Shopping with Tonks was not any better the second time. Granted, this time there was not anywhere near the number of innuendos, but it was not like there was anything inherently sexy to say when looking at a thrift store nightstand. She did ask if he wanted to tryout a new bed with her, but Harry did not dignify her with a response. Only after they purchased a few furniture items did they realize that they did not have a way to easily transport them to Grimmauld Place.

"Can't we just shrink them into pocket size items?"

"In case you haven't noticed, Potter, woman's clothing doesn't have functional pockets."

"Mine does."

"Well aren't you lucky." Tonk's stuck her tongue out at the teenager. "Drag them over here, and I'll do the charm.

"Reducio." The night stands shrank to the size of a coffee mug. "That'll do."

"Tonks, no way am I fitting those in my pockets." Harry objected.

"Fine, go get a bag from the cashier back in the store."

Harry heaved a sigh as he walked towards to the front of the store.

"Oh, don't sound so put upon; even 'The Chosen One' has to carry his own weight around me."

Having retrieved the bag, Harry and Tonks began walking down the sidewalks of muggle London.

"We still need to get new chairs." Harry mentioned, as they stopped at a cross walk, waiting for traffic.

"No, we don't."


"Chairs are boring, Harry; welcome to the nineties."

"So, you're saying let's just sit on the floor?"

"Nope," Tonks' impish grin graced her face again, "Turn behind that building and we'll apperate to where we need to be."

Wary of what the mischievous witch had planned, Harry did as he was told. Once again, he felt the strain of apperation, squeezing him like he was inside of a tube. His feet hit the ground, and he staggered, only to be pulled down as Tonks lost her balance entirely. Looking around from where he lay, Harry noticed that they were on the floor of an alley, with the sound of people and cars passing buy. He also noticed, as he turned to the left, that he was dangerously close to Tonk's face and his hand was copping a feel.

"Boo," she said as their eyes met.

Harry quickly removed his hand and blushed as he stood up, helping Tonks to her own feet, "where are we?"

"The Mercury Mall."

"Again?" Harry groaned.

"Yes. No whining." She pointed a finger menacingly, accentuating her point. "Now come on, kiddo."

She led him by the hand into the mall, weaving their way through people. Tonks had a determined look in her eyes that said she had a set destination. Harry realized he had no idea how many turns they made, nor where in the mall they were, so when she finally pulled him into a store, he was shocked by what he saw. Bean Bags. Dozens of them filled the store in various patterns, sizes, and every color in the crayon box.

"See, Harry, these are what we need in your house." Tonks plopped herself down in one of the displays, "oo, I like this pink one."

"What, not the leopard print?" Harry replied as he sat on a black bag.

"Oh, we're getting a leopard one too."

Harry was suddenly once again grateful for the exchange rate being in his favor.

Apparating back to Grimmauld Place, they re-enlarged the furniture, and threw all the bean bags, seven in total, into the sitting room. Harry was now convinced that the absolutely most exhausting venture in the world was shopping. Climbing the stairs to his room, he laid on his bed gazing up at his canopy, becoming lost in the plain color of the fabric. The next thing he knew, Tonks was waking him up by rubbing his shoulder. She was sitting on his bed, and shadows were crossing his floor as the sun set behind the house.


"I'm awake."

Tonks smiled. "About time too, you've slept all afternoon, supper's almost ready."

"Alright." Harry sat up and yawned as he stretched.

Dinner was an easy stove top stroganoff and noodles. As Harry cleared the dishes, Tonks mentioned. "I'm working the day shift this week, starting tomorrow."

"So, I have the house to myself while you're working?"

"No, there'll be someone here."

Harry rolled his eyes. "Who is it?"

"I'm not actually sure, I know Molly said she wanted to, but I think Dumbledore has her and Arthur doing something else this week."

"My luck it will be Snape."

Tonks laughed. "Like Snape would ever volunteer for anything, much less spending the day with you for a week. More likely it will be Mad-Eye, or maybe someone like Bill."

Harry nodded as he turned to look at her, but he quickly jumped back in shock as Mad-Eye Moody stared back at him,

"Constant Vigilance!"

Tonks broke into peals of laughter as she morphed back to herself. Harry's heart was beating faster than a Hippogriff's wings. "Your face, oh Harry, it was priceless!" Tonks managed to get out between laughs.

As he heart rate slowed, Harry was able to admit to himself it was a good prank, but he didn't want to admit that he had been spooked that easily, and he felt the blush on his face.

Tonks bumped her hip into his. "Hey, lighten up, tough guy." She dried her hands on a towel, "I'm going to bed, see you in the morning."

"Good-night, Tonks."

Harry was genuinely surprised that he slept that night, given the fact he took a three-hour nap. He rolled out of bed and made his way to the kitchen where Tonks was drinking a cup of tea, dressed in her auror robes. Harry realized that she had a more authoritative look in the navy-blue robes than in the punk clothes she typically sported. Her hair was pink, but like the day before, it was still dull, and she had it pulled away from her face.

"Watcher, Harry,"

"Morning, Tonks." He made began prepping a cup of tea, Tonks flicked her wand and the kettle began to whistle, "thanks."

Sitting down across from her he gazed into his mug.

"You have to drink your tea before you can read the leaves."


"I know, I'm hilarious. I'm glad you appreciate my humor."

Harry grunted in response as he sipped his tea. Tonks looked at the clock. "I wonder where your babysitter's at."

Harry glared at her. "What time do you work?"

"My shift starts at seven."

"Do you like it? Being an auror?"

"I actually do, Harry, which is a good thing, you don't last long if you don't. I'm not where I want to be, but I'm still one of the youngest aurors on the force; hopefully there will an opening in Investigations soon."

"What do you do?"

"I'm a Patrol Auror, I pretty much walk around, write tickets, make the occasional arrest, nothing really cool."

"So, you're not hunting for Voldemort."

"Not directly, but now that the new minister recognizes that he's back, we're all involved in some way."

"I thought you were trained by Moody? Why aren't you in his old job?"

Tonks sighed. "Scrimgeour, the new Minister, was the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement when Mad-Eye resigned. The two of them never got along, so as soon as Mad-Eye was gone, Scrimgeour assigned me down to Patrol."

There was a knock on the door interrupting Harry's next question. Tonks stood up and answered, she came back in the kitchen followed by Hawk Davis.

"Harry, you met Hawk after the meeting." Harry nodded. "It looks like he's staying here for the week."

"Nice to see you again." Harry said.

"Like wise, Harry." Davis drawled.

Tonks swore. "Thestral crap, I'm going to be late. Alright, have fun guys. Don't do anything I wouldn't, Harry, bye!" With that she rushed out the door leaving Harry and Davis in the kitchen.

"Um…thanks for coming? I guess."

Davis chuckled. "You're obviously pleased."

"I can take care of myself."

"I've no doubt." The tall wizard sat down. "Be that as it may, I am here."

Harry huffed but went back to his tea. A silence fell between them. After a while, Harry got up and cleaned up for the day. Returning downstairs, he saw Davis inspecting a grandfather clock in the drawing room. Harry watched him closely, he looked to be around thirty, somewhere close to Lupin's height, but more muscular. His dark hair was cut short, his electric blue eyes reminded Harry of a Siberian Huskey that one of the Dursley's neighbors owned. A thin scar ran along his chin and cheekbone.

"When was the boggart evicted from this clock?"

Davis' question broke Harry from his observation. "Um…last year."

"He lived here for quite some time, a decade at least."

"Probably moved in sometime after Sirius' family died."

The wizard nodded in silent agreement.

"Why are you here?" Harry asked.

Davis paused. "Do you ask why I am in England or why am I here with you?"

"Both I guess."

"To answer the first, it is because I owed Lupin a favor. I came here to fight in this war. The second answer is that I am here now because you are a key figure in the war, and I am compelled to know you."

"Yeah well, I guess you can say that you've met 'The Chosen One' now." Harry replied dryly.

"I've never set store by prophesies."

"You're probably the only wizard in Great Britain who doesn't." The taller wizard hummed in response. "What is Snape hiding?" Harry asked the question he had harbored since the Order's meeting.

Davis looked at Harry suspiciously. "I reckon it was inevitable you'd ask given the snippet of conversation you heard the other night."

"Will you tell me?"

The man stared at Harry, as if he was evaluating his integrity and trustworthiness.

"It is a sensitive issue. One I am not entirely sure I should share."

"You don't trust me? I'm Voldemort's main objective."

"Precisely. You're a high-profile target, not the ideal candidate to receive delicate secrets." He gave a hint of a smile. "The No-Majs have a phrase, 'loose lips sink ships.' I imagine you know what that means."

"You're not telling me anything." Harry mumbled.

Davis nodded, with that same sly half-smile.

"I've already figured out that he's hiding something from the Order, that he's probably helping Voldemort more than us, and that you and Moody are the only ones who are suspicious."

"Ah yes, the old curmudgeon and I do agree. But I am the first to admit, Harry, that all I have are suspicions, founded suspicions mind you, but purely suspicions, nothing concrete."

Harry glared at him in frustration. He was not sure what he had expected the wizard, who was all but a total stranger to him, to share, but he had hoped for more than what he got. He recognized that he would not get much more out of Davis on the issue, as the American had meandered over to the other side of the room.

"Whatever Snape is hiding, Harry." Davis said as Harry began walking out of the drawing room. "It is likely masked by multiple levels of deception and betrayal. Be careful who you trust."

Harry paused. "Even you?"

"Even me."