August 16th

Jurrasic World… was honestly.

Fucking awesome.

It was a theme park zoo filled with dinosaurs.

There wasn't anything not awesome about that concept, in my opinion, and honestly, it seemed to be operating much better in this universe than in canon.

Though that made sense as it was no longer constrained by shitty movie logic, people getting bored of dinosaurs…

What nonsense, even in a world like this, people still went to normal Zoos with their families to see the animals they couldn't normally see and even went multiple times a year.

Sure, Jurassic World was a bit more expensive due to being located on a tropical island and dealt with much more dangerous animals, but this place seemed to be a lot more secure as it was sponsored by Lex Luthor.

Which probably meant while it was secure, shady things were probably happening, like Military Dinosaurs and Bioweapons.

The usual.

But that was for Megi to go snooping around and find out.

Right now me and my lolis were going to enjoy the Park.

"Big fish!" Jack shouted in joy as we watched the Mosasaurus leap into the air to eat the shark that was its dinner, which the brochure informed us was ethically cloned shark meat, which made sense. Why waste money on hunting sharks and other sources of food for the Dinosaurs when you could just clone and grow them on the island, saving millions in shipping and transport.

"To think such creatures walked this world. Amazing," Kunou said, all while she rubbed her big butt against my crotch to get a rise out of me.

"Yeah, Earth is a world with a long history," I said.

"And now humanity has bought back some of that history," Kunou said back. "No supernatural faction would even have thought of such a thing."

"Really?" Kaoru asked.

"Yes, many of the factions of the Supernatural World are actually quite… uncreative, relying on what humans produce and then mimicking it to the best of their abilities; only a few seem to be original," Kunou explained.

"Wow," Kaoru said as the oppai loli thought about that for a few seconds. "It does kinda make sense as humans are kinda shortlived in comparison."

"Most attribute that as the reason," I agreed with her, patting Kaoru on the head as my girl was very smart. "Ideas get cycled in and out much faster compared to other races; they don't breed as quickly or die as quickly."

"Well, enough about that," Megi said. "We are here to have fun!"

"Yeah, yeah, we are," I agreed things would probably go wrong, but I was going to enjoy it until then.

And so we all did exactly that, going to some of the various exhibits that showcased the dinosaurs that they had brought back to life and the creation of their habitats; the girls were pretty much amazed all the way.

And I was too, as it was fucking dinosaurs, man; how could I not be giggling like a school girl as we saw Owen doing tricks with not-scientific but pop culture-accurate Velociraptors.

Though, as we watched the last show for the day, I swore that one of the Velociraptors had been staring at me.

But that couldn't be, right? Could it?


"Is my father going to be here for dinner?" Lena asked her security as she sat at her table, their table; as one of the biggest contributors to the Park, they, of course, had their own VIP table at every single one of the Park's restaurants, from the McDonalds to the current Michelin Star restaurant she was currently in.

"Sadly not, Ms. Luthor; your father said he would be too delayed to have dinner this time, so you can just start on your own," Mercy answered.

"As usual," Lena Luthor, daughter of Lex Luthor, said with a sigh, as she wanted to be with her father and have family time that didn't involve business or science. For while she was a very brilliant scientist and was hailed as one of the smartest Teenagers in the world, she was still not at her father's level.

"I am sorry, Miss," Mercy apologized like usual, but Lena just told her not to do that as it wasn't her fault.

"I will just enjoy the food by… my… self…" Lena began but trailed off as her eyes as her eyes landed on the most interesting thing she had seen all week, as while as when you had been to this place more times than most since you were a child; the magic of living dinosaurs did were off at some point.

Especially when you learned how to do actual magic, not her greatest area of expertise, but Lena was far from a novice at spellcasting.

And it was with that talent in spellcasting that she was able to detect supernatural powers in the form of Aura Sight.

And right now she was seeing the biggest aura of supernatural energies she had ever seen around a singular individual. It was now like there was a bonfire that filled the entire room; no auras appeared just above the person.

So what determined their size was their depth, and right now, Lena was looking into a Mariana Trench of crimson energy that wanted to pull her in and swallow her.

The seventeen-year-old could feel her nipples harden beneath her dress as her lips started to moisten up as she was getting turned on by the massive well of power that she was looking at.

And the boy wasn't the only present; the other four that he was with also had deep Auras. The tanned and voluptuous woman with breasts and an ass even larger than Mercy's had almost an identical aura to the boy, while the two girls that could no older than ten but still had developed bodies. As was starting to become the norm for children around the world, they had auras that felt like staring at the sun.

While the petite white-haired one had an aura that was the opposite of theirs, it was a deep blackness that almost felt like it was going to pull her into hell.

Lena turned her Aura Sight off.

"Miss?" Mercy asked in concern.

"Mercy, look up those five," Lena said as she pointed at the group of powerful supernatural creatures because there was no way they could be human.

"Understood, Miss," Mercy Graves said, and not even five minutes later, she was brought five quickly made dossiers.

"Thank you, Mercy," Lena said as she was handed the tablet. "Let us see here, we've got. Takato Emiya, Megi Emiya, Jackie Emiya, Kaoru Unagiya and Tamamoe-no-Kunou, everyone from Japan… sparse legal papers, Takato won a trip for five, according to Park, and took along who is supposed to be his wife and adopted daughter, along with two friends of the family as it was three children and two adults fully paid tickets…" Lena verbally summarised.

"Definitely something fishy, Miss," Mercy commented.

"Yes, let's see what the Lex Corp Data Base has on the name 'Emiya,'" Lena said as she the algorithm got to work, and after a minute, she got a match of actual importance. "Kiritsugu Emiya, Mercenary for hire, impressive track record, did work for father fifteen years ago but… passed away five years ago, got married to a German woman named Irisviel von Einzbern twelve years ago, and had triplets ten years ago, where also adopted one Shirou Emiya."

"Is that Mr. Takato, an alias?" Mercy asked.

"A terrible one if he kept the last name," Lena said. "Takato is definitely too old to be this 9-year-old boy by ten years. Though Miss Irisvriel did report her son missing in the middle of July." Lena hummed as she quickly had the system run a facial comparison scan, and… the results fascinated her.

"…Is that even possible?" Mercy asked as she saw that Takato's face was an almost ninety-percent match for Shirou Emiya's if aged up by ten years and a hundred if certain hormones were increased during puberty.

"It seems so," Lena stated, and she believed that Takato Emiya was, in fact, Shirou Emiya but aged up by ten years and possibly suffering from amnesia, with the woman Megi, who shared a similar Aura to him, would have the answer for it.

"So what is your desire, Miss?" Mercy asked.

"How about inventing them all for dinner?" Lena stated.

"If that is what you want, Miss," Mercy said as she quickly contacted a waiter and told them that they wanted five guests invited to the table.


Megi did not expect their first Dinner at Jurrasic World was going to go this way, and she kinda felt ashamed at not having noticed Lena Luthor, and by that extension, Lex Luthor was on the island.

And that their presence would have piqued the teenager's curiosity after having noticed them, so much so she had invited them to her table for dinner.

"So what made famed Lena Luthor invite us to her table?" Takato asked as he put the charm on like usual, and going by how the girl and her bodyguard were already blushing, the two were going to be swallowing dragon cock within the hour.

The thought made Megi smile as the purpose the women of this world served was to be his sluts; she, of course, was no exception; she was the Digital Hazard which meant she was just the top slut in the hierarchy.

"Many don't know it, but I have a small talent for spellcasting, and so I've learned to pick out the super from the natural through Aura Sight to see the supernatural energy power well a person has and how deep it goes, and you five had the largest I have seen my life so far, so how could I not be curious and invite you up," Lena Luthor spoke as she revealed why she had sent for them.

This made Megi blink as she had not heard of people being able to see what was essentially people's power level, sense it, feel it.


But not see it, which seemed to bypass the suppression of their power as she seemed to view their energies directly.

Like a heat vision instead of a thermometer.

Interesting, very interesting.

"That is…" Kunou said in quiet shock, and it seemed that the Kyuubi was aware of the ability that Lena had mentioned, but going by her face, it was like Megi had started to assume it was a very, very rare ability.

Or incredibly advanced skill.

"I see," Takato began. "Well, I am glad to see that I made a good first impression."

"It made me stop being bored," Lena replied. "So how could I resist not getting to know these interesting people more?"

"Would have done the same," Takato said.

"So what do you think, Jurrasic World, so far?" Lena asked.

"Love it!" Jack shouted. "We think it's very cool, but it would be cooler if we got to fight one."

"Jack, you can not fight other people's properties," Kunou said. "Yes, it has certainly been the experience of a lifetime so far. I've always wanted to go, but my mother couldn't leave Kyoto, and she didn't trust anyone until Takato to take care of me."

"I am kinda the same," Kaoru said. "Just a money problem, me and my mom didn't have a lot, but then we met Takato, and he helped us out."

"Well, I am happy you found a person like Takato Emiya," Lena said in such a way that made Megi narrow her eyes. "Speaking of that last name of yours, any relationship to Kiritsugu Emiya?"

That… that was a question Megi had not expected, and neither had Takato, going by his surprised face.

"Don't know if I do," He answered, which was probably the best way possible as after the two had learned that Kiritsugu Emiya and Irisiviel von Einzbern existed in this or had in the case of Kiritsugu.

They had thought that maybe Takato had woken up in the dead body of Shirou Emiya, who had his soul eaten by a Hollow. Which would explain the physical similarities even if they had been influenced by the Hazard and also the original computability between Takato and the EMIYA Archer Card.

"Hmm, it might be worth looking into, " Lena simply said. "But to pivot back to the previous topic, I am happy that you are enjoying Jurassic World."

"Well, your family basically owns it," Megi said.

"Yes, but I would like to have it be kept open, so knowing we provide a worthwhile experience is good to hear," Lena said.

"Hmm, well, here comes the food," Takato said. "So let's finish up the small talk for now and enjoy the dinner you so graciously invited us to."

"Though, don't eat too much; there needs to be room for dessert afterward," Megi stated.

"Oh, will you be providing dessert?" Lena asked.

"If you want to? Takato will happily give you the greatest desert you've ever had," Megi said with a perverse smile, as the billionaire girl didn't know she had been ensnared in Takato's weeb.

Whatever threat she posed to them would be quickly eliminated, as he would just be another one of his cock addicted sluts, whose flesh was only good for carrying his children.

"Truly?" Lena asked. "Call me a skeptic."

"Oh, she means it."


Lena Luthor wasn't sure how this situation had happened.

No, she knew damn well why this was happening.

Because she was a horny girl who wanted to get dicked by the most interesting person she had met so far in her life, who was turning her on like nobody's business.

One moment, she had been finishing up dinner with her guests of interest when the next, they were all in her private suite for dessert.

And there, her built-up lust had started getting the better of her, and she had started making out with Takato, the man, of course, reciprocating the action and actually making her cum from just wrestling her tongue with his own.

She didn't think that was possible, but Lena just felt her sensitivity speaking to the high heavens as her body was stripped of clothes, and so was Mercy, as her bodyguard had also succumbed to lust as the young girl knew how to disarm her, she got the loli's go to town on the red-head as they licked her breasts and started eating her out.

While Takato and Megi molested her body, sculpting it to their need, almost as with brief glances and touches, she felt sensual pleasure she had never had before. Especially as a thick tail had emerged from Megi Emiya's back, and she had started moving her pussy along the scaled length.

And right now, Lena Luthor and her fellow red-head Mercy were double-teaming Takato's gigantic dragon cock as he stripped and let it emerge from his sheath, showing the red cock in all its ridged and knotty glory.

Their tongues gave the length a bath in their saliva.

All the while, between their legs, they were getting eaten out by two of his kids; they were such good cunt eaters. Children were truly maturing quickly in today's world. The third was licking his nutsack.

While Megi was feeding him breastmilk from her dark-chocolate tit.

"You are such a good girl, Lena," Takato stated.

"Oh, you love my mouth? You love how my tongue washes your cock… daddy." Lena spoke, and she felt her body orgasm for admitting to having a daddy kink.

"Yes, Daddy loves your tongue, not just your tongue, your entire body," Takato spoke, and Lena felt her entire body shiver. "Daddy loves all of you, but he would like to see his girl's hairless pussy around his dick, to see her body get stretched by it and all the semen he is going to pump into his girl; you want that, don't you?"

"Yes, Daddy, I want you to pump me full of cum to knock me up with your babies because that is what your daughter's womb is for, right?" Lena asked in the most lustful voice she had ever had in her life. She felt like she was going mad with desire as she spoke. "That was what you raised me as, right? For me to be your personal daughter-mama now that mommy is gone."

"Yes, yes, I did. But first, you and your girlfriend need to get me to get a shower of cum before your womb can be blessed by my seed," Daddy said as she patted her head.

"Of course, Sir, Mercy is on cock sucking duty," Mercy spoke as her friend and bodyguard were now also fully into the roleplay.

But the feeling of roleplay ceased as the night continued, and Lena was impaled on Daddy's huge dick. As she was now truly starting to think that Takato was her daddy now, he was fucking her brain into going traitor on her actual dad as she felt her womb submitting to the cock that was hitting the back of it, bulging her stomach like it was a condom.

But Lena didn't care, for Takato was giving her what she had been missing for most of her life, a truly loving daddy who listened to his daughter, his slutty and naughty daughter. Praise her when she did right, not just punishing her when she did wrong like she always desired.

Lena and Mercy were now his.

And Takato knew that as their minds had lost to his cock after one night of heavy breeding as his Digital Hazard rewrote their brains to make them his loyal sluts.

Marking them his mark so that his ownership of the two could be seen by those who could see their pale tummy flesh.

Lena would come to learn this after the fact, as this was just how male dragons operated, even if his draconic aura was a bit more direct than the usual one.


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