-Narutos training-

Chapter one

It was a day like any other in the town of konohagakure, the sky was a beautiful shade of blue and the few clouds that could be seen were a stark shade of white that was a sight to see. This story begins close to the park, where you could hear the deligihted squeals of kids as they chased each other and played ninja, pretending to be the hokage, who was the strongest ninja in the village and was tasked to be the leader, while others pretended to be anbu black ops, elite ninjas tasked to protect the hokage and do high risk missions that couldn't be assigned to a normal ninja. Near the park in an open training field is where cell 7 us training. Cell 7 is comprises of sasuke uchiha, the bad boy in town whose family was murdered a few years earlier when he was just a child. Sasukes goal was to avenge his family and kill the person who did it. sakura hurano, who is obsessed with sasuke and would do anything to be noticed by him. She has a short fuse and an explosive temper, especially when dealing with naruto. And naruto uzumaki, who's parents both died when he was born. He is a head strong ninja that wants to become hokage when he grows older. He us very energetic and us always enthusiastic to go on a mission that is dangerous. He lives ramen and hates sasuke because samurai likes him. Headed by kakashi hatake, who is the leader of cell 7, kakashi is serious but funny mentor who loves to read make out paradise and keep half of his face covered. They had just finished the days training. They were learning a new minutes and doing some mock fights. naruto made a fool of himself as usual, failing to properly preform the jutsu and falling into easily detected traps. sasuke completed the jutsu with some effort and completed the mock battle without incident and mocked naruto for failing such an easy task. sakura preformed the jutsu effortlessly and completed the mock battle with some difficulty then began to dawn over sasuke as she tried to get his attention. After 3 hours of training it was starting to get late in the day so kakashi decided to end training for the day "alright team, you all did ok and we're gonna end it for the day. Be back here tomorrow morning at the usual time." All three would look at him and samurai would say "yes master kakashi" as naruto says "you got it" and sasuke gives his usual "whatever" then they split up and sakura followed looked over and noticed naruto walk into the woods. After the incident with gaara, naruto had taken to disappearing into the woods and being gone a lot. Sakura and looked at sasuke "what do you think naruto does in the woods every day?" Sasuke looked back at her and replied "I don't know and I don't really care" sakura looked back one last time as naruto walked out of her line of sight and into the woods. "I will find out what he's doing in those woods" she thought to herself as she walked towards town.

- end -