FLASH! The winged beast dive bombed the bounty hunter, as tall as house and as long as a bus,

claws sharp as a nicodrian blade and as shiny and glowing as the sun in midday, his scales rough and

sharp enough as to cut a hand off by a simple touch, if not for her armor, that's the very thing that

would have happed, battling the beast is the legendary Samus Aran, tales of her adventures spread far

across the galaxy, her armor made an unknown Chozo metal, lightweight yet strong, made by the

mysterious Chozo race of bird people specifically for her, she battles the Cunning god of Death,

otherwise known as the space pirate Ridley! Her shield on its last legs, she quickly switches to her

missiles, one more, if she misses this shot she is dead, the beast is heading right for her, she can feel the

heat of his breath getting hotter and hotter as he moves closer, she loads her arm cannon, closer, she stands up, closer, she takes aim, closer, as the terrifying foe is about to ram her, BOOM! Right into

the mouth of the beast, its massive hull falls to the ground, deceased? Most likely not, as he somehow

finds a way to bother her on almost every mission, but for now, that was the end of it, brushing herself

off she stands up,

"I'm getting the heck out of here, this place creeps me out,"

she thinks, looking around at the ruins of the temple that once was, she was sent on a scouting mission

to a mysterious planet, as she could see it was once a thriving city, hardly

recognizable as one now, plants covered any remnant of metal anywhere, giving the place a strange,

geometrical forest shape, the trees stretching taller than the tallest building, sunlight creeping through

the treetops, just as she was about to turn and leave, a small furry creature darted under her feet,

tripping her and making her fall to the

ground, brushing herself off, she sees something on a nearby wall,


she says, Nearby were images on the wall, paintings that may shed light on the history of the strange planet,

She steps closer to the wall and scans the images,

"no info huh?"

Scanning again to no avail, she looks upon the paintings, they showed a small creature with large ears, in

its hand was a sword, though not a typical blade it seemed, it was green in color and had a sort of glow

to it, Behind the creature a large group of men dressed in white, the detail of the mask was similar

to that of her own, in the hand of each was a gun, looking farther she saw what looked like simplistic

droids, light brown on spindly legs, they seemed like they should be easily overpowered, though looking

further she sees another variety, this kind having a grew/silver color, and being much more strong and

bulky looking, with an arm cannon much like

hers, the droids had large tanks and vehicles to better mobilize the army,

streaks of red covered the paintings, though not blood, it seemed as if the streaks were the bullets

themselves, as she looks on she sees people in robes, each with a glowing blade of their own, though

mostly blue and green, some stood out, such as a darker colored figure with a purple blade, fascinated

by all this, she takes pictures, knowing she needs to get out before someone discovers her presence,

she turns on her intercom,

"hello commander, I got something you might want to see."