Andie was sitting on Moose's couch playing with his hair now that the boy was laying his head over her lap retelling the story of how a week ago he had asked Cam to take a chance on them, and she had told him no. Since then he didn't answer her text or calls, he wanted to go back to the bar and lose himself in drinking, but Moose also knew that going back was not going to help him.

"Ok, I gave you a week to wallow but time is up. When you told Chase and me about your feelings for Cam, he told you that what you were describing was friendship. After hearing the story once again about what you told Cam that day, you were also describing that Moose. I don't know if you feel something more for Cam that what you feel for Chase or me, the only thing that is clear is that you want more time with her and that doesn't mean that you want to be with her. Now since she told you no, you had ignored her and I get it, it hurt you that she didn't say yes but if you were honest about what you told her then you need to go back and get to know her more." Moose tried to argue, but in the end, he knew they were right, every time he told the story Moose realized that he never gave the girl a real reason to take a chance on their relationship.

Once again it was time for him to go looking for Cam to asked her to forgive him. Making his way to Cam's apartment, he noticed everyone was talking on their Disney group. In the end, their trip to Disneyland was delated until New Years, but the excitement of everyone in the group only grew with each passing day. Joe was talking about a couple of rides he wanted to visit when Cam told the group that she wasn't sure she was going to make it, in a last minute decision she was going to spent Christmas and New Year with her brother.

Everyone started asking her what happened but Moose knew why she was doing that. Andie also knew because a message on their private chat appeared telling him that he either fixed that or announced to everyone that he was not making it so Cam could go.

Moose ran the entire way to Cam's place and got again into the building without her knowing. Her neighbors really needed to stop just opening the door the second someone rang their bells it could be dangerous if they didn't. Once at the door he knocked a couple of times until the girl opened it and looked shocked to see him. "If you are here because I said I wouldn't go to Disney please just leave."

"I'm here because I was an idiot and it seems that I just can't help myself acting like one with you all the time. I promised I'll stop being one just give me some time to explain myself." The girl nod but didn't make a move to open the door more. From inside her apartment, Moose could hear voices and asked her if she was busy and after she said yes he apologized for intruding. Before going away however he invited her to have lunch with him next Saturday and asked her to please reconsider going to Disney with everyone and even offered not to go if that helped her decision.

The next few days they exchange some texts, and on Saturday they had a nice lunch just the two of them full of conversation and laughter. Moose was on his best behavior, and by the end of it, Cam agreed to join the group at Disney for the New Year which everyone on the chat cheered on when she made the announcement. There was only a couple of weeks before everyone went on the trip, so everyone was making their last arrangments.

Moose decided that these weeks he was going to get himself together finally and asked Andie to help him impressed Cam. The first thing the girl told him was to be himself just act friendly and showed Cam that in the end, he was a guy that she could count on. That's how he started to go every day to pick the girls from work so they could spend some time together, sometimes he went with Chase, but most of the time he went alone.

He found himself getting to know all of the girl's coworkers and most of Cam's students; Moose even went as far as to help the girl grade her papers. Both of them spent hours laughing at how teaching came naturally to him even though he usually was a little mean about giving extra points. One particular night the couple was sitting on Cam's couch, the girl reading an essay out loud while Moose play with her hair taking advantage that he was laying with her head on his lap.

One particular part made them laugh, and Moose took the paper out of Cam's hand to see if she was messing with him, looking for the part that she just read and to his shocked, she wasn't kidding. Cam's students were such weird characters sometimes, and he enjoyed reading all their essays. Moose continue to read while Cam attempted to take the paper back without much success soon they were playfully fighting until Moose decided to take a chance. He raised the essay and put it behind his head making Cam reached for it and at the same time getting her face inches away from his. Moose then let go of the paper and put his hand behind her neck finally getting their lips to touch, while his other hand went to Cam's back making all her body pressed against his.

Moose waited a couple of seconds to see if Cam was going to push him before starting to kiss her. One moment he was the only one kissing her and the next both of them were entirely embracing a make-out session that lasted more than any either of them had before in their lives. Each time one of them would stop for air the other would wait a couple of seconds before starting it again.

When they finally stop Cam started to panic, she began to say that they shouldn't have done that because they were doing great as friends. Moose let her ramble for a while but then told her that this was precisely what they were meant to be doing. "I'm fine if you want to take more time to get adjusted to us like this Cam. Both of us have been waiting for the other to be ready but we are not going back to act like this is not happening."

Cam was shocked to hear him say something like that; he was the first one to act crazy when he found out about her feelings. Although Cam had to admit that since he came back, Moose was constantly telling her that he was looking for something more with her. Now Cam was the one scare of taking him up on his word, but the second she saw how close they were, she hoped he would kiss her.

"Look you are going back home in two days to see Tyler and Nora for Christmas, and then you are going straight to Disney right?." Moose asked even though he already knew the answer; he had managed to get all of Cam's travel information for a surprise he had for her.

When Cam told him yes he continued to tell her that they could talk when she came back from home or if she wasn't sure he could wait after they leave Disney. That seemed to relax the girl, and Cam thank Moose for his understanding until the boy made a move to kiss her again which took her by surprise.

"What? I said we could wait to talk about this but why can't we enjoy this new step we already took while we wait to talk about something more permanent?" Cam laughed at how cocky he sounded, but part of her was dying to kiss him again, the way she felt while kissing him was something out of this world.

A minute later they were going back to making out, and they didn't stop until it was time for Moose to go home which he reluctantly did. The next morning when Cam made her way out of her buildings, he found him standing outside of her building with two cups of coffee and a massive smile on his face. They made their way to her job, and Moose informed her he wasn't going to be able to come to pick her up because he was meeting with his investor.

Cam was sad to hear that which made Moose feel good about his chances of making the girl his girlfriend sooner rather than later. When they were outside of the school, Moose whispered into her ear causing the girl to close her eyes while memories of the day before invaded her mind. "Don't worry I can make it to your apartment later so we can reenact what happened last night."

Before Cam could answer, the voice of Andie asking what they were doing came from behind them making both of them jumped in surprise. Moose turned and told her that they were plotting a way to make her invite them to dinner the next night so they wouldn't have to cook the night before Cam had to go out of town.

Andie looked suspicious at Moose and noticed that Cam was making everything in her power not to look at her. "You can come eat tomorrow but you will be doing the dishes, do we have a deal?"

Moose shook her hand and gave her a big sloppy kiss on her cheek leaving it a little wet making Andie gag, and Cam laughed at the scene. He turned and gave a slow, delicate kiss on Cam's cheek and told both girls that he was going to see them tomorrow and to have a beautiful day. The second he was out of earshot Andie gave a look at Cam and smiled making the other girl wonder what was going on.

"So you two had a good time yesterday?" It was a simple question, but the way she said made Cam blushed. Andie laughed at her friend's discomfort and asked for details, which Cam was eager to share. By the time, classes were supposed to start Andie knew every single thing that happened between her friends and was excited for what the future had in store for them.

That night Moose sent a text to Cam apologizing for not being able to make it to her apartment that night. The next morning he was there to walked her to her last day of school before the break. They made light conversation, and he told her everything about his meeting of the day before.

Once at the school, he walked her to her class saying hello to the teachers they saw on their way. "So are you ready to go home tomorrow?"

"Ty managed to find me a flight for today and he even upgraded my seat, so I'm leaving after school. Well, I have to go pick up my things first, and then I'll be on my way." Moose was shocked that her brother did that and wanted to know if he also changed something about her flight to Disney but asking her would make her aware of his surprise. Making sure to act normal he congratulate her for the upgrade but also said how disappointed he was not able to spend that night with her.

Cam wasn't able to hide her blushing face making him aware of the way his last sentence could be interpreted, any other time he would be trying to explain himself saying that he didn't mean that, but he liked the way Cam was reacting to it. Looking at his watch, Moose made sure that they still have some time alone before her students came into the room.

Moose walked towards the door and locked it and then went towards the girl and taking her hands made her walked with him. Cam started to ask him what was going on until she found herself against the wall that was near the door but still far enough that people couldn't see them from the little window of the door. The intensity of the boy's eyes made Cam gulped but also hope that he made his move before someone came to the door and they didn't have time to go on with his plan.

Moose proof to be great at time management because they had enough time to make out and get themselves together before her students made their way to the room. When a couple of them came in, seconds after Moose unlocked the door, the couple walked outside and hugged goodbye wishing each other a Merry Christmas.

That night when Moose went to Andie's, he asked the girl to find out if Cam's plans for getting to Disney had changed, and for the first time since forever, Andie didn't ask for an explanation to help him. Christmas came and went with everyone sharing photos with their families and some of them together.

When the time came for Cam to fly to Disney Ty took her to the airport, the girl shared with him the fact that she was beginning a relationship with Moose. "Well Cam, I hope you have a good time with your friends, and please do tell Moose that if doesn't treat you well I'll go find him."

The girl hugged her brother goodbye and made her way to her gate, but decided to stop and buy some magazines to read. Cam stood in front of the wall full of them when a message arrived from Moose telling her to pick one already because he was getting bored. It took her a couple of seconds to understand what was going on but when Moose stood behind her and told her that he was not kidding about being bored Cam couldn't contain her happiness.

She turned with a huge smile and kissed him which the boy reciprocated instantly. Moose managed to get them on the plane in time and making sure to use any extra time to kiss her. Once at the plane they sat together, Cam was in shock how he managed to accomplish that, and spent the majority of the trip talking about how they were going to tell the group that they were finally together.

However, after making their way to the hotel where everyone was staying their problem disappeared. They made their way to the front desk and started kissing while they were waiting for their turn when several cheers and howls could be heard all around them. Moose move a little, and he could feel Cam putting her head on his shoulder trying to cover the blush that was now covering her face.

Every single one of their friends were congratulating them about being together and even making little jokes about how long it took the couple to take the next step in their relationship. The girls soon took Cam to the side to asked her a million questions, while the guys told Moose that he needed to be good with Cam.

When they all got together again, Cam was glad to see Stephen there knowing how much Lilly missed her boyfriend. Briana walked towards her and hugged her telling her how much she missed her. They were supposed to share a room although Briana asked Cam if she wanted to share one with Moose. However, the girl assured her that they weren't in that state of their relationship yet.

The two of them went on their way to their room exchanging their stories from the last couple of months. Briana took this opportunity to asked her with a little more detailed why she had decided to leave the trip so abruptly. The next couple of hours were spent talking about what happened before and after Briana joined the group in Europe and at one point Cam had to restrain the girl because she wanted to go and give Moose a piece of her mind.

The next morning when the group got together, Moose went to kiss Cam and Briana gave him the evil eye while bumping him with her shoulder while making her way to say hi to Ian and Joe. Moose was surprised at the way she was acting and asked Cam if there was something wrong with their friend just for her girlfriend to tell him that last night Briana had learned all about his behavior towards Cam during the trip. Moose nodded "Oh I see. Well yeah, I understand why she is acting like that, but I do hope she doesn't stay mad at me for long."

During the day Briana's mood improved but she still gave the evil eye to Moose now and then making the boy feel a little uncomfortable, by lunch Cam asked the girl to walked with her alone so they could talk. "I know that he acted badly during the trip, but I hope you realized that he is a nice guy in the end. We are dating now, so I really forgave him."

"I know that he is nice. In the beginning, I was honestly mad at him now I'm just messing with him, but I'll stop if you want me to." Cam laughed at how well the girl knew Moose and decided that Briana could have a little more of fun with him.