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Wincing a little as she rolled over and hit the ground, Ruby started to grumble as she could see red filling her vision once she cracked an eye open. She wasn't sure how, but she just knew that she was going to have to kill her sister in law. The question really for Ruby was what was stopping her? She was already sleeping on the couch for making a single fat joke.

"Octavia, you best have a good reason." Ruby complained as she raised a hand to start to rub her eyes. She was already starting to regret agreeing to her mother's constant browbeating into grandchildren.

"Yeah, it is like eight, and you promised last night that you would make breakfast because Pyr wants to sleep in and Nora and Ren are coming over as well with the and I can't believe I'm saying this... her sloth baby... for the first excursion out." Octavia said as she walked over to take a seat on the chair facing Ruby.

'Nah Pyrrha. I don't know where your sister went off to. But how about I go get some stuff of that pickle and cranberry flavoured ice cream you've taken a liking for? She wouldn't buy that one. And if I have to make that ice cream flavour again I might just kill someone else.' Ruby thought as she let out a small groan as she snapped her hand away from her face. She was already exhausted by this whole forced to not barf from Pyrrha's late night cravings that she keeps waking Ruby up for.

"I prepared most of the stuff last night when your sister woke me up at three in the morning to make sardine and grapefruit ice cream with a hollandaise sauce coating it." Ruby said as she could see the teen covering her mouth as though she was just as close as Ruby had been last night when she had been told that last night.

"Is that why you were sleeping on the couch? Because that seems like a beyond reasonable trade off."

"No... that came from me saying if she kept eating all that dairy she is going to get fat enough we won't need to feed the munchkin for a few months after it is born." Ruby started as she started to sit up straight continuing to rub her eyes. "And I know, it is stupid. And I guarantee the second that gets back to my mother I'm going to get crucified." Ruby continued as she could just hear the sneer from the woman sitting on the chair.

"Yeah, when you get married and possibly get pregnant than you can judge. And knowing your sister and how hormonal she is, chances are I'm already going to get yelled at because I didn't spoon her all night. And then come lunch time she'll forgive me. And then by dinner she'll want you to leave for an hour to two for some alone time... then yell at me again." Ruby recanted off as she could see the teen just shiver violently at what Ruby knew she was gleaming from the context.

Something that Ruby had at least partially intended. She just had to think of a way to shift the conversation from her being in trouble with her sister in law for making a single off coloured joke. "Anyways... you should probably go wake up Sun." Ruby complained as she started to stretch as she debated if she should just contemplate running now. It would probably be the easiest with Sun asleep.

"I still don't see why we had to move from the apartment... he would have been out here with you." Octavia said as she started to stand up slightly exhausted as Ruby started to sigh from having to explain this once again.

"An apartment for two can hold at max three people comfortably. Possibly four if they were about my height. But add in a future munchkin and Sun who keeps drinking in nightclubs in this area five miles from his apartment... we needed more room." Ruby complained as she started to stand up, a little exhausted already by the extent of her sleep deprivation. It was just making her want to go back to heroin just so she could withstand the constant crucifixion she had been building herself up to. "And once he is up, you should go ask your sister what weird possibly vomit inducing concoction of food she wants." Ruby stated as Octavia rolled her eyes and started to walk out of the room.

Groaning herself, Ruby started to walk towards the kitchen. Just going to accept that she couldn't run and expect her mother and father to not hunt her down and drag her back by ear being the best case scenario. But at the very least she knew that in a matter of twelve weeks she could be holding her child. A thought that between the major panic and extreme ecstatic mood, she had constantly been leaning towards.

As she came to a stop in the kitchen, Ruby turned to the fridge and frowned at the disarray it had been left in. 'I seriously need to smack him with a frying pan one of these days. Least he can do is not wreck the fridge.' Ruby thought as she started to pull out the parts she needed.

A little glad that she could hear some footsteps leading towards the coffee machine meaning it would only be one person. Something that was confirmed by the sound of the radio being flicked on. "Sun... I'm going to tell you this one last time. Wreck my fridge, I'll wreck your face."

"Red... it is too early. There however is an extra mouth you might need to feed. I don't even remember his name. Or any sort of promises... I do remember he was kind of kinky." Sun muttered as Ruby turned around to glare at him harshly. "I'm trying to remember Red. Seriously I did a few hits of ecstasy, and drank a lot." Sun continued as Ruby rolled her eyes as she walked towards the hanging pans.

"Seriously? Since when do you do ecstasy?" Ruby said as she debated if she wanted to smack the pan on the counter running the risk of damaging the counter and pan just to get back at her friend. "And more importantly that isn't an excuse I'd value for wrecking my fridge." Ruby continued as the man just frowned at the simple statement as he reached towards one of the mugs resting next to the machine.

"I'm not some addict. I only do it when I go out to a nightclub... so relax. As for the fridge, you need to stop hiding the good shit on me." Sun said with a yawn as Ruby just shook her head as she placed the pan on the stove as she could hear a duo of foot falls leading towards the kitchen just causing Ruby to smile at the fact that she knew who it was.

"Well, I don't have shit ready for an extra mouth Sun. So get him out." Ruby said calmly and as near a whisper as she could as to not alert Pyrrha and make her mad all over again. Especially if it is from something she had no way in preventing.

Turning towards the stairs, Ruby smiled at the sight of Pyrrha walking down them carefully as Ruby started to walk towards her wrapping her in a tight hug. Just the fact they had spent a night apart by a matter of feet still felt too far for Ruby's liking. Especially with the fact that it was nearly getting to the point that any second Pyrrha could go into labour.

Planting a chaste kiss on Pyrrha's lips, Ruby just smiled as she pulled back and stared into the emerald eyes. It was as though the world only truly mattered to her at that moment. "So you have a seat, and tell me what you want to eat." Ruby demanded in a caring tone as Pyrrha just smiled at her and let her walk her towards the table.

"I'm not sure what I want. But I did forget to tell you last night that your sister is coming along with your parents and Blake. Part of Yang's anger therapy is to actually be in the room with you. So don't antagonise her." Pyrrha stated as Ruby just took a deep breath at her plan being ruined in the seemingly shortest space of time.

Turning around to face Sun, Ruby glared at him as though to say that his mystery partner still had to leave as she walked towards the kitchen Sun yawned as he stood up and started to walk back up the stairs.

"Any other mouths extra I need to feed? Like is Blake bringing Emerald?" Ruby asked as Octavia rolled her eyes as she walked into the kitchen with Ruby as to help her at least a little.

"Let's give Yang one stressor at a time. Just be glad that your sister is clearly finally ready to talk to you again after a year." Pyrrha said as she started to rub her swollen stomach.

"I am happy for that. I just wish that I knew the exact number of people I was going to feed because this kind of throws my plan out." Ruby began as she started to walk back towards the fridge to contemplate how she would change what she was doing just to make sure that everyone got enough. But she supposed that as long as Pyrrha got enough that was all that really mattered to her.

"I love you Pyrrha." Ruby said with a smile on her face as she could see out of the corner of her eye Octavia faking like she was gagging.

"I love you too Ruby... I'm just hungry right now."

"Food is coming up Pyrrha." Ruby said a smile on her face as she realised that this was right. Everything was starting to become perfect, and she didn't even care that Weiss hadn't surfaced again. Everything for Ruby was perfect and that as what mattered to her.

Author's Note:

There, you guys get a stupidly fluffy epilogue. But the story is done. At a total of something like 52 chapters and this... only two over my original estimate. But i'd like to thank everyone who has followed, favourited and reviewed. But this is me done with this story I bid you all adieu.