"WHAT!?", Lynn yelled as she punched the wall. "Woah geez, calm down!", Luna yelled. "Shut... the hell... up!", Lynn yelled again. Luna jumped back, a little paranoid. Lynn kept on punching the wall until her hands were bloddied and she was sobbing on the floor.

They were about to say something until there was a knock at the door. Leni answered it and it was Bobby and.. Ronnie Anne. Lynn looked up and stared her in the eyes, then, Lynn just snapped. She got up an punched the hell out of her. Ronnie Anne fell back and spit out, not expecting to see a tooth. "A tooth for a tooth, bitch.", Lynn said as she stomped up the steps and slammed the door.

Bobby helped Ronnie Anne up and sat her down. All the sisters shot glares at her, glares filled with pure hatred. "Ronnie Anne, why did you hit Lincoln!?", Bobby said with a cold glare. "I- I have to keep my reputation in check!", she replied. Then Lori snapped to, "So, your telling me you put my little brother in a coma, BECAUSE OF YOUR FUCKING REPUTATION!?", she yelled. Luan and Luna got up held Lori back.

"I didnt mean to put him in a coma, i just felt the need.", Ronnie Anne said. "Well you should have thought of something better, because my brother could be fucking dead because of you!", Lori yelled again, still being held back. The sisters and Bobby started to rant on and on, adding even more cussing on the way. They kept on ranting, until they heard a car pull up in the driveway.

Again, sorry about some of the chapters being a little short. Getting ready to go see family in Connecticut.