-Naruto's training-

Chapter three

even as kurenai was counting down, the two opponents were thinking of their strategies. shino knew from examining naruto's fighting style beforehand that he would most likely start the battle by summoning shadow clones. shino knew that he could handle the shadow clones in a more open environment, but in confined quarters such as these he would be at a tactical disadvantage. so he decided that the best form of defense in this battle would be a strong offense. he knew that he couldn't allow naruto to create an army of shadow clones or else the match would be grossly in naruto's favor. naruto's strategy was more defensive in nature. naruto's strategy was to create an army of shadow clones to distract shino as he attacked from his blind spot and land a decisive attack that would end the battle instantly. "5...4...3...2...1...start!" Kurenai shouted. Before the words had even left her mouth, the two had already begun their match. Shino ran directly at naruto as he attempted to weave the signs necessary to create his shadow clones. Naruto was caught off guard as he did not expect such a straightforward tactic from shino. Naruto tried to dodge right but shino managed to land a blow and naruto was the thrown off balance. Shino pressed his advantage, launching a flurry of blows to naruto's body, each one more devastating than the last. Naruto was taking serious damage from shinos relentless onslaught of punches and realized the match would be over soon if he didn't act soon. Naruto grabbed one of his kunai and slashed at shino. Shino easily dodged it, but that was what naruto wanted. As soon as shino jumped out of harm's way, naruto hastily created a shadow clone. Together the two attacked Shino. Shino went in for a direct attack against the real naruto, but as he was attacking the real naruto the shadow clone created two more shadow clones "I'm gonna win this fight, believe it!" Naruto said as he threw three kunai knives at shino. "We'll see." shino said as he dodged them and commanded his swarm of his bugs to attack the shadow clone naruto's. They swarmed around them and started to bite them until they disappeared. Naruto feinted a left hook and when shino dodged it naruto hit him with a right hook. Then naruto swiftly kicked shino's feet out from under him. As shino was on the ground, naruto quickly made five shadow clones. They simultaneously attacked shino and were landing blow after blow on him. Shino took down a shadow clone by stabbing it with his kunai. He quickly jumped away and was pushed towards the edge by naruto and his shadow clones. Shino knew he couldn't win now unless he used his chakra bugs. He called out to them and they came to his side. He commanded them to attack naruto and his shadow clones. The bugs swarmed around the five naruto's and proceeded to feast on their chakra. The four shadow clones disappeared after a minute and all the chakra bugs converged on naruto. After a whole minute of feeding Shino looked startled and called back his bugs. He then raised his hand and said "i forfeit this match." Kiba and hinata were both surprised that shino forfeited the match considering he was the strongest member of their cell. Sakura was surprised that naruto had managed to beat shino. She was just glad that she wasn't the one who had to fight him, his bugs creeped her out. "Naruto wins the match!" Kurenai declared as she walked over to the two to see if they needed medical attention. "What!? Why did you forfei shino!? Get back here and fight!" Naruto yelled as shino went out of the ring and sat down. Shino walked back to his spot and sat down to wait for the next match. Kurenai motioned for hinata and sasuke to come to the ring. The two walked up and stood at the center of the ring. "G-good luck sasuke" hinata said as she tentatively reached out her hand. Sasuke shook her hand but said nothing to her. They both walked to their respective sides as they waited for the next match to begin.