Hadrian Lucis Caelum

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(Start Dumbeldore's office)

"So he here yet?" Ron asked as he sat on a chair as Lily was nearby still needing the cane. With them was Dumbledore himself as Fawkes was sitting upon his perch as he always does singing his beautiful song.

"Not yet." Harry said as Hermione was off to the side herself.

"How about now?" Ron asked again as Ventus sighed a bit.

"No Ronny." Ventus said as Ron was about to ask again.

"Is he at the door?" Ron asked as Hermione had enough of this.

"Ronald be patient and find another way to entertain yourself!" Hermione scolded as Lily sighed a bit at this.

"Not to be rude but as Hermione had no doubt experienced after I made the Wolfsbane potion the Full Moon wasn't too long ago and although Remus had agreed to come over we still need to be patient." Lily said as Ventus laughed a bit.

"Sound just like his majesty the King." Ventus said as he wondered if Lily and Regis would hit it off if they met making Harry and Noctis full brothers.

"Yeah I can see that." Harry said as he sat on a chair as Stella was nearby reading a book on politics in this world.

Soon a knock was heard as they looked as Dumbledore was made aware of Hermione's predicament and had the Lycan's on the grounds removed after attacking her. "Come in." Dumbledore said as soon the door opened and from the door a worn man came in as Sirius and Lily recognized him by heart at this point.

"Moony!" Sirius greeted as Remus walked into the office looking guilty at Sirius and Lily.

"Hello padfoot and Lily." Remus greeted as he walked in to meet his friend and saw the state Lily was still in even after all the recovery she had gone through.

"It's been a long time Remus." Lily greeted as she looked to Remus and smiled to the werewolf. "I'm happy you can make it here." Lily said as she knew Remus felt guilty about Sirius and even more so about what Lily was forced to do in order to save not only her son but the world's last hope.

"Thank you Lily." Remus greeted as he looked to Lily seeing no betrayal of malice from her as they talked. "And I was asked to come here to tutor and help four young ones become Animagi am I correct?" Remus said as Sirius sighed a bit at this.

"Well just these three for tutoring." Sirius said gesturing to Harry, Hermione, and Ron. "The rest of them want to become Animagi." He said gesturing to Harry, Ron, Ventus, and Stella.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Lupin I'm sure the letters sent to you must have some words of praise about Harry." Stella said as Remus smiled to her and nodded.

"Yes but it seems the letters did you no justice young one." Remus said as he was proud that Harry was able to get such a beautiful fiancé even if it's for political reasons in the world of Eos. "Now then we best get a move on I'm sure Lily and Sirius had already begun the preliminary set up with Professor McGonagall." Remus said as Dumbledore nodded.

"That she has my boy but I suggest we get moving with the ritual soon otherwise some unsavory sort will hear of young Hermione's curse." Dumbledore said as Hermione smiled to this.

"It being a curse is yet to be seen Professor." Hermione said as she had been doing some reading and learned of certain Lycan's who have gained quote a name for themselves by using their curse to their advantage.

"Well then I'll get Professor McGonagall then and meet you all at the ritual spot." Lily said as she then took her leave using the cane as needed as Dumbledore began to note how Lily still needed that cane that she even doubted it being for show alone.

(Later Ritual Site)

The group arrived at the site as it was at the Lake a bit ways away to keep it away from prying eyes. As they walked Hermione was calm and collective as expected from her as nothing phased her. Ventus was close by providing some guard detail as the Wizards here preferred to aparate there but it's good to stretch your legs with a good hike.

It wasn't long till they arrived as they were doing the final preparations while Ron was doing his stretches. "Stir crazy Ron?" Harry asked as he looked to Ron.

"Yeah… apparently my ma here heard about what I was doing no doubt thanks to the twins and Lady Carrot Top so we got some guests on the way." Ron said as Harry smirked a bit.

"Well you're here for a couple months and already you're risking your life for this spell." Harry said as Ventus smirked a bit at this.

"Yeah Carrot Top the Prince back to your garden home and already you're risking your life again." Ventus said as he patted Ron's back.

"Well we best be ready no telling what could happen." Stella said as she walked in as well as that was when the crack of apparition sounded across the shore of the lake and the sounds of nature. Harry and his friends looked to see Lily and Professor McGonagall and a man in his 20's with the same shade of red hair as Ron.

"Lady Potter you made it." Stella greeted as she smiled to Lily.

"Almost didn't but it seems I had to pick up another." Lily said gesturing to the young man as he smiled a bit as the boy then stepped up.

"Hey Ron… I don't think you remember me but… I'm your brother Bill." Bill introduced himself as he looked to Ron who then smiled a bit.

"I have no idea who you are but you seem like a good guy." Ron greeted as Bill was surprised by this as well.

"Yes… well Mrs. Weasley was adamant about this but had sent Bill to make sure things go without problem." Minerva said as Lily agreed as she can agree with a mother on this one.

"Pleased to meet you," Sirius said, extending a hand which Bill shook firmly. "Come to see your brother become an Animagus?" Sirius greeted as he looked to Bill.

"Came to make sure it gets done right," Bill replied seriously. "You gave mum a scare when the letter arrived about this from Mrs. Potter here." Bill said as he gestured to Lily. "She was about to come over here herself and drag you home but da put his foot down on that. Saying how you were away to long that you may not recognize all of us and even then you were able to get yourself as a protector of royalty so you can make your own decision on stuff like this." Bill said as he looked to the group. "Da also asked me to come and have a look, make sure you know what you're doing before I let my brother undergo anything irreversible." Bill added as he looked to the group as Ventus smiled to this.

Sirius grinned, not at all offended by a younger wizard wanting to check his work. "Third set of eyes is always welcome." He gestured to the twin buckets full of smooth, rounded stones that he and Harry had toted down to the beach.

"Yeah considering your track record in Hogwarts I don't think I want to be a yeti anytime soon." Ventus said as he looked to Sirius as this got a small laugh from Remus and Lily.

"Come help me set up the ritual circles. Assure yourself that they're correctly placed and the stones are all properly engraved." Sirius said as the two Animagi, the redhead, and werewolf helped set up with Harry, Ron, Stella, and Ventus helping out where they can.

An hour later Bill and Minerva both conceded that Sirius and Remus' work was without any flaw he could find. Harry and Ron stepped into identical circles of dark stones set in the pale sand. "So there's really no way to know what animal we're going to turn into?" Ron asked as he looked the circle in the sand.

"None at all," Sirius replied cheerfully. "It won't be something that would endanger you; no one's turned into a fish or a mayfly before. Mammals are the most common, but there are exceptions. Beyond that, it's not known how the ritual picks the animal form."

"Some scholars have theorized that a wizard or witch's deepest attributes contribute to the Animagus form, similar to the corporeal Patronus Charm," Remus added as he looked to this. "But I'm skeptical of that. There was nothing particularly deer-like about Harry's father, but he turned into a stag."

"I cannot blame you on that one but then again magic can be unpredictable at times even more so when dealing with the power of the kings." Stella added as Hermione was still reading.

"Then again, Peter did turn out to be a rat at heart," Sirius reminded Remus darkly as even Lily knew this was a horrible betrayal of trust from Peter.

"True," Remus murmured. "So, are you lot ready?" Remus asked as he looked to them as Harry nodded.

"Ready," Harry replied as he looked to the group.

"Ready," Ron agreed, looking a trifle nervous but determined.

"Let's get on with it." Ventus said as he looked to the group.

"If we can help a friend I am all for it." Stella said as she was ready herself. With the confirmation Sirius raised his wand. The stones encircling Harry, Stella, Ventus, and Ron's feet started to glow, pale light shining from the symbols carved into them. Harry shivered at the sensation of foreign magic pressing in on him.

"Woah, this feels really weird," Ron commented, and Harry glanced over as his friend's voice climbed noticeably in pitch from the beginning of the sentence to the end. He could see Ron shrinking, the orange-red color of his hair bleeding down his face and neck.

"I agree it's an odd sensation very unlike when we use our magic or summon our weapons." Stella agreed as Ventus stayed quiet for this as he had his eyes closed in a bit of hidden fear.

Then Harry had no attention to spare for Ron, Ventus, or Stella. All over his body, his skin tingled. Holding up his hands, he watched his fingers shrink into his palms and ebony black fur sprout from every exposed inch of his skin. He heard a staccato series of pops coming from inside of his body as the bones in his arms, legs and spine shifted. He reflected as he fell forward onto hands and knees that it should have been agonizing, but it wasn't. He felt like he was floating as his body flowed, change and slowly grew.

The sun had set when Harry's body stopped changing, but when he looked up the beach seemed to be as clear as day. His eyes tracked every shifting blade of grass on the top of the dunes, every bird and crab fluttering or scuttling about. Colors were pale and washed-out, some –including blue – gone altogether, but the visual acuity was so sharp it took him time to process.

His ears were assaulted from every direction; Harry could hear the wingbeats of seagulls and the burrowing of a crab near his hand and the voices of the family having dinner on their deck in one of the houses at Hogsmede. The smells were even more intense. He could smell every ingredient of that family's meal, and the aroma of the meat made him salivate. He caught the scents of Hermione, Lily, Minerva, Sirius, Remus, and Bill. Stella, Ventus, and Ron's too, though those three scents were faded.

"My word your majesty you look just like Umbra." Hermione spoke as Harry looked at his body and was surprised to find out he did turn into an exact replica of Umbra.

Soon another wine was heard as Harry looked and saw Stella was gone and in her place was Pryna who was Lunafreya's dog.

Soon a roar was heard as they look and saw in Ventus place was a mountain lion of sorts who roared out as Sirius saw this as well. "Well I should have expected at least one of you to out due the original marauders." Sirius said as he saw that Ventus was now a Lion.

Soon some yipping was heard as they looked and saw in Ron's circle was a Fox as Hermione chuckled at this form that Ron had taken. "A Ron in a Fox a perfect match." Hermione joked knowing how mischievous Ron can be when he does pranks. After all the Citadel still hadn't recovered from the infamous Prank War back before the invasion.

"Well I think these forms fit them all perfectly." Lily said as she smiled at them all.

"Yes it seems they can change back when they want but remember the problems and risks involved with this." Minerva said as they all knew the risks that came with this form.

Sirius nodded before he clapped his hands loudly. "All right, now both of you change back, immediately. Visualize yourselves as you were, as humans, and will the change." Sirius said he looked to all of them.

Harry closed his eyes and did his best to block out the sounds and smells. "I am Harry Caelum. Prince. Human. I am me." He mentally chanted as then when he opened his eyes again it was properly dark and he had hands and feet again. Turning to Ron, he watched his best friend swell upwards, fur and tail fading into skin.

"Woah, that was a trip," Ron exclaimed as he looked at himself as Ventus agreed on that statement.

"I'll say." Ventus said as he stretched a bit as he smirked. "You better start listening Foxy Ron otherwise the Lion will maul you." Ventus joked as Ron chuckled nervously as it seems he was the pray in their group since Dogs can be trained to become hunting dogs.

"But still I find it a joy that we can change into Umbra and Pryna at will." Stella said as she always loved Pryna when she was a child and it brought her joy to have an image of home while they were here.

"Well you can chance whenever you all want now your Animagi now." Sirius said as he smiled to the gathered group as Harry smiled at this.

"Alright!" Ron cheered as he smiled at their new bout here.

"Hopefully this will be a temporary solution until I can tame the beast." Hermione said as she closed her book and stood up.

"Wait tame the beast?" Minerva asked as Hermione nodded.

"Yes I've been reading that in the past Lycans can control themselves even when transformed so it would stand to reason that the methods of doing so can be recreated with the right use of time, runes, and magic." Hermione said as she adjusted her glasses a bit.

"That is very ambitious of you young one." Remus said as he'd kill to have that kind of control.

"Well of course an animal can still be tamed, trained, and nurtured it mainly depends on how it is approached." Hermione said as it will take some doing but she had a plan.

"I hope your right because I'd rather not be mauled thank you." Ron said as Ventus sighed a bit.

"Ron please." Ventus said as Ron shrugged a bit in response with a small smile on his face.

"Well we best work on cleaning up here." Harry said as Ron nodded to this.

"Of course." Stella said as in turn everyone began to clean up but Ron had one last thing to say about this.

"You know I was hoping at least ONE of us would become a Chocobo." Ron said as this got a laugh from the Lucians while the Wizards and Witches heard this and were confused.

'What's a Chocobo?' They all thought but Lily was the only one with a good enough idea to make an accurate guess on that one.

(Scene Break Hogwarts in an Empty Classroom)

"And that is everything you need to know about a Kingsglaive and Crownsguard." Ventus said as before him were students from the three magical schools for the tournament as Fleur, Daphne, Ginny, and the Twins were the most noticeable of them. As well as Theodore Nott, Tracy Davis of Slytherin, and also a few Gryffindor Quiddich Team members.

"Now any questions?" Stella asked as they were in an empty classroom as it seems Stella and Ventus had unintentionally begot a sort of club among them all as Fleur was here out of the life debt on her sister while Daphne was here of her own volition.

"So let me get this straight a Kingsglaive or Glaives for short is like a super elite that is similar to a combination of a hit wizard and an Auror whose duty is to protect the people of this Insomnia place you spoke of before." Ginny said as she raised her hand to this.

"Precisely." Hermione said as she looked to the group of volunteers who had basically cornered their group about this because the love sick Ventus and the kind and caring Stella couldn't keep their mouths shut on this topic.

"While the Crownsguard main duty is to protect and defend the royal bloodline but due to the war with Nifelhiem were moved to defend all of Insomnia's people." Theodore Nott said as he looked to the group.

"Pretty much." Harry said as he sighed at this wondering how this little group got so big. Sure he knew through Stella how Tracy and Theo were Daphne's friends while Neville who is among the group came with Ginny and one Luna Lovegood AKA Looney Luna.

"Interesting." Daphne said as she pulled what some mundane born had called the 'Obi Wan pose,' as Daphne thought it over.

"This all sounds Barney to me." Theo confessed as he looked to them all. "But then again the magic you displayed would say otherwise." Theo admitted as he knew there were few ways to do magic like that here.

"So why did you all come here anyway?" Ron asked as he sat on a chair looking to all of them.

"I conquer surely it cannot simply be to settle ones curiosity." Hermione said as she looked to the gathered group of students here.

"Vell ve vere interested in possible joining one of these two groups." Fleur said as she looked to them all as Harry was surprised by this.

"Pardon?" Harry asked as he looked to the gathered students.

"Yes it seems it may be an educational experience from what I've seen plus if you can truly grant some of your power to us then perhaps we wouldn't have to worry about the school years to come." Daphne said as Tracy nodded to them.

"Our first two years was hell here. First Year we had to deal with a Professor with the Dark Lord on the back of his head. Second Year the Dark Lord possessed a student and used him to open a secret chamber. We were lucky to find them when it did but the student couldn't be saved either." Neville spoke up as Harry heard this.

Harry looked to his friends as they knew these students wanted to protect themselves but even Harry knew there were limits to such things. Even more so he didn't think he could pull it off like that. "I don't know…" Harry said as he looked to everyone. "I mean I want to help you all but if you just want the power to survive and be powerful… I can't give it to you for those reasons alone." Harry said as he then sighed a bit.

"Vait but you offered!" Fleur yelled a bit but Harry then spoke up.

"I guess we did… so I figured its best to give you all a challenge before giving the power. The question will be the same for all of you but the answer will be based around you all specifically and the answer will depend if you will become Glaives or Crownsguards. You'll have till the evening of the third task to figure it out." Harry said as he then sighed a bit. "What is the most important thing you must protect above all others even your own lives." Harry said as he looked to them as they all looked to each other in curiosity.

"Well then good luck then." Stella said as they all began to take their leave as the confused students were left there to mule over Harry's words.

"And with this Wind Lion losses points with what is a possible girlfriend." Ron said with a teasing tone as Ventus glared at him for that comment of his.

"Shut up Ron." Ventus said as he kept walking with the others close by.

(In the Halls)

"You do realize you given them a very small time frame to figure out your riddle right?" Hermione asked as they kept walking as the third task would arrive sooner than any of them thought.

"Of course I do but so far a lot of people I've seen here wouldn't give the time to think it over and just answer what they thing I want to here." Harry said as he walked with them. "What I need to hear is the truth about themselves and if it's a falsehood then I won't give them that power." Harry said as he kept walking as Hermione chuckled a bit.

"Spoken like a true King." Hermione said as Harry then looked down a bit.

"I just… wish I can go home and take back Insomnia." Harry said as for him Insomnia and Lucis was his home while the people of Lucis were his family. Harry knew Noctis will come back to reclaim his throne but it didn't make the prince being homesick any less painful.

"Well best hurry though won't be long till a full moon appears and not long after that the infamous third task." Hermione said as they kept their paste up here.

(Scene Break Ministry of Magic)

Lily was once more sitting through another Ministry Meeting as she was sitting in her spot as the Lady Potter. But as it stands Harry her son was as far as the law was concerned emancipated due to the rules behind the Goblet of Fire. Lily was all for standing in proxy for her son until he was ready to take the seat but she also feared of times to come. Lily wouldn't tell anyone not even her friends and Severus but the ring she was wearing was draining her life force which was being used to shield her son from both Voldemort and Jonathan. She had no interest playing chess master with lives but Jonathan had been doing this for centuries.

It would not surprise Lily if he had been the one behind both Grindalwald and Voldemort in the time he had roamed this earth. Lily could almost laugh that Voldemort who desired immortality must contend with a person who may or may not have created him for his plans. But that was despite the fact as Lily knew Harry had located Ramuh which means Titan will be next. Luckily Lily knew exactly where Titan was lying in wait for the Mystic King to appear for the Titans Rite.

But Lily also saw how Fudge was being quiet cocky over the Goblet of Fire. He know doubt thinking that the safety measures was fool proof and that her majesty Queen Elizabeth was just a muggle fool who did not know their way of life. But Lily like Elizabeth was no fool as she knew Harry was dragged here no doubt for Voldemort to revive. Lily knew Voldemort with his obsession with immortality will do whatever he must to stay in the world of the living. But Lily was also concerned as to what was to come as she looking to the door expecting Wizards, Witches, and soldiers in service of the Queen to appear and force Minister Fudge out of office.

Lily knowing this was fully prepared for whatever outcome may occur. Elizabeth was wide but Lily knew the old queen was just another pawn for Jonathan. If he had been able to get this close to her highness it would stand to reason that Jonathan has had centuries of experience under his belt. Add this to the fact he hold no vampirism within himself Jonathan Kennedy Rowling is in a position where he is untouchable by law and by magic. Lily knew she wasn't strong enough to fight him but she knew Harry was when she gives him the Ring she currently wields.

As the meeting progressed Lily had made pushes to legislations torts Werewolf rights with Sirius backing her up and already they had made waves in the werewolf community. Furthermore through Remus Lily had offered each of the Werewolves they came across jobs to earn a stable income for themselves. The Werewolves of course were more than willing to take any job they could find and seeing as he Potter family owns parts of many businesses as does the Blacks getting them reasonable jobs was simpler.

Of course they had to chance policy for the Werewolves particularly when it came to full moon nights. As long as the Werewolves agree to take the needed safety precautions for when they turn they were free to keep their jobs. Lily and Sirius made sure each business was supplied with Wolf Bane Potions as knowing how expensive it can be knew it was a reasonable loss for those who need the jobs they find. Lily was more than willing to hire more than a few Werewolves herself to help around the house plus with certain dangers that came with acquiring potion and magic ingredients it was simple to get the Werewolves help.

Through this and the fact she was a 'mudblood,' Lily has earned a sort of reputation amongst these old gits as she is able to work politics and work her way around these old blasted fools. It was no wonder Lily was more than willing to take this job when she got to see the faces when she tops their arguments using logic and a slight of tongue. In fact in her time on this position there had been whispers that Lily was well on her way to being the next Minister of Magic since Umbridge had been proxy for House Potter before Lily showed up and noted certain inconsistencies with her work.

Lily simply presented these to Umbridge with Severus and Sirius backing her up and told her simply that she returns what she's taken in full or she will lose her position. It didn't take long for the toad to croak on this and the stolen items was returned in full and then some. Lily then compensated the Goblins for this breach through Umbridge's own vaults as the Goblins had taken great respect in Lily and her moves in the political arena. But Lily had the Ring to thank for this as it had endowed her with the wisdom and knowledge of many of the most noticeable Potter and magical leaders on Britain to know what to do and how to do what was needed.

But as Jonathan stood off to the side simply observing and noting the proceedings in case he needed to report it to her majesty Lily wondered how a Potter a family who's been loyal to the light could become something so dark, cruel, and evil. The man may be a flatterer and at times even a playful sort but she saw through that mask the minute he showed up to her home for her son. Harry… her beloved child she'd had gone to such lengths to protect him after Dumbledore's blasted prophesy but he was wrong. Yes Voldemort marked her son but so did Jonathan in his own way. Lily knew Voldemort's part in the, prophesy was over and now Jonathan can use this to complete the, prophesy in question.

Right now many of the purebloods wanted to try some Pureblood Heritage act for heirs who hold multiple houses under their belt of inheritance. For Lily it was just an excuse to spread influence and make attempts at polygamy. Lily was of course a vocal voice against it as was Sirius earning both of them the ire of many of the Pureblood Supporting Ministry Members. In fact Lily dared wager many of them wanted her as their trophy bride as Lily had committed to James and James alone. It would be very hard for any Wizard old or young to win her heart as James had done so long ago.

"Heed our words young queen." Came a whisper as Lily knew who it was as she felt the room grow dark as soon she saw him. The Astral God she had formed a covenant with the one known as Bahamut the Draconian. As Bahamut floated in the void Lily knew he must have a reason for this surprised visit here. "The time is closely approaching gather your glaives and your guards for when the task of three is over seek out the Archaean and begin the rite of the Titan." Bahamut said as Lily looked down in grief as she knew this was the only way. The Star Scourge had spread here and despite not being their realm the Astral Gods had a responsibility to combat it wherever it may appear. After all Lily knew of Noctis destiny and Bahamut's long term plan. Bahamut was aware of Jonathan and his covenant with Ifrit and then the Star Scourge. If they are not stopped Bahamut fears the Scourge will only grow and destroy even more worlds.

"I know… have you chosen a new Oracle?" Lily asked knowing this was her mindscape as no doubt her real body was acting as normal as possible.

"The Glacian has already gone to meet with her and grant her the trident of the Oracle." Bahamut said as Lily understood the Oracle's duty here. Her duty was to begin the Rites of the Titan and the Leviathan before delivering both the Trident to the King of the Merlinian's, and the Oracle Power to the Successor who would then go off to rebuilding their world.

"I understand…" Lily said as Bahamut saw the grief in her as well.

"Do not worry… if all goes according to plan the lineage of the Potters will live on." Bahamut said as he looked to Lily who gave a shocked look on her face. "Stand tall young queen." Bahamut said as soon he vanished leaving Lily back in the meeting.

Sirius then looked to her as Lily nodded to him showing she was contact by Bahamut again as he quickly began to give her a rundown of what she missed while talking to the arrogant dragon, Sirius words not her. Lily knew Sirius meant well but she wondered if James would truly approve of what they were doing. Then again she didn't approve and she doubt James would approve if there was another option for them.

For now Lily just surrendered to this poor excuse of bureaucracy and continued to act as if nothing was wrong at the moment.

(Scene Break with the group)

It was the day the Full Moon would rise as the group had retreated to the safety of the School Grounds. They had located a good spot for camp as already Hermione with Harry's help was preparing a meal for them as well as the Wolf. "Ok so how does providing food for wolfy help you tame it?" Ron asked as Hermione smiled to this.

"It's a simple thing feed a wild hungry animal on a regular basis and it becomes more trusting of you. As far as I know it's basically a pup thus in this sort time can be trained as needed." Hermione said as she was chopping some ingredients and adding it to the pot. "Once that is done we slowly introduce a human to its routine until it begins to trust humans which if I am correct careful meditation within a runic array shall allow me to contact it and make peace with it." Hermione said as Harry was now stirring the pot just as Hermione added the chopped up ingredients to the pot.

"So basically treat it like a pit bull be nice to it and it will be loving and protective, treat it like crap and we'll all end up with problems." Ventus said as he saw the logic in this.

"Exactly." Hermione said as it may take some time but it will be worth it.

"Well we best hurry then otherwise the beast will come out before we are ready." Stella said as Ron then smiled a bit.

"By the way guys heads up a bit… students what Hermione and Harry cooking for them so be ready for job offers." Ron joked causing everyone to roll their eyes at this.

"Yeah noted." Hermione said as she and Harry worked on finishing the meal before the moon rose and brought out the beast resting inside Hermione.

(Later that Evening at the Whomping Willow)

THOOM! The ground shook with the impact of the Whomping Willow's thick branch on the spot where Harry had been crouched a moment earlier. The tree couldn't help but telegraph its swings, so avoiding the limbs hadn't been hard when he was on two feet. On four, it was even easier. Simply enjoying the challenge, Harry leapt over a horizontal swipe low to the ground, and then slid to the side as the original branch took another swing.

"Oh everyone, be careful!" Hermione called out, standing anxiously past the tree's range as dusk fell. Luckily they were able to get the food in first thanks to the animal forms but now they had to get in themselves. Ventus blocked the attack with his claymore weapon before Ron shot at it with his gun as Harry can warp them all to where they need to be if careful enough.

Stella meanwhile kept shielding magic up as Hermione feeling her strength increasing with each second that passed knew if she was quick enough they could get an opening to the shack. Harry then slashed at the tree with Ragnarock and did a spin with his claymore slamming down on it. He then threw a knife to Ron who caught it with ease. Harry then proceeded to warp to where Ron was and with his wand summoned took aim.

With the tree thoroughly distracted, a streak of red and brown flashed down from above and slipped with agility between the moving branches of the Whomping Willow. Ron then turned into his fox form and with Ventus help was thrown straight to the tree and in turn alighted on the knot they'd been shown and proceeded to bite down on it firmly with his fox fangs. The Willow ceased its assault, its branches rising and going still, looking like a real tree for a time. Harry tossed his head at Hermione and the others who nodded.

"Come on let's go!" Ventus called out as he and the others turned into their animal forms while Hermione calmly stepped under the tree's branches. Ron hopped onto her shoulder as she stepped down into the concealed tunnel under the Willow, with Harry, Ventus, and Stella padding along at her heels or behind her.

The first full moon together as Animagi since Hermione was turned and was days if not months since the second task, and as he entered the Shrieking Shack with his three closest friends and the woman he loved, Harry felt an odd sense of dissonance at retracing his birth father's steps in one way he never would have wished. James Potter had made this trip many times with Remus, Sirius and Peter Pettigrew, the man who had eventually betrayed him to his death. It made him wonder if his adoptive father and his group of friends would have done the same. Or if Noctis and his friends would have gladly done the same as well.

"Well then here we are." Hermione said as she walked around uncovering the food for her beast form in anticipation before taking a seat. "The last few full moons were spent off the grounds with Sirius in anticipation for Remus." Hermione said as she sat there musing to herself. "It's funny with my tactical mind I could never anticipate becoming this… a beast of raw strength and power in the hands of a cunning young woman." Hermione mused as she then chuckled a bit. "It's almost like a perfect match after all brains works best with muscle if I do say so myself." Hermione mused as she then sighed in response to her friends.

Sirius, Lily, and Remus had been very clear on the rules of the Shrieking Shack: once inside, no leaving animal form. As a result neither Stella, Ventus, Ron nor Harry could actually answer Hermione, which brought a wary smile to her face. "Here I am being silly; as though you all can talk to me." Hermione said as Ron then rubbed his head silently against her leg in response.

"Right then." Hermione said with a deep breath. "Might as well get this over with." She said resigning to her fate as she was walking to the window. Hermione then pulled the tattered drapes open and looked out the window. Clouds ruled the Scottish skies, and several minutes passed before they parted long enough to reveal the argent disc of the moon.

Hermione staggered back a few steps as her eyes turned from brown to yellow, clutching her head. "By Astral Gods I am starting to hate this." she growled through gritted teeth that lengthened and sharpened as she spoke. Fur the same rich brown as her hair erupted from her skin. Her bones popped and flexed as they grew. She'd shed her outer robes and shoes on arrival, and the cheap t-shirt and shorts she'd been wearing under them stretched and then shredded as the dark magic of the werewolf curse actually doubled her body's mass in seconds. Her spine bulged, arcing as she dropped to all fours and then lengthening into a long, furry tail.

When the change was complete Hermione's deep, harsh breathing was the only sound in the shack. Ron, perched on top of an old coffee table, watched as Harry padded forward cautiously with Stela, nudging Hermione's shoulder with his nose. Her wide, furred head rose and turned to Harry and Stella. Their predator's gazes met, her eyes almost glowing in the light of the moon. There was no conscious thought in those eyes, only feral instinct, and Harry considered that to be the cruelest fate upon his friend and blood sister.

The Beast then smelled something else as Ventus stayed on a high perch watching the events. The Wolf then walked over to the food Hermione set up and gave it a sniff. She had left a note that had said to 'dig in,' but being as the animal couldn't read it simply smelled the scent on the nose. The beast began to dig into the meal Hermione and Harry had cooked as short turn it may seem pointless but long term Hermine may very well be the first werewolf to truly make peace with the beast inside.

The Shrieking Shack was large and mostly empty of furniture, leaving plenty of room for a mountain lion, a werewolf, and two Lucian Dogs to run and play until they were all tired out enough to rest for the night. Once Hermione had eaten and fallen asleep, Harry used his teeth to cover her with the blanket they'd brought, knowing she'd return to normal around dawn. Ron found a comfortable spot, Harry curled up near Hermione and Stella, as Ventus took a large spot for himself before they all nodded off as well.

(Meanwhile in Ravenclaw House)

Cho Chang was enjoying some peace to herself considering her friend Luna was spouting on about Kingsglaives and Crownsguard. Now needless to say Cho was interesting in it but chose to wait and see what it entailed. But in doing so Cho often wondered if there was more to it than meets the eye. But as Cho was enjoying some quiet this evening she heard movement as she looked to the Common Room and saw it. Luna was standing there smiling as Gentiana as Cho noticed that Gentiana could easily pass herself off as her mother if not her sister considering the two seemed to share a sort of striking resemblance.

"Young one I hope you know but accepting this power you in turn enter a covenant with the Astral Gods of Eos." Gentiana said as she looked to Luna who nodded to her.

"I know this…" Luna said as she could see her breath as the cold Gentiana emitted Cho felt an odd comfort from it. After all Cho Chang always loved the winter even as a young child. "But if I do not use it then many will suffer won't they?" Luna asked as she may be called looney but Cho always suspected Luna may have seer blood in her.

"Only a seer can use this power on this world and you were the most worthy of it." Gentiana said as soon a trident of intricate if not regal design appeared in her hands. "To you I grant the Trident of the Seers a weapon most worthy to you as an Oracle." Gentiana said passing the Trident over to Luna. "Use it wisely." Gentiana said as Luna nodded to her.

"Of course but should I call you Gentiana… or Shiva?" Luna asked as Gentiana then smiled playfully to Luna.

"Was I that transparent?" She asked knowing the answer already. But then Gentiana or Shiva looked to where Cho was hiding as Cho quickly hid again.

"I must go Luna." Gentiana said as she knew Cho was hiding in the common room. "And do tell Ms. Chang that I do hope she considering becoming a Glaive one day." Gentiana said as Luna nodded to her.

"Understood." Luna said as Gentiana then vanished smiling an almost motherly smile to Cho's hiding spot.

'Stand tall… my child.' Shiva's voice silently echoed as she had left Luna to her new responsibilities as the Oracle in this world. All the while Cho wondered who that woman was and why she granted Luna this power as the Oracle of all things. Better question was if she was talking about a different type of oracle all together in Luna's case.

All in all destiny will come knocking soon whether they were ready or not.


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