I'm done with the ShabbyCast RWBY cross, but I'm not done with a RWBY Fallout cross over. So here we are, this is going to be different from my other works. Also, if you don't like it, kindly leave.(I don't want to listen to rude language.)Also please tell me what you think of this first chapter.

"What do you mean you can't find her!"

This is what Ozpin expecting when he brought the family members of team RWBY. It started a week ago when team RWBY didn't attend to class, of course Glynda cheek on them only to find the room empty. After half a week searching for the team with help from JNPR, Ozpin was force to inform their families.

Tai and Qrow arrived the day after they got the message, the Schnees were next, then the Belladonnas leav't. And now he has to listen to Jacques Schnee yelling at him, well everyone else try to think how they could have disappeared. "You have cameras don't you?"

"We do, but every camera ved. shows nothing. I do hope you can calm down before things go…" Ozpin was interrupted by his scroll ringing. "Glynda, what is?"

"We found them sir, they're at the fountain." Glynda said.

After an awkward ride on the elevator down, they made it to the fountain where in fact team RWBY where their, but look a little different.

Yang is wearing some kind of black armor and a bear trap on her right arm.

Blake is wearing a white collared shirt with rolled-up sleeves embroidered with strange tribal markings, heavily patched blue jeans with a hole in the left knee, rattlesnake belt with dual pistol magazine pouches and a police department SWAT ballistic vest. Her ears are visible, and on her left arm some kind of tribal tattooes.

Weiss is wearing black and white buffalo plaid suit. On her face is glasses and her hair untie, from her normal ponytail. And a pistol on her hip, the pistol has a image of a maiden on the handheld.

Ruby is wearing a sleeveless jacket, with a emblem will be the same kind of sideways flag. A breathing mask with darkly colored.

"Yang! Ruby!" Tai yells with tears of joy, not even caring why his girls look like they been in a battlefield.

"Blake!" Both of Blake's parents yell. Blake is pick up by the giant of a man, well the cat eared women rubs Blake's head.

"Weiss!" Winter lift up Weiss' head. Ironwood walk up to the sisters and notice a small surgical scar at her forehead. But before he could say anything, Winter pick her sister in bridal style. "I'm taking to the infirmary."

"Fuck… Connor, put me down. My head hurts." Weiss says as she try to get out of Winter's hold. Weiss' whole family was shocked at not only hearing Weiss curse but also talk as if she did something with some guy.

"What did you say?" Jacques ask his still tired daughter.

"I said. Fuck, Connor put me… down." Weiss eyes finaling open enough to see herself in Winter's arms. "Winter, I can explain…" Weiss close her eyes again.

"Man! Take miss Schnee and her team to the infirmary. We'll talk to them when they feel better." Ironwood order his soldiers who carried four stretchers, then placing each person on it. "Jacques go to your room."

Jacques was about to argue when Ozpin spoke up. "I believe that'll be a wise idea, James."

Before Jacques can rant, two mechs take him, Whitley and Willow to the Schnee's room. "James! I'm not done with her!" But he and family was out of earshot from the rest of the group.

"Well, good to finaling have that bastard away from us." Qrow chuckle, then taking a sip from his flask.

"For once, we can agree." Winter said with bitter taste in her mouth.

"Ghira, maybe we should head to our room." Kali rub her husband back, ghira only nods. "We'll be leave for now. You better tells us when our daughter wakes up." Kali eyes glow when her eyes made contact at Ozpin and Ironwood.

"Hopefully they'll be well enough to wake up tomorrow to answer some questions." Ironwood remark before leaving the area.

Jacques been walking in pace around the room he and his family will be staying for the night. "What does James and Ozpin think they are? Telling me what to do, Weiss is my daughter! I swear when she comes too, we're taking her home that second."

Willow only shake her head. "I think I'll go find a place to get a drink." Willow says as she leave her husband and son.

Kali put on her sleepwear with Ghira already lying on their share bed. "Kali… Do you know what that tattoo on Blake's arm was?"

"No dear. I'm afraid I unfamiliar with the tattoo." Kali said as she look at her own tattoos. When she was young, she traveled around Anima as a gypsy. She often gain tattoos from tribes and villages that she enjoyed staying at. "It could have come from western Sanus. Well know when she comes too." Ghira smiles as Kali cuddle up to the giant man.

Qrow been drinking at his favorite place in Vale the Crow Bar. He was enjoying his glass of whiskey when he heard a very familiar voice. "It's been awhile since we shared a drink."

Qrow turn around and see Willow Schnee taking a seat next to him. "Well, Snow Queen. You paying?" Qrow lean forward.

"Why of course, how long have we known each?" Willow amusing remark by leaning towards. "I wish Summer was here, at least she doesn't ask if I'm paying.

"True." Qrow nods in agreement. "Here's to Sum." Qrow holds out his glass, Willow smile and tap her glass with Qrow's.

In the infirmary team RWBY lying on four beds next to each other. Slowing each began to open their eyes. Ruby was the first to get up, she then look around the room and notice the medical equipment. "Please tell me we didn't got shot again." Ruby said as she rub her temple.