"You can't tell me you didn't just see that?!" The ghost said over the coms.

"You mean the angry titan ripping the fallen captain limb from limb?" The hunter vanguard asked with a hint of humor to his voice. "I most definitely did. Scary." He added.

The female hunter turned around to look at her new companion only to find him driving his fists into the captains chest with sickening thuds. She quickly turned away and continued her conversation with Cayde and her ghost.

"Couldn't you have talked Zavala into pairing me with another hunter?" Ivara asked. Had her helmet cam been on Cayde would have seen the annoyed look that was upon her face.

Cayde was silent for a moment before he replied. "I mean I would if I could but." He exaggerated the last word a bit before quickly adding. "Zavala is kinda mad at m- Oh crap." The sound of Zavala yelling for Cayde came over the mic loud and clear. The Hunter vanguard quickly ended the call.

Ivara sighed softly as her ghost floated beside her. The sound of fists landing onto armor and flesh had stopped. She turned around slowly and found her new Titan companion know as John-17 covered in ether and fallen blood. He was breathing heavily over the corpse of the captain. The ghost returned to the hunters backpack and spoke to her through private coms.

"Nice fellow huh?" He ghost said teasingly.

Ivara rolled her eyes and sighed again. She was not going to enjoy this.

This is my fist chapter in this story and also the first thing I have written in a while so please tell my what you think.