their old names, Ruby prefers her cursed moniker. She always hated her name as a kid, Ruby is more sophisticated, fun. Her spouses supported it, unless she's "in trouble".

"David, it's a time to celebrate, he's been getting ready for over a month." David doesn't look convinced. She sighs, rubbing her eyes once more, thankful she removed her makeup earlier. "I just…Snow should see this. Not through a video, but in person. She missed so many of Emma's milestones, we agreed we didn't want to miss any of his."

David gnaws on his lower lip. "I know."

"This just doesn't feel right. We're a team, the three of us. We agreed to do all of this together. And now…"

"It's different."

Ruby strokes her son's chubby cheek, her heart breaking at just how much of Snow is in him. "What if we can't beat this, David? What if this is our life now? Splitting time, Neal and Emma only seeing two of us at a time? Emma, she needs all of us. She's missed so much time!" She thinks of her daughter, who's asleep in the loft above. She's so scared, has so much on her shoulders. Emma needs all three of her parents, she needs hope. And how can she have that with all going on?

"It's not fair," David concedes, a single tear falling down his face. His voice shakes. "The kids, us, we all deserve better than this."

Ruby falls against his shoulder once more and lets a sob escape her lips. David wraps his arm around her once more and she snuggles against his embrace. She's tried to stay strong, for the kids, her spouses, everyone. But she can't anymore. It's just too hard. Her wife is in a sleeping curse, her daughter has a dagger under her bed that could potentially kill her. It's just too much. It should be over by now, all the drama. They've dealt with enough curses and separation. When is it going to be their time to have a happily ever after?

David's lips graze the top of her head and she lets out a shaky breath. A part of her still believes that it'll make Snow come running through the curtain that separates their bed from the rest of the loft. And yet, it stays still. Another sob falls through.

"I know," David whispers, stroking her cheek. "I know."

"It…it's not fair, David," Ruby manages to get out. "It's just not fair."

David pulls away from her and gently places the baby into the crib not far from them. He goes back to her, pulling her close into his arms. She cries into his shoulder. He lets out his own quiet sobs, rubbing circles on her back at the same time. They stay like that for a while, allowing the other to cry. No one says it's going to be okay, because no one knows if it's going to be. Instead, they lean on one another, keeping a tight grip.

"If Snow were awake, she'd probably give some hope speech," David murmurs.

"I don't know about that. She's tried to stay strong lately, but I can tell…" Ruby sucks back a deep breath. "It's hard on all of us."

"I just…I don't want to have blind faith, but I can't buy that this is our fate." David gently tips up her chin. "I need to believe that things are going to be okay."

"How can it? Bad things keep hitting us."

"But we do preserve. I need to believe that we're going to overcome this, that Emma is going to be okay." He shuts his eyes, clearly thinking of their first baby. "That we can do this." His baby blues flutter open once more. "Because we are strong, Ruby. We shouldn't have to be, but we are. And we'll figure a way through this. We always do."

There's a lack of confidence in his voice, but Ruby clings to his words. They have made it through so much. There has to be a way out of this mess, they'll find it. Somehow.

A sharp knock falls against the door. Neal fusses from his crib and Ruby reluctantly pulls away from her husband, going to tend to him. He heads to the door while she cuddles their son close, pressing kisses to his face. A few moments, he returns with Regina by her side. Bags hang under her eyes; she's gotten less sleep than the rest of them lately.

"I've looked through nearly every book and I think I might have found something. It's a flower."

Ruby holds Neal closer. "A flower?"

"It's called a pixie petal. It only grows in the face of great evil, kind of like an antidote for it."

"So…if we find the flower…"

"I can turn it into a potion to sprinkle on Snow. The issue is just finding one now. It won't be easy…but the end…it could be in sight."

Ruby looks up at her husband, he's just as skeptical as her.

"We can't leave our kids, especially not Emma…with everything going on."

Emma's voice travels from the top of the stairs. "Dad, don't be ridiculous."

Ruby glances up and watches as she rushes down the stairs, nearly tripping a few times. "Emma please be careful." Her husband dashes over, straightening their daughter out. Emma rolls her eyes, gently pushing him off.

"We'll be fine."

"The final battle…"

"I'm fated to fight it alone."

David places a hand on her back. "We never do anything alone."

"Well, I have." Ruby and David cringe at her honesty. "I'm sorry, but it's true. I wish you guys could help me, but I've got this. You two need to figure out to save yourselves and Mom. You can't help me unless you help yourselves."

"Never thought I'd say this, but Emma's right," Regina says. Emma rolls her eyes once more but spares their friend a grateful smile.

Ruby and David exchange a look. They don't want to leave either of their kids again, not with everything going on. And yet, they both know that this needs to come to an end. There's a chance this is another dead end, but they need to take it.

"How do we do this?" David asks Regina.

"I need to look more into it, but be ready to leave tomorrow. Tell Snow when she wakes up and between the three, decide who's coming."

Ruby lets out a deep breath, a bit of faith returning. Maybe this thing can finally end.