Love Me Dearly, by Di-chan

Tracey was made it to the hostital, looking at the sad old man betwixt Misty's legs. She hit puberty, so you super pedophiles out there coughtraviscoughofthearthurfandomcough get nothing to jack off to. You can go back to jail now.

Anyway, Misty pushed and screamed. Chansey and Blissey were holding each of her hands, and Wobbuffet was observing the birth, noting that the crown was visible.

"Wo-bbufff- et," said Wobbuffet, doing nothing. When the baby popped out, it made a fart noise.

"It's a boy," said Tracey, holding the little dickens in his arms. He was going to name him Sketchy, for his late grandfather Sketchward, but before he could say a word, Ash kicked down the door with a baseball bat in hand.


And Ash charged toward Tracey, and swung the bat into his skull so hard it made a satisfying CRACK! The baby flew through the air, and Misty screamed. Thankfully, Chansey caught the baby.

"Don't." WHACK. "You." WHACK. "EVER." WHACK. "Cuck." WHACK. "The." WHACK. "VERY." WHACK. "Best." WHACK. "Like." WHACK. "No." WHACK "One." WHACK. "Ever." WHACK. "WAaaaaaAAAAASSSSSSSSssssSSSSSSS"

"ASH, CALM THE FUCK DOWN," said Misty, covered head to toe in chunks of brain and skull. "You have a son to hold. I named him Pikaduck, after Pikachu and Psyduck."

"Perfect!" said Ash.

"Wobbuffet!" said Wobbuffet.

to be continued or not i don't know

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