Golden Fantasy VIII

Part 2: The Beginning

Speech format:

name of character, underlined (how they're speaking/writing in brackets next to the character name)

speech Thoughts and whispers in (brackets)

Stuff flashing across the middle of the screen will be centered

What's happening in [straight brackets]

Author *cough*programmer*cough* comments in {fancy brackets}

FMV sequence {yep, on a GBA. don't ask how.} in italics

Clickable and stuff that in the game had [brackets] around them in bold (I know that parts of the opening FMV sequence are in bold.. I tried to take out the bold-ness. I really did.)

Everything in between the * * * * * start * * * * * and * * * * * end * * * * * signs are part of the story

* * * * * start * * * *

[water laps at the edge of the Karagol Sea, despite there being no waves in the Karagol]

[crossing the Karagol]

"I'll be here…"


[dry, rocky desert]

"I'll be 'waiting'…here…"

[close up of Isaac's face, then Mia standing in an Imil ice field. Back to the desert.]

"Where is here…?"

[back to the ice field…]

"I'll be 'waiting'…wherever here is…for you…so…"

"If you come here…"

[quickly, Mia in the field. Then field. Then Mia. Then field. Then Mia. They like the field, do they not?]

"You'll find me."

[view raises, to snowflakes flying in the sky…]

"Where IS here?"

"Don't know. Don't care. Just promise already."

"Fine.. I 'promise'…"

[a snowflake falls into Mia's hand, and she holds it. When she opens her hand, the snowflake has melted, and she's refrozen it. The refrozen snowflake drifts away to lightning in a dark rocky place. Isaac's gunblade falls out of the sky and gets stuck in a dark, rocky place. More lightning, and you see a quick shot of Karst in sorceress gear.]


[Isaac's face]


[Isaac's chest and Mourner necklace]


[zoom up from the Gunblade. Isaac grabs the 'blade and takes a while to yank it out of the ground, falling over in the process. Alex is also shown, he's got a matching Gunblade, and he's looking rather annoyed at the time it takes Isaac to get his Gunblade back. Isaac runs forward, starting to attack.]


[Isaac pulls up his Gunblade, slooowly preparing to strike. Icicles drop down from the top of the screen, and you see the ice motif on the back of Mia's duster. She looks behind, and you see Karst with her mask on, looking rather ridiculous and annoyed at her ridiculousness. Mia, then a close up with Karst in her mask. You see Karst without her mask, then Karst, with the mask on, with Mia behind her. Then you see her without her mask, and yeah, Mia's still behind her. Karst walks forwards, and Mia clutches her ring that happens to look a lot like Isaac's Mourner necklace.]

[To make a long story short, Isaac and Alex fight, Alex illegally using Fire para-magic {yep, para-magic, not Psynergy…} to drive Isaac back, then scarring him across the forehead. Isaac scars him back, and then there's a whole bunch of confusing scenes, mostly of Mia running to Isaac, and them starting to-]

Voice From Off-Screen That Sounds Suspiciously Like The Rain Child Did I just see Mudshipping?!

Voice From Off-Screen That Sounds Suspiciously Like Triad Orion

Mudshipping - WHERE?!

[Triad runs to the Golden Fantasy 8 player, knocking the GBA and the player to the ground in one not-so-fluid motion. Thanks to Triad's trademark clumsiness, everybody misses the rest of the FMV sequence.]

Voices From Off-Screen That Sound Suspiciously Like the Golden Sun authors

Thanks a lot!

[The scene on the newly picked up GBA shifts to the Tolbi Garden Infirmary. Isaac's in bed, with the Sanctum Healer hovering over him. The camera angle shifts slightly to include Isaac's dry erase board in the picture, then Isaac wakes up and sits up in bed.]

Sanctum Healer

How're you feeling?

[Isaac makes writing motions.]

Sanctum Healer

Oh yes, that's right, you need your dry erase board and pens, don't you. Here you are.

[The Sanctum Healer hands Isaac his dry erase board, and an assortment of pens. Isaac frowns at the small colour variety, and looks at his dry erase board. Two choices have been written on it, the first one being, "OKay, I guess" and "My forehead hurts". Using his neon pastel pink pen, he circles "My forehead hurts".]

Voice From Off-Screen

Obviously the programmer's been reading too much Elena and Akiko…

Voice From Off-Screen That Sounds Suspiciously Like the Programmer (Car/Miss Black Dragon)

How can you read too much Elena and Akiko? They rule!

Sanctum Healer

No kidding. … Looks like your eyes are focusing. Say – er, write your name for me. Isaac (writing in straight purple) Isaac. Sanctum Healer Why don't you take it easy in 'training'? Next time you mightn't be so lucky. Isaac (writing in neon pastel orange) Tell that to Alex. Sanctum Healer Please don't use the neon pastels. Isaac (writing in black) … Sanctum Healer (ahem) That Alex won't listen to anyone. Why don't you ignore him? Isaac (writing in forest green) Because he's annoying, he's got stupid hair, he went out with Mia, he stood Mia up five hundred too many times, he's a chickenwuss, he's a lackey, he HAS lackeys, he's a muse wannabe, he tried to get Alchemy, he needs a haircut… Sanctum Healer O_o;; I'll go get your instructor… Feizhi, that's it! I'll get her now… [The Sanctum Healer leaves.] [Kay enters the Infirmary, bends down and looks at Isaac through the window.] Isaac… So we meet again. Nope, that time when Garet squashed my flowers doesn't count. Isaac (writing in very scribbly crimson) WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?! YOU'RE NOT FEIZHI! YOU'RE- Kay (before Isaac can finish writing) SHHHH! You're not meant to know my name! Something about the Djinni Summons took your orphanage memories away… Isaac(writing in rose pink) Djinni Summons don't take your memories away.. And what's this about an orphanage? Kay I've said too much. [Kay leaves.] [Feizhi enters the Infirmary and looks at Isaac, who's still on the bed. She rolls her eyes, smiling.] [Feizhi leans over Isaac.] Feizhi I had a premonition. It'd be you who ended up in the Infirmary. Obviously, Master Hama's teachings worked… [Isaac rolls his eyes.] Feizhi Come on, we need to go. Today is the Field Exam. [The scene switches to the Tolbi Garden Center-Infirmary hallway. Isaac and Feizhi walk slooowly down the hallway, Feizhi watching Isaac the whole time.] Feizhi Isaac… Is there something on your mind? Isaac … [Isaac starts to write something on his dry erase board.] Feizhi (before he can finish) Not really. [Feizhi smiles widely, and Isaac glares at her, starting to write.] Isaac (writing in icy blue) What's so Feizhi Funny? It is not that. I am just happy. [Isaac raises an eyebrow.] Feizhi I feel like I'm starting to understand mute-boy a bit better. Isaac (writing in blood red) I'm more complex than you think. It's awfully hard to communicate with a dry erase board, y'know. Feizhi Then get a bigger dry erase board. And write more about yourself. Isaac (writing in corn yellow) It's none of your Feizhi Business! [Feizhi smiles.] Isaac (writing in glittery silver) That wasn't fair. It's a very predictable sentence. Feizhi Do not forget. I can predict the future, too. [Isaac sighs, and they keep walking down the hall.] [The camera pans around Tolbi Garden, watching various KerneL candidates wandering aimlessly through the hallways. You also see the outside of Tolbi Garden.] [The scene shifts to the 2floor classroom. Isaac and Feizhi enter, and the students sit down. They go to their desks.] Feizhi Hello. Let us start with today's schedule. The field exam for KerneL candidates will be this afternoon. Everyone not taking part, stay here in study hall. Field exam participants have free time until the exam, just stay in top condition. Meet in the main hall at 1600 hours. The team assignments will be announced there. ALEX, STOP RIPPING YOUR TRAINING PARTNER'S FOREHEADS OPEN! THAT'S THE THIRD ONE THIS WEEK! [Alex scowls darkly, and looks fondly down at his gunblade case.] Player KERNEL?! Voice From Off Screen That Sounds Suspiciously Like Akiko (SeeD, stupid…) Player But still.. KerneL?! Voice From Off Screen That Sounds Suspiciously Like Car Yeah, you gotta problem with that? [The Player gulps.] Player Nope… None at all… Feizhi Any questions? [Some students raise their hands, but Feizhi has already called on them. Being part Jupiter comes in handy…] Random Tolbi Garden Student How come your five minute speech counts as a lesson? [Feizhi frowns.] Feizhi That is one thing I do not know. I will be sure to ask Master Hama about that later. Random Tolbi Garden Student 2 Where's Instructor Quistis? And Squall, Seifer, Selphie, and Irvine, too… [Feizhi blushes.] Feizhi You're not supposed to ask that… RTGS2 Why not? Feizhi Ask Headmaster Kraden about that… RTGS3 Isn't it meant to be Headmaster Cid? [Feizhi sweatdrops, and she pulls Isaac outside the room without formally dismissing the class. Various Changies frown. Isaac starts to go back into the classroom, but Feizhi stops him with a surprisingly strong grip.] Isaac (But I… I need to get my…) [Feizhi casts Mind Read.] Feizhi Dry erase board? [Isaac nods vigorously.] Feizhi It is fine. You can get a new one later. [The door to the classroom opens, and the pair is stampeded by the rushing students. After the students are gone, Isaac and Feizhi get up shakily, both with footprints all over them.] Feizhi Isaac, you can get your dry erase board now. Isaac (being Mind Read by Feizhi) (You?) Feizhi I shall stay here. [Isaac shrugs helplessly, and walks back into the now empty classroom, where he grabs his dry erase board and pens, but sits down at his study panel.] Isaac (Hmm, let's see…) [Two options have appeared on Isaac's dry erase board, written in flax green: "Turn it on…" and "This 'technology' thing is too confusing." Picking up his mud brown pen, Isaac circles "Turn it on…" with it, and the study panel automatically switches itself on.] Study Panel ~Tolbi Garden Network~ Main Index Tutorial (NEW! Click me! Click me!) The Basics About Garden A Message From Garden Garden Circle The School Festival Committee ~Tolbi~ [Isaac, not immune to the powers of the "Click me! Click me!", clicks Tutorial.] Study Panel ~Tutorial~ Log in: [Isaac slowly types in, "Isaac".] Study Panel Confirmed. Djinn Summon data For Isaac …Searching… Djinn Summons registered under Isaac are: Djinn Summon Procne Djinn Summon Boreas Isaac (Ivan and Mia are gonna be mad at me…) Study Panel The Tutorial covers all aspects of gameplay. Voice From Off Screen That Sounds Suspiciously Like The Rain Child So it'll tell us the pairings in this fic? [A message appears on Isaac's dry erase board, not that he wrote it or anything: "Sorry. Not that."] Voices From Off Screen That Sound Suspiciously Like Elena and Akiko (Let's hope for Kittyshipping…) Player Shaddup.. Lemme play this thing… [Isaac browses through the Study Panel for a while, then heads back out to the hallway with his Djinni Summons, dry erase board, and pens.] Feizhi Ready to go? Isaac (writing in sea blue) Go… where? Feizhi You need to go to Altmiller Cave and pick up the Djinni Summon there. It's a prerequisite you were supposed to do before the KerneL exam, but since you were busy getting your forehead ripped open, you obviously didn't go. Player Does anyone think she's going a bit overboard on the bold text? Isaac (Darn those students of Master Hama…) Feizhi (who'd just cast Mind Read) I heard that. * * * * * end * * * * *