Monday 11 May, 1992 Great Hall

The Daily Prophet should've come with a health warning. In large bold letters, it announced the death of Albus Dumbledore. It covered his public life story and only touched upon some of the madness that had taken his mind before his death. There was no mention as to the cause of his demise nor for the reason of his madness. Harry put down the paper and thought about what his life would've been like if Dumbledore hadn't fallen into believing his own hype or that nebulous ideal of 'The Greater Good.'

There was also no mention of the finalization of the prophecy between him and the so-called 'Dark Lord.' 'Eh, whatever. It's over and I can just concentrate on living my life.' He glanced up at the Teacher's Table and caught the eye of Severus. Severus raised his goblet in appreciation and both nodded their heads.

Harry wrote a letter to Sirius explaining the behind the scenes information the newspaper wasn't given as to the demise of Dumbledore and Voldemort. He explained that it was all over and no one would ever have to worry about it again. He told Padfoot that he was looking forward to seeing him again in a month and hoped that the guardianship papers had come through.


Harry passed his exams with flying colors. He either got Outstandings or in the case of History of Magic, an Exceeds Expectations. He agreed with that last score as he felt that he exceeded expectations for not falling asleep during the teacher's boring monologue!

He joined Hermione, Neville and Millie in the courtyard to just sit and talk while waiting for everyone to finish with their preparations to leave for the summer.

"I want to thank everyone here for being such wonderful friends and I hope that we could all meet up this summer and do stuff together." Harry started.

"I think my parents want to take me on a trip to Spain for at least the beginning of the break," replied Hermione, "I'll owl you if things change or if we get back in time to meet up later. At the very least, I'll see you when it's time to get our supplies for next year."

"I know that Gran usually has some sort of 'high class society party' thing that she holds every year. I'll see if maybe you could get an invitation for it. Millie? Your parents usually get that invitation too, don't they?"

"Yup, I think this year I'll actually get to go. Last year, they thought I was still too young to attend. Realistically, I think they just want to show me off to all the other families that their daughter is a published and highly acclaimed author," Millie said with a smirk.

Eventually, as with all good things, their time in the courtyard came to an end and they bundled up with their trunks and stuff and boarded the train to go home.

In a country field outside Devon near the small village of Ottery St. Catchpole…

A small girl with dirty blonde hair and silvery blue eyes was crying softly over the recent loss of her mother. She sat despondently by the grave and wished over and over again for her mother to come back to her. Her father was grieving as well in his own way and barely had time for her.

Suddenly, there was a unearthly song of joy that filled the air and a burst of flame above the grave marker. Fawkes arrived in spectacular form and gazed upon the small girl. The two of them locked eyes and her soul was weighed.

'I sense great sadness within you, young one. Why the tears?'

"My mother died recently from an experiment that went wrong," the girl replied, "I miss her greatly. I wish she would come back."

'Do you recognize what I am?'

"Yes, you're a phoenix. Are you here to give me a message from my mother?" she said hopefully.

'No, unfortunately not, young one. However, I am here because you have a great need for someone to guide you to your greatest potential. I sense purity in your soul and I would like to become your familiar. That is my greatest wish if you would allow me.'

"I think I would like that. You can help me find all the wondrous creatures that haven't been discovered yet. What's your name?" she pondered out loud.

'My name used to be Fawkes however I've had many names over the millennia. What name would you like to give me?'

"That name is fine with me. Oh, where are my manners? My name is Luna Lovegood."