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Chapter 2: Uh-oh

It took a moment for the dizziness to fade enough for Teah to comprehend what this new, mysterious figure had said. When the words did click, they still made absolutely no sense. "Huh?" she said. She tilted her head forward, squinting in an attempt to make out the speaker's features. He remained hidden by the dust cloud, but he was moving forward. At last he stepped out and, in the light provided by her phone, she was able to make out the features of a tall man stepping nimbly over the wreckage, a red cloak drifting over his lithe, muscled body, accentuated by the tight clothing he wore. White hair, long on one side, hung over his face, fully concealing his left eye from view. Once in sight of her, he knelt down in a reverent bow.

"I have been waiting for you, Master."

Teah blinked at the strange man now kneeling before her, saying weird things she didn't understand. "Who are you?" she asked.

The man lifted his head and stared at Teah for a long moment. "That is a most...interesting form you've taken, Master. It seems more time has passed than I realized. Do you truly not recognize me?"

"Uhn-uh," Teah said. The dizziness had finally subsided, and she was gradually beginning to make sense of what was happening once again. Such as, for instance, who was this odd person, and why did he keep calling her 'Master'?

If he was at all bothered that his 'Master' didn't have a clue who he was, the man didn't show it. Instead, he stood up, throwing his hands into the air with a dramatic flip of his hair and cried, "I am the great and beautiful demon lord, Ghirahim!"

"Hey!" Teah cried, catching sight of something beyond the man. The dust had finally settled, and she could now see where the pedestal and the sword should have been. Pushing with slight unsteadiness to her feet, she wobbled past the man, who followed her with his eyes, his hands still frozen in the air. "The sword is gone!" she exclaimed, stopping at the edge of the ruined floor. The second the words were out of her mouth, her brain finally registered what he had just said. She turned to him, gaping, as the pieces began to fall into place, memories from a long ago history lesson dregding up in her brain. An ancient, evil sword, housing the spirit of a demon named... "Ghirahim?"

The man-Ghirahim-lowered his arms, smirking. "Ah, so you remember me at last. I knew you couldn't truly forget your most loyal servant, Master."

Teah looked back over her shoulder at the crater which had once been a pedestal displaying a menacing black sword, heavily bound with magicked chains. She looked back at the man calling himself Ghirahim. Ghirahim, the infamous Demon Lord of ancient legends. She'd studied him multiple times throughout her school life. And now he was here, talking to her, and calling her… "Wait a minute!" she gasped, another old memory springing to life. "I'm definitely not your Master!"

Ghirahim folded his arms, tilting his head. Then he disappeared in a flurry of diamonds, and reappeared right beside her, bending down to peer at her. She probably would have been startled if she weren't too busy being completely shocked by all the strangeness. "Surprisingly, you are correct," Ghirahim said. "Your soul is similar, but not the same as my Master's." He straightened and shrugged. "Still, it seems that for whatever reason, I am bound to you. Therefore, at least for the present, you are in some sense my Master."

For a moment, Teah could only stare at him, once again struggling to comprehend what he was saying. Maybe so many millennia of being sealed inside that sword had messed with his head or something. Yeah, that was probably it, she decided with a nod. 'Okay, may as well make use of it, I guess,' she thought. "Okay, Ghirahim. I order you to get me out of this room!"

"Ah, finally we're getting somewhere," Ghirahim said. He stepped toward the door, spent a few seconds studying it, and laughed. "Too easy. Such a weak barrier could never contain me." And with a snap of his fingers, the door blasted off its hinges, leaving the route wide open. "Your exit, my lady." He gave a flourished bow.

"The goddesses are listening!" Teah proclaimed, throwing her hands into the air. "I knew they couldn't be mad at me over something so minor." Giggling, she ran to retrieve her phone and dashed out the door.

Ghirahim's eyes narrowed. "The goddesses?" he repeated. "What of them?"

"Yeah," Teah said, carefully picking her way through the mess in the other room. "I asked them to get me out of there and they did. But it was kind of in a weird way." She paused to peer at him over her shoulder, lips pursed, then shrugged and kept going.

Ghirahim stared at her in silence for a long moment, and then out of nowhere, he burst into wild laughter. "You think the goddesses helped you escape?" He materialized beside Teah as she was climbing over a particularly large chest that had been blown into the path in the blast, leaning down so his face was level with hers, hands clasped behind his back. He failed to smother another chuckle. "Let me reassure you how unlikely it is that the goddesses would ever raise a finger to help you."

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean?" Teah cried, heaving herself the rest of the way over the chest. "I know my parents are always complaining about what a troublemaker I am, but I can't help it if there are more interesting things to do than sit in class all day! I'm sure the goddesses get that, or they're just a bunch of meanies."

"I see," Ghirahim said with a smirk.

Teah proceeded up the stairs, trailing her phone light, Ghirahim close at her heels. She wondered if he was going to keep following her, but when she reached the next door and saw that this one had also been sealed shut, she was glad he was still there.

"Allow me," he said, stepping toward the door before Teah could say anything. Another snap of his fingers opened the way.

The second the door flew open, the alarm began, whining loudly in their ears. Teah's face fell. "Uh-oh," she said. Alarms were always bad news, especially when one had just been poking around a forbidden area and blasted their way out of said forbidden area with an infamous, millennia-old demon. She hurried to the door leading back to the Dangerous Organisms Exhibit and opened it to see a group of armed security rushing toward them from the other side. She stepped back from the door, searching for a place to hide, but of course there was nowhere in this empty room, unless she wanted to make herself seem even more guilty by running back down the stairs. "Ahh, I'm gonna be in so much trouble!" she cried, grabbing her head in both hands and jumping from foot to foot.

"Those soldiers?" Ghirahim ran one hand coquettishly through his hair and held the other out. A black saber appeared in it. "It will be a minor amusement. I'll take care of them, at your command."

Teah's eyes widened at the sword in his hand. "Ah! Don't do that!" She leapt forward, grabbing his arm in an effort to stop him. "Just go hide or something!" A glance over her shoulder revealed that security had nearly reached them. "Hurry!"

Ghirahim peered down at her as if she were some kind of bizarre alien creature, and with a scowl, the sword in his hand disappeared. "Hmph. Very well." In a whisk of diamonds, he disappeared, just as the guards burst through the door. They stopped, looking somewhat taken aback at the sight before them. Teah gave a hesitant, half-giggle, and threw a peace sign up by her face.

"Hi," she said.

"What's going on here?" one of the security guards demanded, eyeing the door which now resided on the floor, far from its original home.

"Uh…" Teah followed his gaze. "I didn't do that."

"Of course she didn't," a voice spoke from behind the group of guards, who all turned to see a middle-aged man dressed in an expensive looking suit, two men beside him. Teah recognized one as the magician with the clipboard she'd seen downstairs. He looked nervous, hands twisting together in front of him as he cast several short glances at the man in the suit. She also recognized the other one, a long-haired man, wearing a long teacher's robe over his otherwise normal clothing of jeans and polo shirt. Professor Lorre. He cast a disapproving frown toward Teah, who shrank back slightly. The man in the suit made his way through the guards, Professor Lorre and the magician at his side, and stopped in front of Teah, surveying the damage.

"Ratoh, take some of the guards downstairs to determine if anything is missing," he said, addressing the anxious magician, who nodded before quickly jumping to obey, disappearing into the dark stairwell with a handful of security guards close behind. "As for you," he turned to Teah, who bit her lip, "what were you doing in here?"

"Uh, well…" Teah hesitated, wondering if she should try to make up a story, or just tell him the truth. She decided truth was her best bet this time. Maybe a shortened version. "See, I got separated from my class and then I was trying to find them when these evil oogle eyes jumped out at me," she formed her hands into claws and twisted her face for dramatic effect, "so I dropped my phone and then when I was picking it up I saw the door to the 'Staff Only' room was open a crack, so I just had to see what was inside it and then, uh, there was a huge explosion and, uh, yep." She offered a small smile. They should believe her...right?

"I see," the man said. He and Professor Lorre exchanged looks. "Your teacher had just been telling me of your reputation for mischief-he was in the midst of imploring my help after your disappearance when the alarm sounded-but I haven't heard anything that would lead me to believe you are the type to behave malignly." He cast a questioning glance toward Professor Lorre, who nodded in confirmation, and Teah secretly sighed in relief. "Plus, your story lines up with Ratoh's tendency for...shall we say 'negligence?'" He rested a hand on his forehead, lifting his face toward the ceiling. "In any case, I doubt a teenage girl would be capable of blasting a heavily sealed door off its hinges, so I'll be leaving you in Professor Lorre's hands."

And so, Teah found herself released into nothing more painful than a lecture from her angry teacher and a promise that her parents would be informed. 'Ah, they're really gonna kill me this time,' she thought to herself.

Unsurprisingly, Teah was forced to sit through another lecture from her parents on how it was time she started behaving more responsibly and she could have gotten into real trouble this time, and what if she'd been seriously injured? She tuned most of it out since she was too busy wondering how bad it was that she'd let an evil demon lord loose and if he was planning to pull some sort of stunt, like calling hordes of demons to attack Hyrule or attempting to revive his real Master. Which would definitely be very, very bad. She probably should have ordered him to go sleep for all of eternity and not do anything evil ever again, if he was really considering her his Master, as he seemed to have been doing for some reason. Now she had no idea where he was. Leta was probably going to lecture her too, once she found out.

Teah was just finishing this thought when she heard her mother inform her that she was grounded for a month and they were confiscating her cell phone for two weeks. She jumped up. "What? You can't do that!"

"Don't argue, Teah. We've already decided," her mom said, crossing her arms.

"But-but, I need to call Leta and Ari so I can tell them about Ghi-uh, I mean, today."

"You can tell them tomorrow," her dad spoke up. "At school. Hand it over."

Groaning, Teah placed the phone into his outstretched hand and folded her arms in a pout. "I'm going to my room!" she called, whirling on her heel and stomping toward the stairs.

"Make sure you stay there until dinnertime," her dad called back.

Teah flopped onto her small, single-sized bed with a huff. Her parents thought they were so smart, but they didn't know the only thing they were achieving was preventing her from telling her two best friends about the demon she'd released today and coming up with a plan to keep him from destroying Hyrule. Wait until tomorrow? Who knew what kind of stuff Ghirahim could do in a whole night! She glared at the ceiling and kicked the top of her mattress several times to relieve frustration. She was so distracted that she didn't even notice a separate presence in the room until the voice spoke.

"So, you're finally here."