The trip to Disney was a complete success for everyone, and soon they all agreed to make it an annual event. When the group finally said their goodbyes Moose was nervous and excited about what going back to New York would mean for him and Cam's relationship. The couple slept the entire flight home, both of them tired from the trip. When they finally picked their bags from the carrousel Moose gave Cam a quick peck asking her if she wanted to go to his apartment but Andie's voice interrupted their conversation telling the boy that Cam needed to go back to her place and tell her about their trip.

The girl hugged her friends but made a point of stand in the middle of the couple making sure to take hold of Cam's arm, so the boy didn't try to take the girl away from Andie. Chase laughed at his girlfriend's antics and said hello to the couple, asking them how the trip went. The four of them made their way to Andie's apartment where the girl had prepared food for them to share, it took them a couple of hours to tell them about the trip to Disney and how they had managed to get together. At the end of the night Cam stayed at Andie's while the boys went to their apartment, Chase asked Moose how he was doing, and he could see how excited the boy was about this new stage of their life.

It took the new couple a few weeks to find their rhythm, in the beginning, Moose was too eager to be there for Cam. The boy would walk Cam to her job in the morning, wait for her in the afternoon and tried to spend every single minute she wasn't working with her. By the end of their first month together Cam was ready to go on a long trip just to have some time to herself. However, Andie told the girl that Moose was just trying to overcompensate.

"By the end of his relationship with Sophie, he would barely made an effort for her. Moose could go days without showering or getting out of his pijamas, leaving the majority of the chores to Sophie. The way she ended things was horrible, but the reason behind it wasn't as crazy as he would like to think. I guess that is why he is going over the top with you because he cares about you and he doesn't want anything to come between you two. With that said you should tell him how he is making you feel before you get tired of him." Cam couldn't think of a time where she would be tired of Moose, but as her phone rang announcing a call from her boyfriend, the girl decided to have that talk with him nonetheless.

Moose was taken aback by the conversation and decided to practically ignore Cam for a week in his quest of giving her more space. By the end of the week, the girl went looking for her boyfriend and asked him if he was mad at her. What followed was one of their most productive conversations to date, and soon they agreed in what constituted a reasonable amount of time for them to see each other and how that was different to be glued to each other's hips. After that things went on as smooth as Cam could imagine with a boy that just a year before had been visiting a bar daily to drink his hurt away. The girl was pleasantly surprised when she noticed that as the days went by the boy would act more like the Moose she used to hang out when they first met.

Not to say that she couldn't sense how he would get nervous when she didn't call him back or the way he would get nervous when Cam mention how she missed living in the same city as Tyler. Still, the girl would make sure to tell Moose that she was happy that they were finally together and that it was normal to miss her brother. Moose on his part offered Cam to buy her tickets so she could visit Tyler as many times as she wanted just for the girl to declined his offer. "I know that you can afford it and that you are trying to help me, but I'm not ok with you buying me expensive things like plane tickets. I knew that by moving here I was not going to be able to see him as much as before and I did it because coming here I was going to be able to have my dream job. Finding you was a plus."

When she said the last thing Moose couldn't help himself and smiled, sure in the back of his mind there was a constant fear of getting hurt again but having Cam say that made his fear lessen. Soon he told her that finding her was a plus for him too, making the girl laughed at him for taking her words. One minute she was teasing him and the next one he was tickling her asking her if she thought that making fun of him was funny until she pleaded with him to stop or she was going to pee.

Tyler and Moose were officially introduced one day when Cam was skyping with her brother, and Moose arrived at her apartment. The girl opened the door announcing to her boyfriend that she wasn't ready yet because she was talking to her brother, then grabbing Moose arm she moved him in front of the screen. Nora came abruptly into view pushing Tyler out of the way and introducing herself to Moose. It took Tyler a couple of minutes to finally be part of the conversation and made his best imitation of no-nonsense brother that would hunt Moose down if he hurt his little sister. Nora move out of view so that Moose wouldn't see her laughed at Tyler's over the top character and Cam stayed in her room chuckling. Both girls had promised Tyler that they wouldn't say anything while he made his big speech or threat to Moose.

After Cam came back into the room, the girl said goodbye to her brother and Nora telling them that she would be calling them on the weekend to talk more. Moose looked a little pale for their entire date making Cam feel a bit guilty for letting Tyler scare him, but she knew that it was important for her brother to do so.

Moose's birthday was the day after the couple would celebrate their two month anniversary and Cam wanted to do something special for him, the year before he spent at the bar with a couple of his friends hoping that Sophie would contact him. The girl started asking around trying to come up with a simple idea that would make Moose happy; she knew that if he wanted the boy could do a big party but her budget was small so she needed to focus on something that felt big even if it was simple.

When Ian and Joe promised to come into town for Moose's birthday, Cam knew that things were going to turn out great no matter what. With that in mind, she decided to call Jacob, Andie, and Sam so they could help her make a list of Moose's friends to invite them to a little party at her place in the boy's honor. Her plan was to ask Moose to dinner for their anniversary and when they went back to her apartment after everyone would be waiting for them there so they could all celebrate at midnight. However, Moose had another idea when they went out that night he had managed to get tickets for Waitress.

After the show the boy had reservations for one of the prettiest restaurant's in the city, he was trying to make the night special for Cam, but he noticed how the girl started getting restless with each minute that passed. He attempted to talk about the play, but Cam would not pay attention to what he was saying, in the end, he asked for the checked annoyed at the girl's behavior. There was a little part of him that wonder if he should be worried because Cam never acted like that before but he decided that she was just rude and couldn't wait for the night to end.

When they made their way to her building, he was ready to say goodbye not even offering to walk her up to her apartment. However, Cam asked him to please go up with her; Moose told her that he was tired and his head was starting to hurt still the girl pleaded with him until he begrudgingly agreed and soon they were standing outside her door. Once again he tried to go away, but this time Cam took his hand and opened the door, suddenly the lights went on, and he was presented with a room full of her friends wishing him a happy birthday.

The boy was shocked, and it took several people greeting him for him to realized what was going on. In his quest of making his anniversary, well his monthlyversary was that even a word? He had completely forgotten about his birthday. Looking at his phone, he noticed that it was 12:30 already and suddenly everything click in his mind. Now Moose understood why Cam was acting the way she did during their dinner. The girl didn't know that he was going to take her to a play before going to the restaurant so she must have invited everyone to greet them when they made their way back to her apartment, but his surprise had delayed their arrival by at least an hour.

Friends kept coming at him telling Moose how happy they were to see how well he looked. Even though he was glad to see every single person that came his way in the first few hours Moose felt anxious about not being able to see Cam. When Sam came offering him a drink, Moose asked him if he had seen Cam anywhere and the boy told him that she was in her room talking with Ian and Joe in her room. The boy wondered if they were having a private conversation. Still, he made his way there telling his friend that he was going to be right back.

The door to the girl's room was wide open, and he could see Cam, Andie, and Chase laughing with Ian and Joe at something the boys were showing them on their laptop. Moose walked into the room making everyone turned, and soon he was being hugged by Andie, they stayed like that for a couple of minutes telling each other how much they meant for the other. When they finally let go, Chase hugged the boy wishing him a happy birthday next was Ian and the last one to congratulate the boy was Joe. After he thanked all of them the boy asked his friends to please give him a moment alone with Cam, they nodded and made their way out.

"I'm sorry, I know that I ruined our dinner but." Cam never got to finished her sentenced because Moose was kissing her slowly and then he told her how thankful he was.

"You keep making my life better Cam. If I'm honest, I was mad at you for the way you behave at the restaurant but when you opened the door, and everyone said Happy Birthday to me my brain exploded. You know I had actually forgotten about my birthday, as weird as it sounds I was too focused on trying to make yesterday great." Moose said making Cam felt ten times worst, and the girl told him so. After hugging her girlfriend, Moose assured her that everything was ok and that he was genuinely thankful for what the girl had managed to do for him.

The couple soon was joining everyone in Cam's living room and when Andie brought the cake out dozens of voices join in to sing to Moose happy birthday making the boy tear up. His life had changed a lot in a relatively small amount of time, and the one thing that he could see as the turning point was the arrival of Cam into his life. It was five am when the last of his friends went away promising to call him so they could hang out another day. Moose took a look at the living room and felt bad, there were red cups everywhere, half eating bowls of chips on the table.

Making his way to the kitchen to grab a trash bag Moose realized that once again Cam wasn't anywhere in sight. He then decided to go to check her room, and sure enough there she was laying on her bed next to Andie sleeping. Chase was suddenly standing behind Moose telling him that he should just let them rest. "You should rest too dude. Is your birthday and I'm sure they are going to want to take you to lunch or something after they wake up."

Moose agreed but told his friend that first, he wanted to help clean the living room. Signaling to Ian and Joe who each had a trash bag and were making their way around the apartment Chase assured Moose that they were going fine on their own. "We are already taking care of that, just go home and rest."

The boy nodded feeling exhaustion taking over him, and after hugging his friend's goodbye, he walked back home. When he arrived at his house, an envelope was waiting for him in his inbox. Once at his apartment he opened it and a big smile appeared when he realized that it was a birthday card from Nora and Tyler. Moose send a quick text to the couple thanking them for the card just as a call from his parents came in.

During the call, Moose told his parents about the party at Cam's apartment and how she had managed to invite all his friends even the ones she didn't know. His mother gushed over how cute the girl was with her son and once again asked Moose when he was planning to bring Cam to meet them making the boy groaned at the question. From the moment the boy had told them that they were together his mom asked him to please bring the girl to meet them.

A few years back Moose's parents had decided to move to Boston after his dad retired, they had family there, and most of their friends had moved there. Moose would visit them a couple of times a year, and on their birthdays except for the year before and they would try to come back to see him at least once a year. However, his dad had been ill this couple of weeks, so they weren't able to make it there for his birthday as they had initially planned.

"Come on Robert Alexander, you promised to let us meet Cam, and you guys are already two months into your relationship." His mom was not going to let the subject go until they would settle on a date for them to meet Cam. The boy tried to argued that two months wasn't a lot of time and that he didn't want to freak Cam out by asking her to go on a road trip to meet his parents. Guilt tripping was one of his mom's specialties, so the woman started to work his magic on him, and no matter how much the boy argue by the end of the conversation he had promised the woman to visit her with Cam before they celebrate another month together.

Moose fell asleep a couple of minutes after hanging up with his parents and didn't wake up way after five pm to several messages from Andie and Cam asking him to call them when he was awake. After he called them and got ready, they all ended up getting together in one his favorite burger joint and having a great end to his birthday. That night he uploaded his favorite picture to date, he was giving Cam a quick peck on her lips utterly oblivious to the photo being taken. It was a simple picture, but he could see how comfortable they were with one another and how even in this little moment the fact that they care for each other was evident.

That night when they laid in bed next to each other Moose took a moment to looked at the sleeping girl next to him and smiled happily to finally moved on from Sophie. Suddenly a notification beep making Moose aware that he had forgotten to put his phone on silence, he grabbed it quickly trying not to wake Cam. Sophie's name jumped from the screen taking his breath away; the girl had left a comment on his last post.

Moose open his Instagram an right below his caption was Sophie's comment. "Happy birthday. I'm glad that you are happy, congratulations."

A tiny part of him wanted to reply, to ask the girl what was she doing with her life now, why she never contact him before and why was she doing it now. However, her comment was simple and even festive. Sophie was congratulating him not only on his birthday but on moving on with his life after her departure. Maybe that was the reason why she didn't contact him before, and if that was it, Moose wondered if perhaps he should be thanking her.

Cam moved a little making the boy looked at her, and again Moose smiled at the sight of her girlfriend on his bed. The memory of the dream of him asking her to move in with him came back at full force. The boy knew that it was too early in their relationship now, but the possibility of them living together was something he was going to be looking forward. After liking Sophie's comment, Moose put his phone down and turned towards Cam closing his eyes making her the last thing he saw before falling asleep.

A week before their third month together Moose's mom was not only calling him but the woman had actually learned to text just to be able to send him reminders of their conversation. That Friday when he went to pick Cam from her job Moose was telling the girl about his latest development on his negotiations while asking her to put the address they were going on his phone. Just as the girl was typing it in a text from his mom came telling him if he was coming that weekend with Cam.

"Why is your mom asking you if we are going to visit her this weekend?" Moose didn't know what to do, but soon another text came and after a phone call which Cam take. As the girl introduced herself to his mother, the boy wondered if there was a way that he developed an app for time traveling.


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