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Four Years Earlier

Grand Master Yoda is considered the wisest Jedi in all the order, after all, he was over 800 years old. However, over the past few years, something has been amiss about him. While one might usually have found him teaching younglings or counseling young Jedi, he recently has been going in and out of the library, traveling to different planets, searching for something. Going through many Holocrons stored within the depths of the temple vaults to no avail. One could also find him mediating almost all day, sometimes avoiding sessions of the council and so on. The other Jedi Masters began to worry. What had the Grand Master found that had all his attention?

"With all due respect Master Yoda, I think you should take one of us with you." Mace Windu stated as he and the rest of the Jedi Council had gathered in the temples hanger. Why? It seemed like Master Yoda was going on a journey.

"Go alone, I must. Called to me alone, the Force has" Yoda replied as Mace Windu sighed. Yoda was being quite stubborn about this. Saying how this was the will of the Force.

"But what has attracted your attention for you to be this concerned?" Jedi Master Plo Koon questioned as he stroked his mask. Had the Grand Master seen visions?

"Know, I do not" Yoda replied as he started to board his transport as the Jedi Council looked at each other. So not only was Yoda going on this journey, but he also had no clue as to what he was looking for? The Force did work in mysteries ways it seems…

"If this is what you wise. May the Force be with you" Windu stated as the ramp closed and the ship slowly began to ascend before launching out of the hanger, heading straight towards space and to wherever Yoda had wanted it to go. It would be nearly four years later when Yoda would return.

Present Day

"Holy crap! Look at the size of those buildings!" Naruto shouted out as he marveled at the sight of Coruscant's skyline. They almost reached the heavens above! Yoda smiled at Naruto's enthusiasm. Naruto was still a child, despite the maturity he showed from time to time.

"Vast, the Galaxy is. Much larger structures, there are." Yoda stated as Naruto looked at him in awe. He couldn't imagine structures larger than the ones he was witnessing. It was impossible!

"If you say so…I'm just glad that we're gonna land soon. I was going to go crazy If I had to spend another month in this ship learning Basic." Naruto said with mild annoyance. Hyperspace travel was cool at first, but seeing all the blue, black, and white lights was driving him insane as he studied the primary language of the galaxy. A month of studying had given him a decent understanding of the language, but he still had much to learn about the galaxy as a whole. The light freighter shot through the skylines of Coruscant and approached the Jedi temple. As it approached the hanger, it slowed down and entered the hanger and was quick to land.

"You know, I didn't expect you to be a one hell of a pilot, old man." Naruto complimented Yoda who chuckled in his own way as he jumped out of pilot's chair and began to head out. Naruto was quick to follow as he grabbed his bag, along with a few of the water balloons Yoda had been teaching him with. Naruto was far too excited to learn how to use the Force, and rather rather than punish him for his eagerness, Yoda had opted to use balloons as targets to levitate and toss around, a sort of game of catch where either could only use the force to block the balloons. They were filled with water halfway through the training to increase both the difficulty and the consequences for Naruto. If he pulled them too hard, they would come smacking right into his face and soak him.

"Hey! Wait up!" Naruto shouted out as he ran after Yoda who chuckled while he hobbled out of the ship. Not long after Naruto ran out of the ship after Yoda, he ran face first into something soft, yet firm, and bouncy. It felt like he ran into two plush pillows, and for a moment, he wanted to lie down and take a nap before he came to his senses and realized he had collided into someone's backside.

"Hey! Watch where you're going, brat! Running into me like that..." The person he ran into happened to be a female in her teens. Naruto looked up and almost did a double take. She had shoulder-length, silky blonde hair with a strange looking braid, and pale blue eyes, just like him. The only difference between the two were the skin tone and the fact that Naruto had whiskers on his cheeks. At first, Naruto blushed, but quickly shook his head and stood up.

"Me? You're the one standing in everyone's way!" Naruto yelled back as he shot her a glare. The adolescent girl looked down at him, taken aback by the boy's lip.

"What?! You're the one who was running recklessly through the hanger!" She countered, only to receive a glare from Naruto. If she could call it that. He was pouting and glaring at her and he looked so damn cute doing it too! The fact that his whiskers were adding to his cuteness was just overkill!

The young woman resisted the urge to pinch his cheeks in her hands and let her scowl relax into a more passive expression. Seeing this, Naruto smirked and quickly threw a water balloon at her and it hit her dead on.

"Ha!" Naruto yelled as he chased after Yoda, leaving the young woman in a state of disbelief. Was she really just pranked by a kid? Quickly breaking out of her trance, she turned on her heel and began to chase him, the scowl on her face returning a hundredfold.

"Hold it right there, you brat!" She yelled as Naruto simply laughed as he sprinted down the large hallways, passing Yoda, who shook his head, but you could see a small smile on his face.

"Already causing trouble, is he?" Yoda asked himself with a chuckle as the teen girl ran past him. Naruto ran as fast as he could, turning the corners fast, dodging the many Younglings, Padawan's and even some Jedi Knights. However, this girl wasn't about to give up the chase so easily, she was just as fast as he was and there was no way she wasn't going to teach this prankster a lesson.

"When I get my hands on you!" The female Padawan bellowed down the hall as Naruto laughed at her attempts to catch him.

"How're ya gonna do that with your current speed, slowpoke!" Naruto taunted as he looked back while turning a corner. Big mistake. Once again, he bumped into someone. This time, the force knocked him back on his rear as he looked up. It seemed that he had bumped into a male this time. The young man had short light brown hair with a long braid hanging over the front of his shoulder. His gray-blue eyes gazed down at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Some one stop that ki-…Kenobi?" The girl stopped after rounding the corner. The young man named Kenobi looked up at her and blinked and then back to the child and gave him an amused smile.

"Well hello there." Kenobi said with a small smile as he offered Naruto a hand up.

"Right back at ya." Naruto responded as the female Jedi got a sweat drop.

"R-really? You bump into me...and I get a water balloon in my face, b-but you bump into him and all he gets is a greeting?" She questioned between labored breaths as the adrenaline wore off. Naruto simply shrugged and turned back to her.

"He didn't accuse me of anything." He responded with a smirk as the female fumed at him while the young man chuckled.

"Chasing down younglings again? Maybe you did need to cool off Siri." The man named Kenobi mocked her after noticing her soaked head and robes, the joke at her expense made Naruto burst into a snicker as the young woman rolled her eyes.

"You would be chasing after him too if he threw a water balloon at you." She countered as Kenobi began to laugh.

"Oh dear, it seems that the great Siri Tachi has been outclassed by a youngling." Kenobi stated with a chuckle as Siri growled. However, before she could say anything, she heard a chuckle behind her. Turning around, she was surprised to find Master Yoda.

"Oh, Master Yoda!" She said as she bowed slightly as the Grand Master chuckled.

"Gave you quite the chase, did he?" Yoda questioned as he gestured towards Naruto, who was grinning ear to ear. Kenobi meanwhile observed the conversation.

"Yes, Master Yoda. This brat is surprisingly fast for his age." Siri stated as Naruto gained a tick mark.

"Hey! I'm not a brat! I'm Naruto Uzumaki! Dattebayo!" Naruto shouted, but immediately blushed. His verbal tic was something that he thought he had phased out while learning basic on the way to Coruscant, clearly, he hadn't. Siri had taken notice of his embarrassment and smirked.

"...Dattebay-Oh...? Does someone have an embarrassing verbal tic from his home planet?" She teased as she got down to his level. She had finally got one over on him, and the defeated Naruto could only turn away in embarrassment. Yoda chuckled but started to walk once more.

"Come now, young one. Await us, the council does." Yoda stated as Naruto quickly followed, leaving Siri and Kenobi staring at the two. Naruto turned around briefly and stick his tongue out at Siri while giving her the finger as well. A frustrated huff was all she gave in response.

"Well, that was amusing. Mind telling me who the youngling was?" He inquired as she shook her head.

"I have no clue, one second I'm in the hanger greeting Master Yoda, and the next second some brat runs into my behind." She answered as she sighed and began to head back to the hanger to prep her ship, leaving Kenobi chuckling.

With Yoda and Naruto

As Yoda led Naruto to the council chambers, he thought back to the first year he had been out searching for the source of the disturbance he had felt all those years ago. He remembered how during his travel, he was bombarded by images during his deep meditations.

"A large creature, I saw. And then a child." Yoda thought as he made his way to the chambers. That large fox had given off an aura of power, raw power. Not only that, but it reeked of some sort of dark energy. Not exactly the Dark Side, but it was close enough. He didn't quite know if Naruto was the child he had seen in his visions. He banished those thoughts as the two now stood before the council chambers door.

"Arrived, we have." Yoda stated as Naruto nodded. While Yoda had explained to him on the ship that he would have to train in the ways of the Force, he had also explained that the council would decide if he were to be inducted within the order. Naruto took a deep breath as the council doors swished open. As the two walked in, Naruto looked around the room to find many different species of alien races. Yoda had explained to him that the Galaxy was inhabited by other beings, aliens as they were referred to as. It was a given as Yoda himself was an alien, so it wasn't a hard fact to accept.

"So, these people are all Jedi Masters?" Naruto thought as he looked around the room while Yoda walked up to his chair and sat down in it.

"Master Yoda, we are pleased that see you returned unharmed. How are you feeling?" a man with dark skin started off the pleasantries as everyone nodded. It had been four years since Yoda had left on his journey to the unknown regions. Only the Force knew where he had been as Yoda didn't communicate at all during the long journey.

"Hmm, well I am, Master Windu." Yoda replied as Naruto scoffed as the Jedi Masters turned to him and looked at him with curiosity. Who was this boy that the Grand Master had brought with him? A Force sensitive?

"Well that's quite the understatement. This old man is as healthy as a horse!" Naruto stated as many of the Masters glared at the disrespect shown to Yoda, while some other chuckled at the boy's youthful vigor.

"Show respect to your elders, boy." One snake-like Jedi Master, Oppo Rancisis, tried to reprimand Naruto, Naruto simply shrugged his words off and turned to look back at a smiling Yoda.

"I must say, this is an odd, but welcome surprise." One Plo Koon stated as he chuckled at the boy's attitude, it reminded him much about some of the other Younglings.

"Indeed, though I sense that Master Yoda has something to say regarding the boy?" Kit Fisto spoke up as everyone turned to face Yoda, who simply sat there with an amused smile and eyes closed.

"Hmm, much have I to say. Strong in the Force is the boy. Learn in the ways of the Force and become a Jedi, he must." Yoda proclaimed much to the shock of most of the council. This was a break from tradition!

"I do not mean to question your judgment Master Yoda, but the boy is far too old to-."

"Too old?! I'm barely eight! How could I be too old?" Naruto brazenly interrupted Windu, and act that got him a fierce glare from the Korunnai Jedi Master.

"I sense something...dark in him." Mace Windu stated. Windu had once dabbled with the Dark Side and he could feel something dark within the boy. Naruto narrowed his eyes at the dark-skinned Jedi Master. Those eyes…those were the exact same eyes the villagers threw at him.

"Darkness, I sense in him too, but it is not his." Yoda stated, shocking the council. Was Yoda implying that something resided inside the boy? A sort of spirit maybe?

"If what you say is true, then perhaps the spirit of a Sith resides in him?" Windu questioned, the Sith were experts in such fields and as such, many Sith lords of the past had tied their spirits to objects, waiting to possess some poor fellow that stumbled upon their grave. It may be possible that a Sith was able to hide his spirit away inside another with their knowledge.

"No, not a Sith. A being of the Force, it is not. A spirit of nature, it seems." Yoda clarified as the Jedi Masters looked at each other, wondering what that meant. There weren't many beings that were not of the Force and those that did existed were hard to detect. Only some who was extremely strong with the Force could sense them, and even then, only a few things they could learn about such beings.

"That explains why I can only feel the darkness, not see its origin." Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi stated as the rest seemed to nod at that, though they didn't voice their opinion. At this point Naruto felt like he was being side-line.

"Hey! I'm still here! And I came here to be a Jedi! And I will become a Jedi whether you old fossils allow me or not! No, I'm not just gonna become a Jedi Knight, I'll be the best of the best! I'll become a Grand Master just like Yoda! Dattebayo!" He proclaimed as most of the council looked at him in shock, some like Yoda, Plo Koon, and Kit Fisto smiled at the boy's stalwart determination.

"Become a Jedi, you shall. For I trust in the will of the Force." Yoda stated with a tone that leaved no room for discussion. Some in the council wanted to protest this blunt break away from tradition, while a few were eager to see what this boy would be able to achieve.

"Then might I volunteer to be the boy's instructor?" Plo Koon offered as Yoda hummed, considering the option. A few Jedi Masters, like Kit Fisto, interjected. A Master of order and justice, Plo Koon was. He would be rigid with Naruto and mold him into a Jedi of honor that would uphold the code, even if the initial years of breaking his habits would be most difficult and exceptionally frustrating. But this wasn't anything any Jedi Master couldn't handle, much less a member of the high council like Plo Koon.

"I think it would be wise if I be the boy's instructor, after all, our personalities are quite alike. I'm sure we would have great fun together" Kit Fisto stated. Yoda saw Naruto's eyes lit up at the prospect of having fun while training. Kit Fisto was known to be a rather relaxed Jedi Master, not afraid to show his emotions. He would be a master that would nurture Naruto's eager nature, but also rein in the more unfavorable recklessness of it.

"I too volunteer to be the boy's instructor. I sense great power within him, power that needs to be refined and perfected." Shaak Ti offered to some surprise. She had remained quiet until now. As a Togruta from Shili, Shaak Ti was a master of stealth, but also a master of words. Naruto had told Yoda he been training as a ninja on his homeworld, and he would definitely excel in that aspect under Shaak Ti. Not to mention she might teach him to talk his way out of a fight instead of rushing in headfirst.

"With all due respect Master Yoda, if this dark energy within him tries to control the boy, then maybe it is best if I become his instructor. Out of us all, I have the strongest connection to the dark side. Even if it is not of the Force, it is definitely a dark entity." Mace Windu stated, once again shocking many. He was against the boy's induction to the Order and now he wanted to be his instructor? Yoda hummed, taking into consideration everything he knew about Naruto, his personality, his lifestyle and that of the Masters that had volunteered. Mace would have been the safest choice for Naruto's master, but was the safest Master necessarily the best one?

"Be his instructor, Master Plo Koon, will be. Teach him to be calm and collected, he will. Control the darkness within, Naruto will. Trust in the Force, we must." Yoda answered as Plo Koon nodded and stood up and approached Naruto.

"Well then, I shall be your instructor and hopeful Master. Come with me, young one. We should find you a room." Plo Koon spoke as Naruto slowly nodded. Even though he couldn't see the eyes of this man, or even most of his face, there was this voice in the back of his head telling him to trust this man.

"About time. The sooner we get started, the faster I can become Grand Master!" Naruto stated as Plo Koon chuckled.

"Patience is the beginnings of a Jedi. It would do you well to lull your anticipations." Plo Koon stated as Naruto rolled his eyes. Yoda however chuckled at that statement. It seems like Plo Koon unknowingly embarked the same lesson Yoda had when they first met. With that said, Plo Koon led Naruto out of the chambers and to the quarters where the Younglings lived. Plo Koon said as they walked that today Naruto would have for himself, exploring the temple, but tomorrow the training would begin. With that said, Naruto began to explore the temple, passing by may Younglings, Padawan's, Knights and Masters. As he passed some of the class, something caught his attention.

In one of the classrooms, a blue skin female was practicing lightsaber form. Not that Naruto knew what it was called, but she was practicing Jar'kai, using her two lightsabers, one blue and the other green, to deflect multiple blasts from training remotes. Her movements were graceful, with not a movement wasted. His attention was shifted to the female youngling. She was perhaps a couple of years older than him, but what interested him more was species she was. Those strange looking appendages on her head had Naruto scanning through his memories. He was sure he had seen someone like her in the books he read. What was she called again? Ah, a Twi'lek!

"She's pretty…" Naruto thought with a blush before he froze as he saw her looking at him. With him being distracted by her beauty and grace, she was easily able to walk up to him with a frown on her face.

"What are you looking at?" She questioned as Naruto blinked before he gave out a nervous laugh.

"A-Ah nothing! I-I was just thinking how pretty you looked." His nervousness and lack of vocabulary resulted in him over-praising her, and he berated himself for his stupidity as the female Twi'lek's blush settled in, a look of confusion and embarrassment on her slender face. That was not one of the responses she had expected. "A-ah, I mean... how pretty it was the way you moved your lightsabers around? It was really cool like 'woosh, woosh'. Yeah, that's... all I meant..." his words trailed off, as his mind congratulated him for his amazing save.

"W-Whatever. You should be in your classes, not roaming about." She stated as she turned on her heels and walked off, hiding her blush. Naruto however, could only blink and wondered what was that all about? Naruto began to walk back to his room before colliding face first into a firm, flat surface after rounding a corner. He concluded it was the very toned abdominal muscles of another Jedi.

"Watch where you're - again?! You really need to watch where you're going, brat?" Naruto heard a familiar voice. Looking up to meet them, he looked up to find the teen Jedi he had ran into earlier.

"It's you! What was your name? Seer? Sira? Sera?" Naruto fumbled through familiar sounding names as the female Jedi resisted the urge to facepalm, her name wasn't that hard dammit!

"My name is Siri, Siri Tachi!" She corrected him as he shrugged.

"Close enough." He responded. Siri simply sighed, this boy was a riot, she was sure of that. She looked at him, this time with a serious face. She had heard that there was a new Youngling that was inducted into the Order. It seems that news traveled fast.

"So, you're the new youngling? I heard that your instructor is going to be Master Plo Koon." She stated as Naruto grinned, that grin of his practically lighted up the large hallway like the twin Suns of Tatooine.

"Yup! And I'm going to be the greatest Jedi there ever existed!" He proclaimed, causing her to raise an eyebrow.

"That's quite the goal, after all, there have been many great Jedi." Siri stated in feigned interest as Naruto crossed his arms and gave her a determined look.

"So? I'll be better than you in no time!" Naruto rebuked as she chuckled at him.

"Really? Well, I would love to see that happen." She said in amusement as Naruto narrowed his eyes.

"You don't think I can do it, do you?" He questioned as she shook her head with a chuckle.

"No, I don't doubt you, after all, the Force works in mysterious ways. Anything's possible if you work hard enough." She replied sarcastically as Naruto narrowed his eyes at her in brief suspicion before he smiled and jumped up in excitement, clearly missing the point. This was the first time, other the Yoda, that anyone believed that he would be able to achieve his goal. He might have annoyed her, but Siri didn't have the heart to crush his newfound joy with the truth.

"I'm surprised that the Jedi council let you in, I mean, you're what? Six years old, short stuff? That's still too old to be inducted into the Order. I more surprised that your family allowed you to leave." She wondered, however, why Naruto's expression had shifted so suddenly when he heard the word family. She looked down at him and wondered why his mood did a one-eighty. From that aloof, whimsical boy she was talking to earlier his mood had changed to one of sulking depression.

"Hey, you alright?" She questioned not knowing that had caused the mood change. Naruto simply stood staring at the ground.

"I-I don't have any family, I'm a... what's the word for someone with no parents?" He answered as she realized her mistake.

"Oh…I'm sorry, I wasn't aware you were an orphan." She stated as Naruto wiped his tears, shook his head, and gave her a big smile.

"Nah it's alright, you didn't know. Besides, no good comes out of crying over spilled milk." Naruto responded cheerfully. He learned early that crying about it would do nothing, it wasn't going to bring back his parents back, or make other people care about him. So, he simply gave up on crying about anything too much. It was easier for him to just keep on moving rather than asking questions that he would never have answers to.

"I don't know much about my family you know. I was too young to remember when the Jedi came. For us, families are forbidden, love is forbidden. Along with many other things." Siri stated as Naruto snorted.

"Really? How can someone protect the Galaxy if they don't care about the people that they swear to protect? When I become Grand Master, I'll change some of these stupid rules!" Naruto claimed as she looked at him in surprise.

"You shouldn't say things like that, it's not that we don't care, we just shouldn't get too attached. Some of the Masters might take great offense if you try to change the sacred traditions of the Jedi." She explained him, thought she herself didn't know her position on the matter.

"Then let them be mad, I'm not going to stop talking about an issue just because of few old farts are upset." Naruto answered her as she shook her head, but smiled. The boy reminded her of herself. Strong, determined, hotheaded. They could pass as siblings had Naruto not have whiskers and his tan skin.

"Well then, how about we break one of the traditions?" She offered as Naruto raised an eyebrow before he grinned.

"Sure!" He answered as she giggled and got down to his level and extend her hand out to him.

"How about we become family? Little brother?" She placed her other hand on his shoulder as Naruto's baby blues stared back into her sky-blue eyes, visibly shocked at what he had just heard. All his life he had wanted a family. It didn't even have to be a family, just someone that would acknowledge him for who he was. And now, here was someone, someone who barely knew him, offering him that. He didn't know when, but tears started to stream down his cheeks as he extended his small hand out and grabbed hers.

"H-Hi lady. My name's Naruto Uzumaki, and I'm eight, by the way. Not six." He answered with a genuine smile. Siri smiled at him as she pulled him into a hug.

"You're pretty short then for an eight-year-old, little brother. My name is Siri Tachi, remember? And I'm still only seventeen, so you'd better cut it out with that lady stuff, okay?" She hadn't realized it yet, but she had just affected the future of the Galaxy unknowingly. 'Beneath that silliness of his, he's still just a child.' She thought as she let him cry on her shoulder.

Unknown Location

Deep within a sewer system, one could find a large gate. A gate to a prison cell. The two large fixtures were held together with a paper of some kind. Behind the gate, one could find a shadowy figure. It was large, very large. The few features one could make out of it were the eyes and the ears.

"What is this? Why can't I feel any Chakra around me?" The figure or rather the creature questioned itself. The inability to sense the Chakra outside was confusing it to no end. It tried to push a strange red energy through the gate, the energy was shot right back at him. The creature growled at his failed attempt.

"Damn you, Fourth! I hope you rot in the Shinigami's stomach for all of eternity!" The creature roared at no one other than a dead man. It growled in frustration at being a prisoner for the third time and this time in a child no less!

"No matter, I will break free from this prison soon enough." The creature claimed as if it was its destiny to break free from this prison of his. Its red slitted eyes closed as the creature began to rest. It would need its energy later it.

With Yoda

Yoda opened his eyes as he frowned. There it was again, that disturbance in the Force, but this time it was closer, a lot closer. This confirmed his suspicions. It seems like Naruto was the cause of the disturbance he had felt now and he did four years before. Whatever it was, he could feel a dark energy of sorts before it quickly faded it away, it faintly reminded of the energy he had felt in his vision four years ago.

"Fox, it was. Trapped it is, inside Naruto? Hmm, more mediation, I need." Yoda thought as he closed his eyes and began to meditate once more. Allowing the Force to guide him. His mind and senses were enhanced, but surroundings changed to that of a forest. Ahead of him, was a large beast, it's nine tails lashing out at everything, however, at that moment it's tails and body were held down by golden chains. He turned to look towards the origin of the chains, but saw nothing, as if there was a cloud in front of him. Before he could investigate any further, a tall figure, clad in some sort of black armor appeared before him.

"Now you die, Jedi." He heard a sinister echoing voice as the armored figure raised a red saber and brought it down at him. At that moment, Yoda opened his eyes. He turned towards the window and noticed that the sun had already set. He frowned as thought about the vision he had just seen, part of it was the past, the other a possible future.

"Clouded, the future is. Work of the Dark Side, this must be." Yoda thought. What was the Force trying to tell him? First it threw some visions of the past, a past that was mostly Naruto's, that he was sure of. But it was the possible visions of the future that confused him. The armored figure, the red lightsaber, and just the overall feeling of the Dark Side made him realize something; the Sith might not be as extinct as the Jedi's had thought.

"Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future. Clouded by the Dark Side, it is." Yoda thought as he decided to turn in for the day. He would meditate more on this later.

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