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Ange De Soi: Angel of Self

Chapter Sixteen: Epilogue

Eleven Days Later

Charlene's POV

It had been eleven days since we arrived on Coney Island, and life couldn't be better. We are still engaged and in the process of planning the wedding. According to Erik it will be the most beautiful event of the century. Erik told me his surname – Destler. I kept saying my name over and over in excitement, knowing we were getting ever closer to getting married, and that we will be together forever. Erik told me he was planning every detail, and that Madame Giry and Meg were invited to the wedding. He had also opened a theme park on Coney Island and named it Phantasma. He formed the alias Mr Y and employed people much like himself. They were given a roof over their heads; a safe place to live without fear of discrimination or bullying, a job where they were respected and viewed with awe. Meg would introduce the park to the patrons, and I was the headline act; where I adopted the name Ange De Soi – Angel of Self. Everyone at the park accepted my quirks, as well as my scars, which made me forget everything between the Duke and I. The wedding is to be in December before Christmas, so in six months time, and the ceremony will take place in the theme park in the Aerie, where Erik works. Meg will be my bridesmaid, and Madame Giry will give me away. Happily Raoul and Christine are now married, and I invited them to the wedding too, as Raoul is like the brother I never had. So even though I am the Angel of Self, I am surrounded by people who love me and accept me for who I am, and I wouldn't have it any other way...