A/N: Disclaimer, I own nothing! And this is an AU where Luke and Leia uses Padme's last name and Darth Vader will act OOC sometimes, randomly…

The Amidala Twins


Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away there was a huge war that stretched from planet to planet. Leading one side is Master Yoda, leading the *cough* horrid *cough* side is Chancellor Palpatine. On one of the warring planets is a beautiful senator named Padme Amidala. On Doomsday, Padme died giving birth to twins. Only no one knows who the dad is! So the Jedi knights gave them up to the Orphanage of Tatooine. This is where our story begins…

Luke, I'm bored. We should totally blow something up! A female voice spoke so loudly that it is a miracle that the teacher didn't chew them out. Then again they were communicating through the bond. A young blonde boy with blue eyes ignored the complaint and continued taking notes on what the elderly Rodian was saying.

Luke, are you home? Hello? I just blew up Darth Vader's favorite tie fighter and he is now force choking me. Luke jumped out of his seat, panicked. Leia, where are you? What did you do? How… wait I don't feel you in trouble… did you trick me again!? The young blonde reached into his bond with his twin sister and only felt amusement. Luke fell for her tricks again. The twins were the sole children of the late Senator Amidala, only nobody knows who their father is.

They are extremely close and always knows when the other *cough* Leia *cough* one is in trouble. They also can broadcast their thoughts to each other, which is what Leia is trying to trick Luke into doing during one boring math lesson.

Sister of mine, I'm trying to learn what x equals in… Luke's thoughts were interrupted just then.

5(x-7) + (8+9) =2? The answer is four. Luke groaned loudly at that.

"Mister Amidala, do you have something to share with the class?" the Rodian called him out.

Luke, who was already sitting straight up, sat even straighter. His eyes nervously glancing at a girl with brown hair and blue eyes. She had a bored expression up until now that Luke was in trouble. Luke gulped before replying,

"The problem is Mr. Farrman, the formula that you are explaining. The answer is x =4." Luke spoke calmly, hoping the teacher bought it. For the truth is less believable.

Mr. Farrman slowly nodded his head before speaking, "Mister and Miss Amidala can you please stay in here? The rest of you, class dismissed."

All of the other students rushed out the door while Luke stayed in his seat. The blue eyed girl from before moved to a now empty desk next to Luke. "Mr. Farrman, are we in trouble?" The girl asked nervously.

Mr. Farrman sighed, "yes and no, Leia, you and your brother are being sent to an Imperial Academy to become Stormtroopers for the Empire."

"What why!? We are your star students!" Leia exclaimed frightened at the idea of others telling her what to blow up and how to do it.

Mr. Farrman rubbed his head in annoyance, "Leia, you are our star troublemaker, besides that, your twos sixth sense you'll be perfect for the army."

Luke gave a kind smile, "Ok, we'll go and pack. When do we leave?"

Sis, please behave, this is our last chance to blend in. Luke thought desperately.

Leia rolled her eyes, I don't want to blend in I want to be myself!

Mr. Farrman waved is hand dismissively, "Your ride will be here in an hour."

Darth Vader's P.O.V

Why am I even here? Other than to avoid the Empire? I was at Tatooine's Imperial Academy "greeting" the new cadets. I looked around at all the kids dressed in the starch white uniforms of the academy. Just then I spotted two strange cadets. They weren't strange strange, it was just I was being drawn to them. In strange ways the force works. Great, now I'm hearing Master Yoda's voice. Wait a minute.

Those two are force sensitive! I can bring them to Master to be… Padme!? The girl that I was staring at turned to look at me funny. She looks just like my late wife only with my blue eyes. Now, thinking about it, her friend looks like I did when I was a teen…

Without thinking I quickly ran over and grabbed the two by the arms. The girl started shouting threats that I doubt she'll fulfill while the boy yelled at me to release his sister. So, they're twins! That explains their closeness. I placed them inside my TIE Fighter and then drove off. We were in hyperspace when I decided that I made a mistake.

"Leia! You can't blow up his TIE Fighter! We're in it!" the boy shouted suddenly. I groaned inwardly. What did I just signed up for exactly!?

Leia shouted back, "I'll blow it up once we're out! Besides that, my dream is to fight the Empire and you did kidnap us."

I nearly jumped out of the ship. Did she just… no we don't have a bond yet.

I sighed, "My name is Darth Vader, can I have yours? Please?"

The boy spoke calmly, "My name is Luke Amadala, and this is my twin Leia Amadala. Pleasure to make your acquaintance."

I slammed the brakes at that. Luke looked at me with concerned, while Leia started talking.

"Why you slammed the brakes? Are you okay? Hey anyone home? I'm blowing up this TIE Fighter!"

Me: "Can I please throw her out the airlock?"

Luke: "No! To both of you! What am I? The mediator!?"

I slowly started driving again while mumbling no underneath my breath. We sat in silence for a few minutes before I spoke up, "Her name was Amadala."

Luke frowned, "Who?"

I sighed, "My wife, she died a few years ago."

At least now I have a chance to be a father…