Lincoln and Lila sat in their treehouse, chilling out. "Im happy I made up with my sisters, even though it became the weirdest experience of my life.", Lincoln said. "Yeah, im happy to, I cant stand it when theirs tension with people I love.", Lila said. "You know what, lets all go out and have some fun!", Lincoln said as Lila agreed and got up. They climbed down the ladder and ran into the house.

"Hey guys! Who wants to go to Royal Woods Trampoline Park?", Lincoln asked, and all ths sisters instantly came down. After going there for 3 hours, they all went out for some smoothies, and what better place than Webbies Soft Served. After sitting down and all ordering their smoothies, they went to the park to let the younger ones play.

"Woah woah woah, we are not leaving anyone out!", Lila said. "What do you mean?", Lori said. Lincoln and Lila dumped out the duffel bagged they had and revealed a bunch of dart guns. "Load up girls, CUASE ITS EVERY BEING FOR THEMSELVES!", Lincoln yelled as he grabbed a semi-auto gun and ran off. The girls all grabbed their weapons and ran off to.

"OH YEAH! WE WON!", Lincoln yelled. After spending 6 hours out, they all went back to the treehouse and chilled out. "Sooooo.", Lincoln said. "Alright, how is the world gonna work now?", Lynn asked. "Who said anything about change? Just because everything that happened in the last 4 months was weird and I have a new love of my life dosent mean we change anything! How about we show Lila how the Loud house really works!?", Lincoln yelled.

"What do you say Lila? You ready for the adventure?", Lincoln asked as he held his hand out. "Yes.", she replied as she took his hand. Lincoln pulled her in and kissed her like there was no tomorrow. After that, Lincoln dragged her to the other side of the treehouse as they both jumped down onto the trampoline and ran off.

There it is. It was a pleasure writing this story, and I will miss it. Now you have to wait another 4 months to see Lila and Linky again! XD! But I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it. Stay tuned for May 12th to see the brand new fic, "The Adventures of Lila and Lincoln!". And as always, I will see you in the next chapter! PEACE!

P.S Short ending cuase I have to get the next chapters of The One Shot House and A Loud to War out before I go to Hawaii.