A/N: I originally published much of what is in this tailpiece at the end of "Exile of the Royal Disciple", I later deleted it from that story and have since relocated it here.

Well, here it is. This is officially the end of the series. I hate to admit it, but I am officially done. For those of you who actually read through the entire the entire 10-story saga, I hope that you all had a great time reading through it!

It's been over eight years since I started writing "The Wrath of Navarog" back in July 2010. There were a few hiatuses along the way, but now I can at last rest easy, for the series has finally drawn to a close.

I hope you're not too disappointed that the series has concluded. I did what I could to tie up any loose ends while still giving readers a future to think about. I feel that now is a good time to quit, not only due to reaching a conclusion, but Dragonwatch now exists, and readership for this series has dropped significantly. After going on for so long, people who started reading this series when it was new have likely lost interest before I could finish it. Also, the sheer length of this series (344 chapters with over one million words between them) may just seem a little too daunting to many readers. If this series gets forgotten over time, so be it.

I originally started writing after reading through the five Fablehaven books, just because I enjoyed the series so much and desperately wished that there could be more to the world I had immersed myself in. Back in 2010, Brandon Mull had stated that while he was interested in possibly writing more Fablehaven stories, he had no ideas at the time, and moved on to other things. However, Mull has since gotten around to writing Dragonwatch, providing the world with an official continuation to the first five books.

Yes, Dragonwatch has come out and completely contradicts everything that I've written. All the characters, locales and other ideas I've come up with are now completely irrelevant. Am I upset? Heavens no! I'm quite looking forward to it! It'll no doubt be full of incredible ideas I never could have even dreamed about! After all, Brandon Mull created the Fablehaven universe in the first place. It's his baby. My writings, just like any other fanfiction, are apocrypha.

At the end of the day, the truth of the matter is that my story is over, I have nothing left that I wish to tell. I don't have any further plans for this series. So for now, my work here is done. There are plenty of other talented authors on this site. While it's entirely subjective as to which of their stories will appeal to you, check them out. There are plenty out there already, and there will certainly be more to come.

Questions and Answers

Q: Why did you decide to make Seth an angel?

A: It was to symbolize that Seth's heart had ultimately grown stronger than any level of darkness that Murdred could inflict upon him. I wanted show that underneath Seth's shadow charmer exterior, there was a good soul struggling to break free.

Q: Why are Seth and Ingrid in love? They're brother and sister!

A: They are foster siblings. Although they are legally considered to be brother and sister, there is no blood relation between them. As such, they do not find find their attraction to each other to be inappropriate.

With that said, it's trivia time!

*"The Wrath of Navarog" was originally set to be a stand-alone story with no continuation. However, as I was nearing completion of it, I realized that I was enjoying it a whole lot, so I decided to write a follow-up, and things kind of just continued on from there.

*It's also kind of an odd story in some regards. Seth is out-of character for much of it (justified, of course) and actually gets very little to do. There was also the penultimate segment involving the futuristic Silicon Station, which is quite jarring compared to the fantasy aspects found throughout the rest of the series. Looking back, I regret the whole Silicon Station ordeal, which is why I never brought it up again and normalized Jet, whom I retired after the second story. Two canon characters are also killed off, again because I didn't yet have a sequel in the works and wanted to leave an impact as to just how much of a threat Navarog was.

*The four Fablehaven sequels share the same naming convention (Fablehaven: Noun of the Noun). I didn't follow this rule with "The Wrath of Navarog", but I did with the rest of the series. Dragonwatch appears to be following this trend.

*In Chapter 25 of "The Wrath of Navarog", there is a puzzle which requires eight chess pieces to be set upon specific squares. These positions are actually a solution to a puzzle known as the "Eight Queens Problem", even though in the story not all of the used pieces are queens.

*There were two entry codes in Chapter 27: 2726366 and 6855. On a telephone keypad, these numbers can actually spell out two words: BRANDON and MULL.

*When I came up with Bright's name, I didn't immediately put two and two together and realize that both her name and Bracken's both start with the letters B and R. When I needed names for the other sisters, I stuck with the same naming convention.

*Tritanoss' name is derived from Triton, Titan and boss.

*I don't know if I ever got around to mentioning this, but Hespera (the witch) was not named for the hydra at Wyrmroost. The hydra was named after the witch. My computer crashed roughly halfway through writing "Contradiction of the Malevolent Heart", so several chapters had to be rewritten rather hastily.

*The location of Hespera's lair is hidden in a real place in the New York subway system. Seth and his friends get on at Bowling Green station on the Lexington Avenue line and go five stops north to Spring Street. North of Spring Street is the lair.

*I later decided that Warren becoming a partial fairy was quite strange, so I rectified that at the end of "Destiny of the Dark Destroyer".

*In Destiny of the Dark Destroyer, the group travels back to 1689, when the Inverted Tower is being built. According to the first book, Fablehaven was established "over 300 years ago" and was published in 2006. According to the Caretaker's Guide to Fablehaven, the preserve was established in 1711. Not that I had any idea about this, but the dates don't quite add up. Going by this logic, this means that the Inverted Tower was being built twenty-two years before the preserve itself was established if my dates are to be believed.

*Although there are references to technology and pop culture, I tried to avoid mentioning actual years in an attempt to keep the stories feeling timeless.

*Murdred is the embodiment of all the worst human traits and ideals I could think of. I felt that a truly wicked villain isn't born evil, but self-made.

*Murdred's own name took a while to settle upon. An earlier choice was Lordred, as it could be interpreted as "Lord Dread" and rhymed with Mordred. However, I felt that it sounded too similar to "Lord Zedd" (the Power Rangers villain). I eventually settled on Murdred, which still alluded to Mordred and incorporated the words "Murder" and "Dread". Damien, his real name, is taken from the character from the film "The Omen".

*Sarah Kelly seemed too good to be true. Another teenage shadow charmer who doted on Seth. I wanted her to also have an "S" name. Additionally, her initials were SK, in contrast to Kendra's initials, KS.

*I created Ingrid because I felt that the story needed another strong female human. It didn't help that Navarog killed Elise and Vanessa. At the same time, I wanted another character close in age to Kendra and Seth. The problem with Lance and David was that it felt strange to just uproot kids from their happy lives away from Fablehaven to go on more adventures. Ingrid being a female also allowed me to give Seth a suitable love interest that wasn't another fairy or something.

*I left Ingrid's background fairly ambiguous. Her original last name is never given, nor is her hometown. She was also an orphan so that it would be easier to integrate her into the main cast living at Fablehaven.

*While Murdred represented the worst aspects of men, Nemenemi did so for women. However, she didn't last long because it was hard to really do anything with her since she couldn't get along with Murdred and was little more than a beacon of darkness.

*Warren celebrates his birthday in May. In "Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary", he mentions he's a Scorpio. Whoops! To be fair, I only did this because I forgot about the Scorpio remark at the time. Also, Kendra's birthday is in October and Seth was "barely thirteen" in December in "Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary", so I did this to space the birthdays out a bit more.

*Murdred had six mates, akin to King Henry VII, who had six wives.

*"Loyalty of the Ultimate Angel" is quite long. Looking back, I probably could have omitted the entire France portion, and just had the Reflector been the treasure in the Dungeon of Despair.

*The Singing Sisters point out that Murdred's birthday is January 13th, 1313. While the thirteen motif couldn't be more obvious, there's a secret that the Sisters did not point out. After deciding upon that day, just for fun, I looked at a calendar for January 1313. Turns out that the thirteenth of January fell on a Friday that year.

*Kendra's middle name is never mentioned throughout the first five books, even though we learn the middle names of Seth and both parents. I gave Kendra the middle name May because I wanted her to have an "M" name like her mother, Marla. May is derived from Maia, the goddess of spring. It also rhymes with fae, so I felt it went well with Kendra. In Dragonwatch, we learned that Kendra's official middle name is "Marie". Hey, I was close!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to send me a PM or a review. As this is there series' final chapter, I am unable to respond to more guest reviews from this point.

Thank you!