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There are things that can describe Tsunariko Sawada; coward, crybaby, clumsy and worst of all, downright stupid academically. Due to these, she would eventually earn a title that will stay with her for years to come.

Dame-Tsuna (or No-Good Tsuna).

What started out as a mere teasing turn into a full-blown bullying, her life is very miserable. Her low self-esteem just adds fuel to the fire, turning the bullying from verbal abuse to physical violence, especially by girls. As far as Tsuna (or Riko sometimes) can remember, her memories consist of being bullied as a daily occurrence.

Oh well, she had long gotten used to it.

Now she's in middle school, hoping things would get better but the universe decides to fuck with her and long story short her bullies are in Namimori Middle with her. Great. Now her middle school life is essentially fucked.

Well, not all hope is lost. That hope is in form of a girl named Kyoko Sasagawa. One time after being bullied, Kyoko found her crying in the bathroom. Being a nice girl herself, she comforted Tsuna. After that moment, both of them became good friends. But little did Kyoko know at that moment Tsuna started to develop feelings for her. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Tsunariko Sawada has a crush on Kyoko Sasagawa! Que Tsuna fantasizing having Yuri moments with Kyoko!


Right now Tsuna is walking home by herself, noting herself that her mother, Nana Sawada, is currently having a community meeting right now.

"I'm home!" No one respond. Just expect as much.

Tsuna abruptly stops when she notices her figure in a mirror. What she is seeing now is a girl who has the appearance of basically what most people called a 'moeblob'. She has a messy brown hair with her eyes being the same color. Her face makes her looks very cute and her white smooth skin can basically make most of the girls who encountered her jealous. She also has a C cup breast. But it isn't her figure that she is focusing right now, it's the bruise that is plastered on her face. As soon as her eyes laid on it, she winced.

Thank whichever deity that her mom is not home right now.

Tsuna sighed, she doesn't feel like staying around here for now, so she opted to change her clothes. Once she's satisfied by it, she went out of the house and went for a walk, not without locking the door first.

Now she thought about it, how long ago since she become such a klutz? She didn't really know but one thing is for sure, she wasn't used to be like this. For one, she can clearly remember she was very cheerful, her smile can infectious in fact. It's always been like that even though she falls on her feet occasionally. But then one day she suddenly become... empty.

And that is scary by itself.

Tsuna continue to walk thoughtlessly, not even giving the slightest attention to her surrounding. This is a very bad idea since there is a can in her way and lo and behold like we expected, she trips on it.

Tsuna yelp due to the sudden fall. She close her eyes and brace for impact. Just like usual she thought as she falls. But instead of an impact she suddenly got yanked backward. She yelped for the second time and opened her eyes. She turns her head to her savior, which she immediately regrets.

In her vision appears a young man with a small streak of white hair within his otherwise black hair as well as several tanned streaks of skin on his face, especially his right side. He has heterochromia eyes, black on the right and yellow on the left. He stands at 5'11", looking at her menacingly.

She knew him and she wants to run away. The young in front of her is someone who manage to stand toe to toe against one of the most powerful delinquent around Namimori, Hibari Kyouya.

He is Yakobu* Ehno**, the Hound of Namimori.

From what she heard, he is a sophomore in her school and during his first year he fought a bunch of delinquents without breaking a sweat. In fact, he managed to survive from Hibari. While the result of their battle was unknown it was said that they settle with a draw, promising to fight each other someday. There were other rumors about him ranging from him taking down the local yakuza to something as ridiculous as him destroying a lamp post with a flick of his finger.

"I uh... th-thank you for helping me. I'll need to go now," Tsuna quickly turn around and walk as fast as possible, trying to stay away from him as far as possible.

But knowing how most stories go, you know everything won't go the way she wished.


Tsuna stopped her track, too scared to move an inch. She turns around to him, manage to muster the courage to ask him why he called her.

"I helped you right? Then aren't you suppose to return the favor?"

Oh god what is he going to ask her to do? Help him to vandalize? Give him money? Questions run wild in her mind as she automatically nods. Stupid, she reprimands herself. She shouldn't have nodded! Now she just dig herself deeper into the hole.

"Do you know how to cook?"

"I'll do anything please don't hu- Eh?" Wait what? Cook?

"Wait, you seriously think I'm going to hurt you? Please, that's just so cliche. So, you know how to cook?"


Yakubo nodded, "Then cook something for me. I want it by tomorrow lunch. If you forget about it however..."

He left it hanging, expecting her to get the message. She nods quickly, good. He turns around and leave the area. Tsuna continues to stand in the same spot like a deer in a street lamp, stunned by what happened.

After a few moments, she falls on her knee. Her entire body turn black and white just like in anime, realizing how screwed she is now.

Author notes:

*The name Yakobu is written as (雅各) in Japanese. It translates as either Jacob or James. I tried to find the direct translate for James but it seems to end up with the Kanji above. It's the same as Chinese.

**Ehno is an Italian surname that I found in the internet which has the meaning of protector.Anyway, this is just the first part of the prologue, so I hope you can look forward for more chapters in the future.