"You can't be serious about this."

The Hokage took leveled look at the village elders before him

"I am completely we agreed that Naruto was mine. None of you would lay a finger on him or interfere. "

"We agreed to the Uzumaki not the Hyuga heiress."

"She was disowned on my instance. Hiashi youngest in now the undisputed heiress. Like I said Naruto is mine alone only the Hokage can decide things for him. Unless one you can force me from my set you shell not lay a finger on him. Do what you will with the clans if there even allow that and even any of the civilians. As long as it doesn't interfere with the protection of the village ill even let you three play with a few of my shinobi if there willing. BUT NARUTO IS MINE."

As I over heard the Hokage talk with the elders, I though he was callus, uncaring and that the grandfather image was a pale illusion. Only when I was sneaked a pick with my Baykugan and say his warm caring eyes and smile directed at me behind the door. That I realized that as long i choice to remain on by Naruto's side that I was also under his protection. I would spend my darkest nights wondering if I truly cared for Naruto or was I just acting so out of the Hyuga way of control.


It took Tsunade nearly three years in office to find it but the (3rd) had promoted Naruto to chuunin after the preliminary round of the chuunin exams. Sure we figured out that the exams were rigged in favor of the clans. We were all wrong on whole and what purpose they were rigged for. Form the very start the exams were designed promote Naruto to chuunin. Each one a test for him to grow stronger from. Each part away to bring allow Naruto to rise to chuunin..

To allow us to see him as he did.


In the end there is not many things In understand on why the (3rd) and (5th) did what they did. All I know is it helped my student. That in the end I guess that's all I cared about as long he was alright I could truly care less about the village. In the end if the choose came I would make the same as Itachi. Lucky things never came to that. I don't think I had the skills to take out half the village let lone finish the job.


story an A.U. were the 3rd Hokage is a lot more manipulative and shinobi acted in ways that many won't even sure if what there true motivation or reasons for there actions. A master shinobi would at least understand why they did things. There would be parts of scenes mostly told in first person as if they were diary entries then the events sounding them.