Once in Theed both master and apprentice drew their hoods to mask their appearance before heading their separate ways.

"Remember Naruto, keep a low profile. If we're to help stop what Is happening it won't do if we draw attention to ourselves." Revan reminds his progeny.

"Master I'll be fine. I know how to stay hidden thanks you." His apprentice smiles.

"Hehe, I suppose you do." The immortal warrior chuckles. No doubt remembering the training the young man spoke of. "Very well then, head towards to darker side of the city. If there's anything going on the rift raft of the galaxy will know about it."

"Where are you going Master?" Naruto stops his mentor with a hand on his arm.

"To get a drink."

The young warrior in training couldn't help but groan at remembering that last bit of their conversation. Leave it to his master to go get a drink. He just hoped it wasn't Jawa Juice.

But he had more important things to worry about at the moment. Which brought him to his current location standing in front of a weapons depot. No doubt one that carried weapons the senate had deemed illegal.

Stepping inside he saw a room full of holo weapons on either side of the building, and a table at the other end with a male Rodian with purplish green skin.

"What can I do you for today." The owner said in passable basic.

"Information." Naruto said throwing down thirty credit chips.

"What kind of information?" He asked snatching up the chips greedily examining each one.

"Rumors something big is going down on Naboo. I want to know what it is." Naruto getting straight to the point.

"Makes you think I know what going on." The rodian says playing ignorant.

But Naruto wasn't having it. Had he been doing this under his Sith training, he'd have gotten the information he wanted to moment he stepped inside the building. Sadly he was training as a Jedi, which meant he needed to do this as a Jedi.

Naruto took a long glance at the holo vids of weapons around the building. "Nice weapons you have here." He praises getting his host to perk up.

"You like!" The vendor says getting interested. "I could give discount for any one you want. 20..no no 30% off."

"I think you'll give them to me for free." Naruto countered with a sly smile.

"Free?" The vendor asked as if he's never heard of the word before.

"Yea free. You see most of the guns you have are illegal by the Republic Senate, possessing such arms would mean a life sentence in a republic prison. I of course wouldn't say anything, but one can never be to careful can they?" Naruto smiled seeing the owner shake slightly in fear and his eyes grow bigger.

"Now! I want the information I bought."

"Trade Federation!" The rodian hissed quietly turning his back to him.

"What about them?" Naruto said eyes narrowed.

"Talk on street. Words is Federation is going to blockade planet, for not paying debts."

"Impossible! Naboo is one of the Republics richest planets, I find it hard to believe that they would be behind on their debts. So what's the real reason."

"Don't know. No one does."

"Turn around." Naruto commands. "You will forget everything that happened just now."

"I will forget everything that happened just now."

"You will not remember this whole conversation."

"I will not remember this conversation."

"You will turn yourself in to the Naboo authorities."

"I will turn myself in."

Naruto smiled before leaving the store, one less illegal arms trade to deal with.

Once he was back on the street he was tempted to radio his master but remembered that they were on radio silence.

"Think Naruto! Think!" He braids himself. "What are the Sith up to?"

While beating himself up, Naruto couldn't help but remember his Sith lessons.

"I don't understand Master, does this mean that Sith make it up as they go?"

"No Naruto, during my time as Dark Lord, the entire galaxy knew of the Sith and we were legion at the time. But what truly made the Sith deadly, something that Bane learned from me. Is that our true plans operate within shadows of another."

"What does that mean?"

"It means my apprentice, is that while our enemies are entirely focused on something else. We are free to continue on with our agenda unnoticed."

"Misdirection." Naruto said in understanding getting a nod of approval from the elder man.

"Exactly. The Sith thrive on setting their enemies up against each other, tiring themselves down, while they grow in strength and power. Remember my apprentice that the true power of the Sith is cunning, secrecy, betrayal and deceit."

It was as if the answer hit him square in the jaw. The plans of the Sith are always masked in shadow. The blockade was a ploy to keep the republic off Naboo, leaving the Sith to do what they needed on the planet.

How could he have been so stupid! If his master were here, no doubt he'd make Naruto run thirty miles nonstop and that was if he was lucky.

But he couldn't let that stop him right now. He needed to focus on the next part of the Sith's plan, and if he was correct in his assumptions which he was pretty sure he was. He needed to get to the palace.

(Royal Palace)

"Maybe I should have called master to help on this one." Naruto thought as the next castle guard passed by underneath him.

Getting to the castle was easy. Sneaking inside easy. Getting to where he wanted not so easy.

Apparently the palace was aware of the blockade that was about to happen, which explained why the guard was so heavy.

Jumping down without making a sound, Naruto proceeded down the corridor looking for anything that could help him shine light on this.

So far he hadn't found anything that would help him in the long run.

He was currently searching different rooms, when he heard approaching voices coming the other way. Thinking fast he quickly ducked inside one room with a decorated door.

"So words going around that the Federation is on their way."

"Heard about that too. Apparently we're late in paying our debts."

"Since when have we been late in our debt?"

"That's what I said. They're most likely after the Queen."


Once he was sure that the voices were gone, Naruto was getting ready to leave until he heard something drop behind him.

Quickly pivoting to his right Naruto saw something, more like someone who made him forget how to breath.

Standing before him was an angel wearing a silver nightgown that perfectly hugged her slender figure. She was a women who looked to be slightly older than him in her early twenties. She had wavy brown hair that almost reached the mid of her back, light brown eyes that had him completely captivated, a small button nose, with a oval shaped face and a cute dimple on her chin below her bottom lip.

It took him awhile to realize that she had a blaster pointed at his chest.

"Why are you here? You here to kill the Queen?" She demands.

"Wait! What?" Naruto said his brain still trying to catch up with him. "No...I'm not here to kill anyone."

"Why would I believe you?"

"Why wouldn't you? I'm here to help."

"Says the man wearing the hood." She remarked.

"I'm a Jedi." Naruto lies or more of stretch the truth. "We all wear hoods."

"I still don't believe you. Why would Jedi be here, when we haven't sent for one."

She had a point he admitted. The Jedi couldn't interfere without permission from either the senate or the council. And judging from the look on the women's face she knew this as well.

"If I remove my hood, will you lower your weapon." Naruto negotiates.

All he got for an answer was her gesturing with her gun to remove the hood.

Knowing that he might regret this at any moment, Naruto removed his hood revealing his handsome face.

"My name is Naruto." He introduced himself.

"Padmé, Padmé Amidala." Lowering her weapon.

"Nice to meet you Padmé." Naruto smiles.

"Who are you really Naruto." Rejecting his greetings.

"Like I said." Naruto moves his robes from the side revealing his lightsaber. "Jedi."

And to further prove his point used the force to levitate it in front of them activating it with a slight hum. It's golden light bouncing off the walls.

"We have much to talk about then."