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eXtra power twin

Chapter 1: The attack and after.

"Lily! Take the kids and go! Go! I will hold him off!" James Potter yelled as he jumped up from the sofa as he heard the wards going down.

Lily Potter nee Evans quickly picked up her twin boys, Aiden and Harry Potter and ran upstairs. She took a glance at her husband, who was preparing to fight, hoping this wasn't the last time she would see him.

BOOM! And the door was burst open. Lord Voldemort stepped in. "Ah. Potter. Such a pity that a fine pureblood wasted himself on a mudblood. Step aside. My business is with your sons."

"Never! CONFRINGO!" James shouted. Voldemort easily blocked the curse and started to fire his own curse. James firmly stood his ground, dodging and deflecting the curses. Soon, Voldemort saw the right moment and said "STUPEFY!" and James Potter crumbled to the ground.

Voldemort went pass James Potter and upstairs. He blasted through the door where Lily Potter stood in front of the twin.

"Move out of my way mudblood." Voldemort said coldly.

"No! Kill me instead!" cried Lily.

"I will not repeat myself. Move aside!"

"I rather die!" Lily said firmly.

Stupefy, and Lily Potter also went down. "I'll deal with you later. I have more important task of killing those brats."

Voldemort raised his wand at the twin. "Avada kedavra!" Voldemort's eyes widened in shock when the boy, instead of crumbling down like he expected, reflected the curse. The curse hit Voldemort and Voldemort's body vanished with a force that was enough to make the walls crumble down.

Few hours later, Sirius Black frantically came to the Godric's hallow. He rushed inside and found his best friend lying on the floor.

"James!" Sirius yelled. He went over, hoping and praying he wasn't dead. "He's alive!" Sirius told himself. "Renervate."

James opened his eyes and then when realization hit him, he jerked his body up. "Sirius! Peter! He...he… he betrayed us!"

"When I get my hand on that filthy vermin…" Sirius growled.

"Sirius! Lily! Harry and Aiden! Voldemort went up!" said James. Sirius gasped. "Come on! Let's go!"

The two hurried up the stairs and went to the room where the door was destroyed. The ceiling had fallen over the cribs and Lily was lying in front of the rubbles.

"Lily!" the duo yelled when they saw her on floor. They revived her immediately and Lily burst into tears.

"Oh James! You're alive! Thank goodness!" Lily sobbed as she hugged her husband.

"Lily, where are boys?" asked James.

"I put them on the crib! Oh no! Please tell me they are alive! Where's Voldemort? Is that rubble?" Lily frantically wailed.

"Lily! Calm down. Padfoot? Call Dumbledore now. Voldemort is gone. Lily? Help me remove the rubble!"

Sirius nodded and rushed off to the fire place. Lily and James began to levitate the rubbles as carefully as possible so they won't crush the boys.

When Lily and James managed to remove all the rubbles, that was when Dumbledore apparated to the Godric's hallow.

"James! Lily! I cam as soon as I heard. Is Voldemort truly gone?" asked Dumbledore.

James nodded. And he picked up the boys. On both twins forehead, there was a scar. V on Aiden's head and a lightning bolt on Harry's head.

"Yes. All we found of him was his robe and his wand. I… I think the boys defeated him…" said James.

"Fascinating. May I see them James?" asked Dumbledore. James nodded and handed the boys over.

Dumbledore carefully inspected the boys. He stared at their forehead for a long time. He pulled out his wand and waved it around couple of time.

"Well Dumbledore? Is everything ok? Will the boys will be ok?" asked Lily worriedly.

"Yes Lily. Everything is ok. In fact, Aiden Potter here has defeated Lord Voldemort!" said Dumbledore proudly.

"I'm sorry but how do you know it was Aiden and not Harry?" asked Sirius.

"Isn't it obvious Sirius? Aiden here has V on his forehead. V for Voldemort. Remember, the prophecy said "Dark lord will mark him as equal"" said Dumbledore.

"What about Harry? He has a scar on his head." questioned Lily.

"Probably just a scar that got on him when rubbles fell on him." Dumbledore said dismissively. "And now, I introduce you Aiden Potter, the Boy Who Lived!"

Three years have passed since the fateful halloween. The Potters no longer lived in Godric's Hallow. They moved to Potter Manor after they realized that Godric's Hallow had too much bad memory.

For three years, Aiden Potter was praised and treated like a hero and a celebrity. Everywhere he went, he would be swarmed by people who wanted to even take a peek at the famous "Boy Who Lived". But what many people didn't know was that Aiden Potter had a twin brother. No one knew he existed beside very few people.

"Mom! Where's my broom!" screeched Aiden.

"Hold on a minute Aiden. Mommy's helping Harry find his quill." said Lily.

"MOM! Come and find my broom now!" Aiden yelled.

"Oh… I'm sorry Harry. Mommy will find your quill later. Is that ok?" asked Lily. Harry said nothing and nodded. Lily rushed out of the room, leaving the young toddler alone.

Later when James came home from work, Harry went to greet his father. When James saw his oldest son, he ruffled his hair and left him alone to go see his youngest son.

Little Harry often felt sad. Many times, it felt like his mommy and daddy wanted only his brother Aiden and not him. Even his Uncle Sirius and Remus only brought gifts for Aiden and barely paid any attention to him.

But still, his mommy and daddy loved him right? Even though Aiden was the "Boy who lived", wasn't he still their son?

"Mommy?" Harry asked quietly.

"Yes Harry?" asked Lily.

"Will you and daddy read me bedtime story tonight?" he asked shyly.

"Of course Harry." said Lily with a smile.

"Thank you!" Harry said happily. Harry rushed to his room, got changed, brushed his teeth and lied on the bed, waiting for his mommy and daddy. His mommy and daddy do love him!

Lily and James were about to go to Harry's room, when they heard Aiden's holler. They immediately rushed into his room, where he began to demand for all kinds of things from glass of water to his mattress being uncomfortable. Of course, no thank you or please was said during this.

Because of this, that night, Lily and James forgot to go to their oldest son's room to take care of him, where the young boy cried himself to sleep, thinking his mommy and daddy intentionally forgot him because he believed his parent no longer wanted him or loved him.

A/N: How did the first chapter go? Yeah I know. This part is pretty cliche for the "Wrong BWL" stories. But trust me. In couple of chapters, it will get different. Here is couple of questions you might have I have answered. THIS MIGHT BE IMPORTANT SO I RECOMMEND THAT YOU READ IT.

Q: So, this is Harry Potter and X Men crossover right? Will it have other Marvel Superheroes?

A: Probably not. Sure, they might get mentioned once in awhile, but I don't plan on having any non X Men heroes appear in this fic.

Q: What's the pairing?

A: So far, I have planned 2 Harry Potter canon pairings. Definitely Harry/Ginny. The other pairing? I won't spoil it. As for other pairings, I'm still thinking but I have some ideas. I'm considering weather I should have cross pairings or not.

Q: What issue of X Men is this based on?

A: I didn't particularly base it on one particular issue. Just the X Men in general. Some from movies, some from earlier comics etc. Oh, here's an important thing. M DAY DID NOT HAPPEN IN THIS UNIVERSE. Scarlet Witch nearly caused it, but it was stopped in the last minute by the X Men. I actually based the character more on the movie version of themselves.