Call Me Maybe, by Di-chan

"WHAT?!" said Yamcha. "But that's cheating."

"It's only cheatin if I lie about it and I'm not lying," said Bulma, tossing her bathrobe on. "I'm gonna go have sex with Vegeta and get it over with. Then we'll be all good."

"All good? ALL GOOD?" Yamcha grabbed her by the shoulders with tears running down his cheeks. "How can you say this is all good? My penis isn't enough for you. You should have never wished me back to life. I could be boning dead space chicks on King Kai's planet, but no. I came back to get cucked by me own GEE EFF. This is literally the worst thing to ever happen to another man in the history of time and space, in every dimension."

"Get over it," said Bulma, and she left the room, her pussy juices directing her like a compass toward Vegeta's gravity room. The sex was cumming.

to be continued

Guest: Yes it is wholesome its a storee about luv and friedship, which u would know if yu could read
Koudelkaerith: That's what she said.
Guest: I'll keep that in mind.
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