eXtra power twin

Author's note

Wow. I can't believe this story is really over.

I guess the first inspiration for this story was when I read "Mutant Storm" by Bobmin356. If you haven't, you really should check it out. It's amazing. That too is a Harry Potter and X-Men crossover. Then I saw the line "No more Mutants" from House of M (And it's other use like "No more Phoenix" from Avengers vs X Men.) and it got me thinking: What if Harry Potter got rid of Horcrux by using Scarlet Witches' "No more" power? As you may or may not know, my fanfictions generally start with a "What if?" scenario I come up in my head.

At that time, I was writing Harry Potter and Newt series. I now realize that the story is an extremely poorly written fic. It lacked originality, any good humor/drama/romance or most importantly, an actual plot. Even though I ended most of the chapter by saying "Some parts from Harry Potter by JK Rowling", it wasn't really "some part". Most of the chapters were pretty much word to word from HP books with minor tweaks and the character Newt sprinkled on top. I might as well as call it a "reaction fic" (basically a fanfiction that's pretty much the same as canon and original element thrown in that was almost non existing with bit of author's opinion). That was when I decided to write something original. I decided to use the X-Men crossover idea I had for a while.

September 15th, 2017 was when I started this story. It is June 25th, 2019 now. It took me a little less than two years to complete my longest and my most ambitious story yet. So many things happened over those years. And over those years, I had made some changes to the plot of the story. These are some examples.

1. Aiden's redemption. Originally, what I had planned was for Voldemort to reveal to both Aiden and Harry that Harry was the one he tried to kill that night (instead of just revealing it to Harry). After the duo returns to Hogwart, shocked Aiden would demand answers from Dumbledore, who would be just as surprised. Rest is similar with Dumbledore trying to creep back to Harry while Harry giving him a middle finger. The difference is that shocked Aiden would see how his life was all just lies and would be in shock for quite a long time, until he makes a sincere apology to Harry and to make up (though even then I don't think two would ever treat each other like brothers. I picture it would have went something like what Harry did with James and Lily: never a family but civil). But then I realized what a complete jerk Aiden was and didn't really felt like he deserved a redemption. Sure, he too was a victim of Dumbledore but even then, it's the choices he made that truly defined who he was. And I suppose it was kind of like a message I wanted to give: person who sought shallow life will have it ended in just as shallow way.

2. Tonks. I didn't have a solid idea but I think I first envisioned this story with Tonks having more role then she has right now. I don't know if anyone remember it but in the very first chapter, I mentioned that I had planned two Harry Potter canon pairings with one of them being Harry/Ginny. My original plan was to have eXtra Power twin feature Remus/Tonks. But I ended up scrapping that idea as well because I couldn't think of an idea for Tonks to play a more pivotal role. So that was scrapped as well. Though, I do like to believe that she eventually ended up with Remus. I just didn't write about it.

3. Death Eaters attack New York. This one was an interesting one. After the X-Men thwarted his plan for too many times, Voldemort decides to take revenge on them. How? By attacking New York! Voldemort sends group of Death Eaters to New York, hoping they would kill muggles and X-Men to show the X-Men what happens when they get in the way of Lord Voldemort. Week goes by and Voldemort is expecting good results. But only one Death Eater returns. Voldemort demands an answer and I think this is how it would have went: "M-My lord! We went to New York just like you instructed. We started blowing things up and killing mudbloods when suddenly one of our men was hit with a shield. Then something I've never seen before happened. A man with a shield took our men out while a man in flying red and gold suit started to attack us from the sky! As time went by, more and more came! There were those who stretched like rubber, a mudblood who was on fire, one covered in rock! They all took us down as if we were toddlers! One of our men used the killing curse on a passing by mudblood, only for it to turn into some sort of gigantic green monster! None of our spell did any damage! I was the only survivor!" This would have been fun to write, but I had to scrap it for two reasons: The X-Men were not in New York and I decided to keep Voldemort in dark about the X-Men. I believe it fitted his character to underestimate his opponent for being muggles. As I said, Voldemort's downfall was underestimating what Mutants were capable of.

So, yeah. These are the scrapped ideas that comes to my mind right now. But while I had scrapped ideas for this fanfiction, I also had ideas for new fanfictions. I believe there is no better time than now to reveal this!

1st planned story: Jurassic Park. Flea to Dinosaur (Title may change). Premise: There were many other remarkable things John Hammond did before he created Jurassic Park. There were also other things he did after Jurassic Park failed. Genre: Drama. I envision it being about 10 or 12 chapter long.

2nd planned story: Pokemon. Story of Red, Blue, Green of Kanto (Title may change). Premise: This is a story of how Red, a young trainer from Pallet town, got eight badges, took down an evil organization, fight the most powerful Pokemon and defeat the Pokemon league. Genre: Humor/Adventure

3rd planned story: Marvel/Harry Potter! I have no title yet. Premise: This will be a crossover between Harry Potter and Marvel universe. Harry will be interacting with the Avengers in this fic! This is the one I'm looking foreword most to write. But unlike the previous two planned stories, I only have really basic ideas on how this fic will play out. It may or may not have my OTP H/G (I'm leaning bit more on having it). We'll have to see.

As you may or may not know, I can't work on more then one fanfiction at a time (excluding one shots) without shifting my total focus on one of them. And these plans are not including various one shots I may or may not write so there are more then three stories coming up. Though, I should mention that I won't be starting these stories for a very long time. First reason is that I took so much energy and time writing/finishing eXtra Power twin. I need a bit of break. The second reason is that I will be very very busy this year and next year and probably won't have time to write fanfictions. But still, please be patient with me and I swear I will return one day.

As I am typing this, eXtra Power twin has 1434 reviews, 1707 followers, 1462 favorites, 27 communities and view of over 700,000.

Prior to eXtra Power twin, none of my fanfiction had gotten as much review or attention of the readers (which is understandable). When I was writing eXtra Power twin, I was often shocked to see the number of reviews I got over a night. I would be dumbfounded to see the number of followers becoming 100, 200, 300 and so on. I couldn't believe my eyes when my work finally got 1000 reviews.

Reading your suggestions made me think if there could be a way to integrate them to the story. Reading your criticisms helped me see my mistakes and improve the story.

Reading your support always made my day and supported me during hard times.

I would like to thank all of you for the love, criticism, and support you've shown to my story over the years. And I would also like to thank those of you who have offered me such fabulous suggestions and ideas. Without all of you, eXtra Power twin wouldn't be the same.

Thank you all for loving this story and until next time.