A/N: This is a for fun story. Do not take it very seriously just hopefully some porn with plot.



God, what happened. I thought as I stood up from the grass I had been laying on laying on. Also, I've just been R.O.D'ed haven't I. I mentally added as I looked around the park I seemed to be in now, instead of the convention center I had been in a moment ago. And what confirmed that thought was the fact I was now much smaller. As the bench, I was standing next to should have gone to my knees instead of a little above my hips.

And to make it even worse, I think I had passed out after buying some things from a stall, but I couldn't recall what I had bought.

I hoped I just been displaced and was now in Equestria like those had suffered the same fate I just had.

I tried to remember what I had bought, but I stopped as I felt something around my neck and on my chest. I quickly reached to my neck, and I felt a chain of metal.

Am I wearing a necklace? Followed the chain to what it was attached to and pulled it out from where it was hiding under my t-shirt. I took note of what I was wearing wasn't the clothes I had been wearing before, but an entirely new outfit.

You have got to kidding me. I thought as I looked at what had been hiding under my shirt. It was a Tag, a goddamn Digidestined Tag. And the best thing about it was the crest it bore. And that crest was the Hazard, The Digital Hazard. I would deal with it later. I let the Hazard Crest drop back underneath my shirt. Seeing it made me also remember that I had, in fact, bought it, but I had also bought something else. Though what that was continued to elude me.

I left the speculations to later. First I needed to find out where I was.

I really hoped I wasn't in Equestria.

I began walking forward on my now shorter legs.


I came to a stop as I heard it the sound of thousand souls crying out in pain.

"What in the world was that?" I asked out loud and used my voice for the first time, I noticed that it was different from before. I could no longer hear my accent.

I also quickly got my wish answered. And I wish I hadn't.


I heard something land behind me.

I turned around to see what it was and I regretted it immediately, as I felt my heart jump. I was now looking at the white bone mask of a Hollow. Which meant that I had been sent into the universe of Bleach, which contained all kinds Fridge horror if you thought about the setting for more than five minutes.

I immediately began running away from the soul-eating monster.

But it seemed that it was hunting me as it began to follow me through the park.

"Help! Help please anybody help!" I shouted hoping that somebody or at least Ichigo would hear me. When the most stupid thing happened, I tripped.

I tumbled to the ground.

I sat up again and saw the Hollow run towards me.

"Please, I don't want to die!" I shouted as I closed my eyes in fear.

And when I saw it, it was like a light appearing in my head, and it gave of kinds of feelings.

I didn't know what to do so I just focused on it and pulled.



I heard the Hollow roar, but it was cut short as I heard it being cut by something and when it was quiet.

"Ah, Master are you okay." A calm female voice said.

I opened my eyes to see who was talking and I saw.

I saw a woman standing before me, and she was beautiful. Her skin had a nice tan, her eyes were a ruby red, her hair was a silvery-white color hidden beneath a veil. She was dressed in skimpy white clothing that just covered her modesty. And her skin was painted with white tattoos. In her hand was sword colored like the rainbow.

She Altera King of the Huns, the White Titan of Velber.

"Altera?" I asked as I looked at her.

I saw her cheeks heat up a bit. "Ah, Master knows this one's name. I feel happy about that." She didn't sound happy, but I knew that she had trouble expressing emotions. "I ask if Master is okay. I killed the monster that threatened Master's life."

"Yeah, I'm okay Altera," I said and stood up on my legs and dusted myself off. "Good job on killing the Hollow."

"Hollow? Master?" She asked confused about the term is just used.

I pointed at the spot she had killed the soul eater. "It's the name of the monster's species you just killed."

"Ah, do you know what the creature is Master? It felt like a Spirit." She questioned. She probably wanted to know more about them so she could fight them better.

"It was. In this World, after people die, if they aren't to the afterlife and stick around they turn into Hollows and become soul-eating monsters, that devour living and dead souls, along with their own kind."

"This World Master?" Was a question I hadn't expected from her.

"Yeah, this isn't the World you knew in this one you weren't the White Titan," I told her. I saw her freeze up as I mentioned her previous life.

"Ma-Master knows about this one's past." I think she sounded sad, but I couldn't tell because her voice was kinda monotone.

"I do, and I don't care. You're not that thing anymore, you are Altera the King of the Huns." I stated. Yeah, she was smiling now. "Anyway, we need to get out here before more show up."


We both heard the sound of ripping and looked up into the air where we saw the sky split open to a black void and out of it began to stream Hollows out.

I felt wind hit my face, and I saw Altera was directly in front of me and I took a moment to appreciate her behind.

"I feel that Master is powerful, but Master is untrained, so I shall protect you, Master," Altera stated, and I saw her get into a stance. "Master I think you should summon another Servant."

I blinked. "Another Servant?"

"Yes, from the same place you summoned this one. This one felt more Servants there, so Master should summon one more to defend himself."

"Okay, I try that." I closed my eyes and focused in on myself trying to find a similar presence to one I had felt before I summoned Altera. I looked in, and there I felt it again. They were like lights floating, and each of them felt powerful, and they had their own flavor so to speak.

I mentally reached for one of the lights, the one I was touching felt like sorrow, fear, and wind blowing in my face.

I pulled on it, and it responded.

The light disappeared from my mind, and so did the others.

"I answer your call Master, what do you wish for me to do."

I opened my eyes and saw before me another woman, she was dressed in a purple robe, and I could see her lips under her hood. I of course easily recognized her, how could I not this was Medea, the Witch of Betrayal and the Princess of Colchis.

"Medea I need you to help Altera take out those," I said.

"Take care of what?" I pointed into the sky, and she turned to see what I was pointing my finger. "Oh?" I heard her say as she saw the Hollows in the sky.

And when I thought about, the current number of Hollows gave levy to a certain competition happening between Ichigo and Uryuu right now.

I saw Medea turn her head to look at Altera. "Do you have a plan in how to deal with these monsters King of Combat?" I think Medea tried to tease Altera, but it just went over the Hun woman's head.

"I will do what Master tells me to do," Altera stated, and the two of them turned their heads to me.

"Altera go out and exterminate as many Hollows as you can and defend the people from being killed by them," I ordered her. "And Medea is going to protect me from any that comes here."

"Your orders have been accepted, Master," Altera said and when she blasted off at full speed towards the Hollows.


Medea saw the King of Combat rush towards the monsters that had appeared to try and harm their Master.

Now she needed to set up some protections around him. "Please stand still Master I'm going to be putting a barrier around you to defend you." She saw him nod, his bushy auburn hair shaking along with the nod. "Αιγίδα κύκλος." Medea chanted the defensive spell, and it created an invisible bubble around him. "Master, could you tell me what these things are?" Medea asked as she set some of the monsters on fire.

And he told her, and did she love that she heard. Hollows spirits of the dead who lingered too long in the world of the living. Soul Reapers whose job is to exterminate Hollows and sent the dead to the afterlife. And the Quincy a race of humans who could manipulate the Mana in the air to their will. Hearing all that about the World they currently found themselves in, Medea couldn't wait to try and study them. She especially wanted to take a look at the Soul Reapers and their Magic System. Medea was very grateful to her Master for telling her about this very exciting World.

And speaking of her Master, he was also fascinating. She had noticed it immediately when he had summoned her from the room. She could sense her Master's power it was like an infinite pool of energy and she could also feel the presence of more Servants seemingly inside him. She could feel it through her connection with him, and it was almost like it was sealed behind a wall that he couldn't access it. And when there was the other presence that her Master gave of, it was that of a Dragon. It easy to recognize as she had spent a lot of time around Argon to become familiar with such a presence to easily identify it.

Medea took a quick look at her very young Master, his red slit eyes giving him an exotic look. And that was another thing her Master looked to be about ten years old, but the mind contained with was much older, though with him being a Dragon he could change his shape. And it was that thought that sent Medea's imagination into overdrive.

As she remembered what Argon did with his shapeshifting, how he had shrunk down and when thrusted his draconic dick inside her and pumped her of his spunk and her lay tons. The memory came to Medea's mind as she blasted another Hollow with an Ether Blast, it made her nether regions heat up a bit.

Meda wondered how many of Argon's eggs had passed through her lower during their time together. Even though she had been basically a Dragon's breeding bitch, it had been the times of Medea's life before Jason arrived and Aphrodite made her follow in love with and made Medea betray Argon and taking the fleece.

And those thoughts now let back to if her Master would do the same thing to her that Argon had done. And Medea hopped so, as the fantasy of that happening made her juices leak out of her. Medea was already in lust with her Master, not love, lust at least, for now, she would see how he treated her before she made any long-term decisions. But so far he seemed like a good Master to have.

Though she should probably get to know her Master's actual name first.

"Master, what is your name exactly?" She asked while frying another Hollow with a bolt of lightning. Putting the tormented soul out its misery.

"Well, my name is [Censored]." Medea blinked as she heard her Master try to speak his name, but instead, she just heard scrambled noise. "Well that was interesting, it seems that whatever sent me here and made me your Master. Took my name as payment. It appears that I need a new one."

"Peculiar price, but do you have an idea for a new name Master?" She asked as a pair of Dragon Teeth skewed a Hollow that tried to attack her back.

"Not right now, I try to come up with one later." He said, and Medea had to agree right now wasn't the time maybe later when there wasn't a chance of dying.


"Not right now, I try to up with one later," I said, and Medea went back to blasting Hollows.

It was quite a spectacle to witness, seeing her eliminate them in various different ways.

She seemed to be having a good time.

"Well, aren't you having a good time." A male voice behind.

Of course, how could he not be here? I thought as I looked at the stupid, grinning, bucket hat wearing face of Kisuke Urahara.

And around him were the shop kids and Tessai.

"Who are you?" Medea questioned/threatened him, around her floated three magic circle ready to fire.

"My name is Kisuke Urahara, and I'm here to help with little Hollow infestation you've stumbled upon," Urahara stated. "Now I ask who are you?"


Altera swung her sword again and again. Cleaving many Hollows into pieces, doing what she did best destroy things.

But even so, as she killed as many Hollows as she could and probably saved many humans, the Hollows seemed to come in an endless horde.

Altera knew that this unnatural, even if she hadn't been in this World for a few minutes with her Master. She knew that the current situation was abnormal.

"Help." Altera heard the people and went to save the girl who had screamed as her Master had commanded, she really didn't care about the people who were in danger. But she cared about Master and if she didn't do what Master would probably get mad at her. And Altera didn't want that.

She cut down the Hollow and quickly carried the orange-headed child to a safer place and left immediately to continue the mission.

Altera came to a stop on a building as she saw that it had another occupant on it.

Altera looked at the orange-headed woman wearing a black rope that was barely able to contain her breasts. And she wielded a massive sword that Altera thought looked like a Zweihander's overweight cousin.

Where did that come from?. Altera thought as she realized what she had been thinking in regards to the warrior's sword. Though she left those thoughts as the woman was looking at her.

"Hey, who are you." The female warrior asked. Altera could feel a tremendous amount of power inside the woman and decided that she would be a useful ally to have in exterminating the Hollows.

"I am Altera, who are you?" She asked.

"Name is Ichigo Kurosaki substitute Shinigami, are you one too?" The woman now identified as Ichigo asked.

Altera had to scoff at that. "I'm not a God of Death, I'm a tool, a machine for my Master to use. He has ordered me to protect the living from the dead. But do you know why there are so many Hollows this amount seems unnatural?" Altera asked.

"Oh okay, but yeah I do. Some asshole by the name of Ishida broke something called a Hollow Bait and summoned them to say that he could kill more than me.

"I see." Altera took in the information she had learned from the so-called part-time God of Death. "Where are you going next?"

Ring, Ring

Altera heard the ringing sound and saw Ichigo reach into her robe and pulled out a phone. How do I know what a phone is? Ichigo answered the device.

"Hey, Rukia is everything okay? The Hollows are going where? Okay, I see you there." Ichigo hung up and put the phone away. "A friend called me and said that Hollows were converging on the park."

Altera's eyes went wide at that. The park was where Master was.

Master is in danger.

Altera immediately began to move, jumping off the roof and running back to the park.

"Hey, wait for me." Altera heard the female Shinigami shout, but she ignored her. All of Altera's focus was on her Master's safety. She ran through the city and back to the park in only a few seconds due to her high rank in agility.

Altera saw her Master standing in the park still with Meda at his side. Altera's heart felt immense relief. But I quickly changed as she saw a group standing in front of her Master. And she could feel a hidden power in the man wearing green, and along with she could see Medea pointing magic circles as them. Which meant that they were the…


"You shall not harm Master." Altera did not shout, but she stated it like it was a fact of life.

Altera enhanced her body with [Natural Body] and swung the [The Sword of The War God] and the green-clad man, who turned around to face and tried to block her [Divine] blade with his own. She saw the surprise in his eyes as [Photon Ray] cut straight through his sword, like such a thing was inconceivable to him.

The man moved using a technique she did not recognize and was now a few feet away from her. He clutches his chest as blood began to spill out of the wound she managed to inflict on him.

Sloppy, she thought. Should have him killed in one hit.

She went to attack again.

"Altera!" She came to a complete stop as her Master's voice spoke. "Return, he is not the enemy he is here to help." She obeyed and returned to her Master's side kneeling while deactivating her skills.

"I'm sorry Master." She apologized for her mistake in attacking the green man.


I wanted to sigh as I looked at kneeling Altera at my side after I had stopped her from killing Kisuke.

"It's fine Altera, there is no need to apologize. You thought I was in danger and tried to defend me. Am I right?" I saw her nod her head. "See not your fault now stand up." She obeyed and stood upright like a statue. "And now to answer your question Hat'n Clogs I currently don't have a name, but you can call me the Master," I told the now injured Kisuke Urahara holding his broken Zanpaktou. His group now looking at us hostilely.

"Like the villain from Doctor Who?" I certainly didn't expect that out his mouth.

"Wait? You watch Doctor Who?" Was the only thing I could say to that revelation.

"Yeah, it's my favorite show, so sad that Tennant's run is over." Kisuke lamented.

"Sir you're getting off topic." Came Tessai's cool and calm voice.

"Right, anyway I can see that your girls are eliminating the Hollows, let's continue doing that until Mr. Ishida's Hollow Bait stop working. Jinta, Ururu get to work."

"Yes, sir." I heard the two kids answer.

"Medea, Altera you heard him there are still more Hollows coming.

"Yes, Master." They acknowledged my order and went back to work.

"Hey, Hat'n Clogs. Your helping too?" I heard a female voice asked.

I turned around to see who had spoken and when I did I had to blink. Orange hair, overly large sword, wearing a Shihakusho. Yep, I was looking at Ichigo. A very female Ichigo Kurosaki with large breasts. I thought as I looked at her bouncing orbs.

"Glad that you come to Kurosaki." Kisuke greeted the hybrid and confirmed the fact that she was indeed Ichigo.

"Wow, what happened to you Hat'n Clogs?" Ichigo asked. As she finally saw the wound that Kisuke had.

"It's nothing just a minor misunderstanding. Rainbow sword over there thought I was about to hurt here Master over there." Kisuke pointed at a fighting Altera when at me and Ichigo's eyes followed his finger.

"So you're the one Altera called her Master. But your just a kid?" She said in surprise.

"Not a kid," I grumbled.

Ichigo was about to say something but was interrupted by the appearance and sound of arrows shooting by and hitting a couple of Hollows.

Ichigo and turned our heads towards where the arrows had come from and now standing in the park was Uryuu Ishida, along with a displeased Rukia. "Kurosaki do you surrender the competition to me and admit defeat," Ishida said, and I saw Ichigo's face turn into one of anger as she stormed over to Uryuu and grabbed him by the collar.

"You think I ever got on board with your stupid contest just so you could stroke your ego! Rukia told me that the Shinigami exterminated your people. That's sad and all, but don't go projecting your prejudice on to me I only became a Shinigami two months ago. And second what the hell you thinking by using that bait. I'm happy that those three were here to help or who knows how many people would have died!" Ichigo tore and ranted into Uryuu. And everyone looked at her while she did so.

"She certainly got fire." I heard Medea say as she now stood next to me.

"Now excuse me I've got a job to do." Ichigo let go of Uryuu and turned to look at Rukia. "So, did he give you a lift here?" Ichigo asked her and Rukia responded by kicking her in the shins.

"You idiot, you left me behind. And yes he did give me a lift, now get back to work you knucklehead." Rukia said, reversing her mood twice in one sentence.

"Okay, okay I'm sorry for leaving you behind, and I'm going," Ichigo said and took her Zanpakuto out of its sheath.

"There is no need for that Shinigami." I addressed Ichigo, and her attention was now on me.

"And why is that?" She asked.

"Cause in a few seconds there isn't going to be anymore Hollows. Medea finish them off we have spent enough time fooling around." I commanded the Princess of Colchis.

"Yes, my Master," Medea answered and when she took to the air.

"What in the world?" I heard the others say as they saw Medea float in the air above them.

"Βροχή του φωτός!" I heard Medea chant as she pointed her staff down upon the Hollows, and so a [Rain of Light] appeared and most of the Hollows were eliminated, and she continued until they were all gone. I could see that everyone one was gaping at Medea as she floated back down to me.

"Mission accomplished Master."

"Thanks for that Medea it was appreciated." I praised her.

"Flattery won't get you anywhere Master, besides that was trivial for me."

"Master, what do you wish for us to do now?" Asked Altera walking up to us, now that she didn't have any more to kill.

"Leave there shouldn't be any more Hollows coming now, as the idiot over there's-"


"-Hollow Bait should have worn off now," I stated.


Of course, the universe had to prove me wrong as we heard the loud cracking sound and we turned our eyes to the sky where we saw a large crack open up and out it stepped a large and tall Hollow.

"That's-that's a Gillian. What is one doing here, not even a Hollow Bait should have been able to call one." I heard Rukia stammer.

"Master that Hollow is much larger than the others and the girl called it a Gillian, so I assume that is special?" Medea asked as she seemed to be analyzing the towering monster.

"Gillian is the lowest rank of Hollows called Menos Grande. I hope you listening to this Kurosaki as you appear to be uneducated." Wow did I sound like an asshole just now?

"I'm not, I'm just new to this." Ichigo retorted.

"Hollows can evolve by consuming many souls and when they have eaten enough the become Gillian. And after that, if a Hollow's ego manages to stand atop the others and take control of the body. They will now consume their fellow Gillian to evolve further to become Adjuchas. After that, the process repeats and they consume other Adjuchas and reach the end of their evolution and become Vasto Lorde." I explained as the Gillian finished leaving the Garganta. "Altera could you take care of its kind of an eyesore."

"Yes, Master," Altera answered and lifted her sword up above her head.

"Watch this," I said to the others. "This going to be quick."

When the sword was above her head, she activated the sword, and the blade began to spin around generating a much larger blade of energy.

Altera casually swung it down sending the energy blade lying at Gillian cleaving it in half and also for good measure made a rift in reality that the two halves got sucked into before it closed.

"Holy shit." I heard Ichigo say as I saw, she was looking at Altera. They all were, they probably hadn't expected her also to have stupid amounts of power.

"Well, it seems the show is over everyone." Hollered Kisuke while waving his fan. "And you there Mr. Master, I be seeing you later." Kisuke tried to sound ominous, but I think it felt.

What followed was a bit of small talk as there was said goodbye for the day and Ichigo giving Uryuu one last verbal ass whopping before he too left. And I recalled Medea and Altera back to the space I had summoned them from, along with quickly explaining to Ichigo and Rukia where they had gone.

"So, why exactly are you following us?" Ichigo as we walked through the streets of Karakura Town. She was now back in her normal body having run into Kon quickly.

"I would too like to know." Rukia reaffirmed the question.

"I don't have a home to go to, so I'm following you," I answered.

"Wait you don't have parents you live with?" Ichigo asked.

"Nope, no parents, no home. I'm homeless, and all I have is the clothes I have on and seemingly the power to summon powerful women to fight for me."

The two Soul Reapers were quiet for a few moments before Ichigo spoke. "Okay you can come home with me I think I can convince mom to let you stay."

Wait, mom? How? Masaki was supposed to be dead, so how the hell, if I heard Ichigo correctly, is she still alive? But since Ichigo is a girl in this universe, I'm pretty much already in an AU. Having thought of that. I knew that whatever information I had about canon was pretty much out of the window.

"I forgot to ask what is your name anyway? You didn't tell us."

My name? that was a good question as I couldn't speak my old one, I needed a new one. Luckily we had gone past a few windows, and I had gotten a good look at my appearance. And it was very different from what I had looked before.

Now though I looked like a cross between Takato and Shirou, so the name I had chosen to use was obvious as to honor them both.

"My name is Takato Emiya nice to meet you both," I answered.

"Ichigo Kurosaki/ Rukia Kuchiki." They responded at the same time.

We then went to Ichigo's home, and it was confirmed to that Masaki was still alive, and it was, in fact, Isshin who had died that rainy night. Ichigo and Rukia told her that they found me outside and that I was homeless due to the fact my parents had been killed by a "monster." Masaki had accepted the story and welcomed me in with open arms into her, with me being smothered between her breasts. After that close encounter, Masaki had declared me dirt and sent off to the bathroom to get washed. Which was all fine and dandy if it weren't for the fact that Ichigo had decided to join me in bathing to show me how you used a Japanese bathroom.

And what made it even worse was fact when I had undressed I had discovered two things.

The first was that my body was covered in black tattoos like those on a Guilmon with a large Digital Hazard Symbol on my chest.

The second was my genitalia was different. Now it wasn't like I had taken my pants off and saw that I had a vagina now. Nope, I still had a dick or rather dicks, yep I had more than on penis now I had two. And both of them weren't very human looking. They were red and from the hentai had seen very draconic now. And very large when erect.

Which let me to the situation found myself in now, I don't know how it had happened, but it did.

I was sitting on a stool with my back against Ichigo, I could feel her large breasts against my back, her hard nips poking me.

And her hands instead of washing me were currently now around my dicks and stroking them.

"Ah." I moaned as her hands worked up and down my dicks.

They were at full size now and one her hands couldn't reach all the way around them.

She had already me so aroused I was seemingly continuously pissing a small stream of pre-cum. I continued to moan as Ichigo worked my gigantic member's their length at least had to be around an English foot.


Ichigo didn't know how this had happened.

The reason she had decided to go bathing with Takato was to teach the little brat a lesson and embarrass him a little, for his earlier manners.

While Ichigo was seen by most as a violent delinquent, few knew that she had a mean streak a mile wide for those had pissed her off.

Ichigo had guessed that Takato looked to be about eleven years and was probably starting puberty. So she had thought she could embarrass by having him pop the tiny five centimeters he probably had and trying to hide it.

Though the image that had been in Ichigo's head did not match the reality, she saw when he did pop his boner.

No child that age should have dicks that size. Were her thoughts when she had seen them, they had at least been thirty centimeters long. And looked to be as thick as her wrists.

And yes she meant plural as Takato was wielding two very inhuman cocks that looked ready to wreck any pussy they got near.

She had at first tried to ignore them and began washing Takato like she would have her Sisters, but that resistance had proven hopeless as her nether regions had started to heat up and leak out her sexual fluids. Until she had surrendered to her desires and she was now jerking Takato's two cocks off, like one massaging a leg.

But it wasn't enough for Ichigo.

She got off her stool and quickly was in front of Takato, and before he could react, she had taken on his inhuman animalistic cocks into her mouth and started blowing him.

"Feels so good." She heard him moan as she pulled her mouth back and forth across the upper cock. And to spice it up a little bit more she, grabbed her breasts and began to tit fuck the lower cock.

And now Takato began to moan in earnest.

Ichigo continues her pleasuring of Takato's cocks until she could feel them start to expand. Know he was about to blow, she began to pull back but was stopped by hands grabbing head.

Ichigo managed to turn her eyes up to look up at Takato's and that the intellect she saw before was gone and now only pure animalistic lust was left in his eyes.

Ichigo had awoken a beast inside Takato, and it wasn't about to go yet.

Takato pushed his hips, and Ichigo was now lips first with his crotch, and his cock was now buried in her throat.

And so began the face fucking of her mind until she felt the cock in her mouth expand again and when she felt something splash into her stomach and onto her chest.

Ichigo could feel the torrents of Takato's hit her inside and outside. And after a good minute, she felt the cocks stop cumming, and the one in her mouth be pulled out too.

Ichigo collapsed to the bathroom floor and looked up at Takato, but where she thought they were going to shrink down. Ichigo saw that the two cocks were still just as rock hard when they had fucked her throat.

And Ichigo knew what to do. She laid down and spread her legs showing him her bald pussy that was flooded with juices. "Take me," Ichigo begged Takato and ultimately submitted to the male in front her.

Takato's beastly mindset seemed to act fast and was quickly upon her. And in one swoop showed both dicks into her ass and pussy taking both of her holes virginities.

And now the true fucking began.

Ichigo didn't know how many times she had come since Takato had started fucking both of her lower holes. But she did know how many times Takato had, and that number was four and was in the middle of fifth. As that was as many times, she had felt Takato's Knott expand inside of her and pumping her full of cum.

Now though Ichigo could feel Takato's current load stopped shooting.

But instead of continuing to fuck her, he pulled out of her and Ichigo lamented the loss of the dick. But now the cum that expanded her belly to suck a degree that she looked she was at full term. Could leave her womb.

But it looked like something else had caught Takato's attention.

Ichigo tried to bend her head and see what Takato was watching, and she succeeded. And to her surprise, she saw Rukia standing in the door, but without any pants or panties on.

Her labia was puff and sleek with juices that could have only come from one place.

Had Rukia been masturbating to them.

What happened next Ichigo considered funny as Takato's primal mind grabbed Rukia and fucked her like he had done Ichigo.

And when he was done with her, Ichigo's mother had shown up, and the same happened with her and Rukia. Masaki laying on the bathroom floor full of Takato's slowly seeping out the.

And when the exact same happened to her her sisters, but it seemed they were rather prepared. As the two thirteen-year-olds rode the boy for all, he was worth until he had finally fucked himself into exhaustion.

And the entire Kurosaki family was lying on the bathroom floor naked, covered in white cum.

They wouldn't be getting up anytime soon.



Saber – Altera

Caster – Medea