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"Where is Onii-sama?" A child, about 12 years old with black colored hair and a blue kimono walked aimlessly in the shopping district of Namimori, glancing left and right to find her brother. She had done this for at least half an hour already yet she still couldn't find his signature black and white hair among the crowd. Oh well, she might consider sleeping in some stranger's home for a day, provided those strangers aren't pedophiles or else they will lose their 'future family'.

"Excuse me, little miss, are you looking for someone?" She turned around and found three female high school students looking at her. The one who asked her had a slender and short build, and a short golden brown hair. She knelt to the child's height and gave her a friendly smile, one that would make any children be attracted to her. "I overheard you're looking for your brother so I was wondering how can I help you."

"Really, you would help me to find Onii-sama?" That made her day a lot better now. "You wouldn't mind finding him with me right?"

"Why would we? It's a crime for not helping such a cute little girl," the high schooler turned to her friends, "Right everyone?"

"Huh, oh yeah. Why not." One of her friends who has a long, wavy black hair wearing the same uniform, seems to finally register what that jolly girl said. The other one, who is a messy brunette, took a while to nod and approach her.

"D-do you mind telling us your brother's name?" The brunette asked the child nervously. Was she naturally shy?

The little looked away from the girls and mumble something, which they can't hear.

"Uh, I can't really say his name but I know how he looks." She looked away from them again, looking bashful. "You don't mind, right?"

"We don't mind," the high school girl held out her hand to her, "Let's go look for him then."

Yakobu furiously looked around the shopping district and grumbled as he marched around. It's been hours since he started looking around for Ren but that little brat just won't appear in his vision. His 'helper' doesn't fare well either as the man asked around, to no avail.

"Seems like she's not here either," he said.

"What the actual hell were you idoits doing back then? I thought you promised me, not the first time mind you, that all of you will keep an eye on her."

"Well," the man pushed his glasses up, a glint appeared on the corner of the glasses, "she actually managed to fool everyone this time and by the time we found out, she's gone very far. It's quite a miracle I managed to catch her coming here."

Yakobu pinched his nose bridge, feeling his margarine increased. He would really punch the man himself if not for the fact there were too many eyes around the street. He huffed through his nose and crossed his arms.

"If we can't find her when the sun sets, we'll continue tomorrow. You'll pay for dinner tonight." He quickly added the last part before his helper said anything, who only nod and continue their search. Before they split, however, Yakobu stopped him.

"Hey, what's you alias now?"

The man made a thinking pose before snapping his finger, smiling in satisfaction.

"How about... Dan. Dan Tomori."

When night falls, the girls were disappointed in themselves for unable to find the little girl's brother. Right now they were sitting down on one of the public benches in the shopping district, downcast while sipping their water. Neither of the girls stayed in an awkward silence, unable to comfort the sadden girl.

"I-I'm sorry," Tsuna spoke up, breaking the silence.

"It's okay, I kind of expected it since I don't even have a clue where he lives," the girl reassured Tsuna, though her tone still suggests she's disappointed.

"By the way, who is your brother?" Hana asked.

The little girl made a thinking pose, "Well, last time I managed to find him he was going by the name Taiga."

"'By the name'?" All the girls got confused, asking it together.

"Yup, my family has this tradition where we need to have different names depending we go. For example, last time my name was Pico," the girl, now 'Pico', explained.

"Then doesn't that mean all of you have no real name?!" Kyoko exclaimed.

"We do... but we don't often tell anyone about it. Don't worry, I know how he looks like."

Tsuna sighed. Now with the fact that her brother changes aliases every time he went toa different place, the search might take longer.

"Maybe we should've to go to the police and ask for-"

"No!" 'Pico' stopped Tsuna, surprised by the sudden outburst. "Don't please, it's not worth their trouble."

"Why?" Kyoko asked, who also surprised by her sudden outburst.

"I- I can't say it," 'Pico' replied. "I- I just can't, no matter what," she stretched out her hands as if trying to push them away, to emphasize her reluctance.

They went back to silence once more, much more awkward than before.

"So... do you want to go home..." Tsuna trailed off, unsure whether to call her 'Pico' or not.

"Konohana; and I don't feel like going back," the now newly named Konohana said.

"Then where are you going to sleep? Not the street right?" The girls became worried by what she said but questioning where she accommodation right now is much more important.

"One of you Onee-chans' home of course."

God dammit.


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