A long time ago in a galaxy far,
far away...

STAR WARS: Revan Reborn Anew

Heavy rain hammered the valley ground. Thunder boomed in the distance, lighting crackling the sky. All was quite and tranquil. It was as if the world had forgotten the very sound of nature.

Only thing that was out of place, was a hooded cloaked figure walking along the river side. This strange figure walked with confidence, held an air of absolute power.

Coming to a stop near the waterfall. The figure kneels down beside a young boy, in a bright orange jumpsuit. The child couldn't be more than 13 at the most.

He had short spiky sun kissed blonde hair, a slight cubby roundish face, with whisker marks on both cheeks. A hole was in the suit just above the child's heart.

Placing a hand on the boys head. The stranger feels a faint pulse. By some miracle the boy lived. Sensing the presence of someone vastly approaching. They picked the boy up, and in a dash disappeared.

"The boy will be fine. He just needs a few hours rest."Spoke a medical droid.

"Keep me updated on his status." Was the curt reply before leaving the medbay. Walking towards the cockpit of the ship, the hood figure punches in coordinates. The Nav computer beeps accepting the destination.

Once the ships makes the jump to hyperspace. Does the stranger remove their hood, revealing a scared face of a man in his thirstys. He had long dark brown hair that matched his eyes. His name was Revan. Jedi Knight, Sith Lord, hero, conquer, traitor, redeemer. He was all these things. A man that was cursed with partial immortality.

He was tired. Ready to finally be one with the Force. To be with his beloved family once more. Sadly that couldn't happen.. least not yet. The Force would always deny him, each time he tired. He still had things that needed to be done, before he could finally have peace.

Perhaps that was the reason he found himself on such a remote planet, in wild space. Why he brought the young child back with him. Was this the will of the Force? Was he to take this boy as an apprentice, and teach him everything he knew? If so. Then what exactly was he to teach him. The ways of the Jedi or Sith? Of course as he thought on this. Revan knew exactly what he ought to teach him. A master of both the light and the dark.

Revan was brought out of his misusing by the beeping on thecommunication device.

"The child will gain consciencess soon."The med droid alerts him.

"I'm on my way." Revan states before heading to the bay. Time sure went by fast.

By the time he entered the room. Revan saw the childs eyes open. Revealing bright blue eyes.

As a precaution, Revan made sure the child was well sedated. He came from a world that hadn't develop space travel. So seeing a talking robot, and so many unfamiliar things. Would no doubt make him trouble.

"Who... Who are you?" The boy croaks.

"I am Revan. You are safe here child. I brought you here for healing. Who are you."

"Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki."

Smiling at having the boys name. Revan continued. "Naruto. A strong name. A pleasure to meet you."

"Are you taking me home? My village is probably worried about me. I also need to report on my failure." Naruto mumbled the last part.

Not ever being one to beat around the bush. Revan answered with the utmost honesty. "I'm afraid you'll no longer be going home Naruto, one day in the future you may return. But as of now that part of your life is over."

"You're kidnapping me!" Naruto snaps.

"No not kidnapping. Training. You are destined for much more than an average life, on your home planet."

The only thing Naruto heard out of the whole thing was training.

"You plan on training me? Training me for what." Trying to hide his excitement.

"Train you in the ways of the Force of course."

"The Force? Is it something similar to chakra?"

Revan things moment before answering. He didn't know anything about this chakra, but the planet was strong in the Force. "I'm not sure." He admitted. "The Force is all around us. It guides and binds us. Very few in the universe are sensitive to it, allowing them to use it.

"Am I one of these few?" Naruto asked. His response was a nod of the head.

"It wasn't a coincidence that I found you. The Force brought us together. I can teach you everything I know Naruto, but I warn you now. Should you agree to become my apprentice. It'll be hard work. I'll work you to your limits and beyond. Break you down, and rebuild you into something great." Revan warns Naruto of what's in tole for him. "Do you accept?"

Naruto eagerly nods his head. "Of course! I'm up to anything that'll make me get stronger!"

Revan looks at his apprentice with calm calculating eyes. The boy was ruff around the edges, but he could work with him.

"Good." Revan nods. Walking towards the counsel, he hits a button making a image appear on screen. "Welcome to Korriban my young apprentice. Your training starts now."

~3 yrs later~

The air hummed with the clashes of lightsabers. An intense duel was taking place between Master and apprentice.

Past three years were the hardest years of his life. Gone was the baby fat thirteen year old boy. Replaced by a young man with power. He was now six feet tall. His muscles well toned to perfection from training. His intense blue eyes that held a bit of mischief. Were now a golden yellow with a tings of red. His once sort hair was now shoulder length, bangs framing both sides.

Today was his final training day as a Sith. Exam day if you will. He needed to show his Master that he possessed the ruthlessness of a Sith Lord. Since his training started Revan thought learning the Sith ways, would come far easier to him then that of a Jedi. He couldn't be more right. For those three years. Both Master and apprentice traveled from Korriban, and other planets that were infused with the dark side.

Like Revan, Naruto proved a natural duelist. And had some talents in Sith sorcery.

Naruto parry's an attack from his Master. Going in at his right. But Revan intercepts his golden blade. With his blue one. Revan in his standard Form VI Niman. Naruto Form VII Juyo. Using a combination of unpredictable moves. Of course this meant very little to a season warrior.

Naruto comes in with a overhead strike. Revan bats it aside, and uses the Force to throw him across the room.

Naruto growls like a rabbed animal. Only to stop at his Master raised brow. The words of his Master ranged in his head.

"The difference between a Sith and a dark Jedi is simple. A dark Jedi draws on dark side to feed their own goals and ambition. But a Sith. A true Master of the dark arts, knows how to properly channel their anger. Controlling it, instead of the other way round. Completely giving in to your emotions makes you animal. Therefore your enemy has already won."

Taking a deep breath, to help region in his emotions. He felt his mind become more clearer. With clarity of mind, came the answer. Juyo was a style for those who enjoyed battle. Channeling your emotions to becoming unpredictable, but it was also a draw back. No he would need a change of tactics. He wasn't completely proficient in it, but it was his only chance.

Switching to Form VI Niman. Naruto charges his Master. The humming of blades breaking the silence.

The fighting was just as intense as the first, if not more, but Naruto was losing. With one final strike they locked blades. Neither giving ground. Trying to force the other into submission. In a last ditch effort, Naruto trys to force push his Master away, but Revan seemed to be expecting it. Absorbing the blast, Revan redirects it back at his apprentice sending him flying to the ground. Lightsaber skidding across the ground.

He lost. He could try to reach out with the Force for his weapon but knew it was foolish. It was silent except the the hum of his Master boots and hum of his blade.

Revan walks towards his apprentice extinguishing the blade, with a low hiss.

Kneeling next to him. Revan smiled. "Congratulations apprentice. Your training is complete."

"What are you talking about." Naruto pants slightly out of breath.

"This whole ordeal, was to see if you could properly channel your rage, and to change tactics in battle. Always remember apprentice. A Sith must play it smart. Always."

Naruto nods his head in understanding still panting.

"Good. Catch your breath. Soon as you're ready, we'll head out and start your Jedi training."