Summary: While on vacation from Gotham, Barbara has noticed lots of crime in Tokyo. First mental shutdowns and now a group only known as the phantom thieves. Time for Bat-girl to investigate.

Chapter 1. Intro

"Reports of another subway accident in the shibuya section, causing another 3 deaths and 40 injured stay tuned for more details."

"Another accident?" Barbara said to herself. She wished that she could have stopped it but these ""accidents"" were random. No connections between the cuprate or victims. after she closed the report from her phone she went over to her the cafe that she grew fond of.

As she entered Leblanc she was greeted by most of the usual and Sojiro. "Hay Barb what can I do for you today?" "I need my coffee for today." She replied. As Sojiro was making it up she saw someone walk from upstairs in a Shujin uniform to race out the door."Take care kid." Sojiro cried out but he already left the shop.

"Is that your kid?" Barbara ask. "No, you never come in this early before, that's Akira. I have to watch over for him cause he is on probation." Sojiro replied. "So you adjusting from America?" "Yes I lived in a big city so it's just adjusting to the time zones." Barbara replied. "I see, here is your coffee. Have a good day.".

"Thank you". Barbara walked out from the cafe and headed towards Shujin Academy. She was going to get a small job at the school to make some decent yen.

She arrived at the School and went to the front desk.

"Hello my name is Barbra Gorden we spoke on the phone for the teacher's aid position". The receptionist noded. "Just head to the teachers office, Mrs Kawakami is in there now." Barbara thanked her and walk towards the room.

"Hay are you Barbara? Over here!" Barbara spotted her out before she heard her. She was the only person in the room not super stressed out. "Yes i am and you must be Mrs Kawakami." "Please call me Sadayo." "So you flew in from the states how is that like?"

"It was.." She immediately thought up of the restless nights of fighting crime and almost killed every night. "Just normal" Barbara replied with a smile.

"Wow its nice to have a teacher from out of the county and an English teacher no less. It can give more insight on american literature." Kawakami replied. Just then the bell rang.

"Follow me so you don't get lost. We are about to end the day so show up a bit earlier ok."said Kawakami. As they entered the class she noticed that a blond boy was being a loudmouth. Settle down class today we have a teacher aid so treat her with respect. Would you like to introduce yourself to the class?"

Barbara nodded and got to the front of the class."My name is Miss Gordon and I will be helping in class today".Hello Mrs Gordon the class responded.

Now class turn to page 54 in The Great Gatsby and...

2 hours later

After school was over Mrs Kawakami let her wander around the school so she could get familiar with the school. While she was getting near the gym she was approached by large muscular man in a simple white T shirt.

"Excuse me miss you are not in appropriate dress code, I need you to come to my office young lady." said the man with a perverted look in his eye.

"Sir im not.."

"Are you sassing me student?" he said with a yell. Barbara saw his face go from perversion to rage.

"Hey! Mrs Gordon! I said the restrooms were at the other corner over here!"

Barbara turned and noticed that it was the blond boy from earlier.

"What do you want Mr Sakamoto?" asked Kamoshida with annoyance.

Taking this as a opportunity she shoved the big man back and ran to the boy who was holding the hallway door open."GET BACK HERE YOU BITCH!" He yelled. This way!" said the boy almost panting. For as big as the man was he could only run for so long.

"Wow, that was a workout, are you ok Miss Gordon?" Panted the kid.

"I could have handled my self Mr.."

"Sakamoto, call me Ryuji."

"Okay Ryuji, who was that man?"

"That's Kamoshida, the big bastard. He is the P.E teacher. He probably thought you were a student."

"Why were you here after school, are you on the track team?"

Ryuji looked down "Unfortunately no thanks to him. he broke my leg and now its starting to heal but cant do sports. Kamoshida is too focused to the volleyball team instead. I will never forgive him."

"Im sorry to hear that Ryuji"

Ryuji looked back up with a confident smile. "Dont worry about it. You seem like a good adult in this school right behind Ms Kawakami. See you later Ms Gordon!"

Barbara though over this as she waited for most of the tennents to go to sleep. She went to her suit case and put her hand on it and a blue glow scanned her hand.

"Identity matched, access granted."

Barbara opened the case and took her suit out

"Looks like i need a night on the town to clear my head."

That is a start for my first fanfic. If i messed up let me know where i can improve. I did not make the dates clear of when this takes place but its before Kamoshida is to be reformed. let me know if i should keep this up or not. UPDATE I went over this chapter and made a few grammer changes. I also added more details to chapter one to give a more interaction with Ryuji. Gonna edit chapter 2 soon if not today. BYE