*beep, "Hello?", Ronnie Anne said. "Ronnie Anne, look out your shed window.", he said, she looks out and sees a note saying, Were breaking up, "What!? Why Lincoln, i thought you loved me!", she said starting to tear up. "I did until I saw this." He said, hanging up, texting her a pic of her, *ahem, Clyde having sex with her. Re-calling her, "I didnt mean anything about it! Your my one and only!", whe said. "Shouldve thought of that before doing him, also, someone wants to talk to you!", he said. "Who?", she said, "RONNIE ANNE SANTIAGO! YOU ARE MOVING INTO THE CITY WITH OUR FAMILY AND ME A BOBBY ARE STAYING HERE!", her mother said. "NOO!", she yelled, "Goodbye Ronnie Anne, hope he was worth it.", he said as he hung up.

"Luan!? You got any jokes! Im kinda sad and i need someone to help cheer me up." He said, but no answer. "Lua- WHAT THE FUCK?", he said as he creaked open the door and saw Luan giving Clyde a blowie. Lincoln ran in his room and sat down, "What did i just see. WAIT! I think Lisa installed cameras in all our rooms, and i can access them on my computer. So ill just check every room.", he said. Many sisters later (even Lily), "What th- he took an oath!" he said, about to cry, "He has the nerve fuck my girlfriend, and now MY FUCKING SISTERS! HE CAME INTO A FUCKING 1 YEAR OLD!", he said, boiling with anger. He needed to leave to get a break.

He went to Gus's Game N Grub, but nothing helped, he walked home crying. "You OK bro?", Luna said. "Yeah yeah, just, a little sad.", "Ok, have you seen Clyde? I need him to test something for me.", she asked. He ran in his room and started crying, pretty loudly to. "Im gonna go see if Linkys ok." Leni said. Walkimg up the steps, she saw a little stain of white, "Probably from "earlier" she said. "You alright Link?" she asked, "No Leni. I witnesed my best friend do something he swore never to do.", he said, pouring more tears out of his eyes. "Oh- OK, let me know if you need anything.", she said as she left. "Guys, Linky knows something, he says he saw Clyde do something he took an oath not to do or something.", she said, "Well probably learn later, who knows what they come up with.", Lori said. "Hey. Link uploaded a new video!", Luan said. "Why is it called, Less Uploads: Felling Depressed?", Lynn said. "Lets watch and see.", Lucy said.

Hello, you probably alredy knkw me as Lincoln Loud, 1 boy in a family of 10 girls. And I had a best friend named Clyde McBride, but today, i saw him do something horrific. I went over to my girlfriend Ronnie Annes house, and you know what I saw? My best friend having sex with her. Yes, you read that right, I was broken, I loved her, but apparently she didnt share that feeling. She is now moving to the city as punishment while her mom and my sisters boyfriend Bobby. And speaking of my sisters, I was heartbroken when I broke up with Ronnie Anne, so I came back to find one of my sisters to help cheer me up, I just wanted to be with someone i knew actually loved me, couldve had a jam session, laugh session, one of Lenis fasion shows, Loris fun girl advice, even Lisa and the twins could've cheer me up, poetry with Lucy, throw a ball with Lynn. But you know what I saw? I creaked open my sisters Luan and Lunas room and saw Luan giving Clyde a b- a blowie. So i ran in my room and wayched Lisas weird cameras of all our rooms, and he even did a freaking one your old. As I watched this i felt mad and sad, he had the nerve to go have sex with my hope to be future wife, and know all my sisters? So now i am completely deppresed, and is faced to see that back-stabbing peice of trash tommorow, if Clyde, Ronnie Anne, or any of my sisters see this, I hope it was worth it. *video end*

"Wait!? Rinnie Anne cheated on Lincoln?", Luan said, "YOU THINK WERE ANY BETTER?" Lynn said getting angry. "WE WERENT THERE FOR OUT OWN BROTHER WHEN HE WAS FACING A HEART BREAKING MOMENT! BUT INSTEAD WE WERE OF FUCKING HIS BEST FRIEND!", she said. "Wait, did he just say are activities were fun?", Leni said. "I thought he hated out activities!" Lana said. As they were discussing this they heard Lincoln slowly and sadly talking to himself, "I just want to feel loved. But that bastard i called a friend is gonna pay tommorow.", he said, drifting into a slow cry. "Oh god. What have we done?"