Hi! If you're seeing this and if you are a writer then please PM me if you want to do this. I'll leave you a prologue for you to start off with.

Son Goku, the saiyan who realized the legend and killed the galactic tyrant Frieza(Called Freezer by Goku), is currently waiting in the Check-in Station in Otherworld to see what King Kai has to say.

It's been two years since Goku died from the heart virus, and 3 years since Frieza and Cold died. (Who knew drinking 2 whole gallons of Bacon Grease as a Super Saiyan right after killing Freezer and his dad would make his immune system this weak.) No big threat has happened yet, so he's about ready to do anything to get rid of his boredom at this point. (He would wait six more months, but 24 hours in the living world would be stupid, even for him)

"Are you sure about this Goku?" Asked King Kai.

"Yup!" Answered Goku. "I'm just so tired waiting for new guys to fight. And the earth looks so peaceful, I just don't want anything happening to them because I came to visit them."

"Wow, that was suprisingly profound"

Goku's stomach growls*"How long have I last eaten?"

"And we're back."

"So, what was it that you wanted to show me?"

"Oh, right. Follow me" King Kai heads off to a location with Goku following suit.

So, about this; this is basically a reincarnation fic about Goku being reincarnated as CPU Neptune and vice versa.Goku?: So you're basically making us switch lives with no chance of returning?


Goku?: No way j├Áse! I'm the protag of protags.


Nep(in Goku's body): Yup!

Figures. If you're seeing this, please consider doing this kind of story. I really want to see what kind of shenanegains these two can cause.

Nep(in Goku's body): What does that mean?


PS: If you don't see any spaces between paragraphs and script, My folder manager and publishing part in the app is acting weird.