In an effort to get more in touch with my feminine side, I bring to you my very own BV 3 year gap story. I can't believe I haven't written one yet! You guys are in for a treat! :)

Call Me Maybe, by Di-chan

Bulma was sitting in her backyard with an iced banana pie pumpkin latte, wearing her favorite red bikini as she soaked up some rays and listened to her favorite 2010 pop bands. Like Justin Barry Benson Beeber (omfg i love him sooooo much!)

"Wow, what a day! It's so nice and relax."

"I'll say," said Yamcha, her boyfriend. He tipped his fedora to her and said, "And might I say, you look dashing today, m'lady."

"Aww, why thank you," said Bulma, rolling her eyes behind her Paris Hilton sunglasses, though batting her pretty eyelashes all the same. Yamcha was going to be her husband someday, and Bulma was OK with that. Except when a Saiyan space ship landed in her yard.

"OH FUDGEPOPS!" said Yamucha, hopping backward as the ground shook.

"Gee willickers!" said Vegeta, stepping out of his pod. "Who put this garden gnome where my ship supposed to land?"

"HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!" said the 90's laugh track from Full House.

"Oh, it's just Vegeta," said Bulma, and she sipped her latte. His abs rippled mighty scantily in his battle gi,, and his butt was STUCK. Pow, right in the retinas. Her nipples grew three sizes that day, but oh no! She had to stop that train of thought, because her boyfriend Yamcha would know and get mad.

"Vegeta, you rascal," said Yamcha, hooking his arm around the irate saiyan. "Why don't we head inside and catch the game. I herd you like baseball."

"Can it, dweeb," said Vegeta, pushing Yamcha into the nearest trashcan. Then he sauntered up to BUlma and said, "Woman, I need a vessel in which to plant my babyseed and produce spawn. Do you volunteer, or do I have to waste time seducing you?"

"You jerk! You pushed Yamcha in the garbage. Shame on you!" said Bulma, throwing a handful of dirt at Vegeta.

It would seem his work was cut out for him

Or was it?

3 days earlier'

Bulma went to the wishing well in her neighborhood town and threw a penny in it.

"Oh please, I grant my wish. I wish for true love to find me and whisk me away."

Shenlong, 300 miles east, sweatdropped, wondering why that lazy woman didn't just gather all the durn tootin draggin balls and ask him. He could grant a wish better than a silly old penny!

to be continued

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