My Little Pony: Protect and Serve

Chapter 1: Polizei

The Griffon Kingdom is growing. Once upon a time, our capital city Griffonstone was a mess. Now it is a growing metropolis with very strong trade ties to Equestria on land, in the air, and at sea. Where cities grow and bustle, there will always be crime. That is where we come in. My name is Geline De Graaf, and I bid you a very fond welcome.

Our job is to keep law and order in the Griffon Kingdom. Even if I am a countess, I earned my way through training and working in the field. I am now a captain in our police force. We police-griffons have a mantra: 'Nothing is ever given, it is earned, you protect all species with compassion, duty, and dedication to upholding the law of the Kingdom'

One of the keys about being a police-griffon is learning to get along with civilians. You want to be a police-griffon someone can come up to, and ask for directions if they get lost and make sure they can rely on you to keep the populous safe. A police-griffon must know the limits of their authority, and still be one you can have a conversation with.

I was there at the ceremony to see my cousin Gabby make it through training at the Academy. She saluted me, and hugged me on the podium. I always love how she nuzzles her soft cheek against mine. It is police-griffons like Gabby that let others know that we are griffons too. We are still griffons you can talk to, and not worry about police brutality.

That is not to say we have some serious gear for our work. Starting from the top, we wear a navy blue and black peaked cap with a silver cross with a double-headed eagle front and center with a black visor. We wear a light blue-grey top, and a black bulletproof vest with a place for our badge along with pockets for tactical purposes while in the field.

It even says 'Polizei' in white lettering in the top left corner. Our sidearm is the Walther P4 pistol. We also carry a small can of mace, a black polypropylene police baton, a walkie-talkie on our vests, a tactical flashlight, and of course police cars. There are times your wings and speed can get you so far. That is why our police car is the BMW M3 E90 CRT.

They are easily recognizable by their grey and blue livery and blue lights. Their engine power and speed makes them great for our officers patrolling the local Autobahn. Gabby and I were going on our routine patrol in the city. The morning was largely uneventful. Gabby helped an old hen cross the street. I knew Gabby would make a very good officer.

You cannot expect everyday to be like in an action movie, but situations do come up where we have to take action. When it is really serious such as a hostage situation, then their is only one unit to call: 'The Guard'. They are the elite of the Royal Griffon Police. They are the kingdom's counterterrorism unit, and they are the ones with the firepower.

These griffons are not only dressed in all black tactical gear and helmets and armed with the new SIG MPX submachine gun and HK G36K assault rifle, and they have two Marder Evolution armored personnel carriers to get them to where they need to go. They are the best of the best. And us? We are just your neighborhood-friendly police-griffons.

At the station, everybirdy is hard at work. There is Gretchen at the front desk, or you may find Greta, Gabby, Gilda, Irma, Giselle, and others hard at work in the office. Days do not go by when we get notifications from our neighbors in Equestria to keep on the lookout for ponies on the run. We police officers have to be ready for anything that comes up.

That day arrived when we got our first call into action. There was a bank robbery in progress with hostages in the lobby. The sirens sounded, and we were on our way downtown. We stopped our cars, and hid behind them with pistols aimed at the entrance, "Alright, I got eyes on the suspect, it's a tiger griffon, alright Gabby do your thing," said Giselle,

Tiger griffons are a very tough bunch. Because of their strength and tenacity, many crime bosses in the city use them as hired muscle. Then you get tercels like Giovanni. He is the first real career criminal in Griffonstone, this is his usual MO type, "Give it up, I ain't talking to no bluebirds! If anyone of yah makes a move, I start killing hostages!"

Gabby turned on the loudspeaker on our police car, and clicked the side button on the handheld device, "Umm...sir? I need for you to understand the severity of the situation you are in the process of creating, I would like for you to put the gun down, and come out with your talons behind your head," Gabby requested, and soon there was silence.

There was a light 'click' sound as he dropped his gun, and came out slowly to the plaza. It was then I noticed something was wrong as he pulled out a device from behind his feathers, "What on...HE'S GOT A BOMB!" I blasted, and Gilda took action and shot the suspect in the wrist which made him drop the device and wale in pain, "nice shot,"

With the device out of reach, we surrounded him pistols drawn. The fire departments bomb squad dealt with the explosive vest. That vest had enough C4 in it to take out all the hostages, and start a fire in the lobby. I am thinking that was his plan all along. Giselle cuffed his talons, legs, and wings, and he was put in the back of one of our police cars.

It was our first major scenario as police-griffons, and it was a success. Other than Gilda shooting him in the wrist, no one was hurt in the standoff. This is the kind of ending officers hope will happen in the end. I have read stories in the local paper. Not all situations like this are successful. Even if this is a successful operation, we have much to learn.

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