The knight looked to Ivara with an emotionless gaze, what he was thinking she already knew. Being in the minds of all hive on Luna had its benefits but was also extremely disorienting after only having to navigate one mind for so many years. She had heard stories in the tower of guardians who had lost it and merged their minds with Vex confluxs only to find insanity and suicide on the other ther side. Ivara had no clue how her mind would handle this new environment and the feelings that came with it. She could feel the darkness in every corner of their minds, even her own.

"You may leave if you wish," the knight said to Ivara, "but your body still hasn't stabilized yet, if you're away for too long the darkness inside you will begin to eat your mind." he warned with genuine concern in his deep and gravely voice.

Ivara frowned at the explanation though she knew it was true. They could not lie to her, not that the Hive would lie to one they saw as a new God. With a heavy sigh of disappointment she turned and stared back out at the Oversoul, the deep black center seemed to swallow her gaze and pull her in deeper into its darkness. The sound as well as the sense of the knight moving toward her pulled her back from her daydream of blackness and into the reality she hoped was a dream.

"Once your body and spirit are stable again you will be able to leave this moon and return to earth, if that is what you wish. We weren't looking for someone to lead us, we wanted someone to show us the otherside of our existence, one with emotions other than hatred and power lust. Through you we have seen a glimpse of true life and also the pain of loss," he said with what she could only describe as excitement.

Ivara looked up to the knight from where she stood. Even after the transformation she went through, the average Acolyte was still taller than her by a foot. as she tried to sense out the mind of the white knight, Ivara was surprised to find a memory of the Knight being risen by a Ghost.

"How did a Ghost resurrect you? I thought all Hive were of the Darkness," She asked curiously.

The Knight seemed to flash a smile before it spoke, "Ah, you are already able to see our memories, your soul is accepting your new body better than expected. The Ghost who revived me called itself Sagira and said that it was sent to do so by a man named Osiris. The little Light explained to me that the Hive needed to change in order to survive the oncoming storm," he said as he shut his eyes and tipped his head towards Ivara.

Memories of the conversation with the Ghost filled her vision and her ears and she knew without a doubt that the Knight was honest. Sagira was the Ghost, Osiris her Guardian. One of the most famous yet infamous guardians to ever walk in the Light had this Knight risen to do this to her. The bitter taste of disgust rose in her throat and she fought hard to swallow it back.

"I need to get a message to the Tower, can you help me?" she asked the Knight with a determined look upon her face.

"Your will is ours to carry out," he said with a tone that matched hers.

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