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They once again entered into the distorted desires of Kunikazu Okumura palace once again. The cold air of the space station alerted the thieves to move ahead.

"This kinda feels like actual thieving" The newly code named Tigress said as they moved ahead. "We are stealing his heart". Mona said.

"We are not literally taking his heart right?"

"His heart is where his distorted desires are, once we remove it so will his bad desires. That will still leave his acting in place. With all of that guilt he will confess." Panther explained.

Tigress nodded as Joker moved his hand to get down. They saw a robot moving up and down the corridor. When it got close enough Joker moved and attacked.

The robot went into ooze and 3 starfish looking foes shot out.

"You ready Tigress?"

She licked her lips as she removed her cowl already having nothing to lose. "Eat them up BASTET!"

From the flames a cat like figure emerged from the flames. Jewels adorned its armor as it held its personal whip in one had and claws unsheathed in the other. 2 jaguars circled around the persona as well.


The persona leaped towards the shadows and sliced two of them down.

"WAIT DONT HURT ME!" The last one said.

Tigress looked at joker who nodded.

"Sorry, this kitty doesn't play nice." Joker, Panther,Mona and her backed up to prepare for the all out attack. Rapidly slicing around till it was only Tigress left in the middle.

"MEOW." she said as the shadow bursted into nothing.

"Way to go Tigress." Mona yelled. Tigress smiled.

"Thanks, I gonna drop out for a bit. Noir has been begging to help out. I can make it back on my own."

Joker nodded as he message Haru to get ready for pickup.


Tigress made it to the safe room where Haru was waiting. "Knock em down kid." She said as Haru bowed. "Thank you." She said as she went to meet up with Joker.

"Have you taken a liking to her?"

Tigress spun around to find Crusader sitting around.

"She can be scary sometimes, when she is fighting she has the same sadistic nature as our Joker in combat but is so gentile."

Oracle went to the coms to relay a message. "Make your way to the save room ahead we are almost to the treasure. The thieves nodded as they made their way to the safe room. Once they arrived Joker and Mona explained the situation.

"We need to split up to find keycards to the main door. So we need to split up. Both me and Joker will be incharge of the teams. Joker will take skull,queen,fox. I will lead panther,crusader,tigress and Noir. Oracle will try to support both but if she is not there be cautious".

"So beat up shadows till we find the item. I like it." Tigress said as they walked outside into the metallic hallways splitting up. The shadows were getting cut down as Panther and Noir kept slashing them up.

"It's always a thrill to see them begging for their lives." She said as she cut the shadows down without remorse. Crusader could see how Tirgess could be scared by this.


"We are so close now aren't we." Selina said. She and Barbara sat in restaurant and were discussing their activities.

"Another life change by us." Barbara said as she took her glass of water.

"I do wonder, what do we do after we are done?"

"What do you mean?"

Selena shrugged. "You and I both know that this has to come to an end one way or another, one we achieve our goals what's next?"

"I haven't thought about it. Once we fix Okumura then i guess we can drop out."

"Alright, have you told Bruce about this?"

"No, i feel like he would not understand. I hope we don't do this justice the wrong way. Let's get ready for tomorrow." Barbara said as he went their separate ways.

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