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Ange De Soi: Angel of Self

Chapter One: I Beseech You...

Charlene's POV

It was the year 1884 and I had been under employment of the Palais Garnier for six months now. It was the night of my first performance, the opera Hannibal, and we were currently going through last minute rehearsing to make sure everything is perfect for tonight. I had managed to learn all of the songs, as well as all of the dance steps, for the opera very quickly, much to the pleasure and surprise of Madame Giry.

"My dear, he will be pleased with your progress. I just wish all of the other girls had the same work ethic as you." She said motherly. Who was she talking about? Who would be pleased? The managers? Was it the patron whom I had yet to meet? Who was the mysterious patron of this opera house? I watched closely as Carlotta started singing her big aria of act three for the managers. Well if you could call it singing anyway. As she continued to sing, I heard a creak coming from above. I looked up to see the backdrop coming towards us. I screamed as it came closer to Carlotta, however it was for naught, as it caught the bustle of her dress, and nearly crushed her. I heard Meg breathe out panicked.

"He's there! The Phantom of the Opera!" It was then I noticed we have new managers, as well as another mysterious gentleman with them. Was this gentleman the patron of the opera house? I was shaken out of my reverie however, when I heard my name being mentioned by Madame Giry.

"Charlene can sing for you monsieur. She knows all of the lyrics. And she has the most beautiful voice."

"A chorus girl...don't be stupid... a full house Andre, we are going to have to refund a full house." Ok, so one of the managers is called Monsieur Andre.

"I think we should give the girl a chance, Firmin." Andre said fatherly. I looked across at Madame Giry nervously, as she gestured me to take centre stage.

"From the beginning of the aria then please, mademoiselle." Reyer said with a slightly exasperated tone. I opened my mouth to sing, feeling like I wanted to run from the stage, as I felt their judgemental stares the entire time. However, a firm slam of Madame Giry's cane on the floor stopped me from fleeing. When the song finished, there was applause from Madame Giry and the managers, as well as the patron. I heard her ask.

"Will the Vicomte be at the performance this evening?"

"I was going to make that announcement myself." Andre said exasperatedly.

"I'll leave her in your capable hands Madame Giry to get her ready for tonight." And with that they left the stage, the patron following close behind.

"Come my child, let's make sure your costumes are ready for the performance." She said gently. As we walked towards the seamstress' work station, I didn't notice the cloaked figure following close behind. We arrived and Madame Giry said gently.

"I'll leave you in the capable hands of the seamstresses. Don't worry they are very nice. I just need to discuss a few things regarding tonight." And with that she left me outside the door. I knocked gently, before waiting for their assent, to which I went inside a moment later.

Madame Giry's POV

As I walked Charlene to see the seamstress, the presence of a cloaked figure following us did not go unnoticed. Once I left her with the seamstress, I went backstage, where I saw a tall figure, standing in the shadows.

"Erik you are getting soft. You use to follow me discreetly before. What has changed?" I asked gently.

"I do not know what you are talking about. But who has replaced Carlotta? I know everyone in this Opera House, all except her. Who is she Giry?" He asked stoically.

"All I know is that her name is Charlene Rose Dumont and she is 16 years old. I employed her six months ago. I found her on the streets performing, I saw talent in her, so I hired her. I see nothing wrong with that at all." I replied concisely.

"I see your motherly side hasn't left you. But there is nothing wrong with you hiring people, as long as they are good." He said thoughtfully.

"I better go and check to make sure she is ok. The performance is due to start. I don't know how you will watch the performance though, the managers and the patron are in your box." I said matter of factly.

"I will listen to the singing from down below. I will be happy to at least listen to a decent singer for a change." He replied as he rubbed the bridge of his nose tiredly. I then watched as he disappeared into the shadows, before I made my way to the costume room. I smiled as I saw the fact Charlene was ready for the performance.

"Come my dear. I will escort you backstage. The performance is due to start." I said gently, before leading her out of the room. Once we arrived backstage, I left her with a tap on the shoulder, to check on my ballet girls.

Charlene's POV

As I watched the performance begin, before I was due on stage, I thought about Madame Giry and how grateful I felt towards her. But did I deserve this opportunity? I am honoured to have the opportunity to sing on such a prestigious stage, but should a person like me be allowed to grace such a stage? I heard my cue and slowly walked onto the stage, trying hard to forget the audience in front of me. I opened my mouth and started to sing; as I forgot everything around me for a moment.

It was the last act and my big aria was to begin. As I looked up to the heavens, I opened my mouth to sing, imagining my parents watching me from heaven, and how proud they would be of my achievements. As the last note echoed around the stage, I jumped back a little as applause rang through the theatre. I gave a bow as roses were thrown onto the stage, before I was led off-stage towards the after party. I had to suppress a groan as I entered the room. All around were men, vying for the attentions of the chorus girls, but what were the men after from young chorus girls? Although Madame Giry acted as my chaperone as I greeted the managers and the patron.

"Truly astounding mademoiselle! You truly have talent! I knew I was right to give you a chance." Andre said jovially.

"Yes, not bad. I was wrong about you mademoiselle." Firmin said in turn.

"You really have a beautiful voice, like an angel, you certainly..." The patron said before pausing and asking breathily.

"Who is that?" And I saw Madame Giry turn around to look at the girl in question. I turned around and saw Meg and Christine standing talking to someone.

"That is Christine DaaƩ monsieur."

"If you excuse me. I must see to a most urgent matter." He said cryptically, before walking in the direction of where Meg and Christine were standing. But how does he know Christine? Were they childhood friends perhaps? I mentally shook my head, as I heard one of the managers introduce me to someone.

"Bonjour Mademoiselle Dumont, my name is Chevalier Beaumont, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

" if you excuse me I need some fresh air." I said meekly, before making my way towards the exit. However, as I made my way to my room, I heard several voices sneer.

"And what is an orphan and street rat like you doing on our great stage? Did you perform a 'favour' for the managers perhaps? Or sleep with the patron? That is the only way they would allow someone like you to perform." One of the girls sneered.

"You're right. She must have slept with the managers and the patron. That's the only way she would win them over." I didn't hear what the other two girls said, as I ran off in tears. Why were they being so cruel? Were they just jealous? Did they believe they were more talented than I was? I entered the first door I could find, not caring where I was at the moment. When the tears began to subside, I looked around and realised I was in the chapel. I decided to pay tribute to my parents, by lighting a candle, in the hopes they might hear my prayer.

"Why do I feel so alone? I achieved the dream you never got to achieve, to grace the stage of the Palais Garnier. However, the girls believe I slept with the managers and the patron, in order to grace the stage. But I did it on my own merit. If you are out there, or if there is an angel out there, please answer me." And that's when the candles went out. But where did the breeze come from? I sang quietly.

Angel are you in there?

I need a place to hide,

Angel I beseech you,

Please allow me sanctuary,

From the world out there!

I stepped back a little in surprise as a voice sang in reply.

Insolent fools,

These young mere mortals,

Living in my domain,

Ignorant children,

These foolish young ones,

Sharing in my kingdom.

Thank you angel for your kindness,

I don't see that a lot nowadays,

Thank you my angel,

For allowing me,

Sanctuary in your domain.

What the angel said next however surprised me.

Beautiful child let me know you,

Why is it in shadow you hide?

Please step into the light my dear,

To see your splendour mon ange.

I sang meekly in reply, as I wrung my hands nervously.

Forgive me my angel,

I could not bring myself to dare,

I do not deserve such a thing,

It is there I receive judgement,

From the light out there!

His voice then took on an almost hypnotic quality, as he sang.

Come to me mon ange,

I will take you to splendour,

Come to me mon ange,

I will take you to splendour.

And without hesitation, I followed the source of the voice, as the wall in front of me slid open. As the door slid closed, I ignored the sound of someone calling out my name.

Third Person POV

The managers and the patron watched closely as Charlene left the room. However, they failed to notice the duke following close behind, as they continued to enjoy the festivities. The duke followed close behind Charlene, as she made her way to backstage. Watching closely as the chorus girls taunted her, however he refrained from helping her, as he saw her run off in tears. He followed her, before promptly losing her in one of the many winding corridors. As he wandered around the corridors, he thought about the girl who instantly captured his heart. And that was when he heard her voice, however it appeared there was another man with her. Was this a lover of hers? Was she already accounted for? Or was it someone's idea of a joke? He managed to burst through the door and call out her name, just as she disappeared through the wall. What secrets was this building hiding? And why was the girl oblivious to him and his obvious feelings for her?

"I will find you Charlene. And I will make you mine. No matter what happens." He vowed to himself, as he turned on his heel and left the room.

Charlene's POV

As I followed the angel to his world, a song came unbidden in my mind.

In sleep they sang to me,

In dreams they came,

Their voices call to me,

And call my name,

And do I dream again?

For now I find,

My parents are always there,

Watching over me.

Sing for my music,

My fallen angel,

I will watch over you,

And protect your heart,

Your angel will always be there,

Inside your mind.

Those who have met me,

Reject my flaws,

I wear a mask,

For all to see.

I am that mask you wear

Your/my protection and my/your voice,

In one combined,

My/your angel is there/here

Inside my/your mind

In the shadows, I am always there,

That angel of mystery

Is all you.

And in this darkness,

Where night is rife,

The angel is there/here,

Inside my/your mind

Sing mon ange!

I followed his instructions and started vocalising.

Sing for my music!

I could hear my voice reaching heights I never thought possible, as I continued to vocalise.

Sing my angel of music!

I sang higher before he exclaimed.

Sing for me!

And I hit the final high note.

Here I show before you,

My kingdom of music,

A kingdom where music is created and risen,


I have brought you here,

For the one purpose of,

Inspiring and singing my music,

My music...

And that's when I noticed the 'angel' in front of me was no angel. Instead the 'angel' was in fact a man. A masked man at that. But why would an angel wear a mask? Was his beauty so divine that a mere mortal couldn't see it? Or was there something else he was hiding?

"I am here to make your voice reach new heights. I heard your voice and saw potential. But you must promise me to dedicate yourself entirely to the music. You must ignore any outside distractions, or I will find someone else worthy of my teachings."

"I will dedicate myself entirely to the music." I beseeched.

"For now you should rest, you've had a trying day. We will start your lessons tomorrow." He then led me towards an alcove, where the most unusual bed was found. It appeared to be in the shape of some sort of bird; either an eagle or swan, it was hard to tell.

"There are some nightgowns in the wardrobe, and a bathroom through the corridor there. I'll leave you to get ready. I'll be out here if you need me, all you need to do is call me." He explained, before leaving the room. Why would he have everything needed to tend to my needs? And how did he know my size? Every item of clothing picked out, was something I would have picked; if I could afford it, and exactly my size. However, after taking care of my needs, and changing into a nightgown, I found myself unable to sleep. All I could think about was what the chorus girls said to me. How I felt unworthy of this opportunity presented to me. I looked up when I heard rustling in the doorway. But how did the angel know to come to the room?

"Are you having trouble sleeping? You are still awake." All I could find myself doing, was nodding meekly in reply, whilst wringing my hands. Without a reply, I watched as he opened his mouth to sing. The most beautiful voice known to mankind could be heard. Maybe he was a fallen angel, come from the heavens, to guard and guide me. The song didn't even finish as my eyelids drooped. The last thing I heard before succumbing to sleep was:

"Sleep Charlene. The Angel of Music will watch over you now, and give you what I wish I could receive somehow..."