This is just a bonus, just for. Also the Characters that aren't team RWBY or JNPR will be fighting in this part of the story. Have fun, with knowing what each character's S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

Ruby Rose: S(4)P(7)E(6)C(5)I(6)A(9)L(6)

Weiss Schnee: S(6)P(6)E(4)C(7)I(10)A(6)L(5)

Blake Belladonna: S(7)P(9)E(5)C(6)I(7)A(9)L(4)

Yang Xiao Long: S(9)P(5)E(9)C(7)I(4)A(4)L(4)

Jaune Arc: S(7)P(5)E(10)C(5)I(4)A(4)L(5)

Nora Valkyrie: S(10)P(8)E(5)C(4)I(4)A(4)L(5)

Pyrrha Nikos: S(5)P(7)E(4)C(4)I(5)A(6)L(9)

Lie Ren: S(5)P(5)E(5)C(5)I(6)A(9)L(5)

Qrow Branwen: S(7)P(2)E(4)C(7)I(5)A(5)L(10)

James Ironwood: S(8)P(4)E(8)C(5)I(5)A(5)L(5)

Winter Schnee: S(7)P(7)E(4)C(5)I(5)A(7)L(5)

Willow Schnee: S(7)P(8)E(5)C(5)I(5)A(8)L(2)

Kali Belladonna: S(5)P(6)E(5)C(5)I(5)A(9)L(5)

Roman Torchwick: S(4)P(7)E(4)C(8)I(5)A(5)L(7)

Neo: S(5)P(5)E(4)C(1)I(5)A(10)L(10)