Hadrian Lucis Caelum

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(Start St. Mugo's)

In one hospital room a woman began to stir as her magical induced coma was coming to an end. This Healers here were forced to bring in muggle technology and enchant it to help keep this patient alive. Her once vibrant red hair had lost its vibrancy due to its lack of care. Her skin was chipped and pale but warm showing she was still alive. Soon the woman opened her emerald green eyes as she looked around trying to figure out what had happened as she then looked to see she was at St. Mugo's.

"Harry." She said as her last moments before her coma came back to her as soon a healer walked in and dropped her check list as she quickly ran to find a head healer to inform her of a miracle.

Lily Potter has awoken after 13 years since Voldemorts death.

(At Hogwarts just after Harry and co arrived)

Harry looked at the old man with narrowed eyes. He had the same voice he heard just before he'd been whisked off to this strange place along with her friends and fiancé. He surveyed his surroundings like how Nyx and Cor taught him, instantly becoming on edge as he heard him call him by his birth name. He readied his weapon Ragnarock and had a steady hand ready to warp out of there if things went south in this place somehow.

"Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!" He said in a cheery tone, which didn't help his nervousness one bit. Harry scowled as he stood his ground, noticing his friends and fiancé standing up and taking ready positions around him, watching the apparent kidnapper's henchman? Subordinates? Students? In case he tried anything dirty.

"Who are you?" Harry asked the man in the odd robes, only taking his eyes away to look at the thousand or so other people in the room. Everyone here looked like they belonged in a cult! Why were they all wearing robes, and why were the older people who looked to be teachers pointing wooden sticks at him? Were they weapons of some kind? He inwardly shook his head and focused on his target, forcing himself into her trademarked Prince of Lucis mode and he continued to assess the situation. Were they with Nefilhiem was the treaty a trick and this place was to keep them from telling Lucis of the Trojan horse coming their way?

The old man simply smiled at his question, while Harry heard a few shocked gasps from the people in the hall. Was he someone he should know? He LOOKED rather of important, and he did command attention like his father King Regis did, but he didn't have the same atmosphere of respect that his adopted father did so naturally.

"Why, my dear boy, I am Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Headmaster of this fine school you now stand in!" He announced, causing Stella to raise a questioning eyebrow while Ron looked baffled, Ventus scrunched up his face, Hermione looked ever so calm and collective, while Harry tried to figure out how they ended up in a school of all places and one they never even heard of before.

"This is a school?" Hermione asked haughtily, seemingly scoffing at the oddly floating candles that lit the hall as she simply adjusted her cuffs and her gloves finding no sense of wonder from this place. Dumbledore merely smiled again and replied.

"Well of course! Mr. Potter... and guests, this is Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!" Dumbledore said, opening his arms wide once again, making a sweeping motion around the hall, though his gesture was stopped by a snicker from Ron, a snort from Ventus, but a huff from Hermione, a cold look from Stella as she showed her noble birth in her demeanor as the aura she gave off spoke of one of high standing as required of her by her upbringing. But if she couldn't intimidate these people Harry came closest to doing it because since age 1 Harry was brought up with the grace and elegance of a prince of Lucis.

"Hogwarts? Did a Pig come into contract with a toad?" Harry questioned as Ron was tempted to burst out laughing at that one but controlled himself. "Though I do know magic exists I find it hard to believe there's an entire school dedicated to teaching the use of magic." Harry said as he looked around unimpressed. The Headmaster simply raised his eyebrow in some concern as it seems Harry was aware of magic but found it as common as a bird flying into its nest.

"Then how do you explain this place?" Dumbledore asked as Harry looked around still with that royal aura to him and the look of disinterest. Inwardly, he was starting to worry about whatever had happened to Harry, if he didn't even know about magic being real, they were in VERY serious trouble.

"Let me answer your question with one of my own. In what country or Kingdom on Eos are we in?" Harry asked as that brought up many questions.

"Eos?" Dumbledore asked as Harry saw they didn't know what Eos was but in Dumbledore's confusion Harry capitalized on it to get answers.

"Tell me does the terms Nefilheim, Lucis, the Crystal, or the Astral Gods mean anything to you?" Harry asked as Dumbledore turned his head.

"It seems we may have landed in a different reality altogether." Hermione said impressed with Harry's ability to deduce this through asking basic question any human worth their gill on Eos would know.

"Well we thank you for, you're um abduction of us. But we really must return to our home people will worry and it could be very bad if certain groups find us missing." Stella said as Dumbledore found this could be very difficult now.

"Also how can you prove your claims of magic being here or at least your terminology of it?" Hermione said as she did make a promise to Regis before they left.

Dumbledore simply smiled (though the five inwardly suspected that they saw a hint of frustration in it) before he called out, "Mipsy!"

Harry and his friends looked at the old man who claimed that magic was real like he was even more insane than they thought, when they heard a soft 'pop' and a small creature with tennis-ball-sized eyes, floppy bat-like ears and dull brown, wrinkled skin appeared before the Headmaster, bowing slightly while looking up at the person who presumably summoned it.

"Headmaster be calling for Mipsy?" The little being sounded almost ecstatic, and spoke in a strange accent. "What can Mipsy be doin' for Headmaster?" She suddenly bounced from one foot to the other.

Dumbledore looked the creature in the eyes, careful to not look down his rather crooked nose at the little house elf asking to help. "Mipsy, I merely require you to prove the existence of magic to our new arrivals," he said softly and politely, pointing to Harry and his friends as Harry decided to lower his guard by dropping his stance but kept Ragnarock in hand just in case as did the others with their individual weapons of choice.

Mipsy looked at the old man oddly while nodding, but didn't question the order. She simply walking up to the five of them and snapped her fingers at their luggage and car causing it to disappear. Then she snapped her fingers again, causing a stool to appear out of nowhere, before jumping up on it and looking at the young prince with them, before seeing the scar and falling backwards off the stool in shock and reverence.

"H-harry P-Potter be comin' to Hogwarts?!" The elf squeaked loudly, "The Boy Who Lived be comin' here at last!" The elf bowed down so low its ears folded onto the floor. "Tis an honor to be meetin' the great Harry Potter!" It said as Harry saw she was meaning him as though he was used to the revere of his statues he didn't like it when it came from someone who was down on their luck or looked like a slave those were the people Harry tried to help out.

"Boy who lived?" Hermione asked her ward as Ventus looked.

"Mind telling us something Harry?" Ventus asked as Harry looked confused as well.

"I'll tell you guys when I know what's going on." Harry said as he was completely lost here as to what was going on in this place as it all just seemed way to bizarre for him. Stella however, was perfectly calm.

"Headmaster...Dumbledore, was it?" Stella asked in her best 'Fiancé to the Second Heir of Lucis, Yet Granting You the Privilege of Speaking With Me' voice, which she personally hated to use. "Why is this...creature, prostrating itself before our friend here?" Stella asked as she wanted answers to this mad house as the tone she used was a no nonsense one.

"Ah, that would be because Mr. Potter here is rather famous in the Wizarding World!" Dumbledore said, smiling widely as he explained Harry's unknown story. "You see, the house elves like Mipsy here, the ones who lived through the Wizarding War especially, have a great respect for your friend here, and are honored to meet him at last." He said in a placating tone as Stella's eyes narrowed and the hand currently holding her White Mage Trident twitched towards him just an inch, glowing a bright red for a split second.

"Stop calling me that." Harry said as he stopped Stella from attacking. "I haven't been called Potter since I was 5 years old." Harry said as with anger at being continually called "Mister Potter" as he didn't like being called something that was a relic of his past. Dumbledore regarded him with a raised eyebrow as he saw that Harry's air of royalty demanding respect from his peers not out of arrogance but out of example one to set as a leader in time.

"Stop calling you what, Mr. Potter?" He asked, and the students stopping their mumbling and quiet gossip as the Boy-Who-Lived went off at the Headmaster and most powerful wizard alive.

"That! My name is Hadrian Lucis Caelum 2nd in line to gain the throne of Lucis if my brother were to die and no other heirs by claims of blood are available! I haven't been Hadrian James Potter for ten years! I had my adoptive father change my name to honor him and the family that took me in when I was barely a year old." Harry said as he didn't have any memories of his birth family but the letter had asked for him to be taken care of. "My mother and father who raised me as far as I'm concerned are my family the Astral God Bahamut even gave me their power and incredible magic so I can better honor them for taking me in! So don't call me something I haven't been called in years!" Harry practically screamed, tired of being called by a name he'd not heard since he was little and hated more than he would say to almost anyone.

Dumbledore noticed the blonde girl named Stella stand close to Harry showing they had a bond deeper then friendship as Dumbledore saw these two were in love with each other all this while as he listened to the prince vent his frustrations.

"My humblest apologies then, Your Highness." Dumbledore corrected himself, though he sounded more like he was humoring him than anything else which is understandable since no one had ever heard of Lucis before. "Now then, I believe you need to go meet up with the other champions in the room off to my left," he said as he motioned towards the aforementioned room. Harry tilted his head quizzically but decided to humor the old man for a bit. But then it hit him like a sack of potatoes when he was called a Champion by the old man.

"Wait, what do you mean, Champions? I need to head back and inform my father what I found here." Harry said as something didn't add up to him. Plus if he missed a training session with Cor the Marshall would kill him and his friends with training exercises.

Dumbledore chuckled, both at the idea of having to explain the Tri-Wizard Tournament, but before he could do anything Hermione spoke. "I suggest we let it be for now until we gathered more information and see if the path is a two way street or not." Hermione said as Ron then sighed in grief.

"Damn that means no Chocobo riding on the way back." Ron said as Stella patted him on the shoulder as Ron was sitting cross legged on the ground.

"There, there." Stella said as Dumbledore heard comments on Ron looking like a Weasley.

"Well, you see Your Majesty, the Goblet of Fire-" he motioned towards the chalice that had brought them there, "-has summoned you to compete in the Tri-Wizard Tournament. It is a magically binding contract, and as such, until you finish the tournament, you are... I do believe 'stuck here' might be the appropriate wording, although I believe you'll enjoy your time here."

He sighed slightly, cursing his old brain for going off track. "The Tri-Wizard tournament is a competition, between three, well, four, now, champions from different schools all around the world. You must face different types of dangers throughout the competition, and you shall be awarded points based on your performance in each of the three tasks. The winner is awarded one thousand Galleons, our currency here in the Wizarding World, and eternal glory for themselves and their school," he said grandly, watching as the Boy-Who-Lived face slightly lit up at the mention of dangers, but looked on as he explained the rest before looking towards his friends and saw Stella looked concerned as Ron was smiling a toothy grin and lit up bright at the mention of eternal glory and all but nodded. Ventus shrugged as Hermione simply nodded as knowing if the contract is completed their free to go back home.

Harry then turned back to Dumbledore as he had his answer as it was official. "Alright. I'll do it. It can't be much worse than the training the Marshal put me through." Harry said as there is nothing absolutely nothing is worse than Cor's training.

"But we will need a place to park our car so it is not in the way." Hermione said as she boarded the driver seat and turned the ignition which to everyone shock it turned on as the motor was running and the battery was working like the magic didn't bother the machine at all.

"Mipsy if you could can you sent our new arrives vehicle to the courtyard for now the one leading to the bridge." Dumbledore requested as Mipsy did just that.

"Well that settles that problem." Ventus said as Hermione held the keys to the car with her.

"Come on guys let's see what this is about." Harry said as Dumbledore then spoke up from his spot.

"Alone, your majesty." Dumbledore said as this caused the Stella to rush him almost inhumanly fast and point a rapier directly at his throat after switching out her trident. The teachers all jumped up, aiming their wands at the girl, but she paid them no heed, as she knew her friends and fiancé would all have their rear covered.

"Until we are perfectly sure that my fiancé Harry here is safe here, we are going to go with him, everywhere," Stella hissed as she punctuated the last word as everyone of course stepped back a bit knowing this was a woman scorned trying to protect her betrothed one. Dumbledore nodded dumbly, now noticing the other members of their group as he saw Ron had a fire arm, Hermione had twin daggers, and Ventus had a large claymore like weapon that would be impossible for most to carry around with them, simply waving the other four after their dear friend and in Stella's case fiancé where he waited, having the decency to look embarrassed all the while. Dumbledore looked to Harry and Stella and truly wishes the two had a better chance at love then he did at his young age.

"Lead the way, Harry!" Ron said excitedly, as if they didn't just threaten the Headmaster of Hogwarts in front of almost all his staff, and all of his students. Harry simply turned around and walked into the antechamber, pretending not to notice the curious looks he got from the other "Champions" as he entered.

"Excuse me? Leetle boy?" A girl with silvery hair and blue eyes, dressed in a slightly less archaic looking blue robe, and with a rather thick accent asked. Harry only barely looked up, as she was taller than he was as he glanced up at the girl getting her attention. "Ees there a problem? Do zey need us back in ze Great Hall?" She asked, head cocked curiously while also looking down her nose at him.

Harry paid her no mind but saw the question was a good one to ask seeing as they didn't expect a 4th Champion in here. He was also now noticing the other two staring at him curiously. "Your cup of torches thing spit my name out and it sucked me out of me and my friends here road trip and I ended up here, and now I'm being told I have to compete in this championship thing of yours, and I have no idea what's going on, but I am getting the basic information on it all as it happens." Harry said as he looked to them as Ron then pulled out his camera but was cut off by the girl.

"And just who are you?" The girl asked rudely, nose turned up at Harry, as if dismissing him as any sort of competition or threat, causing the Prince to bristle at her comment.

"I'm Hadrian Lucis Caelum 2nd in line for the throne of Lucis if no other blood heirs are located in my home world of Eos." Harry explained as he looked to the girl. "And compared to you I was brought up as a prince so I had to meet high expectations so don't underestimate me so easily." Harry said as the girl was intimidated all in five second and she was older then these people. "Now, who are you?" Harry asked as he looked to the older girl.

The older girl silently scoffed, such nonsense this little boy spouted but his entire demeanor did wonders to intimidate her if this was how the royalty in Lucis were brought up she dare not thing what she would face with their sovereignty. She'd just be careful around her, no sense in risking serious injury or an international incident. She puffed herself up and spoke.

"I am Fleur Delacour," she said imperiously, sounding a lot like Stella when she took charge as needed. "The Champion for Beauxbatons," She finished, as if that was the single most impressive and important thing anybody could possibly be.

"Bow what now?" Ron asked, looking at the girl as if she was crazy. Fleur bristled slightly at the perceived slight against her school.

"Beauxbatons Academy of Magic!" She said haughtily, "The best magic school in all of Europe," she sniffed as the other two occupants of the room looked at her with a scowl, bringing the total to Seven.

"Well no one back home is going to believe this going to another world thing anyway but I say picture time!" Ron called as he pulled his camera. "Mind if I take a picture the four champions and a few minor pictures!" Ron cheered as the three Champions saw no harm in it as it was clear he was more of a tourist than anything else plus he wasn't competition so it was ok here. After a few pictures one serious while the others funny Ron had given them copies of the pictures which was in a bag of his that was some sort of mobile photo printer as it showed the photos he took and handed the champions their own copy of the photos.

Harry looked even more confused however, but his questions had to wait as a man dressed in incredibly yellow clothing, a man wearing a rather starchy looking business suit, the Headmaster from before, a woman whose height could make her related to Titan if they meet for confirmation, and a fancily dressed man with a scowl on his face walked in. While Dumbledore smiled jovially, his two companions looked like they were going to burst from anger.

"What is this nonsense Dumbledore!?" The scowling man accompanying them boomed, "A fourth champion?! Whose he supposed to represent? I demand a redraw! Four champions in the TRI-Wizard Tournament," he snorted with disdain. "Really!"

Dumbledore's smile strained slightly as the man went on a tirade. "Now, now, Headmaster Karkaroff, you know the draw cannot be redone. He will represent his Kingdom, or his group of friend's, or whoever he wishes, though I would assume she'd represent his parents' school," he smiled at the boy who looked at him oddly. What exactly did he know about his birth parents…?

The tall woman scoffed before speaking with the same accent as the unpleasant girl Fleur did. "Yes, you would suggest that he represent your school Dumblydore. You want give 'Ogwarts two bites of ze apple. If that is ze case, Zen I demand we restart ze tournament!" She said, looking down on both of the men.

Harry then spoke up clearly having enough of their petty squabbling. "If I have to represent anyone or anything it will be the Kingdom of Lucis." Harry said proudly as he managed to make a small smile at the people who were now looking at him with confusion. "I'm simply a long way from home but I won't abandon it if its honor is put into question." Harry said as he looked to these odd yet older foreign headmasters.

"Alright Harry!" Ron cheered as, he fist bumped Harry as Ventus patted his shoulder with Stella hugged his arm and Hermione smirking to the side.

"Then it's settled then!" The blonde man wearing far too much yellow announced as he waved his hands exuberantly. "Harry Potter." He began as he ignored the five glares from Harry and his close friends. Though they were beginning to suspect that they would be doing that a lot while they were here. And he either ignored it, or didn't notice it, as he continued, "will represent the Crown Magical Kingdom of Lucis alongside the champions for Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang!" He looked positively giddy with the fact that Ruby would be here. Ventus was fairly sure this guy had major problems.

'I hope Lunafreya or father can find a way to get us out of here.' Harry thought as unknown to him they would be unable to do so.

(With Lunafreya in Insomnia Eos)

"Pryna I have a task for you." Luna said as she took out a book and handed it to her dog. "The sky messenger has left with the King of another realm. Please travel to this realm and deliver this to him." Luna said as she looked to Pryna. "His world and in turn our own depends on it." Luna said as the day of the treaty signing ceremony was fast approaching them.

Pryna took the book and then began to leave as she knew how to find Stella, Hedwig, and Harry but she knew that when she did no doubt they will be in shock and heartbroken at the answer.

(Scene Break Dumbledore's office)

Dumbledore saw an owl arrived for him which was odd but he saw it belonged to St. Mugo's as he already received a progress report of Lily and the Longbottoms conditions so he began to fear the worse for both Lily and the Longbottoms. He soon opened the letter and began to read and as he did so a smile of pure joy crept upon his face at what he read. After he reread it for perhaps the 20th time and making sure no spell was being used on him he knew it was real. Lily had woken up at long last and at no better timing then this day.

Dumbledore dropped what he was doing and took a Floo as he walked to his large fire place. "St. Mugo's." He said vanishing into a green flame.

(At St. Mugo's Lily's hospital room)

Lily who was sitting up on her bed was grateful that the nurses were able to keep the Daily Prophet out of here as she looked out the window as so much has changed. "13… years." Lily said sadly at the thought. "13 years have passed. Harry he's probably already at Hogwarts and that man he's still out there I can feel him." Lily said as she didn't spend 13 years inside the Crystal for nothing.

Soon the door opened as Lily looked and saw Dumbledore walk in as she didn't expect him here at the very least she expected Remus or Sirius to run in. But perhaps Remus hadn't received her letter yet or at all. "Professor you haven't changed a bit." Lily said as Dumbledore was grateful to merlin for saving Lily's life that day.

"Lily we have much to talk about." Dumbledore said as he looked around. "May I sit down?" Dumbledore asked.

"Oh of course." Lily said as Dumbledore pulled out a chair and sat down near Lily. "Professor if I may where is Sirius I need to see him." Lily said as Dumbledore thought Lily may have forgotten what Sirius did.

"I'm sorry Lily you may not remember but he betrayed you to Voldemort." Albus said as Lily was shocked at this.

"No he wouldn't he literally couldn't he was magical sworn as Harry's godfather he was literally unable to do anything that would harm Harry knowingly plus we had made Peter the secret keeper and didn't tell anyone." Lily explained as Albus was shocked.

"Lily are you absolutely sure then?" Albus asked as if what she says is true then Sirius had spent 13 years in Azkaban wrongly imprisoned for a crime he did not and literally could not knowingly commit.

"I am sure where is, he and where is Harry I need to know everything." Lily said as she had to set things right now.

"Do not worry I will take care of it Lily but it's a long story I can assure you." Albus said as he began on the day Harry had vanished as Lily for some reason looked glad that he vanished like a mother happy her son was protected. Albus saw that Lily may have had a hand in it and she seemed even more joyed that her son was back. By the end of it Lily looked to Albus before she told her tale of what happened that Halloween Night.

"Albus a few months prior I saw something or someone. He… he was the real reason, this man he's the true Master of Death and he's the reason for everything." Lily said as Albus looked.

"Do you know who he was, what he looked like, how he spoke?" Albus asked as Lily sadly turned her head to this.

"No all I know is that because of him the wars in both the wizarding and muggle world had happened." Lily explained as this man seemed to be the ultimate manipulator as Albus looked to his Elder wand wandering if this man was listening though this Deathly Hollow in his very hand. "Professor I need you to get Sirius out of Azkaban now I need to see my son again." Lily said as Albus nodded.

"It will be done but until a court is called which I can make it as soon a week if not a few days." Albus said as he intended to fix his mistake and get Sirius out of Azkaban.

"Good thank you Professor." Lily said as Dumbledore then nodded and took his leave as once Lily as alone the room turned slightly cold as it was a comforting cold. Soon a woman in a black and white dress walked in as she had long black hair and had her eyes closed inside. "Shiva it's going to happen isn't it?" Lily asked as the woman nodded.

"Yes I had made it so Harry and his friends would investigate the strange happenings in Eos and now they are here." She said as Lily nodded.

"Did you put the sword in a place he would find it?" Lily asked as the woman nodded.

"Yes in the trunk." She said as Lily nodded.

"Thank you." Lily said as the woman then continued.

"But if you must call me something call me Gentiana." Gentiana introduced as Lily nodded and understood what she asked of her a mortal.

(Scene Break the Next Day Hogwarts)

Harry woke up that morning early for once as he got up to make sure what had happened wasn't a dream. Too bad for him it was which means they had to take part in this tournament. Harry had Hermione check out the books to see what it all entailed and what to expect from this world and most of all the challenges involved.

They were given their own common room so to speak as boys and girls got their own dorm area so of course Stella and Hermione got the ladies side all to themselves. But when he woke up Harry would not lie that he was surprised to find himself here and shocked to learn it wasn't a dream at all yesterday. But he only hoped Stella was ok and he was grateful that she was ok and not hurt in anyway. Of course, realizing that he wasn't in a dream, and was in fact, in a different dimension, in a magical castle, where he was apparently famous, was a bit of a shock in and of itself. However, for some reason it didn't affect Harry anywhere near as much as the thought of deeply hurting Stella.

'Of course I'd be worried of hurting her she's my fiancé and all but… is she only my fiancé out of duty or something else?' Harry thought as he was dressed in his normal gear as he looked around the large common room a bit. 'I mean even if we are in some different dimension, at least I know Stella, and the others are ok.' Harry thought as he was intent on getting them all home to Lucis and Insomnia. Instead he shrugged it off and ran into the "Common area" of their suite to find Hermione asleep in a chair by the fire with a book in her hand, seemingly contented with reading her literature by firelight as she slept with her head on her fist with an empty coffee mug nearby.

"Hey just like Ignis, wonder if that was an Ebony Coffee brand." Harry thought as he went to wake up Hermione. "Hey Hermione wake up." Harry said shaking Hermione awake as the lady of the Royal advisory game to awoken by Harry.

"Your highness how may I help you?" Hermione asked as Harry looked to his advisor who returned to her book to continue reading the book in question.

"What are you reading?" He asked as hopefully it's something the can help them home.

Hermione silently chuckled at her leader as she replied without looking up from her book. "It's apparently some form of book on magical animals." Hermione could almost feel Harry's confused face at the new information, to which Hermione defined with only a moment's pause. "It's a book about the habits and appearance of different kinds of animals, the types you would only read about in fairy tales, really." Hermione said, flipping to a certain set of pages she was sure Harry would find fascinating to learn more about.

On it was a white horse, seemingly immaculate in every way, the very definition of a thoroughbred, however, there was something that clearly defined this thing as not being a horse. The giant horn protruding from its head. Harry gasped at the picture, partly because it was a photograph of a creature he was fairly sure only existed in an old myth, and partly because the picture was moving just the paintings that lined the walls of the large castle.

Hermione smirked at the reaction Harry gave, even if it was just an outwards expression of her own when she had seen some of these for the first time. She turned the pages to the next one, the XXXXX Creature. A Dragon. Harry wasn't really impressed with that one considering Bahamut and all as the next picture showed a green scaled dragon, with large scales protruding from its back at regular intervals, it's eyes burning with inner fire as it lashed around the enclosure it was trapped within. The page had more pictures on it, each with descriptions of the species of dragons that were there, the Swedish Short Snout, the more timid Welsh Green, the Chinese Fireball that was living up to its name in its picture, and a few other species, including the beautiful Antipodean Opaleye, the poisonous Peruvian Hypertooth, the incredibly dangerous Hungarian Horntail, and the absolutely massive Ukrainian Ironbelly.

Of course the professor who brought these to them was questioned if any Daemons existed here and she thought they meant Demons from hell and not the Daemons of the Star Scourge. They learned the Daemons don't exists here but for some reason Harry wasn't truly convinced. He didn't know why but even if Earth and Eos were two different worlds they both had magic and the stars themselves so he didn't put it pass the realm of reason for the Star Scourge to somehow exist here.

"Hey Hermione." Harry began as he looked to Hermione.

"Yes your highness?" Hermione asked as Harry looked to his best-friend.

"I need a huge favor ok, can you help me study for this tournament." Harry asked as Hermione chuckled.

"That was already on the agenda as well as ensuring we can power the Highwinds if we cannot leave this world by the school years end." Hermione said preferring to be cautious about their situation here.

"Always one step ahead huh?" Harry asked as Hermione smiled.

"Why of course when dealing with you Harry it's a given." Hermione smiled as Harry returned the smile to his friend of the Royal Advisory. "Now come along they are serving breakfast and we don't want you getting lost now." Hermione said as Stella, Ventus, and Ron had already gone on ahead of them both. "After breakfast a short tune up for the Highwinds is needed and then we may begin studying for the tournament." Hermione said as they would need to find some from or mechanic to keep the car in tip top shape.

(Scene Break after Breakfast)

As Hermione had already gone off to tune up the Highwinds Ron decided to explore a bit with Ventus while Stella and Harry made their way to the Headmasters office. They were summoned to discuss certain information as the two made their way to the office in question. During Breakfast though Hermione had relinquished a newspaper from a student so she may read it and learn how this small magical world works in stuff as news and politics. Seeing as Hermione was in the Royal Advisory she can study the laws and political game since at times thought it had never happened she can be a sort of lawyer as well.

The two soon arrived as Harry saw a Gargoyle spin around and vanish to form into a set of stairs to which Harry and Stella began to climb it. But as Harry started to climb he felt his body pulse for but a moment as he felt strange for it. "Harry are you ok?" Stella asked as Harry quickly regained himself.

"Y-yes I was just off was all." Harry said assuring his fiancé Stella he was ok. As Harry climbed the steps after the moment passed with Stella they soon arrived at Dumbledore's office as they looked around and saw a hat sitting on a high table. Harry was able to reach it as he looked at it and inspected it which looked like an old yet cliché wizard hat. Harry reached in and felt something like a handle and deciding to be daring Harry pulled it out as he was surprised to see a long sword came from it.

"Wow." Harry said as he looked at the Sword before Dumbledore was heard.

"It seems you have the spirit of a True Gryffindor seeing as you had drawn forth the Sword of Gryffindor." Dumbledore said appearing seemingly out of nowhere.

"Oh sir sorry about that, I'll put it back." Harry said but then something incredible happened right then and there as Harry put the sword on the table before him.

*Insert Final Fantasy XV OST: Royal Arms theme/Somnus Arranged

The Sword began to lift up as it floated in the air surprising everyone before it went torts Harry after glowing and when it did the sword became clear and crystal like as it flew around Harry surprising him to now end at what it did. "A royal arm?" Harry asked as Stella was shocked by this turn of strange events.

*End OST

"A royal Arm?" Dumbledore asked as he saw the Sword may have chosen him as its master and true owner.

"It's a long story sir but basically in the tales of Eos Royal Arms are weapons wielded by some of the greatest Kings that Lucis had ever known that their powers became part of the weapons they wielded." Stella explained as Dumbledore saw this happen.

"Very well… then I suppose the Sword of Gryffindor is best suited in your hands then." Dumbledore said as this was good. He knew Tom made Horcruxes so if Harry ever had to face such an item he will be better prepared for these items created by Voldemort for immortality.

"Are you sure it's not right for me to take what belongs to this school." Harry said as Dumbledore smiled.

"It is of no ill intent so please keep it as a gift." Dumbledore said as Harry had received the Sword of Gryffindor as his own Royal Arm from the founder of Hogwarts Goodrich Gryffindor.

(Scene Break later at the Library)

The five were reading through the books as they had to find information on the Trials of the Tri-Wizard Tournament. As they read through it Ron and Ventus were playing paper football while Stella and Harry focused on reading before something was discovered about the tournament one bad discovery.

They continued in silence for the next few minutes until Hermione threw down the book on the Tri-wizard Tournament onto the table in disgust. Harry jumped and Stella eeped, their hands going to for their weapons before they all regained her senses and realized it was only Hermione getting frustrated, and Ron nearly fell out of his chair. Ventus looked at her in question, and Stella looked at her like she'd grown a second head for throwing a book as Hermione had never done that before EVER.

"Hermione?" Harry ventured carefully, slightly afraid of what could have possibly caused her to react this way. "What was in that book that made you so angry?" Harry asked as Hermione then simply looked at Harry with a righteous fury in her eyes that he had never seen in Hermione.

"Harry." Hermione said, an anger that few had ever heard quivering in her voice. "Pretty much everyone who has ever participated in this tournament have died as a result!" She said angrily, clearly disgusted that they would host such a thing for children.

"Oh." Harry said weakly but inside he was furious at this tournament. Ventus himself looked extremely horrified as well as Ron was shocked by this barbaric form of horrible news

Stella really wasn't going to like this as she was there and she didn't like it one bit what so ever. Her fiancé her crush from childhood, her Harry was in a tournament where he may very well die and most of the participants were though 17 still children to the Lucian people.

"They what!?" Ventus exclaimed, his eyes would be turning red if they could as he took the book from Hermione's hand and read the passage himself. "The Twi-Wizard tournament was cancelled after the events of the Tragedy of 1792, due to the high death toll." Ventus threw the book over to Stella, who looked rather shocked as well, the rage on her face was palpable as she read through the book, flipping through the different tasks over the seven hundred years this "tournament" took place.

Stella's lips curled in disgust as she was handed another book by Harry simply titled Twi-Wizard Tragedies. "They had to write a book about the multiple deaths!?" Stella shrieked, obviously appalled at the mere idea of it. She quickly skimmed through it, seeing multiple copies of newspaper clippings of the different tragedies, she muttered as she read, "Cockatrice tragedy of 1509, all three champions killed in first task. Lethifold murders last champion in 1615. Three champions die in third task in 1650…" she trailed off, turning slightly green as she continued reading this barbaric information.

Ventus however, was shaking. "How… HOW COULD THEY KEEP THIS GOING!?" He screamed, as his Claymore appeared in his hand as Ron held his larger friend back from going berserk on some unfortunate victim. This was a death trap Ron won't deny and the fact his best friend was in it made Ron very worried for Harry's safety and the fact that if he died and they find a way home it may spark a war between Lucis and Earth if the Treaty goes without a hitch a lot of people here will die unable to fight back against Lucis and The Imperial forces.

Ventus then got up as he knew who the target for his rage will be. "I'm going to go beat up on the Headmaster until he cancels this stupid tournament!" He half answered, half shouted as he got out of Ron's grasp, before continuing on his war path in the general direction of the man that was hosting this event.

"Ven stop!" Harry called to Ventus stopped him from going any farther on his warpath.

"Why Harry?!" Ventus yelled as Harry looked.

"Because I'll need your help getting myself ready to fight." Harry countered as he looked to his best friend with a stern look all over on his face. "Besides the people here don't use our kind of magic so I think we can handle whatever they throw at us seeing as it gives us an edge here that they don't." Harry said as Ventus then calmed down.

"True." Ventus conceded as that was a very good point right there.

"Well then with the possible murder avoided I do believe Harry has a LOT of studying on this tournament" Hermione spat the word like it was poison. "To do in order for her to get through it in one piece." With that said Hermione grabbed Harry and took him to another book as Stella helped them out with their studying.

While Harry, Stella, and Hermione spent the rest of the day in the library however, Ventus decided he needed to fight something or someone in order to get his anger out so she didn't commit first degree murder when he found the person who put Harry's name in that goblet.

Not that he wouldn't beat the man senseless before turning him in that is with Hermione, Ron, and Stella helping as well.

Ventus remembered that old Professor Lady had mentioned a Forbidden Forest that sounded like a great place to blow off some steam! "Hey Ron want to scout the forest for any possible bounties?" Ventus asked as Ron smiled.

"Did you even have to ask?" Ron asked as it was clear he was already thinking it.

With that in mind, the two ran off towards the castle's main doors and headed out towards the forest, intent on getting some...practical research done on this place.

(Scene Break that Night)

That night saw the five gathered in their guest suite as Hermione, Harry, and Stella looked ready to pass out while Ron and Ventus looked ready to keep going all night as Ventus was holding a long case on his person that wasn't with him before. "Ok guys let's see wat we know so far. Stella, Hermione, and I will start." Harry said as he then had Stella start them off.

"The first task of this...spectacle" Stella began, not wanting to call it a tournament with its atrocities. "Normally involves a dangerous magical creature, so Harry, Hermione, and I found multiple books on the most dangerous ones you could find in this place, and continued studying after we did so." She took a breath before passing the baton to Hermione.

"The second task seems to usually have some form of puzzle involved, or an environmental hazard of some kind, which we can't exactly study for, which makes this task the hardest to prepare for beforehand." Hermione said as she looked slightly agitated at this revelation but was no doubt already thinking of ways to counter it.

Stella then took the baton back as she decided to finish it off for them. "However "the third task seems to have some sort of face off against the rest of the champions" Stella said as she seemed back to her usual self now, having gone over the most agitating parts of their study. "All this means now is, we need to" she paused here, not wanting to say the word most would use as she was above that, "observe the other champions, and learn what we can from their mannerisms and actions so we will have the advantage" she finished eloquently as Hermione chuckled at Stella.

"In other words we need to observe and gather information with espionage and spying." Hermione explained as this of course caused Stella to turn red from embarrassment at being seen through, and slight indignation from being told so, so bluntly.

"So, what did you two do today?" Harry asked tiredly, yet kindly to his two friends. "Well we went to the library after going HAM on the Forbidden Forest we split up and went to scout alone. I went to the car while Ven went to the library the overgrown book worm." Ron said as he then smiled at the case. "And when I was there I found this thought you might like it Harry." Ron said as Harry opened it and was shocked as he swore he was looking at his Father's sword but it was different as he saw the name engraved on it.

"Blade of the Family?" Harry asked as he looked to it and reached for it causing it to raise up on its own and enter Harry turning to a crystal form where it joined the Sword of Gryffindor.

"It's a royal arm?" Hermione asked as she was surprised Royal Arms even existed here.

"Seems that way." Stella said as Ventus had an idea.

"Wait if there is more maybe we can grab them to give us a huge edge in a fight." Ventus said as Hermione cleared her throat.

"One step at a time. Now Ven please continue." Hermione said as they needed to focus on Harry's survival.

"Anyway I learned what I could about this world, and let me just say it's not pretty." Ventus said as he looked to Harry. "Those House Elves we saw when we first appeared here yesterday? They're glorified slaves." Ventus said as this was of course met with a gasp from Stella, a growl from Ron, a scowl from Hermione with narrowed eyes as well. "They're bound to a family for their entire lives unless freed by being given clothes, and only then are they allowed to do as they please, but that's not all, they treat anyone who isn't completely human as beneath them, talking to them like they shouldn't exist or talking down to them!" Ventus held his breath and calmed down, not wanting to start screaming and possibly draw attention to themselves.

"Plus I looked at their political views let's just say Harry be ready for snakes that's all I'm going to say because as far as a lot of people here are concerned if your born to a magical family your great, half of a magical family tolerate depending on said magical family, born to none magical family your trash and wont amount to anything." Ventus explained as he was hating this place and it's screwed up views. "Plus if you're a 'pureblood,' and don't follow the pureblood belief you're a traitor of the highest caliber as they basically hate your guts from the get go." Ventus explained as Harry was even hating this place that may very well be on a long term suicide path.

"Ok moving on." Harry said as they needed to change the subject "Now what did you and Ron see in the forest earlier today?" Harry asked as he wanted details.

Oh you know," Ron replied in a lively tone, "I got angry at that book, and the Headmaster, and went and blew off some steam in that Forbidden Forest place just outside the school grounds." He smiled, "those giant spider things don't hold a candle to the Daemons." Ron boasted as he pumped his fist in the air.

"We also ended up meeting some half horse guy while we were out there earlier today." Ventus started, only to be interrupted by Hermione.

"Centaur" she corrected as Ventus waved her off even if she was right on what they are legally called here.

"Fine, a centaur, named Firenze, I think, he spoke in some odd riddles though, saying that Mars was shining strong since our arrival and that it bodes war or something." Ron shrugged, "He seemed kinda, off to me. I left the forest not long after that and just explored the grounds around the castle when I found the sword on the Highwinds." Ron's face lit up in her signature grin, "It's huge! It's gotta have more room than the Kingsglave's training grounds! There's so much room to spar in, we're not limited by the arena here!" Ron called happily as she thought of the possibilities, quickly joined in by the exhausted Harry.

However, Harry's daydream wasn't to last long, as she began nodding off and landed face first into an end table, which knocked some sense into Harry long enough to stand up and realize what he'd done. Thankful he hadn't done it in front of anyone other than his friends as he smiled sheepishly and rubbed the back of his neck. "I'm fine! Perfectly fine!" He said quickly, noticing everyone's concerned gaze as he looked at them all. "Ok then meeting adjourned for now." Harry said as he was tired and wanted to sleep now. "I'll see you guys in the morning, goodnight!" With that, he used his warp strike to port into his room and crash on the bed, asleep before his head hit the pillow.


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