Okay, for everyone, the thing I posted back in April... that my friends and I suppose some pissed off people now... it was a troll. That had nothing to really do with the story about to come.

Chapter 1:

Grumbling under her breath, a woman clad in a thick red hoodie took a seat with a frown as she rested against the brick work. She knew that it was only going to be a matter of time until her blonde friend came walking down the alleyway to try and grief her for some new reason or half truth that he had been told.

Opening her eyes to look at the sky, she couldn't help but laugh a little. No matter how imposing it seemed to be to countless other people who had met her down here, but to her there was always a comfort she found being back in her old alleyway.

The sights, smells, noises and even a little bit of the taste that got caught in the back of her throat each time she walked into the urine soaked, rat infested alleyway just never seemed to change. Even down to how the sky never seemed to change from it's constant grey hue, the cars never seemed to move and how the wind just blew in a chill that she actually couldn't believe how much she enjoyed this home away from home.

Closing her eyes, she just breathed in what she felt like she was missing in life. She felt like she was going to be content with what was to come. Even if it meant that at any minute her little peaceful world was going to be shattered.

"What are you doing down here!?" Ruby heard being yelled causing her to crack an eye open to look at a woman holding a stack of cardboard under her arm. Ruby couldn't help but laugh at the idea of this woman not knowing who she was talking to.

"Just sit down. I'm not going to be here long. Just enjoying my old home." The woman wearing a red hoodie said as she closed her eyes again.

"Well it is mine now. Get out of here." The woman said causing the red hoodie wearing woman just to smirk a little. Seeing as the intruder wasn't going to leave, the newcomer tossed down the stack of cardboard and spoke up. "Not many Humans would want to stay this close to the Menagerie."

"Not many humans are friends with the current leader of the White Fang and his brother. I just happen to be the exception to prove the rule. You can call me Red." Red said as she just started to take in a deep breath.

"Shoot up, or spark up, or do whatever it is you do. Just don't tell me you are a failed functional drunk. I'm not going to call the cops on you. Knowing my girl she already called them, and I don't want to go back just yet." Red continued as she clasped her hands into each other on her stomach.

She almost laughed as she heard some grumbling coming from the woman. It was actually laughable to Red. "Look, I'm an ex heroin junkie. How do you think I'm friends with one of the largest drug dealers in the kingdom? I honestly don't care. I'm literally here to punish my fiancee. And if I really want some... I'm going to say ice I do know how to make my own, and who to go to if I really want some right now.." Red continued as she could hear some shifting around.

"Wrong." the woman spoke causing Red to open her eyes to see the woman holding something in her pocket. Causing a smirk to develop on her face.

"Doesn't change anything. You aren't exactly the decrypted type that naturally sleeps on streets, not an abuse victim trying to run, that is clear from how you know what to do, you're not a casual stoner getting punished by some parents. So that leaves a hard drug user. Question isn't so much what drug as it is why do it? Seeking the cheap pain relief type or the being seconds away from killing yourself while not high type." Red continued as she closed her eyes and just tried to visualise the problem at hand as she just knew it wasn't going to be long before her monkey friend came to get her.

Opening her eyes once more she could see some shifting of the dark rose coloured hair just behind the hat. "Or the thrill type. Interesting." Red continued standing up and stretching a little. Even with how little she had been sitting there, she had gotten stiff against the solid concrete and brick building. "Final guess, I'd say DMT? doesn't really matter to me. Go to someone who cares. Speaking from a laundry list of experience, when they shouldn't accept you back they will anyway. My friend who got sent out to find me should be coming any minute. So I should be waiting for him."

Flicking the hair in front of her hand up, the woman sitting down just rolled her eye. "Going to be hard for them to accept me when I ran years ago with two eyes into the arms of a horrid man and he did this." the venom she spat was enough to make the standing woman just chuckle a little.

"Just some face mutilation? Don't get me wrong that is bad, but I've been forced to fuck dogs to stay warm in the dead of winter in Atlas. I've had my tubes almost forcibly tied because I fell pregnant with a child after whoring myself out. And worse of all, I sat about where you are sitting because she was horrid and did it not to prove what she could do to me, but the fact she was bored... I wanted to be back in her arms."

"RED! Is your ass down there!" The woman sitting down could hear being yelled down the alleyway causing her to groan a little before wrapping her arms around herself and turning around to facing the wall as she laid down and closed her eye.

Smirking a little, Red reached into her pocket and pulled out a green note from her fist. "Here, I don't need this. I only ask is that you at the least give your family a call. Even if it is just heavy breathing. They are probably worried about you." Red said tossing the banknote by the wall. Without saying anything, Red flicked her hood up and started to walk out of the room. "I'm coming Dumbass."

"Good, go back to Tall Red. Because if she text blocks me again, I'm going to throw my phone at her, and buy you your own phone for her to spam calls to." The blonde monkey Faunus said waiting at the end of the alleyway.

Red just shook her head at the idea of him standing there looking exhausted it was a little funny to her. She was actually debating if it would be worth it just to turn around and start walking back towards the other exit. If just so she could piss him off further.

"Just shut up Dumbass. I'm sure she only gave you half the story. Now lead the way to the diner. I'm starving." Red said with a smile on her face as she started to wince at the bright lights of the street lights coming on. That was when a thought clicked, she might have felt comfort in the cramped area that was at one point her alley, but it just never seemed to be the same type of comfort that she got being with Sun.

"I think it is your turn to buy anyways." the Faunus said with a smile as Red just rolled her eyes.

"I cooked for you literally five hours ago. That counts." Red said as the Faunus just smirked.

"If I didn't know better I'd swear you got Tall Red to cook. But it didn't taste burnt." The Faunus said causing just a chuckle to come from his friend.

Yawning as she closed her eyes, and giving the blankets a sharp tug upwards just so it covered her shoulders, the brunette turned around to face the wall. She could hear the door fly open causing a small groan to almost slip out.

She knew what this was about, but she really didn't want to be a part of this. This had been one of modern things that she realised only recently was super annoying. Even if she knew their intention wasn't to be annoying her, it just never seemed to go their way.

"Come on Ruby. Get up. It won't be much longer." She could hear her mother call out to her trying to coax her out of the comforts that was a warm bed and cozy blanket wrapped around her. Something that Ruby was actually debating if it was going to be worth it to just hold her breath until she passed out just so she could stay in the comfort. "Ruby, next time I'm sending up Yang. She even came by to help us.

Grumbling as she sat up, Ruby just started to rub her eyes. "I regret telling you guys about that." Ruby muttered as she could almost feel her mom's beaming confidence sweep over to the bed she was resting in and taking a seat just next to her.

"Which part? The telling us you and Pyr are now engaged? Or the fact that Pyr was the one to pop the question?" Ruby could just hear through her closed eyes the sound of her blonde sister posing that question. It was almost laughable to her, but she couldn't laugh at it. Not yet anyway.

"Neither. This is all because Mom wants me to wear a wedding dress, and for the last three days since I got back from Mistral to keep me here to convince me to wear one." Ruby said as she could hear a chuckle coming from the doorway as she started to stretch. She was exhausted by this entire thing and her day really is just starting. "Now can we please just accept I don't want to be in a dress, and I can go back to Pyrrha? She probably isn't doing too well after her mother snubbed us at every turn. She didn't even get to tell her devout Mother about her engagement."

"Pyrrha is staying with Nora. And last I heard Nora is trying to convince her to wear a suit made out of something she calls butt silk. Apparently that is meant to mean something not revolting." Yang continued as Ruby just groaned once more.

"She means spider silk. And Pyrrha won't agree to that. She doesn't like wearing suits. Meanwhile I may not like it but it has been made painfully clear I'm not going to be allowed to wear what I want now can everyone get out of my room so I can put clothes on?" Ruby finished her tirade as she could hear some recognition as to the fact she was still naked.

Hearing some shuffling out of her room followed by her door closing, Ruby just smiled and breathed a sigh of relief. She had to admit despite all of this, she was actually somewhat happy that they had at least let up on their unrealistic pressure they'd place on her. It was probably the only reason she could stay in the house at any point.

"Fine, I'll go make some breakfast before we go dress shopping." Summer said as she walked over to the door, shoving her blonde daughter out at the same time before closing it tightly behind her.

Just the sight of the duo rushing out of the room caused a small chuckle to come from Ruby. "You'd swear they had never seen me naked before." Ruby muttered as she threw the blanket off her self and begun to roll out of the bed. She was already dreading the day to come being filled with her shooting down every possible dress that came up and she was forced into, but she had to admit that she wouldn't want it any other way really.

Red smiled as she picked up some of the greasy fries and began to shove them into her mouth. She had to admit it was a bit of a shock that the reason she ran wasn't brought up yet, but it was a nice surprise considering who she was sitting across from.

"So, you gonna tell me why you and Neptune broke up? Because I know you aren't that kinky and are open to trying anything." Red asked as she could hear a groan coming from her blonde friend.

"You gonna tell me why you ran like a bitch from Tall Red's? Because all I got from her was 'Ruby ran, and I'm worried she is going to throw away nearly five years of a clean life because something I said.' and then she hung up. I think that is what pisses me off the most." the blonde man stated as he grabbed some of the food off his friend's plate.

"Tell me why you and Neptune broke up first. I promised your family that I'd get that."

"Red, I've known you for nine years. I know that once I tell you I'll have no bargaining power. So spill. You aren't shooting up again are you?"

"You made sure that would be next to impossible, but no. I'm not doing drugs. I just like the alleyway." Ruby continued as she picked up some more of the fries before sighing. "And she wrote an entire freaking psychology paper about me and my relationship with Weiss. And apparently it is being used to create some psychological experiments. And I really don't think that load of crap should be given more credence. It is one of many fake sciences. Now spill." Ruby continued, already drained from having explained that entire thing.

Groaning, the blonde reached over and grabbed some more of the food that he knew once he explained the reason he was going to be denied some of the food. "Sun. I know your 'stashing food in case she is going to smack my hand' look. Just tell me."

"He wanted me to quit my job doing what I love, and go back to school so I could study something so I'd be in a safer job." Sun muttered as he could hear an 'ah' of understanding coming from his friend. "But let's get out of this depressing topic. When are we having that kick ass party with strippers, booze and a lot of money changing hands. I mean you are getting married in a week. And Tall Red has already had her I assume very boring one."

"I don't know. You are the best man. You are meant to be the one to organise that. And I swear if you leave it to the last minute so I have to marry Pyrrha hungover, I'm going to stab you. And run the shit by Pyrrha too. Because I want her to know the things are yours and probably Adam's ideas. And I have to say this make sure Yang is at least invited."

"But she is always a buzz kill. Not to mention when she gets mad, it hurts. A lot. And we both know how Adam is around humans. It will end up with a knife being pulled and one or both of them going to the hospital." Sun said with a groan as he flailed his arms lightly. He knew that this was going to be a hard thing to do, and really just the thought of being in the same building as his ex even if it meant save his brother or friend's sister was enough to make him second guess wanting to potentially help him.

"I'll tell your brother to drop it. You tell Yang that she needs to relax at the party, and for the love of Ba'al you need to tell your family why you and a very successful boyfriend broke up is because he wanted you to trade happiness for safety. Because I'm getting tired covering your ass. Honestly between your siblings, your parents, and your grandparents I must have said the phrase 'I don't know why Dumbass broke up with Neptune' a thousand times." Ruby said causing the blonde to slump down onto the table, resting his head on his crossed arms.

Frowning as could feel his phone vibrate in his pocket, and could already tell who it was from how it hadn't seemed to stop since he left the bar he was at. "But I have Tall Red, and Mama calling me... and I think Cat is going to be trying in an hour or two. I think we are even." Sun muttered as he started to try to carefully move the plate towards him. "Now, are you gonna go back to Tall Red? Because she is panicking, and I'm pretty sure she has already called the cops to try and fill out a missing person's thingy."

"I will in an hour or so. That always was the plan. I suppose the only decent thing is the fact she did keep Weiss and my names out of it... she did steal my moniker though. Soon it is gonna be known that 'Red' is nothing but a dumb bitch that should have seen the words written on the wall. And it is gonna be known throughout the stupid shrink circles." Ruby muttered as she just pushed the plate towards her friend.

"Yeah, the people in our friend's circle aren't in that. And I'm like ninety percent sure that crap Cat and her were arguing about would mean that she certainly wouldn't tell them you and Red are the same person."

"They were arguing about dresses. It had literally nothing to do with ethics. But I hate to admit it you are right. It would be career suicide." Ruby muttered as she could see Sun sitting up and stretching with a loud yawn. "Come on. You go pay. I'll buy the snacks for a movie marathon of our favourite movie type."

"Embarrassing movies Tall Red did when she was a child star that she still feels embarrassed by?"

"Duh. I'll even buy some booze. Because I really want to get sloppy drunk tonight. Force Pyrrha to take care of a hung over me on her only day off before the wedding. Least she can do." Ruby pouted as she could see her friend chuckle at the idea of how that was meant to punish Pyrrha. He knew that she loved taking care of Ruby and Ruby loved taking care of Pyrrha. It was one of the funniest things he had ever had the pleasure of witnessing.

"Sure. But this all reminds me, Mom asked and wants to know if you can make her some more of those black forest cupcakes. Because my Aunt Glados ate a lot of them. Then complained how it wasn't cake." Sun said causing Ruby to just groan loudly again.

"Probably not till after I'm married. Because those take like five hours to make." Ruby stated as the duo started to climb out of the booth they were sitting in. "Now come on. I want to see that scene with the 'bad doggy' before she wants to go to bed. And that means I also need to get really really drunk before then as well." Ruby stated as she could see her friend just chuckle at the idea of how the woman was going to react.

"Fine. Fine. I'm coming. Just remember, chocolate banana chillies are needed. And peanuts. And popcorn. And I suppose something healthy as well. Like those gummy cherries you can buy for like eight lien per a five pound bag." Sun said stretching knowing that his friend was probably going to have some quip but it didn't matter to him really, as long as he could spend time with his friend who seemingly after everything she had been through, was able to achieve her happily ever after.

Author's Note:

Okay, so yes the previous thing was a troll. This is the real deal, and I'm not going to try and break my record of 31 for 30 from the last one. Because that takes a lot out of you.