Hadrian Lucis Caelum

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(Start Hermione)

When Hermione came to the next morning she shot up finding herself in the oddest of locations. Her first notice was that she was in the Forbidden Forest which matched up so far. The second was that her clothing was torn apart to near rags. Lucky for her they were still wearable after a change of dress code but the fact was she was also lacking any memory from last night to here. As she got up she hissed in pain as she felt her entire body was sore as she moved to get her feet under her using the trees she was in as a crutch.

"Cure." Hermione invoked as the green spell covered her body healing her injuries as she began to make her way back to the school. "Now best to make my way back to the campus and retrace my steps." Hermione said as she had one huge headache. "What did I do last night?" She wondered as she had no recollection of her 'furry incident,' while she walked away carefully when her hand landed on claw marks on a tree.

Hermione saw her spectacles was near it as she put them back on and began inspecting the claw marks and noted how unnatural they looked right now. She then traced each finger across an individual mark and noted how they seem to nearly be identical if she had claws as she then remembered the wolf like creatures from before. "I wonder." She said as she hoped Ron still had his horror movies that they used to binge watch yearly. If he did she may be able to match up the creatures together and learn what her ailment was.

(Meanwhile with Dumbledore)

Dumbledore stared at the special dispensation form he'd managed to have pushed through the Tri-Wizard's committee. He hated having to use his power in such a way, but Harry Potter had to survive this tournament, and he'd used that card to force them into allowing him to use his magical weapons through his Power of the Kings in the battle after he had let it slip that he had been entered against his will. It had worked, and he was glad of that, but scaring people into passing something he needed passed was something that always left a bad taste in his mouth.

He looked out over the grounds and could just make out Harry trudging back inside, his new textbooks tucked under his arm and a bit sore from an early morning jog to mainly find where he had left said textbooks. From what he could see, he had been unsuccessful once again in casting anything other than a simple healing spell or Apparate. Which was rather disheartening to the Headmaster, but he had those weapons of his to fall back on as well as the ones he gained through the Schools Founders, and he had seen their spars and battles from the other days, and he had to admit that their muggle weapons were very effective in what they did. Even if it was a rather barbaric way doing so but then again they also had magic of their own world to utilize as well.

Still, the longer he was here, the better the chances that he might end up staying here. He hated having to pull him away from what she knew and the kingdom he could one day rule, but it was for the good of the world, and it was Harry's destiny to face down Lord Voldemort, and no one could run from destiny, no matter how much they wanted to.

Dumbledore had learned that lesson the hard way when he'd been forced to duel Gellert in 1945, no matter how badly he'd wanted someone else to do so. So, while it was with a heavy heart he had to do so, he needed Harry to stay here, if only so he could face off against Voldemort. Afterwards, he would find a way to send Harry back to his world, even if they had to bring back the Tri-Wizard Tournament and bring one of the people Harry had brought with him.

He wasn't unreasonable, if he survived and he so chooses, he would send him home, as Eos, no matter how much he disliked it...it was Mister Pot- Mister Lucis' home. He wouldn't fit in here, he had grown up in a world where he had been loved and wanted every day of his life, and he had had a family, and friends, and had a future there, while here on Earth, in the Wizarding World, he had no one save for a mother he barely even remembers. He hadn't seen Remus since he had been forced to resign the year before, Sirius still recovering from Azkaban though was healthy enough to take his role as head of the House of Black and make time to visit Harry, and his biological aunt, well Dumbledore knew Harry wouldn't have been treated the best there.

Unfortunately, he had had no choice at the time of his decision, the Death Eaters were still out there, and they would have wanted to take revenge on the child that had vanquished the Dark Lord, regardless of how much he had actually realized he had done. He was glad that whoever had sent him away from there had managed to get him to a safe place, well as safe as a world full of mindless monsters of the night bent on the destruction of humanity and an Empire bent of possible conquering the heavens as well could be anyways. Though even if it was risky he knew somehow Lily had a hand in Harry's transportation there though she was not keen on sharing how or why. Still, it was clear Harry was happy there, so he would be sure Harry could go home, and nothing would stop him in his pursuit to do so once the Dark Lord was gone for good and hopefully if they so wish Remus, Sirius, and Lily would accompany him to reconnect with her son and meet the man who had raised Harry as a father would his own.

Dumbledore sighed tiredly, feeling all one hundred and fourteen years pile on him simultaneously as he realized he'd almost ripped his from all he knew and loved, purely to face a monster and willingly die to him. However, that feeling abated almost immediately when he realized something.

His scar had faded to the point of being almost unnoticeable.

Dumbledore inwardly cursed himself for being so dumb, he'd have to run a small test on him, a simple charm, to him at least, to see if the soul piece was truly gone. If it was, well technically his part in the prophecy was over.

Because he had vanquished the Dark Lord from himself, he lived, and therefore, he had broken the prophecy's terms. Dumbledore cursed himself again for his arrogance, he had almost sent a teenage boy to his doom because of his hubris, a teenage boy with a full life ahead of him, and if the glances he had seen between Harry and his friend or fiancé, Stella were any indication, love could very well be in his future as well as he had saw despite it being arranged the two mutually loved each other. If he was to garner a wager he would say the Potter Family Magic may have seen the two were meant for each other and adding in the magic of the Lucian King it was clear the thought was unanimous.

He only wished the two had a better chance at love and happiness than he'd had when he was young.

(Scene Break Hogwarts Guest Dorms)

Harry woke up the morning of the First Task with a knot in his stomach and though it was not as bad as most he also knew it was comparable with Cor's training of Noctis and his friends. He had known for the last three weeks that he'd be fighting in the tournament, and the young prince had known for that long that he'd be facing deadly opposition, that was a given.

Though he wasn't unaware that he'd be doing it in front of a large crowd in fact in events like this he knew it was a given. But now that he thought about it he hoped his opponent was a big enough challenge as he saw his friends were ready as Stella walked out of the girls side stretch after a nice hot morning shower. "Morning all." Stella greeted as she walked out.

"Morning Stella." Ron greeted as he was fixing his red hair a bit with his camera nearby.

"Hey has anyone seen Hermione?" Harry asked as he noted Hermione was missing.

"No I don't believe she walked in last night do you suppose she is ok?" Stella asked as Ventus heard this.

"Doesn't sound like Mione to not call us if she is going to be late." Ventus said as they may have to start looking for her soon.

"Probably slept in the Library last night wouldn't be the first time as much as she may deny it." Ron said as Ventus rolled his eyes at him.

"I'm going to go look for her." Harry said as he began to make his exit only for the door to open revealing Hermione as she looked like she saw better days.

"Wow Mione you ok!?" Ron asked as he looked to Hermione with worry in his voice.

"Yes I'm fine just had a rough night as it were." Hermione said as she made her way inside. "I shall meet you all during the First Task Today so please do not worry yourselves with me." Hermione said as she began making her way into the room.

"Well if you say so." Ventus said as this was odd of Hermione.

"Well don't miss breakfast ok." Ron said as the group of four left the room for breakfast.

"Very well." Hermione said heading to the shower." Hermione said as the four were worried for her as they left her alone to rest.

(Later at the Great Hall)

The group arrived at the Great Hall and taken their normal spot at the Gryffindor Table, as Harry was able to easily tune out the whispers and stares from the people. He was used to it yes politics and such was a natural part of Royal life but something was different about it oddly enough. It wasn't that they were getting better not it had for some reason gotten worse as they walked into the Halls as Stella took note of it just like Harry.

The Murmurs and Whispers followed them as they had walked into the Great Hall, and they didn't stop until they started eating their food. "Anyway feel like we have the world looking at us through a spy glass?" Ventus asked as he looked to his friends.

"Yeah kind of." Ron agreed as he sat eating his food.

"Well your task is today so it's to be expected." Stella confirmed as she looked to her friends.

"No it feels different than normal." Harry said as he looked to his friends a bit worried about this unusual silence among them.

"And I believe I may know why." Hermione was heard as she walked in and showed to them a newspaper label the 'Daily Prophet,' which from what they understood was the commonly used newspaper around her. In fact if Harry remembered correctly he and the other champions were forced to do a story with the Prophet when they had all first arrived.


By: Rita Skeeter

It was his interview from the Wand Weighing ceremony where he'd been forced to give an interview to an oddly dressed, and completely creepy, journalist named Rita Skeeter. It read more like Harry had been shoved into a strait jacket rather than shoved into a broom cupboard where he'd been forced to answer questions. The woman couldn't even get her facts right! She made it sound like Eos was a world filled with savage war mongering lords and pathetic magic users for monarchy, and that he and his friend plus his Fiancé were a bunch of child soldiers! It then went on to try to say that Harry had even forgotten his real last name and went by Harry Caliber!

Harry kept reading on as he honestly wanted to hunt down this Rita as the more it talked about Lucis and Insomnia the more he saw insults directed torts him as Stella saw this as well. Harry then scowled at the paper before proceeding to tear it in half in anger before shooting an apologetic glance at Hermione and his friend before he then resumed glaring at the ripped paper on his plate.

"How can they allow her to print this...this...slander? Libel? These complete and utter lies?" Stella ranted in her outrage as she pulled a paper away from a nearby Gryffindor student who'd begun looking at Harry warily, like he was going to snap and kill all of them at any second. "Does this place not have any sort of libel laws!?" She said, before she lost coherence in her rage at the journalist, a term Stella used extremely loosely in this situation.

"It is rather nasty." Hermione said in her normal tone, though her team could detect a bit of tightness to it, indicating her true feelings towards the paper.

Ron of course was a bit more outspoken about the subject as he saw what it had said about Harry. "THIS WOMAN THINKS SHE CAN SLANDER MY BEST FRIEND AND CALL HIM A NUTCASE!?" Ron shouted as he glared holes into the paper. "WHAT IS THIS WOMAN'S PROBLEM WITH HIM!?" Ron's voice echoed as it was clear he was far from happy and it's not every day you see the lovable Ron in a rage. "JUST WAIT TILL I GET MY HANDS ON THIS RITA WOMAN!" Ron yelled but he was then stopped from storming out by Harry's hand on his shoulder.

"Ron, it's okay, really. It's fine. I don't care what they think, and I don't want you getting in trouble with the Wizarding Police or whatever they're called, for hurting this woman." Harry said as Ventus then interjected.

"Yeah as much as I'd love to help you put this woman down we're not planning on staying here unless we have nowhere else to head to." Ventus said as he wanted to hurt the woman but they did not need to become fugitives anytime soon.

"Fine but if we see her on the street and she has an 'accident,' I had nothing to do with it." Ron said as he sat back down and pouted as it was clear he was on Harry's side from start to finish.

"Fine." Harry said as he knew Ron wouldn't go through with his plot. Besides Harry always hated people staring at him and normally for political and public reasons he puts up with it but in private he always hated it and having people stare at him like he was some kind of side show attraction.

"Still I find it quiet shocking that a woman of the press would lie in such a manner and so blatantly so when she even interviewed Harry in person." Hermione said as she looked to Harry.

"Hardly it seemed more like she was just answering whatever came to mind and me just being there was a formality. In fact I even saw her just plain out writing the story with that floating quill of hers in my face." Harry said as he remained calm but inside he was seething.

"Sounds more like hussy then a reporter to me." Stella said as Ventus then spoke up.

"Harry heads up she said a bad word." Ventus called as Harry heard this.

"What your still holding that on my head that was years ago." Harry said as he looked to his friends on this subject.

"And we promised we'd never let you forget." Ron joked as they group began to laugh at their little inside joke as even Stella found herself amuse at their antics.

"Um pardon me." Came a female voice as Ron looked and saw a red haired girl whose hair was the same shade of red as his own.

"Yeah can we help you?" Harry asked as he looked to the girl as she then sighed and spoke up.

"My name is Ginny Weasley and I was wondering if you were by chance Ronald Weasley." Ginny said as she seemed to be star struck around Harry but she knew he was off the market as it were.

"Um yes that's my name apparently as from what Gringotts told me why you asking Ginny?" Ron asked as he looked to Ginny as Hermione sighed and face palmed herself on that.

"Did you even pay attention to the heritage test?" Hermione asked as she interjected.

"Um would you believe me if I said yes?" Ron asked as Hermione sighed.

"Basically she's your sister." Hermione scolded as she looked to the siblings as they looked shocked.

"Well that's another plate of hello." Harry said as he went back to his food.

"Ok this is awkward." Ron said as he scratched his head a bit to this.

"I know… but mum asked Fred and George to approach you when she got word of this who then put it onto me as mum and dad at home are in shock and celebrating that you're back and ok." Ginny said as she looked to Ron as he saw the entire scenario here.

"But are you ok like have you eaten well and such?" Ginny asked as she knew her parents wanted to know these things.

"Trust me we've looked out for him since we were toddlers." Ventus said as he looked to Ginny who saw this.

"Yes he'd more than likely get lost without us." Hermione added as Ron heard this.

"Hey watch it guys!" Ron countered as he looked to them all.

"Oh which reminds me." Stella began as she looked to her friends and her fiancé. "Harry needs to head to the competitors tent." Stella said as she took note of the time right now.

"Ok let's go then." Harry said as he got up ready to go.

"Just remember Harry it can't be as bad as a Nif or a Daemon." Ventus added as he looked to Harry.

"Got you there, Ven." Harry said as he pointed to his friend and bodyguard.

(Later at the Champions Tent)

Ven was most certainly NOT right! Harry walked into the competitor's tent in some new robes he was able to acquire on short notice. From what Harry had heard they were facing Dragons who were known to be violet and very volatile if disturbed. As Harry was waiting for the battle to begin Harry noticed that Fleur seemed to fancy Ventus as of late as Crum and Cedric were mentally prepared.

If anything Harry had faced a Behemoth with help and he had seen a creature that in Prompto's words was ½ bird ½ jet and ½ dragon and that thing from what Harry had seen was huge. As he sat there he began to wonder what was going on with the others.

(Back at the Stands)

"Place your bets Place your bets folks!" Fred and George Weasley were heard as Ron was with Ginny, Stella, Ventus, and Hermione in the stands as Stella though had a seat saved for her.

"The Smart ones were genius enough to wager on Krum surviving this blood bath so will the returning Potter be able to stand victorious today?" Fred asked as he looked to the group.

"Place my Gill on Harry." Ron was heard as he put his Gill in the basket.

"Go ahead then little brother." Fred said as they were going to get to know Ron if it killed them.

"Place me for both Fleur and Harry." Ventus was heard as Ron heard this.

"Looks like someone's in love." Ron joked as Hermione smiled.

"Fleur I love you." Hermione joked in a song like voice.

"Fleur I do!" Ron continued as Ventus glared at them.

"When we're apart my heart miss you so!" They all sang as even Ginny ended up joining in.

"Put my Galleons on Harry." Came a new voice as they looked and saw the returned Sirius Black as Fred and George saw the man who was falsely imprisoned due to Peter framing him.

"Same here." Came the voice of the Lady Lily Potter as she walked in as well.

"Oh Mr. Black and Ms. Potter." Ginny greeted as she saw them as Lily smiled to them happy to have made it in time as she was using a cane to walk at the moment.

"No need for formalities." Lily smiled as she saw down at the reserved spots for them.

"Oi why you lot not in the VIP Box?" Fred asked as Lily looked to them.

"Simply put I was asked if I'd like to sit there but I'd rather had invited you all there as well so I asked to have reserved seating's for all of us." Lily offered as Hermione nodded.

"Thank you very much." Hermione said as she stood up and got ready to move.

"We'll take it." Ventus said as Ron looked to them.

"I'll stay behind let Stella know where we are." Ron said as he looked to them as this meant more time to get to know his apparent family.

"Of course and due take some extravagant photos." Lily said as in turn she, Sirius, Hermione, and Ventus took there leave.

(Back with Harry)

As Harry waited in the tent with the others he began to focus on his goal as soon enough behind the tent curtain Harry hears a, 'Piz!' hear lean back and open up the curtain a bit as the voice of Stella as she said in a loud whisper tone, "Harry… is that you?!"

"Yea," Harry reply to her as she then ask, "Are you okay?" He stay silent for the moment, even Stella can tell when Harry was nervous as it was odd for her almost like she always knew when Harry was worried or nervous.

Stella then started to say "The key is to concentrate and after that you have too-

"Battle and defeat the dragon," Harry said as he make it sound simple to his voice but hid it what he really feeling but he knew he could not let his emotion slow him down and affect him, but for Stella, couldn't help it as she rush in and hug Harry as she does worry for him greatly, and then a flash of a camera went off, as at the tent entry, Rita and a camera taking a quick photo of Harry and Hermione hugging. Harry of course in a small panic acted by summoning his Ragnarock but was in turn met with Rita Skeeter and a camera man as he calmed down.

"Sorry." Harry said letting his weapon vanish to its storage space with the others.

Rita needed to fix herself quickly and find another camera quickly to take photo of each person to maybe recover from this step back, if Harry would let her that is, as she clear her voice and said, "Such young love, how…. Stirring." As she was speaking she had her Quick Quill and notepad as she looked to them.

"If everything goes… unfortunate today, you two may even make the front page." Rita said as Harry glared at her.

"Like this morning with the slander you shot out." Harry said as Rita saw Harry already saw this and kept calm.

It was then that Krum stepped in as he glared at Rita Skeeter. "You have no business here." He began as he glared at Rita. "This tent is for Champions and Friends." Victor said as he glared at Rita.

Rita saw this as she looked to him and saw she was in a bit of trouble. "No matter." She began being calm as she looked about. "We've got what we wanted." Rita said as she began to take her leave of the area with the camera flashing again.

"One of these days I will strangle her." Stella said as her sister and brother would frown upon it… but they won't object either.

Soon Dumbledore came through the tents flaps as he and the other headmasters plus one greeted them as the extra was Jonathan as he smiled at them as Harry and Stella both recognized him. "Good day Champions gather round please." Dumbledore said as they began to gather as Jonathan calmly moved as he held his Fedora in place. "Now you've waited you've wondered and at last the moment has arrived the moment only four of you can fully appreciate." Dumbledore said as Stella hid with the headmaster group as Dumbledore saw her. "What are you doing here Ms. Nox?" Dumbledore asked as Stella was nervous.

"Oh don't mind her I assume the soon to be Mrs. Potter or Caelum has every right to be here with her fiancé." Jonathan said as he walked over and smiled.

"Who is he?" Fleur asked as he didn't look like an official.

"Oh pardon my rudeness I am Jonathan Kennedy Rowling High Chancellor for her majesty of the British Crown and Chancellor of Mundane and Magical Affairs in Great Britain." Jonathan said as he looked to them. "As it stands the Queen has demanded further safety precautions be placed if our dear Minister wishes to keep his job and seeing as this will be the last Tri-Wizard Cup held anywhere on British Soil the Queen wasn't precautions taken." Jonathan said as he smiled to them all.

"Ok…" Harry said as he honestly didn't trust this eccentric man considering he gave him the cursed Diary before.

"Oh pardon my abrupt interruption please continue." Jonathan said as he moved out of the way to give the others room to speak.

"Well then Barty the bag." Dumbledore said as Harry looked at the bag as he saw the bag was enchanted.

"Champions around me, Ms. Delacour right here, Mr. Krum." Barty said as he moved Victor next to Fleur. "And Mr. Potter over here." Barty said as Harry walked over next to Cedric. "Now Ms. Delacour if you will." Barty said as he opened the bag as Harry saw it was heated and the sound of tiny dragons inside it. Fleur reached into the bag and flinched while hissing from the small burn as she pulled out a small green dragon. "The Welsh Green." Barty said as Fleur looked to her headmistress who looked from behind her school Champion when she saw the dragon. "Mr. Krum." Barty continued as Krum reached in and pulled out his own mini dragon. "The Chinese Fireball." Barty said as he tried to make it sound intimidating but Harry had seen those Dragons and their Horror look-a-likes both of which was when he went on a business trip to China with his grandfather at age 12 when the Wizarding World got concerned when the letter never went to Harry again.

Barty then presented the bag to Cedric as so far it appears either he, or Cedric will get one of the most vicious Dragons alive which he will add all four of these dragons were nesting dragons and right now one of said nesting Dragons was very volatile and more than likely pissed off. "The Swedish Short Snout." Barty said as Harry now knew what Dragon he would get.

"Which leaves." Barty began as Harry simply ignored him and put his hand into the bag before pulling out his Dragon which was of course the Hungarian Thorn Tail who climbed Harry's hand and when it looked at Harry he could already tell this Dragons actual self was very pissed off with not only being caged but also having its eggs possibly stolen while it was being caged.

"These represent four very real dragons each of which have been given a Golden Egg to protect. Your objective is simple collect the collect the Egg." Barty said as Harry scoffed.

"Easier said than done especially since each of us are dealing with Nesting Dragons while said Golden Egg has been placed with all those Dragon Eggs." Harry said as the Golden Egg thing and Dragons it made sense they would use Nesting Dragons to protect it. 'Plus if Bahamut the Draconian is anything to go by involving dragons then I am in trouble.' Harry thought as Stella agreed even if Harry didn't voice it out loud.

"Move on from Mr. Potter's comment each of you must retrieve the eggs for each egg contains a clue without which you cannot hope to proceed to the 2nd task." Barty said as Harry looked around.

"Well any one feel like quitting?" Harry asked as he got no answers. "Alright then whoever's first better be ready while the rest of, us have time to write any wills we may need." Harry said as he went to his spot in the tent and sat on the bed to wait his turn.

Stella then took her leave as she needed to tell the others as Jonathan really did rub her the wrong way as they had to wait for the cannon to sound so they may go forth.

(In the VIP Stands)

"How's he doing Princess?" Ron asked as he and Hermione saw Stella had arrived.

"He's hiding what he's really feeling very well." Stella confessed as she looked. "Harry is very nervous especially if he has to use that armor of his." Stela said as Sirius smiled like it was a joke.

"Don't worry blokes he won't lose this the fact he's hiding what he's feeling just shows he's not letting nervousness get in his way!" Sirius boasted over his Gryffindor Godson.

"Sirius behave he's not a Gryffindor despite my desire for him to be he wasn't raised by us so if anything what he could be felling is a whole different set of rules." Lily scolded as she glared at Sirius who nodded.

It was then Remus noted something up with Hermione as she seemed tired as Ron had commented how she was tired since this morning. Adding the fact last night was a full moon Sirius began to notice some similarities.

'Oh boy.' Sirius thought as he may need to contact Remus soon and find some way to tell Hermione what she had become if his hunch was in somehow right.

(Scene Break Later with Harry Champions Tent)

A moment break for everyone to get prepared and write a will as it seem the champions took Harry's word seriously, and soon enough the cannon was fire (and prematurely), Cedric Diggory was the first to face his dragon as Harry waited patiently for his come up. After Cedric was done it was Viktor Krum's turn as it look more than ready as he step out to face his dragon and then finally Fleur Delacour finished hers.

All three original Champions went out, and all 3 completed the first task, as they mostly ran and survive while retrieving their Egg, it was Now Harry's turn to face his, but before he went on he raise his sword Ragnarock to his forehead and gave a pray as he finish, "Guide and watch over me o Kings of Lucis and Gods of the Crystal. Guide me to victory o Gods of Eos."

Harry then flung open the flap of the Competitor's tent, walking towards the arena in long, confident strides as he reached its entrance knowing the Lineage of Lucis went with him.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! I present to you the representative of Lucis, HARRY POTTER!" Ludo shouted as Harry entered the arena, he cast aside the flicker of annoyance that he felt at being called Potter, and filed it away as unnecessary at the moment, he had to fight something worse than almost any creature he's faced in Lucis or any Nif he crossed paths with in Eos in general.

As exhilarating and exciting as it sounded, he would have to focus and be on top of his game, there would be absolutely no room for error in this fight, one misstep and he would, and could, die horribly, though he doubted it would happen, as the second that it looked like it could, his friends would jump into the arena and help him out.

So, reassured he wasn't going to die today, Harry opened his eyes as he walked out into the fighting area and almost gasped at the dragon he was fighting. He had known dragons were huge, as he'd read about them, and he knew what a Hungarian Horntail looked like, though that was only from pictures and that small figurine he had pulled out of the bag a short time before he'd come out here, but to see it up close was a whole different story.

It wasn't just big, it was huge.

It had black scales, and was lizard-like in appearance. Its yellow eyes glared at the audience around it, and its bronze horns and similarly colored spikes that protruded from its tail glinted in the sunlight. Harry took a moment to take in all of his surroundings as he heard Ludo begin the countdown for him to begin fighting, the terrain was bumpy and rocky, meaning he had plenty of cover from the dragon's extremely hot flames, but he couldn't use his warping ability as much as she wanted to but just enough to get out of a tight spot. He would have room to maneuver, and there wasn't a roof, which meant he could jump high into the air for shots and slices onto the top of the dragon, where its scales were slightly thinner than the ones on its face and sides. He also noticed the dragon was chained so it couldn't fly, which would allow him to use his warp strikes rather effectively as he could jump out of the reach of its tail, claws, and fangs, leaving his only needing to deal with its flames, which would be hard to dodge in mid-air.

Overall, he had the advantage, and was extremely glad he had his weapons with him instead of his wand, for he wouldn't have been half as effective without it. But he did have the wand in case he needed to make a quick spell cast to help him out. As Cor and Hermione would both say always be prepared. Of course the crowd chanting his name was a bit of a distraction but he can deal with it.

"Begin!" Ludo's voice rang through Harry's ears as he quickly summoned his spear weapon and flung it as he then warped to its landing spot as he was able to avoid the Dragon Tail from hitting him.

Harry looked to the egg and knew he could warp strike there but as it stands the Dragon might mess him up so he needed to incapacitate the Dragon long enough to get the egg. But seeing how the Dragon roared he knew one major fact about it. "This thing is pissed." Harry said as he quickly got moving as he began running to avoid the attacks coming his way.

The Dragon then sent its thorn tail at Harry as he quickly summoned a claymore weapon and blocked it before pushing it away from him. Harry then summoned a dagger and threw it allowing himself to get to safety to avoid the Dragon's attack.

Harry began to run for a bit to get some higher ground while using his warping ability to help while phasing to avoid deadly attack. The Dragon of course flew up a bit and began slamming its tail at Harry who dodged the attacks before spinning around and facing the Dragon before he used Ragnarock for a warp strike to its face where he then hit it between the eyes hurting it a bit.

Harry dodged away from another flamethrower but the Dragon then swung its tail before Harry had time to react and was knocked to another ledge and slid down to a crevice area. Harry quickly got up as he needed a plan because this was a real live dragon not Cor and his insane training methods.

Harry knew he couldn't account for terrain but for now he had to take what he can get as Harry slid to some cover after finding a blind spot and hid there when the Dragon began looking around confused.

(VIP Stands)

"Come on Harry." Stella said biting her thumb as she watched this.

(With Jonathan)

Jonathan saw this as he tweeted a whistle a bit as he was impressed how Harry was doing as nearby him Kakarov was laughing at how Harry was going to lose.

(With Harry's friends)

"I can't watch." Ron said as he looked away but peaked an eye open in hopes Harry was going to be ok.

"Hypocrite." Ventus commented as he was starting to regret placing so much money on Harry now.

"Your highness focus on a weak point and strike!" Hermione called out as Harry heard her clearly.


Harry didn't stay hidden for long though, having warping around behind it as it began throwing its head around, looking for its prey as it did so. However it didn't expect a sudden scraping sound as Harry dragged the Sword of Gryffindor across it's back multiple times and then switched to the Crossbow of Ravenclaw and fired magical bolts into the deepest gouge he managed to make, causing the dragon to roar with displeasure as the round buried itself in the Dragons hide, not quite penetrating the skin underneath the scales, but denting the armor even further regardless.

Harry then began phasing as much as he can and even warping as the Dragon was going wild trying to kill him as Harry then noted a higher spot with the stands. Harry then warped to a higher spot where he was soon standing atop a wooden pillar above the stands as the crowd saw him. Harry didn't stop there as he then summoned both the Sword of Gryffindor and Ragnarock now duel wielding as he glared down at the Dragon who began to look for Harry once it saw he was gone.

Harry then roared out and jumped down charging at the Dragon who saw him coming in for an attack. Harry then slashed at it with Ragnarock but the Dragon caught it in its teeth before Harry phased of its grip. Once this was done the Dragon began attacking as Harry proceeded to hack and slash at its face before the two were knocked out of the stadium as Harry saw this.


"Harry!" Ventus called out as he saw this.

(The Battle)

Harry arrived at a mountain area close to the castle but still close to the stadium as the Dragon had broken out of its chains to hunt Harry. The Prince then called off the two swords and switched to his large Claymore weapon and took a battle stance with the heavy weapon held in both hands.

The Dragon then came at him as Harry then proceeded to slash at its head once he jumped torts it as its armor was weakening from each blow Harry made to it while it tried to chomp down on him. Harry then was able to knock it back to the stadium as everyone was surprised how Harry was holding his own without using his wand.

Once the Dragon crashed Harry glared at it as he did a few back flips before landing. Harry then swung his claymore around over him and taking a battle stance as his eyes began to glow red drawing strength from the Power of the Kings. The Dragon stood up and roared out as now that it was free it wasn't going to allow itself to be chained up again. With the roar flames built up in its mouth as Harry glared at it.

Harry saw what it was going to do as he realized it must be trying to torch the entire place as Harry began to realize everyone here was in danger. Harry then reached his free hand outward and summoned his Wand in a flash of crystalline blue as he then held it as he knew he was underage by their laws but it wouldn't hurt to use it.

Harry then began his run as he warp jumped to the air chasing after his dragon as once he got high enough he quickly used his wand to start apparating higher as he had it in a systematic move. Warp then apparate as every time he apparated he made a loud popping sound as the Dragon flew higher getting its strongest fire ready. Harry got close and used his Claymore to hit it but it ignored him and knocked him away to fly higher.

Harry once more began to repeat his method ignoring the drain he was feeling to keep moving as he was going to take down the Dragon. Harry then saw the Dragon was about to let its fire loose as he then acted and flung the Claymore straight at it as when he did he caused it to miss as the fire lit up the sky with flames. Once Harry warped to his claymore he proceeded to chop down cutting its head clean off as he began to fall back down with the Dragon now clearly dead.

Harry then used a dagger and threw it to the rocks where he warped to its landing spot. Once Harry was back on the ground he disengaged his weapons as soon landing behind him was the headless dragon as he looked and saw how it fell with its blood beginning to pool now. Harry then calmly swung the blade a bit before allowing it to vanish in his hand as he had won this day by surviving the Task and killing his Dragon.

Harry then began to make his way to the Egg now that he had no more obstacles in his path and in turn took the egg and held it in his firm grip. It was at this point Harry noticed the fact the stadium was completely quiet, and had been that way since he had killed the dragon. Then the stadium exploded in noise after he noted this prior silence around him.

Harry covered his ears to attempt to drown out the sound of the cheering he was receiving as he walked out of the arena and was led to the medical tent where he was greeted by Madam Pomfrey waving her wand around his head before handing her a goblet full of water and an odd potion and instructing him to sit and wait for a more in depth examination as she went back to tending Cedric Diggory's burnt face while drinking said potion. Harry noted it was from Snape as it read 'Elixir of Eos,' which Harry guessed as Snape attempting to paten the creation that he and his friends helped him create.

Harry opened it and drank it allowing the gung to enter his system to replenish his magic. "Geez." Harry spoke for the first time since he entered the stadium earlier today. "You'd think that they'd never seen someone slay a dragon before." He said as casually as talking about the weather. The three other champions balked at him, and he looked at them quizzically. "You guys did slay the dragons...right?" The Prince asked lamely, noticing the astonished looks on their faces.

"Non." Fleur said as she raised an eyebrow at the Prince. "I did not slay my dragon, I put eet to sleep and took my egg however ze beast did burn my skirt." She said with a scowl as she pulled at the scorched fabric in emphasis.

Viktor Krum nodded in agreement. "I did not kill it either, I blinded it and took my egg, but it smashed some of its own." Victor said as he came out basically unscathed.

"I made it chase a transfigured dog" Cedric piped up from his bed. "It turned its attention back to me just as I got my egg though" he frowned as Madam Pomfrey stuck a burn balm against the affected part of his face.

"Oh..." Harry said trailing off as he realized why they were so loud. "I didn't know." Harry shrugged as he sat back and continued to drink the water and Elixir as he looking around the medical tent waiting for them to be called out for scores.

It didn't take too long to wait, and after a quick check up by an astonished Madam Pomfrey who couldn't find anything wrong with him, she followed the other champions back out into the arena as they waited for their scores.


"The Judges have deliberated, and have come to a conclusion on their scores!" Ludo Bagman's voice boomed throughout the stadium. "The Champion for Hogwarts, Cedric Diggory's score is." He turned towards the judges who began shooting numbers into the air with their wands.

Dumbledore shot up an eight, Madam Maxime fired a seven, Karkaroff fired a five, which was met with jeering from most of the crowd, Jonathan fired a seven, and Barty Crouch Sr. fired a seven.

Ludo looked at the numbers before enthusiastically calling out, "Thirty four points for Cedric Diggory!" He called out to the crowd, the Hogwarts students cheering for their champion. "Next up! Fleur Delacour! Who, earned a total of?" He began as he waited for the judges to shoot their numbers into the air before exclaiming, "Thirty-nine points for the Beauxbaton's champion!"

Ludo waited for the cheering to subside before he called out Viktor Krum, "The Durmstrang's champion, Viktor Krum is now in the lead with a whopping forty one points!" He shouted out giddily before calling out the final name, not noticing the dimensional travelers and the family they had in this world on the edge of their seats. "And now for Lucis champion, Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived score!" He turned back towards the judges and waited for them to give their scores.

Dumbledore smiled genially as he fired up a nine, Madame Maxime sent up an eight, Karkaroff a seven, Crouch sent up a nine, and Jonathan sent up a nine.

Ludo smiled wide, and seemed about to pass out from excitement. "Forty two points!" He called out to the crowd as he was clearly excited. "Harry Potter is in the lead by one point! Closely trailed by the Durmstrang champion, Viktor Krum!" He announced as he then waited for the crowd's noise to die down before he called out towards the champions. "Remember champions, the golden egg contains your clue for the next task, which takes place on the 24th of February, get to work on those clues champions! It will be time for the second task before you know it!" With that, Ludo waved his wand at himself and walked down from his platform, going over to the judges.

Jonathan then snapped his fingers causing music to play as the band he brought here played a jingle he so very much enjoyed.

*Insert Final Fantasy VII Victory Fanfare Band Version

Harry began to walk back to the stands as he was soon met with his friends at the stand. "Dude!" Ron cheered as he charged at Harry and hugged him.

"Way to go Harry!" Ventus called out putting Harry in a head lock as being both the oldest and tallest he was able to do so easily.

"Hey stop it." Harry said tapping showing her surrendered.

"Congratulations Your Highness." Hermione said as she smiled to Harry while adjusting her glasses. "I'll be sure a victory feast is cooked up for everyone." Hermione said while adjusting her glasses.

At first Harry was against participating in this tournament as he was more focused on getting home. But right now after such a blood pumping event he knew one thing was for certain… he was in it to win it.

"Good job Harry." Lily said as she hobbled over to her son.

"Thank you Ms. Potter… I mean mother." Harry greeted as Lily smiled to him as it was awkward for him she knew but it will take getting used to.

But while everyone was celebrating Stella was contemplating as she remembered how they found the Goblins at the Chamber of Secrets access cave. Goblins were a type of Daemon and it only begged to question how were, they here? Was this truly another world… or perhaps another time? She didn't want to bring these thoughts out for now but they troubled her greatly.

"Come on guy's group photos!" Ron called taking out his camera as they began to take photos together as Lily indulged the boy and his request for photos.

*End OST

(Scene Break Nurses Office)

"Excuse me?" Hermione asked as she looked to the Schools nurse and Sirius Black.

"You said you were bitten by a wolf like creature in the Forbidden Forest and then last consciousness during the full moon correct?" Madam Pomfrey asked as she looked to Hermione.

"Yes I had read about such ailments and wish to confirm them but it is still very much to take in." Hermione said as she looked to the two.

"Trust me I had a friend who is in a similar situation." Sirius confessed knowing Remus own furry problem.

"Is it possible with proper training and spell work that this 'curse,' can become a 'gift,' that can aid me?" Hermione asked surprising the duo.

"No well not that I'm aware of." Sirius said as Hermione heard this.

"Interesting." Hermione said as Madam Pomfrey heard this.

"But Werewolves are savage creatures under the full moon how do you hope to control it?" Pomfrey asked as Hermione smiled a bit.

"The Lycan is as you said a beast but a beast can be tamed as well." Hermione confirmed as she had much to ponder and possibly meditating to do as she had read it allows one certain insight that outside distractions remove. "Thank you for your time and confirming my ailment I shall leave you be." She said as he Royal Advisor walked away pondering her thoughts.

"Crazy kids." Sirius said as he saw them all.

(Scene Break That evening)

*Insert Final Fantasy XV OST: Relax and Reflect

Hermione and Harry were currently working on the meal together as Ventus was getting their tales ready. Sure they could eat at the Great Hall but they preferred their smaller gatherings as Stella was sorting through love letters sent her way by the school students she roamed here with.

"I can handle the rest you highness why not sit down and relax." Hermione offered as Harry nodded to her.

"Got it." Harry said as this was his celebratory meal after all.

Harry sat down and found Ron playing Wizard Chess with Lily as she was creaming him like nothing. "Is this what you always do with these blokes?" Sirius asked as he looked to his godson.

"Yeah it's not much despite my status but I like it." Harry said as Sirius smiled as well.

"Couldn't agree more." Sirius said as he looked to Harry but inside knew the cruel fate that awaited Harry.

"So Lily I mean my mother said you were supposed to be my godfather." Harry said as Sirius looked and nodded.

"Yeah I made a mistake and ended up in Azkaban for a rat's crime." Sirius said as Harry nodded to that.

"I heard Azkaban isn't the best place to be for long term." Harry said as Sirius nodded to him.

"Understatement Harry." Sirius said as he knew Hermione needed her friends. "Anyway after this I was hoping to talk to you all later about a problem and bring Hermione as well if you have the time sometime tomorrow I'd really like to discuss it." Sirius said while looking to them.

"Alright got nothing better planned save trying to learn what the screeching egg is trying to tell me." Harry said as he looked to Sirius.

"Alright then." Sirius said as soon they saw food was served as Ron smiled.

"Meal is prepared." Hermione said as Ventus helped her set up.

"Alright I am starving." Ron said as he smiled a bit.

"Pardon me." Came a French accented voice as they all looked and saw Fleur was there. "May I join you?" She asked as her French accent was evident as with her was another student possible a first or second year at her school.

"Sure go ahead." Ventus said as he let her join as Harry looked behind her.

"Hey Hermione got enough food for the other Champions?" Harry asked as he saw Victor and Cedric were there as well.

"It's a feast so I should but just in case I best prepare some more food." Hermione said as the meal between family and friends now became one involving the Champions as the Car was still close to them for the end of the Year.

*End OST


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